Sexy Christmas Makeup

This classic and sexy holiday look is perfect for all those holiday parties you are going to be attending. With soft yet dramatic eyes, and striking red lips, this look is sure to go down as one of your favorites. You are sure to be the prettiest present under the tree when you try this remarkable look. The stunning elegance of this look is not only ideal for not only the holidays, but for anytime you want to look old school glamorous.





Inexpensive Alternatives:
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Marlena. I am speechless. You are gorgeous and this look is incredible. I’m in the middle of writing a term paper and I am literally stopping to try this look out. You are so inspiring to me in every way. I’m really glad I found you and this site. <3

Wow, Marlena! I think you really have outdone yourself this time. The colors and application looks really beautiful. I can’t wait to try it out this look this holiday season. Thank you for caring, as always.

LOVE this look….since I dont have all the products you used, i was wondering if I could use the UD Naked pallette instead???


Sure can! Use the light shimmery shadow on the lid :) (can’t remember the exact name- I think it’s Virgin?)

I did a similar look using the Naked palette. I am a light colored Asian with golden undertones. I used Hustle for the outer V, and blended using Buck then Naked (Naked is almost exactly the color of my skin). I used Sin instead of Virgin on the lid because that ends up being the perfect color for my skin tone. Virgin is more of a highlight for me because of how fair it is.

Gorgeous as always :) Do you have any favorite/recommended dupes for Orgasm? It’s a little out of my price range lol

They’re posted now- I forgot to add them! You basically just need a dark brown, medium brown, and a light shimmery color for the lid :)

Ah! Marlena you have done it again. You have no idea how much I love your videos, I get home very day and hope that there’s a new one :) This, like all the others is stunning and beautiful. You look sooo gorgeous. Every time I see a new tutorial, I’m always slightly scared to try it because I know I won’t look as amazing as you.
Thank you so much for everything <3

I love this look so much!!!! Wow i just love it. I do have a question the georgio armani foundation do you have other suggestions i think its a bit expensive if iam going to use this product not as much. I did love the glow that you face had when you apply it. Thank you Marlena you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see this question so much.. For all intents and purposes regarding this look and others, a particular finish foundation is as good as the original foundation(for general wear). The real kicker is the eye and lip colours, but any vague colour will do (using good judgement, etc.) if you set out not using the real thing. The end result will look lovely I am sure, whether it is EXACTLY the same or with a slight variation. When you deviate from the original products you must expect a slight variation on the finished product. Dont concern yourself with such trifling matters and get creative!

Love you Marlena!

I’ve been trying to find a cheaper version of the fluid sheer… A close one is the Sally Hansen cream highighter- it’s not liquid but it looks somewhat similar

I got a great cheaper version from Boots its a English drug store very cheap and really good and lasts for ages ….fellow make up geek xxxxx

Marlena, I’m probably one of your older geeks, but I love to watch your tutorials!! Watching my sister draw on perfect cat eyes back in the 60’s was the beginning of my love of makeup! I’ve always have had compliments on my makeup looks. But, I never really took the time to blend. Thanks so much for your great teaching technique!! This 54 year old has learned so much!! Thank you sweetie, and much success with your business….

Hi Trish-
Yay! Another “Mature MUGGY” like me (I’, 49)! I have always loved makeup, but had no idea how little I knew until I discovered Marlena this year. Wow, she has opened a whole new world for me and I get a lot of compliments now.

Marlena, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your expertise and lovely sweetness with us- you will go far in a short period of time, I’m sure of it.

Love. love, love you!

Deb in Michigan

I often wondered if there were any other older women watching Marlena. I am 43 and a grandma! I love, love, love Marlena’s videos. Thanks ladies for helping make me feel not so old :)

<3 Marlena, I LOVEE this look! So classy and sophisticated, you really nailed it as the special look of the season. I can't wait to try this for a party I'm going to next weekend : ) I'm so excited! Definitely one of my fave looks you have done so far.
This is my first comment on this website/any makeup tutorial on the web – after watching your youtube videos on and off for the past few years, I'm finally here on your website! (I don't know what took me so long!! ) : )
I also just wanted to say how beautiful both your look and attitude remain. Even though your look is unique, you do remind me of a more healthy Angelina Jolie. I have always thought she was very pretty but needed to have a little life in her face and you possess that! Thanks for the awesome tutorial, as always :D Always a fan and a support – Diana

Sooo beautiful, i’m doing a friends makeup sat for a christmass party and i think this will look gorgous on her thanx Marlena u r the best.

I absolutely LOVE this look. I have a work holiday party next week and I would love to do this but I think I look terrible in red lipstick. I wish I could pull it off!

I used to think the same thing, but I found if I just fill in with a red lipliner it’s not as bright looking. Plus lipliners are cheap so you don’t feel bad about spending a lot on a lip color you may not wear often :)

You are by far, my favorite artist! I learn so much (and actually steal alot of your looks for my clients), and get super jealous my eyes arent big enough to pull these looks off my myself, haha.

hi marlena, are you wearing any mascara in this look because your eyelashes look amazing even without the false lashes

red lips are my go to look all the time…you really can pull this look off vary well..bravo! thanks for the tipp!(:

Marlena, your eyelashes are gorgeous! Which product do you use to get them so long? Maybe LiLash? Would you do a post about the product please? :D

I love this look; I need your help. What is the difference between MAC Ruby Woo and MAC Russian Red.
Thank you

Ruby woo is a really bright and verry matte red almost like a true primary red wth slight blue undertones. Russian Red is a bit darker in colour and has a bit more of a glossy texture. If your thinking of getting one but not sure which talk to the mac counter people they are always very helpful and show and explain everything for you.

I second the question about the blouse and I have a christmas party this makeup look would be perfect for!

Hello Marlena! I found your site a few days ago and since then I just can’t stop watching your videos! You are so beautiful ….gorgeous! Keep doing this work!

Very beautiful! I love how all of your tutorials are so easy. Thanks, Marlena! You have taught me so much! Now if I can just get Santa to get on here and order some more make up for me….

Ur look totally rocks you look very pretty ….u are my inspiration to loosing weight!!! Pls continue with ur ideas!!!:D

i loveeeee you marlena i have watched all your tutorials . i’m your biggest fan ever
great look, absolutely gorgeous. you are the best <3 <3

Hi Marlena, I was wondering if the SPF in the Neutrogena foundation gives a white cast, b/c I don’t see any in these pictures. Thanks! And lovely look! XO…

Marlena can u please make a couple like natural look videos…not too plain but like warm and neutral colors?

You are so pretty! I have never commented before, but I watch every single video you post, because you always show great looks and I have so much makeup, but I stink at being creative with it. I love your videos but yours always turns out better than mine. Could you show a video on how to fake a bigger lid? I watched on another tutorial the lady created a bigger lid with makeup. I love your videos don’t stop! And I love that shirt!

49 comments. That isn’t a surprise because this is one Marlena’s best looks. It highlights her beauty.

The looks is very classic, in fact it is timeless. Wish I could replicate it.


Thank You for coming up with such a beautiful look!! I’m new to make up so I don’t think I will be able to pull it off :( but I will try to for a party tonight :)

I have never commented, even though I have been watching all your videos for at least 6 months, but this is by far my most favorite look ever! I love that the MAC pigment is available in your shop for only $3.99 and shipping is cheap too! Can’t wait for it to come in. Thank you!

Simply gorgeous!!! Marlena, you did it again…and thank you for sharing and teaching us this look so we can try it too. By the way, i gotta say that looking at your pics from 3 yrs ago and now is quite a transformation. Yes, I know you have lost weight and I think that s great. But the darker, longer hair really seems to enhance your eyes and somehow define your features…beautiful

Question…while the red lips do look beautiful on you…what kind of “red” could I wear without being such a vibrant red?
And in other tutorials you say not to match eyeshadow to your clothes, so like, no purple shadow with a purple top. So, does that mean besides the neutral browns or grays, Id have to wear something like green on my eyes…it just feels weird to me green eyes with a purple top…help me out here Marlena. :)

Thanks Lisa! The most flattering and inexpensive red I’ve found is Revlon’s Matte lipstick- I think the color is “true red”. I also like MAC’s Ruby Woo- you can blot it with tissue to tone it down and take off some color.

You can match color with clothes, but in moderation. If I wear a purple top, I’ll smudge purple liner or purple shadow in a small area but won’t do a full on purple lid ;)

Oh, one more thing…since this looks is basically a “neutral” kind of look, it seems we could modify this for like work or something. So besides switching to a pink or nude lip what modifications (if any) would you make for the eyes? Thanks Marlena…and I’d like to say also that you are by far my fav make up artist. Have a good weekend!

u have such a bebeautiful eyes…..u look georgous..!what an amazing look!!!!could u please tell me where DID YOU BUY THOSE BEAUTIFUL EARINGS…;)?

Marlena i think you sould do more make-up looks!you taught me makeup!I am watching your videos since 2009 and I feel happy when you upload a new one!so keep on doing this great job!

This is a fab look which I have already worn today. Stunning and classy but so wearable too. Having worn glasses for most of my life my eye makeup technique was non existent. Since having laser surgery last year I have found a new love of makeup. Thankyou for showing so simply how to achieve complex looks. I always look forward to your new videos :0). I have already pre ordered the mug eyes arias and have asked my family for makeup and brushes this year. So excited I cannot wait to play Christmas Day. Be safe – Babs

this look is great Marlena!!:)you are amazing.:D and of course i will try this look too.:* and please tell me which pinsels are better?the ones made with natural hair or the synthetic ones? i really need to know.thanks again for sharing this with us.kiss kiss:*:*

OMGosh Marlena! You have outdone yourself with this stunning look! Up until now, my favorite tutorial was last year’s holiday look using Smashbox’s Masquerade pallette. This one is my new fav; I just hope I can re-create it.

I tend to use dark brown eyeliner and mascara because my skintone and haircolor are very fair. Could this look work with a dark brown instead of the black? Well, one darker than the brown you use to blend into the black.

Marlena I love this look! You did a great job like always. I have a problem though..I love makeup but for some reason now alllll the shadow primers I try crease on me! I’ve tried so many and still no luck.. I know you don’t have this problem, but please help us oily lid gals? thankyou

Hi there…lovin this look! Can you show us how you did your hair, and what hairspray, if any, do you use to “hold” the curl, cuz your hair looks so soft. Thank you again for all your hard work and for being such a great teacher!

Marlena, I love this look! It’s so gorgeous! I actually saw the preview photo on Facebook and immediately crossed my fingers hoping there would be a tutorial up by the end of that week because I was hosting a Christmas party on Saturday…and what do you know! It was here and it was perfect. :] You’re the best, Marlena- absolutely stunning.

I fell in love with Mac’s Ruby Woo…. for so long I had been looking for the perfect rouge! I decided to go the safe route and get the Revlon dupe first to see if I would look like a clown (006 Really Red)….AMAZING. It cost $10, looked like I paid $20, and it felt like a million! Thank you Marlena for making my makeup addiction (which you have given me *wink*) affordable!

Hi Marlena! I only found your site 2 days ago, already I’m hooked. You explain and demonstrate everything so beautifully. Thank you for such a brilliant site! Your tutorials are second to none.
I love this look- just wondering if you ever go by hair colour when picking your colours and not just skin tone and eye colour? Since dying my hair med brown from blonde I’ve noticed I need more colour to my face otherwise I look washed out- I’m NW20 without a tan. Would love to see something on your opinions for colours and combinations that make the most of our chosen hair hues!
Your newest number 1 fan,
Simone xx

Yes! I would agree that a tut on best colors for hair color would be useful! Being fair and blonde, I have trouble finding good colors!

I /,3 ds luk,,, n U luk GORGEOUS lk evr!! .. I juss wanna ask if I can use MAC’s ESPRESSO in place of the color GROUND BROWN??

Marlena, this is a fab look but nothing new could you perhaps do a more festive look for the holidays. Also please keep those tutorials coming for us makeup newbies literally depend on them!! And lately, the tutorials are few and far between so please do more!!

What can i say in this little area to type in. You are my idol! I want to sincerely Thank you for putting yourself out there. You are Amazing inside and out! You are a fenominal artist! Could you add on the supply list you post Where you buy your earrings as well. I’m always a big fan of your jewelery too. I did purchase a few earrings you mentioned where you purchased in postsand I have to say I feel so pretty when I wear them. Posting will stop alot of followers from always asking. Because I’ll always ask. :) Thank you for all you do! By the way your christmas tree looks fantastic. Can u post a picture of it too!

I didn’t think I could do this look, but I pulled it off and it looks so good with my blue eyes. The red lipstick would work if I could find a true red. Everyone I have tried has been pinkish, purplish, brown or had berry undertones. I’m going on a hunt this week end.

Marlena, you outdo yourself with each tutorial. I have always loved makeup, it started when I was a kid watching my grandmother and mom do theirs everyday. I was allowed to start wearing it at 12. But until I stumbled on to this site a couple years ago, I all I ever did was basic makeup, one eye shadow on my lid., just foundation, and eyeliner. Now I am obsessed with cosmetics and since I’ve been coming to makeup geek my makeup applications have gotten more complicated. I receive compliments all the time now and have been asked to do makeup for some people.

Good morning Marlena! I hope you are fine.
I love all your tutorials and i have already tryed lot of them. You have a great talent! I tryed for my birhday angelina jolie’s make up tutorial and it was fantastic and easy! You have a very nice face and it looks awesome in any of your tutorials! I love this christmas tutorial ,but i need some products! For example i need your “makeupgeek’s starter kit”.Do you sell any of the products in Greece????
Kisses! Awaiting for your reply :D :D

Hi Marlena, I have been watching your videos for some time now and I gotta say, I have learned so much from you. I’m still not very good with my techniques but have improved thanks to you. I have a question, my skin tone is quite similar to yours and was wondering, is fushia a good lip color? Which would you recommend? I like the Nars Funny Face and Makeup forever #36. Are you familiar with any of these?

I need a blue red alternative for the lipstick. My teeth are not as white as they once were. *sigh*


i love this look and i am glad i found this site i definitely will try this look out. marlena is beautiful.

Love this look. I actually did something like this for my Christmas party. I figured nice red sexy lips with a black dress =)

Hi Marlena,
Thank you for all your tutorials, you always look great :)
I have smaller eyes. I don’t really know how to describe the shape of my eyes, but they go down and not up like you. (I have similar eyes to Katie Holmes) And I find it hard to do the smokey eye look. Do you have any techniques on how to apply my eyes makeup so it looks more like my eyes go upwards??
Thank you so much for all your help :)

Marlena! Thank you for this tutorial, I did it this morning for a work holiday party! I didn’t have Mac pigment in Naked but I used Smashbox’s eyeshadow in FIZZ instead which worked just fine! I got compliments already that I look radient! THANK U MARLENA!!! XOXOXOXO

That was amazing! Thank you so much Marlena….but I wonder what else could be used instead of highlighter from Armani? Could simple light shimmer eysheadows be used instead??? Thx a lot!

I think you have a mistake.. there is no mac eyeshadow “ground brown” i went to the mac pro store to buy it and they said to me that they didn’t have an eyeshadow with that name. i also searched it on the internet..
is it limited edition maybe?

Marlena, thank you for this tutorial! I used this look for a company Christmas party and I got a lot of compliments. I usually stay away from red lipstick because I am a bit self conscious of my lips. :) Thanks again and I’ll be looking forward to your new tutorials!

Wow Marlena!! Another awesomely beautiful makeup look! :) I absolutely love this look since I am a red lipstick junkie and have been looking for an eye makeup look that would complement it perfectly without me looking like a clown. LOL

P.S. Thank you thank you thank you for always including “Inexpensive alternatives” with each tutorial so that us nifty MUGs can afford the looks. :)

P.S.S. I am totally loving your dark hair look, it looks gorgeous on you :D

Hi Marlena,
it looks great !!! I tried it out this weekend and I got so much compliments!!!
Thank you so much, you´re really inspire me!!!

Merry Christmas from Germany to all of you :o)

Love this look! I gave it a try today. I had a hard time blending out the eyeliner. Any tips? I was using the Milani Liquif”eye. I may just use black shadow next time. This was the first chance I got to try out my MUG eyeshadows and I love them!

I absolutely LOVE this look and gave it a shot. I also had a very hard time with the inexpensive alternative (Milani Liquif’eye). Marlena can you please give me an alternative for a better eyeliner that blends. Is the MAC liner in this video still available at the MAC counter? PLEASE ADIVSE