How to Get Rose Bud Nails

The latest trend in nails is stick on decals. But what about setting an even hotter trend? Here are my steps to getting hand painted rose bud nails!
  1. Paint your nails with a light, solid color. For this video I have “Blanc” by Essie on my nails.
  2. Take your red migi nail art pen and create circles on your nails. These will form the base of the roses.
  3. After waiting for them to dry, take your pink migi nail art pen and create series of lines and dots on top of the red to give the roses a three dimensional pop.
  4. Then take your green migi nail art pen and draw two to three lines coming out of the roses to form the leaves

There you go! A complete hand full of hand painted rose buds!

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Posted in Nail Tutorials, Tutorials on (last modified: May 15, 2017)