Romantic Gold & Teal Makeup Tutorial

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Adding pops of color is the perfect way to spice up any look. This romantic look from  Meredith Jessica a.k.a. Pigments and Palettes, has a perfect pop of teal to set off the rich golds. With so many colors to choose from for under the eye, the looks are limitless. This is sure to be one of your favorites and one you go back to time and time again. Ideal for a night with that special someone, or out with friends, this warm look is sure to melt a few hearts.






We would like to give a huge thank you to Meredith Jessica for allowing us to share her look! Check out her Makeup Geek profile, Facebook page, or YouTube channel for more great looks!

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I love this look and how vibrant the teal on the lower lash line came out and am looking forward to recreating this. I noticed a big difference in the pigmentation of the teal between takes at 4:07 and 4:10 in the video and am curious as to what was done to intensify the teal to the extent seen at 4:10. Love this look, thanks!

I’m the original artist/creator of the tutorial. My video camera is unfortunately really low quality and when I’m filming the hue & color saturation of the video will change randomly. It’s really annoying. This may account for some of the change in intensity. The camera is really bad at picking up colors authentically, the pictures are more true to life.

To be honnest I wasn’t sure at all with the color you used and mixing them together. But I was so wrong… THIS LOOK IS FABULOUS! Wow! You are so creative and so pretty that what ever you do it always look good on you! I am impressed. LUV!LUV! LUV! THIS LOOK! xxxxx

i love all these shadows but somehow they react to my eyes… every time i put them my eyes swell :( . n unfortunately i have to stop using them :(…

but Meredith you have done an amazing look… really fab :)