Step-by-Step: Jangsara goes Effie!

Effie Trinket has become one of the newest and most intriguing characters to come out. The prim and proper Effie comes to life with this playful look from Jangsara. This is perfect for any of you “Hunger Games” lovers who want to take on her persona for Halloween, this look is the epitome of Effie herself. You are sure to win the District when you wear this stunning recreation of Effie. With this look, “the odds will ever be in your favor!”

Because of the awesome weekly challenge I decided also to challenge myself to do a Hunger Games Effie Trinket look!
Unfortunately I still haven’t seen the movie, so my look is based to the images I found from google.

Products Used:

First step were the golden brows, I used Make Up For Ever’s Khol Pencil 7K for them:

Next I used pink shadow, Sugarpill dollypop:


Then I applied some black shadow to my crease:

Then I extended the pink also to the sides of my nose, and applied white to my lid:

Then white to highlight:

I deepened the crease by adding some more black to it:

Finally I added mascara:

And to get something weird  to the look, I used my Paperself lashes (pionies on lower lashline, small deer and butterflies on upper lashline):

Finalized the look with lots of pink blush and pink-white lips:

Accessorize, and Effie is done!

Profile photo of Jangsara


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Magnifique ! You’re a very, very, very talented make-up artist.
Chapeau l’artiste !!!
Greetings from France.

Everytime you do make up its so beatiful you hit the mark every time you are a proffesional make up artist regardless of what training you have had you should have a school over there I love your work thank you for sharing your fantastic make up artistry with us

WOW – Jangsara, you have such distinctive eyes that I can ALWAYS tell one of your looks just from the eye closeup – until NOW. You have managed to change the entire look of your face, including your distinctive and beautiful eyes. What artistry you have!