Sexy and Romantic Valentine Look


  • Benefit Porefessional Face Primer  (Amazon)  (eBay)
  • Lancome  Teint Idole Ultra Foundation  (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant  Touch Concealer (for under the eyes)   (Amazon)
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer  (for blemishes)  (Amazon)
  • Urban Decay Cream Blush – Score (Amazon)



  • Lancome Lipstick – Pink Preview (Lancome)
  • NYX Lipgloss – Nude Pink (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Urban Decay Eye Pencil – Yeyo (Amazon) (eBay)


Inexpensive Alternatives:


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Let me be the first one to leave you a comment on this !!!
You are looking pretty as ever Marlena !!! I just got back from work & sat down to check if there are any new videos & there it is the most beautiful look for Valentine !!
You are doing a great job dear !!! If possible pls frame a kit for this look, so that its easy for us to buy from ur site.. :)

Stay happy & healthy Marlenaaaaa !!!
Tc :) :)

Marlena, can you please do a video on the crandberry smokey eye. and by the way i love your make up. thanks again

Can you recommend a similar color of MAC lipstick for “warm me up” I don’t think they sale it any more and I say it online and loved it.

love that look!!! definitely using it tomorrow night =)

where did you get your jewelry?? i LOVE the ring & necklace!

thank you!!

hey i was wondering if you could do a tutorial with the makeup geek starter kit, i’m looking to buy it but i’m a little hesitant cos those are the only shades i want to but so i want to know if they will be right for me. also because i’m Pakistani i’m hesitant with certain colour makeup so i only really go for browns so if you could PLEASE do a tutorial with an Asian girl as i know you have a lot of Asian fans, (any brand makeup by the way :) )

i found out about MUG about a month ago and i’m always on this checking for something new, you’re amazing and i LOVE your looks :) x

I love this look!!!!!! I need your help,Marlena

1.What are your favorite matte bronzers for fair skin?

2.Do you like Shiseido loose powders for combination skin?

Thank you :)

I really like MAC’s Coppertone (not really a bronzer, but can work like one). Too Faced usually has some great bronzers too, but not sure of the names…

I haven’t tried Shiseido’s loose powder, I’ve tried their pressed one and really liked it :)

Hi Esther,

I’ve tried the Too Faced bronzers, and they are great for fair skin like Marlena says, but the ones I’ve tried don’t have a matte finish. Snow Bunny is pretty shimmery, and the Pink Leopard one has a little bit of shimmer, too. But they are both very pretty. Sephora sells a mini version of the Pink Leopard if you want to try it, but don’t want to splurge on the full size.

I’m fair with pink undertones, and I use Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed as my bronzer for contouring. It’s a matte finish, and it has a slight pink/rosey hue to it so it won’t look like you have dirt on your face.

So I feel your pain! It’s hard to find a bronzer that looks natural on fair skin. Good luck!


I have light skin and it’s hard to find a good bronzer that doesn’t look too harsh also. You might want to try NYC’s Sunny. I really like it! It’s a nice matte finish.

Esther: Too Faced has come out with their Chocolate Soleil Bronzer which is a matte finish bronzer and works divinely!

Marlena I just love you!!! you’re so sweet and genuine. I’m so proud of you for losing all that weight, you look amazing! I’ve currently lost 50lbs in a lil over a year following your guidlines. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your website and videos, I’m not a makeup artist by profession yet, but I do paying jobs from time to time and I owe a big thanks to you for the tips and guidence. you look so happy and I you really deserve it! :) much love! -Crystal

Wow Marlena I love how you did the eyeshadow looks so beautiful on you :) btw im a fan & love to watch your tutorials you made a big influence on me to be a fan of Makeup…thanks for posting video tutorials for us Muggies who are beginners ^_^

BTW I have a question about buying a neutral eyeshadow palette from Urban decay & im not sure whether to get the Naked or Naked 2, which is better for me because im still a beginner & i have olive skin tone ?…. In the meantime i bought the Stila light in palette & wanted to know what do you think of there eyeshadow palette & if its a good fit for me since im a beginner :)

Love you! Love your channel! Very inspired about your weightless journey :). I will definitely try this look today:). One random question though-where did you get that gold ring in this tutorial?

Marlena, I must tell you that you are just fabulous and your makeup techniques are for all ages. I love this look. I have the naked2 pal. and am so excited to try out this look Saturday night. Keep making videos as you inspire so many not only with your ability to apply and teach makeup but your weight loss is a true inspration. Personal empowerment and positive energy is wonderful.

i DID NOT see the video yet BUT thank you thank you thank you !!! U made my DAY !!!
I’ve been looking for a makeup look for valentine’s day for EVER !!!




Love the look. Thanks for inspiration for the Naked 2 Palette. I got it a few days ago but haven’t worked with the colors yet.
And for the germans…i wrote it a couple of times ago…use the website and the restrictions aren’t a problem anymore.

Woohooo!!!!!!!!! I just got the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette recently and was wondering if you’d do a tutorial for it!! You look beautiful as ever!! :) Thanks for doing this tutorial!! Yippee!! haha :)

Heyho, the pics look lovely, I hope you put the nice mirror thing in here so we germans can watch it. Would be great to listen to you while the look gets started :)

I love the look and the shirt. Could you please put it up on another mirror? I can’t watch Youtube. :/ But I am sure you’re already working on it. :)


Dupes for the eye shadows in NYX Cosmetics? (I don’t have Naked 2, just the Naked 1 pallet.)

Thanks xxxxxxxxx

Hi marlena,

could you or someone from your staff please which Mug shadows go where from your kit to achieve this look? Thanks I would really apreciate it. I think you should also tell us muggies which mug shadows go where when you do your tutorials. Since I’ve purchased your shadows I have no need to use the others:) Your shadows are the best!!!!

This look is SO pretty! It’s classy and it isn’t TOO much, which I love. I have to say, every time a new video pops up on my FaceBook I have to stop what I’m doing to watch…I’ve looked at other make-up tutorials but I usually get kind of bored/frustrated and I have NEVER found that to be the case with your videos. You seem so kind and you spend time focusing on putting together a really nice look instead of blabbing on about irrelevant topics…

Just wanted to make sure you know that your videos are always my favorite and you really made my day by using the Naked 2 Pallet (I LOVE IT)!

Keep making amazing videos and stay happy and healthy (as you always tell us) :)

Did you see Jangsara’s Poolside Glitter Goddess tutorial? It’s amazing, and I think it screams “mermaid,” haha. :-)

The only trashy, desperate one here is you, Anamaerie. And why are you even on here in the middle of the day? Don’t YOU have a day job?

you are a bitter sad individual…taking your luch break to come onto someones website and bash them…dont you have anything better to do with your life? why dont you go back to work and keep your opinions to your self…didnt your mother teach you that if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all? you have the attitude of a jealous high school student who feels the need to put other people down to make herself feel better. do your self and everyone a favor and grow up!

I don’t- it’s just frustrating sometimes as some spend more time trying to spread hate… I just don’t understand what the point is unless it’s constructive criticism (which I very much accept), but this clearly is not.

Thanks Jill- I appreciate the kind words :) Happy Friday!

Did I miss something? :( Who would dare to come on here and disrupt everyones day and bash ur work? I tell you…some humans have no home training.

clearly you have not watched her other videos…she went to school for this. i have a full time job to and am going to school for this and the same stuff she is showing/teaching on here is the same stuff we are learing in class. as for what she does and how she makes her money is clearly none of your business so why do you care?

Marlena you are gorgeous and SUCH an inspiration! If I were in your shoes, I would have such a hard time with people who say such mean things, but you just keep doing what you love, and that is amazing! Yours is a God-given talent and the rest of us LOVE you!!

I do have a question for you- I’m a long-time makeup junkie and love doing eyeshadow, but I’m not a very artistic person. I have such a hard time getting the “outer V.” Try as I might, I can NEVER get it to look right!! Any suggestions?

Thanks Charity! :) For the outer V, the first line goes from edge of eye to brow- stopping at the crease. 2nd line goes from there just into or slightly above the crease. (this is hard to explain through text), but each person’s “V” may be different based on how their eyes are shaped… It takes some practice, but don’t give up on it :)

Marlena I am from Mexico! i watched almost all your vids!! I am amazed for all the tips with makeup!! I also wanna know if its your natural eyes color or are you wearing contacts?? Congratulations for your page, I discovered it on Youtube.

Thanks Marlena for your answer! An also for share all your vids and tuts with us. I am really happy that I found this page. I love all the looks that you made. Keep on doing this and giving us inspiration. Kisses

Hi Marlena, I know that you are extremely busy! However, i would love for someone to please answer my question or let me know which of YOUR shadows work to acheive this look. I too think it is beautiful and so much would love to try it this weekend. As a mother of 4 children (13yrs to 2yrs old) , a wife, and a special education teacher, I know what it means to be busy and pulled in 50 million different directions:) I love your tuts and you! Thank you for all you do!!! Anxiously waiting to hear back! lol

absolutely gorgeous look! I’ve been waiting for a video on what to do with the naked 2 palette! and congratulations on the make up line too- can’t wait for the lipsticks to come out :)

I’m hoping to in the near future- for some reason, every brow tutorial I’ve taped has gone wrong! Not sure if it’s a sign- haha. But either there’s no sound, the lighting went bad, or some random thing happens- is so weird! But I’ll keep trying to tape until i get a good one :)

I’M ALWAYS SO INSPIRED BY EVERY ONE OF YOUR TIMELESS LOOKS <3 Your an amazing artist an I will forever be a fan of you & your creations. I have to tell u that I am a makeup fanatic an have been since I was 15 years old lol I've always received compliments on my makeup but since I was introduced to you about a year ago my talent has immensely improved and I have u to thank… THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!! I tend to watch a lot of tutorials for ideas but always end up sticking w u and it's because of your attitude :) your friendly an you have a way of making me feel better about myself w each & everyone of ur videos. Sorry I've rambled on lol
Question: I'm trying to achieve a flawless look that will last all day & I have slightly oily skin an am using Revlon ColorStay in fresh beige but it's not working for me I want the flawless effect which high end brand an color close to what I'm using would u reccomend??
**please help, love this makeup geek Yvonne ;)**

That’s SO sweet Yvonne- so thank you! What is the Revlon one doing- sliding off or is it too thick? That will help me point you in the right direction… If you have oily skin, you want a more matte finish foundation… If your skin is super oily, you may need an oil mattifier as a primer or use a powder foundation. Also, how you apply your foundation makes a difference- I like using the beauty blender (I have a vid on that) or the foundation stippling brush

Let me tell you I absolutely adore this look, and omg you just made a kit for this, the perfect excuse to finally purchase some of your eye-shadows (my sister has been asking me for your lipsticks by the way)
I love the picture where you have your eyes closed (3th one) you look so pretty Marlena, you always do but did I say I liked the look? hahaha

anyway, I do have a question though, I heard the Naked2 palette was really similar to the Naked1, even its tendency to warm colors but you mentioned you needed to warm it up, in your opinion is that true? is it a warmer palette as well (and just a couple cold eyeshadows) or is it colder?

I am NW25 – 30 depending on tan… and I agree that original Naked better for me. Although I don’t regret getting #2, neutrals are my favorite :)

Marlena has been a huge inspiration for so many people. Working full time going to school part time taking care of two kids and a husband has made me forget how to look pretty, but Marlena has inspired me. She has taught me how to look pretty again and has motivated me to get off my butt and lose some weight. I just wanna say thank you you have done so much for me even though we have never met. For all you haters out there get a life leave her alone and find something else to be productive in. I suggest something not with makeup cause there isn’t enough makeup in the world to cover up all the ugliness you have inside of you.

Thanks so much Rehana- that was a sweet comment! And I’m glad you’re taking time for yourself- as a mom and wife, you definitely earn it :)

I think you’re awesome. I love how you explain every detail of how to turn the brush and how far to draw the lines. It’s so great and helpful. I just ordered my first 4 MUG eyeshadows yesterday and can’t wait until they arrive!! I love your videos!

I absolutely love this look will definitely be trying it out. I love this website, Im not a makeup artist but it has helped me improve my techniques and encourage me to try new looks. I really enjoy watching all your tutorials and your a joy to watch, keep up the good work Marlena :-)

what is going on? who is anamarie and what did she say that got so many of you upset? why was she attacking marlena? i think she’s awesome! love her and her tutorials!

This is so stunning!! You are so gorgeous! Hair tutorial please :) Keep your head held high Marlena, you are so inspiring and successful! Keep the vids coming!!

Another great tutorial, Marlena! I love that you are so confident in yourself you don’t mind poking fun of yourself on camera & not editing that part out. You’re just adorable!

Do you have any colors to recommend for fair skin to use under the brow bone for this look? It’s kind of hard to find a light warm color.

Would MAC’s Yogurt work? It’s matte finish with a slight pink hue…or would a golden hue work better for warming it up?


Thank you so much for this look! I’ve had the Naked 2 for a while now, and wasn’t really sure what color combinations would work. I really like cool colors, but I’ve struggled with making them look “right.” Your tips to include warm colors to balance it out really worked! Thank you so much! I just keep learning more and more from you every day. You are brilliant at what you do. You really deserve to be the success you’ve become. Don’t let anyone say otherwise. You’ve earned it. :-)


I love that the majority of MUG’s looks are ready-to-wear, meaning I wouldn’t look too wild or too made up wearing this out.
This is so beautiful and elegant! I can’t wait to try it on the next date night :]

Thank you for using the Naked Pallette 2 for this! I’ve been waiting for a look to do :)

Happy Valentines Day <3

Hi Marlena,
I am really bad at makeup. But ever since I’ve been watching your videos, my makeup skills have improved. Infact, my husband compliments me all the time these days. Was just wondering when will your MUG Deluxe Stippling brush be in stock? Can’t wait to purchase it to get the airbrush look.
Keep up your good work.

please can you make more make up v?deos for hooded eyes.. because ? have hooded eyes and ? dont l?ke ?t coz ? look l?ke t?red and sleepy can we put liquid l?ner for hooded eyes

Hi marlena – I wanted to say THANK YOU for taking the time to think up, create and post these videos for us – you don’t HAVE to do them but because you do, myself and lord knows how many other girls are thankful for them! You have done so well for yourself with the website and the MUG eyeshadows (which I love) so don’t go letting one silly jealous girl’s comments get you down. Also your hair looks gorgeous in this – can you do a tutorial on that please?

Take care!


Hi Marlena!!! I only want to say that I love all your work!!! I know many people say it constantly, and I know I’m just another one who says that … But watching your videos I’ve learned to love me a little more and now I love that other people around me notice it … and all is thanks to you! Excuse my english, I write you from Spain. You´re an inspiration, keep it up!!! We are much more that follow and appreciate you!!!! Kisses!!!

hola soy nueva suscriptora y me gustaria que me recomendaras una buena reafirmante corporal que sea superefectiva por que adelgace mucho y la piel sufrio un poco …gracias

Hi Marlena,
I have a question im indian by origin and i have hair on my face ,upperlips..and i have never done waxing on face,but i have bleached.but now i feel bleach made my face more u have any option to make hair lighten..coz this hair look bad when i do make-up..and i also have a vein seen under my left eye…i tried massage treatments for it but it is still there…can u show how to hide that vein..
Thanks in advance.

Hi Marlena, amazing as always!
I was just wondering if you’d be able to post a few Mac alternatives to the eyeshadow colours? I’m from Australia and it’s almost impossible to get the Naked2 pallet here!

For one – “not trying to be a suck up” (hehe) but how can anyone be so rude to someone so beautiful! Good on you for standing up and taking action, Marlena. :)

For two – this is such an awesome look! I really appreciate how you put “inexpensive alternatives” for us who prefer to spend a little less. :) It’s also a huge help how you explain the -motions- as you go, and not only teach us how to mimic the look, but also different techniques for when we decide to get creative!

I’ve been through numerous amounts of your videos, checking out the looks & tips, and my my every single one has been uniquely amazing.

Keep up the great work, your an awesome teacher! :)

I bought the MUG Valentine kit but can anyone tell me which shadow goes where. The only thing I can figure out by the video is that Unexpected goes in the crease. I’m confused as to which colour Marlena means for us to use on the middle part of the lid… it Gold Digger or Pretentious? Or is Gold Digger just meant to be used on the inner corner of lids for that bright pop of colour? I know Shimma Shimma is optional but is that for the inner corner or just for the highlight of the brow bone. Help please. I have just bought the Valentines kit and I also have Shimma Shimma but I need help with how to put this look together to match. Thanks!!

I believe Gold Digger is meant to be the replacement for Verve (on the center of the lid). I agree it is confusing, as Gold Digger isn’t really a very good replacement for Verve, way too gold, whereas Verve has a lot more silver. Pretentious is then the replacement for YDK (the lighter color on the outsides of the lid) and Bada Bing for Busted. YDK and Bada Bing are both closer to their counterparts than Gold Digger, but all the shades in the Makeup Geek kit have more gold/brown tones than their Urban Decay counterparts.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the look, can you make recommendations using this method with as close as possible to the colors you used, but, using Naked I? Would so much appreciate it. Your making the world a more beautiful place!! Thx again!

I have the original Naked palette. Would this work with Virgin, Toasted, Hustle, Naked and Half-Baked? They’re not exact, but they’re somewhat close.

I’m so excited you did a look using Naked 2. I’ve thought about buying it but wasn’t sure what looks I could come up with on my own. This look is beautiful! Your videos are amazing! They’ve inspired me try new looks with my makeup. Thanks for making such a great site!

Hi Malena! I’m very grateful that you answered me back him what I currently use is the Revlon and what it seems to be doing is making my face even more oily then it pretty much already is. I use the beauty blender to apply my foundation and I really love it, the problem seems to be with the foundation it just seems to be making it oilier is their something that you can recommend? I try to make it better with MAC’s studio fix it seems to help at first but probably within an hour maybe even two it seems to oil up my face and again I think the cause is my foundation. (FYI my foundation is Revlon color stay 250 fresh beige also Revlon age defying 25 medium beige and I use NC25 studio fix) this may sound like a dumb question but what is an oil mattifier? And to answer your question yes I would say that the Revlon brand seems to be siding off. I really need your help on this one I’m going on vacation soon and need a fix I’ll try anything. Idk if it’s possible but can u or some one email the answer – (if not I will check back here for the answer) <3 this makeupgeek, Yvonne :)

Hi Marlena,
I was wondering if you would consider doing a look using both the OG Naked and the N2? Seems like a lot of the looks using the N2 on youtube all look alike they are either grey or bronze smokey-ish looks. I have green eyes and red hair was the N2 all wrong for me?
P.S. love the new shadows, can’t wait for the lipsticks!!

Thank you so much. I wasn’t going to buy Naked 2 (in Australia we have to eBay UD stuff since no stockist and UD won’t ship). But after seeing this I HAVE to have it!

magificent as usual!

I was trying to resist the urge to buy the Naked2 palette as I already have (and LOVE) the Naked palette…. but this look makes me want to buy it so bad!

Personnaly, I don’t think cooler tones age you at all, I actually think it’s young and sexy. And I find that it makes brown eyes pop a lot more than warm colors which can sometimes look too tone on tone…

I received my eye shadows after only 17days and in perfect condition! USA to South Africa in 17days, that’s AMAZING! I simply cant tell you how impressed i was with your delivery! And I simply LOVE my eye shadows. I already placed my next order last night :)

Thank you so much Marlena!

can some one pls tell me how i can get the urban decay NAKED and NAKED2 palette if im living in south africa, cant order it from saphora for some reason pls pls help!!!