Rihanna’s Bronze Look

So… I paired up with Chic Intuition to do a celebrity tutorial of the viewers choice, and you all chose this bronze look worn by Rihanna! Hope you enjoy :)


  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation   (eBay)
  • Makeup Forever HD Powder     (Sephora)  (eBay)
  • Illamasqua Bronzer Duo     (Illamasqua)


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion     (Sephora)  (eBay)
  • Illamasqua Liquid Metal in “Enrapture”     (Illamasqua)
  • Illamasqua Boomerang Eyeshadow     (Illamasqua)
  • Face Atelier Flax Eyeshadow     (FACE Atelier)
  • Illamasqua Medium Eye Pencil in “Sophie”     (Illamasqua)
  • Ardell Demi Lovies False Lashes     (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Loreal Voluminous Mascara


  • MAC Flutterby Lipstick     (eBay)
  • MAC Myth Lipstick     (MAC)

Cheap Alternatives:

MAC Substitutes:

  • Indianwood Paintpot     (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Amber Lights e/s
  • Down Brown e/s
  • Vanilla or Brule e/s




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So simply yet so pretty, absolutely love it!!! Thanks for all the great make up tips, advice, tutorials…etc.! Thanks to you I’ve totally become a MUG!!!

Great look, I know you had mentioned you like the sophie eye pencil. The eye shadow looks gorgeous. Can you please tell me where I can buy this product Illamasqua? Thanks Marlene

Hi Marlena!..I’m new to your website and i absolutely love it!! you’re a genius! i can’t wait to start practicing your techniques!!

yes…this makeup application makes me feel so so so PRETTY…i cant thank you enough…u made me feel beautiful again…..u r a pearl.

Wow Marlena! This look is gorgeous!!! So simple but with a wonderful effect! Makes you look great, kind of “wildcat” hihi.. (as if you weren’t!) :-) I’ll try it at the next occasion, promise!

Take care, have a great week

Wow, Marlena, this is a great look on YOU!! :D I mean, you are always beautyful, but this looks fantastic on you I think :)

Maybe my green eyes can have this look too?

GREAT LOOK! hello very nice look and very easy…your earings are very beautiful.AND RING AS WELL..THANKS FOR GIVING US THIS BEAUTIFUL BRONZE LOOK TORT.BYE

Marlena please!! What dupes of MAC can I use for this look? I can’t get Illamasqua in my country!
Absolutely in love with this turorial!!!!!!!


Hi marlena!!!this is absolutely amazing i just love brown n golden make up great job ;)
i would like to make a request….
if that is possible can u plz make a tutorial on the look of VAnessa hudgens and Ashley Tisdale PLEASE :)

Beeeeautiful Marlena! as always! thnx for the inspiration.! lately i have many many ppl complementing my makeup, you have have helped me a lot!
keep up the good work!

Hello! I’m coming from Chic Intuition. Great tutorial! I love the look.

But I do have a question: is it safe to put liner on your “wet lines” as you called them? I’ve heard mixed opinions from others. Some say it’s perfectly safe, others say it can damage your eyes if you do the look all the time. So what do you think? Also, I like putting liner on my wet lines every so often, but I hate that my tears wash it away so easily… Is there any way to prevent that, or is it inevitable?

I really appreciate you taking the time to do this tutorial. I think I might give it a go myself!


As long as you use a pencil that is meant for the eyes, you shouldn’t have any problem lining your waterline. But… I probably wouldn’t do it every day. A good product that stays pretty well is Loreal Hip’s Cream Eyeliner in the pot- take an eyeliner pencil, dip it into the cream liner and line your waterline. Try not to blink for a bit to allow it to set, and you should be good to go :)

Beautiful Look ! Could we use a Non-shimmery purple instead of brown do you think ? Im just trying out ways to mix up with the colours, and I thought, who else better then you can I ask ? Haha, Thanks !! : ]


I was wondering what type of a brush you used for blending in this video (Rhianna’s Bronzed Look)? It looks a lot like an italian badger brush, i think. Can you also name the brand of the brush?

Thank you

P.S. This is a great video! Beautiful makeup look!

What makeup brushes did you use? I am looking to buy a buffing brush, and dont know what a good one would be. Also is the sephora brand stippling brush any good?

Personaly, I think you did a better job that the makeup artist’s did on Rihanna.
You have no idea how much you have helped me with my makeup techniques.
Since I have been seeing your makeup tutorials everyone has really been blown away with my makeup and I have been offered a job at Sephora and at Ulta.
Keep on doing what you are doing, you are awesome!

LOVE THIS LOOK!!! I’m going to a concert this weekend and I definitely want to do this look.

Thanks Marlena…you’re awesome. I’ve learned SO much from you!! Thank you again!

it’s me again. I just read Chantal’s comments and I totally agree with her. You did a much better job than the make up artist for Rhianna, also, as Chantal wrote, I too have learned SO MUCH from your tutorials. I was offered a job as make up artist for weddings (I’ve always loved make up :). I know without you I would never be able to get that job! You’re the best! Please don’t ever stop! :)

This was the best “neutral” look you’ve ever posted here. I LOVE this one… And the colors are the perfect ones for my small brown eyes.
Everytime I wear makeup, I try to make my eyes pop….do you think this is a good choice? What would you recommend to make my eyes look as attractive as blue or green eyes?


I love this look. Bronzy colors are my favorite. I usually prefer dark brown eyeshadows because my eyes are green so I think the contrast is very nice. Thanks for the tutorial Marlena, indeed is easy to do it and fun. Ladies don’t forget to enter chicprofile.com and participate to this week GIVEAWAY

I LOVE this look!! It is amazing! I don’t usually wear bronzes, but I just fell in love with this look. And I have a quick Q. How can I get my eyeliner to stay on all day? Because I usually use a wet brush and use eyeshadow for my eyeliner and it works great, but it always seems to smear and migrate around my eye! Why is this? Is there anything I can do to help it stay in place? THANKS!!!

I know you said that the bronzer was too dark for you but that is the best I’ve seen your cheekbones look! Lol, your beautiful! Love the look!

Hi!!! I love this look! please please please can you make a tutorial with the MAC quad / palette NOTORIETY or PHOTO REALISM? I really love these colours …

I completly agree wiht chantal!! Your make up it’s better !!

Awesome job Marlena! I love these colors and I am so glad its fall and more out there. Have you tried MAC copper pigment yet? It is soooo perfect for the fall. : )

Hi! Great video, Marlena! Lovely colors. What is the brush you use for buffing out the color on your cheeks, when you say you applied too much? It’s white hairs with dark on top. Thanks :)

wow! this is really stunning…simple with an awesome impact….i have picture day tommorow at my school so this is the look im planning on doing :)

I love this look! Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out how to use gold/bronze eyeshadows, so this look is perfect for me.
Also, I LOVE YOUR HAIR, Marlena! It’s sleek without being smooshed flat or totally pin straight.

Very pretty and simple! Love it! I was just thinking that you seem to always make the looks better than the celebrities themselves! A celebrity is liable to hire you someday!

I just ordered the alternatives for this but i didn’t get the jumbo eye pencil because I couldn’t figure out what it was used for. Could you please let me know so I can order it if need to?

Hello Marlena …I’m from Brazil and I LOVE your techniques ….i see every days you’re amazing ^^
LOVE YOUUUUU girl ? kiss from Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Marlena, I love this look! i do have a question, i don´t find the brushes you used, could you please put the names on? specially the one you used for “blend” the excess of blush, is this from MAC? if it´s not, could you please tell me wich substitue do i have to use from MAC? thank you so much for paying me attention to this. kisses!!!

Hi marlena! I absolutely love this look on you! It totally makes your eyes pop! I was wondering if I could use the indianwood mac paint pot instead of the rubanesque one? it’s kinda really expensive and i rather use what i have at home then buy new products… Thank you so much for an awesome look!


Hello I love this look its gorgeous i was wondering could you use the Urban Decay eye pencil in Bourbon as the base colour instead of Illamasqua or the NYX jumbo eye pencil?

I love this!! It’s so beautyful. And all your’s video are very good! (Excuse me for my english but I’m french)

You look awsome as usual, I love it!!! I never do bronzy colours on the eyes but you made me think I should ;-)
To answer your question Illamasqua brushes are all synthetic, they have a very strong position on the animal issue, they don’t test on them and they don’t use animal hair for their brushes and I think it’s great!

Hi Marlena,

What is the name of the creamy base that you used under your eyes and above your cheeks to create the glow? And, should I use a different one since I am medium tone?


This is another great beautiful look, thank you so much for the alternatives, that attention to detail really seperates you from the rest! Keep up the wonderful work.


Pretty!!!!! Thanks for the MAC dupes! =) pleasee can you take a look with the new collection of this brand? I love it!


Wow Marlena, what a gorgeous look! I’m usually not a huge fan of browns but this look is making me eat my words! Haha! I will definitely try this one! Thank-you so much for all that you do; you are truly a magnificent artist with a thorough understanding of make-up artistry. Best wishes :)

Hi Marlena,
I had a makeup question for you! My friend has really deep eye sockets, i think thats what that is called, anyways i was wondering if i wanted to do a smokey look on her, and i applied the color in the crease like normal, wouldnt that make her eye sockets look even more deeper. If so what can i do to counteract the deep effect. i dont want her eyes to look like they are sinking into her head! LOL! Thank you!

~ Tabatha~

If she has deep eye sockets, you’ll want to put lighter colors on the lid and put the darker colors just above the crease and smoke it up and out. If you want some dimension on the lid without it being too dark, put a medium-ish color in the outer V instead of a dark one. Is hard to explain without demonstrating….



Marlena, you are such an inspiration and I love how you gently and sweetly teach about your passion. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

What are your thoughts about Gosh Cosmetics?

What are your favorites for vegan/cruelty free cosmetics?

Hey Marlena I love your tutorials they’ve helped me alot. Love this look. Just wanted to ask if you’ve ever heard of a website called beautyticket.com, just came by it thought the products were priced very well.

Hi Marlena,
Very gorgeous by the way.
I’m entering a beauty pageant and I’d like to do my makeup by myself. So I was just wondering if you could give me some tips or do a tutorial on how to do really formal and sophisticated stage makeup. Thanks :)

You are the reason….
….my husband compliments everyday
….i feel more confident
& girls at work envy me

I love your tuts…just cannot get enough of them and of course, I love this look!

Thank you Marlena for everything.

hi marlena,
i had a question about the beautiful fairy look you did for halloween, i was trying to post it under that video but i didnt know if you would see it and it wouldnt let me! haha

but i had a question about the green and pink glitter you used, me and my friend were going for something dark and super shimmery for halloween and that glitter looked AMAZING! we are thinking of doing dark purple and black,
where did you get that glitter? i think its SOO pretty, and i really want to try it :)
thanks :)

If you have the bronze color base from MAC you can substitute it with Illamasqua Liquid Metal in “Enrapture”. I also have the NYX Gold Jumbo Eye Pencil. I tried it with the Bronze cream color base and it worked perfect. Love your tutorials Marlena. Can I send you my Emote blush?

OMG!!!! I love you marlene!!!! (not in the lesbo way) i am only thirteen and i can do professional makeup on my freinds!!! should i get mad at this girl who says she can do a better makeup job than me? she went and redid the makeup on my freind and she looked like crap for a dance recital!!!! i am fumed that she would lie!!!! and r Lauren Hutton Brushes any good? i got some for my birthday

this is soooo elegant and classy! i have to say it’s the best look i’ve seen here in a long time. looks beautiful on you:)

Hi marlena!

I love this look!

It’s impossible for me to get the Illamaska bronzer duo. What else can I use for the cheeks?

Thanks ( :

Hey !
I am French!
I do not understand everything but I can understand and see bases for day arriving there also! Thank you very much
It is really great and you are absolutely magnificent!!!


I’m from Mazatlan Mexico!

I loveeee the way you look but .. I was wondering if you could do something nice with a darker girl.. I’m from Mexico, I love going to the beach so my skin is sunburned

You look sooo pretty!! congratttsss!
liz from Mexico


I love your site. I found it a couple of months ago and check it for ideas regularly. I am new to make up. What do you think would be a good blush and contour powders for me? My complexion is dark – like Naomi Campbell. I do have very high cheek bones. How about eye shadows? There is so much to choose from that it is very temtping to buy things that i could not use on myself. I know that you are probably very busy with emails but any help that you can provide would be helpful.



I am new at applying make up and as I’m learning more about blending colors and how to apply it’s not as easy as it looks. I have to say I love this web site it has everything in one place. I also have dark circles (I’ve always had them and my kids have them) so I have to be careful with the colors I use and you have soooo many brown options I love it!! Thank you soooo much!!!