Step-by-Step: Nicky Minaj Inspired Look

Hi Makeup geeks!

I found this wild look from Nicky Minaj, and I wanted to make a tutorial of it!



Products Used:


Here we go!

Start with priming your lid with your favorite primer:

Apply MAC Melon pigment to your lid:

Then apply MAC Push the Edge to the crease:

Apply light green eye pencil to lower lashline (I used MUFE 17L):

Then apply MAC Chartreuse pigment over the pencil:

Then line your upper lashline with black pencil:

Apply MAC Vanilla pigment to your highlight:

Apply nude liner to waterline (I used Isadora 56 Blonde):

Then apply mascara:

And finally some false lashes if you want (Mine are Ardell #305 ):

Pair with bright lips and bold attitude!


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You never cease to amaze me. ALL your looks are generally impressive….But I have to commend
you on this look because you completely and totally changed your look and the effect is so very pretty.

Kudos once again Jangsara


Jangsara I just love your looks, thank you so much for posting them…

I dont have the exact shades, but I’m going to match as best as I can to do this look…

You shpuld have went for a lighter lipstick since you’re paler but i like it and you look classier than her

OMG I LOVE THIS. It’s so chic!!!

I love it as well just because it is totally wearable! I could most certainly wear this out at night, or during the day with slight modification. Oh, I’m so excited to try this out!!


you are so my new favorite. u stay on point with every look you do, such talent. Hope you’re getting paid and getting your art out there. your talent is impressive.

Am I the only one who noticed her name is not spelled “Nicki?” Yeah, props on the look, not the spelling….

Love love love this look… It’s different but simple. Not too dramatic but funky! I’m considering it for Halloween at my work place. It’s not over top! Just perfect!

I have to say when I hear the name Nicky Minaj I didn’t even want to look at it but you made it not only look good but made it something I would like to try as well. Great Job!!!!