Step-by-step: Doll eyes

Baby dolls are sweet, doe eyed beauties that girls everywhere love to play with. From dressing them up for tea parties, having a wedding, or playing Mommy, baby dolls remind us of everything good about our childhood. That’s why so many of us choose this for our Halloween look. One of the most notable features on a doll are the eyes. The striking eyes of a doll are wide and have thick, dramatic lashes. These are the most distinctive part of a baby doll’s appearance and now you can achieve the same remarkable eyes with this easy to follow guide by Jangsara.

Products Used:

Makeup Geek Mocha (darkest brown) (MakeupGeek Store)
Makeup Geek Latte (lighter blending color)  (MakeupGeek Store)
Makeup Geek Shimma shimma (inner corner & highlight) (MakeupGeek Store)
Black pencil liner
Two pairs of cheap upper lashes from ebay
half of lower lashes from kkcenter

Contacts are Bambi Princess Mimi Apple Green

First apply the primer, then the shadows – personally I don’t think it matters how you apply it, as long it’s applied a bit more around the eyes than usually. Blend it a bit lower and farther than usually. Also use light (shimmery) highlighter for under the brow and inner corner.

Next step is the liner. Make your eye look rounder by keeping the line thin on both inner and outer corner, and thicker in the middle of the lid.
For the lower lashline, if you want to make your eye look bigger you can leave a small gap between the lashline and liner.

Finally the falsies, I used two pairs of lashes per eye to create an illusion of massive lashes. I don’t think there’s much difference which lashes you use, as long as they are remotely thick and quite long.
For the lower lashline I used basic lower false lashes cut in half, applied a bit lower than you would normally attach lower lashes, to create the illusion of the bigger eyes.
If you want, you can also line your waterline either with white or nude color to enhance the size of the eye even more.

Then you just open your eyes wiiiiide:

Add a wig and cute face:

I added some light and contrast to one pic:


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