Retro Hollywood Glam: Christina Aguilera

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  • Makeup Forever Camouflage Concealer (Sephora) (eBay)
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation
  • MAC Emote Blush (eBay)
  • NYX Peach Blush   (MUG Store)
  • MAC Pearl Cream Color Base   (MAC) (eBay)


  • MAC Soft Ochre Paintpot  (MAC) (MUG Store)
  • Bare Escentuals Bare Crystal Collection   (BE)  (eBay)
    • Bare Escentuals Rock Crystal e/s   (eBay)
    • Bare Escentuals True Gold e/s   (Sephora) (eBay)
    • Bare Escentuals Gilded Quartz e/s (eBay)
    • Bare Escentuals Soul e/s   (BE) (eBay)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Yeyo and Zero (eBay)
  • NYX False Lashes #104   (MUG Store)
  • Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner


  • Revlon Colorstay Lipliner in Wine
  • MAC Viva Glam I Lipstick   (MAC)


  •  MAC 239
  •  MAC 226
  •  MAC 224

NYX Dupes:

MAC Dupes:

  • Goldmine e/s
  • Gorgeous Gold e/s
  • Satin Taupe e/s
  • Vanilla or Brule e/s


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Hey Marlena… Very beautiful look… Just wondering if you can do a tutorial on how to fill the travel make up case of yours… Thank you

Oh my gosh, I love this look! Been meaning to try it the right way forever! I will definitely try it for a wedding I have in May.

Marlena, you are a dreamgirl ! So inspirational, I just recently purchased 6 MAC brushes and let me just say “WOW”. What a difference a brush makes. Earlier this evening I viewed some of your hair tutorials and you mentioned your hair was fine, may I suggest a MARILYN tuxedo brush which gives beautiful volume to fine hair and Redken GUTS no. 10, which is a volume spray foam. Have patience when first using the marilyn brush as it does not slip through the hair like others and completely dry your hair with it and you will have beautiful lucious hair. The natural bristles will promote shine and elasticity. Hope to meet you in person some day!!!

HI you all!!!! my name is luciana and i’m from argentina. i’ve discovred this webpage after searching desperately for some advice at make up in youtube and foun marleena the saint!!!!! í would love to try this look but my web cam broke:( so i am going to give you a tip….. I found a palette made by clarin’s with the new spring collection wich has the exact same colors!!!!!!! i love it and i use it all te time. If you want to know more about it search at google for clarin’s new collection and i’m sure it will appear. Love you marleena and love your studio!!!!! hope to find more videos and advice here in my favourite blog. Bye

hi marlena
iam sabna from saudia arabia idiscover ur web site amonth ago and i fil in love in it i open it every day so thanks
i always loved makeup but now i am gonna be amkeup artist.
plz do more hair tutorials ilike the way ur hair is .
and one more thing what is ur work ? ru afull time makeup artist?
love this look very nice :)

Hi Marlena

I loved… I like the red lips, but I never know when I can use without look to much, you know what I mean…
I like to ask you something:
I’m try to find some tutorial to teach how aply blush, but I can find, have to be with you… your are amazing.


Beautiful! Your color combo looks much prettier! It’s richer in color and the blending is more elegant.

Love it. U look xtremely gorgeous.Marlena i have never tried a ed lipstik on but i really want to. i am a pakistani gal with a light complxion almost like arabs. do u think i can wear the shade that u used here or some other?

Marlena – I think this has got to be one of my favorite tuts of yours! I absolutely love this look – and Viva Glam I really is just SO flattering, it’s my fave! =)

WOW! AMAZING!! I have a quick question, have you ever tried colored mascara? One i’m looking at in particular is this purple mascara by burgois called “eye liner” effect or something like that. =)

soo pretty….billion thanks for lovely tutorials..
i like that you gve dupes…thats helpful…i have only MAC e/s..i can’t afford all NARS n Bare essentuals…it wud be too much for my pocket,,,:)

Heya Marlena! I saw someone here now asked for you to do a video on how to apply blush. And I have to agree, id like that aswell. Seems like there is different ways to apply depending on style and face? I also liked if you could show how to apply blush to make the cheeks bigger and rounder, since, I dont have much of a bone or fat, Id really love to get the feeling of that I have “apples” Can you help me pls? I love you Marlena! // Veronica, VeronicaSwe on YouTube.

Marlena I love your looks so much! I was just wondering if you could suggest a flattering lipstick colour thats in nude range for a light caramel skin tone. <3 You looked so gorgeous in that Retro Glam vid

Love all of these looks Marlena, always learning lots from your tutorials =) Keep up the good work!

Greetings from Ireland!

Marlena another stunning look. Your amazing. I also would like to see a blush tutorial! Keep up the great work. Your mug fan.

Marlena you’ve done it again! You never cease to amaze me!!

I’m getting married in December and I’ve decided on a retro glam theme. If I can get good at doing this look, I think I’m going to do it for my wedding!

Hi Marlena

This is such a beautiful look, like you say can be worn for any special occasion. Love watching your tutorials.
Love from England, keep up the good work, cos we’re watching you :o)

You are really pretty, I love your tutorials, I feel like I know you because when I watch your tutorials your so warm and likeable! I come on here like everyday! lol ;)

You look soooo elegant, Marlena!!! I think that DH of yours needs to take you somewhere special looking that good!!??!!hehe
I enjoy you so much…Thanks again

hey marlena i was wondering can red lipstick like the one you used in this tutorial can it be used on any skin color like any darker skin tone than yours ..=]
by the way are amazing with makeup i hope i can get a good as you one day ,,thanks


You just awesome. I’m from Mexico and I work for MAC Cosmetics an let me tell you that you have a such a great talent!! you know perfectly how to blend the colors to make an special and unique make up so inspirational. Congratulations and please keep going with all the great tips and make up tutorials. Above all thank you for promoting MAC

Marlena, I would like to sing you a song in honor of all your fantastic tutorials. Here it goes…

“God bless the day I found you…”

You know, a little Willie Nelson sometimes just sums things up.

Hi lovely Marlena!!!Another great look!!I’ve re-found the pleasure to be a woman with your amazing tutorials!! My skin it’s too oily to do some of them..but I try anyway!!! I hope that you can do a tutorial about skin products for have a great skin lke yours!!! I’m terribly sorry for my english…but I’m italian!!! Thanks Marlena….a lot of kisses from Silvy

p.s I see your hamsters pics…they’re so cute!!!

hi marlena, mi name is mayra, and i like so much your work, because its beautyful, ok, sorry but i am mexican girl an i don`t so much englis, ok, I have a friend who is going away to marry and it is of brown skin, but it asks to me it makes up that it….that color you think that it has left well, since its dress is white and its accessories in silver…

thank you so much!!!!!

Hi Marlene,
you are amazing. My daughter loves your tutorials and watches them nearly everydayshe tries to put MAKE-UP!!

Anyway keep the good job!!!!!!


spero tu sappia l inglese mi sembri una ragazza molto inteligenteguardo molto i tuoi video e posso dire che hai del grand talento baci iry

Just fabulous!

Marlena… I am your biggest faaaaan!!! I’m always waiting for your tutorials every week.

I have learned a lot from you.

Thank you for all your tips and please show a fresh look for the summer…

XOXO from Monterrey, Mx.