Purple Smoky Eyes!


  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
  • Urban Decay  24/7 Concealer Pencil   (Sephora / eBay)
  • MAC Set Powder in Invisible    (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Benefit Coralista Blush  (Sephora / eBay)
  • MAC Shimpagne Mineralize Skinfinish (eBay)


  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance   (Sephora / eBay)
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Lavender    (Makeup Geek Store)
  • 120 Manly Eyeshadow Palette (eBay)
  • Loreal Voluminous Mascara



  • MAC 239- flat stiff brush
  • MAC 217 or MUG Stiff Dome (Makeup Geek Store)
  • MAC 219- pencil brush

Ring: Exquisitely Yours Boutique on eBay




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OMG I cannot wait to get the manly 120 pallette. hopefully ill get it for my bday. thank you for the tutorial. and you should do more using nyx shadows and the 120 pallette

I love the colors that you put together,they really look beautiful,thank you so much! You are the best Marlena!!!

Hey Marlena!

I love your look! You’re fabulous as always! Ive been cutting back on some money lately and i was hoping you coud give me some NYX substitutes. Thank you so much!

i looooooooooooooooooooooove this :)
this is so beautiful.. purple is my favorite color :)
THX Marlena for this tutorial ..
keep it up :D

wow, that’s gorgeus, Marlena!! I like it sooo much! I will try it out ASAP! Million thanks, your tutorials are always great!

I love purple eye shadow! I wear it every day! I really need to get that pallet. I love this look!

What a gorgeous look! In the vid she said she would show a pic of the pallette with the colours circled… does anyone know if she has and where it would be? Thanks!

Heyy! when i got a palette similar to that one i did a look like that! I like yours better though! :)

Oh man, I really have to get one of those palettes. Gorgeous look Marlena! Purple and pink are faves of mine so can’t wait to try it.

I’m a little confused about the first purple you used. In the video, you pointed to the purple on the left to the darkest purple, but in the palette pictures, you circled a purple underneath the pink shadow.

heyy marlena! this look is great. i used to hate working with purples
even tho i have brown eyes. i could never really get them to work.
however, bc of all the purples in ur videos, i love them bc i was sort of “forced”
to work more with them. ha ha.

OH! and i just had a thought a while ago bc i am re-reading the twilight books AGAIN!
i thought a twilight inspired make up look would be the funest! just a thought! thanks again. i
love all the tutorials :) :) :)

-logalade <3

hello marlena,first of all i would like to say that since i started watching your tutorials im a much happier person.I would like to know how should i take the makeup of the waterline?im sorry for my poor english im from portugal.

Marlena… you are always so gorgeous! Thank you for all of your tutorials!!! I tell all my friends and family to watch them. you have me hooked!!! Though I am a MAC girl, so I try to find MAC colors that are similar to what you use. I love when you use MAC, mainly because I have most of the colors you use, or if not I have an excuse to go out and buy them… Again thanks for all you do, your incredible…..Athena

Hi Marlena,
Thank you so much for your tips and tutorial on makeup. I love your look! Thanks again!

Hi Marlena, I absolutely loved loved loved this look. I have a wedding coming up next saturday and i’m going to wear a purple dress, and this look will just be gorgeous! I have this exact pallete, its awesome! I wish you would do more looks/tutorials, using this palette. Its much more affordable than M.A.C. Thank you so much! you’re great!

Hey Marlena..I Totally Luv This Look..Thank You So Much For Your Wonderful Tutorials..Luv Yea!!

Hi, Marlena i love this purple smoky eyes makeup…everything you do it is so great!!
I want to request a makeup tutorial of Megan Fox. I love her makeup becuase it is simple and sexy…. i really realy love her style ….so please, can you do that??


Hi Marlena ;)

Loved the purple look on you!

Would you be able to provide substituting colors – (I don’t have the 120 palette).
What colors can I use from NYX to achieve this GORGEOUS look?

Hi Marlena!


I went on ebay to buy the manly 120 palette but there are some listings for $30.00 and some of $8.00…Do you know if there are some immitations of the palette that are being sold on ebay?

I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your site! You helped me so much with my make up ( :

Thanks a lot!

eeeeyyy babyy i love your videos , but i can´t understand you, i´m from mexico,
you can put subtitles in your videos?
kiisss byee

Hey Marlena! I love this look, I was just wondering if you don’t mind me asking what lighting are you using-Like the light bulbs brand & watts? They makes you look even more stunning than you already are :]

I love this look…usually I just use a purple and a pink but I like your way better! I love the tutorials!

I Marlena Thanks for all your totorials always great to see knew color and specially knew Brands Thank you

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Marlena,
I have to say your tutrials are by far the best I have ever seen. I have never been so obsessed with makeup before I started watching your videos, you make everything look so easy and beautiful. Your stunning looks go just perfect with your stunning personality, so fun and fresh and just absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much.

Mariam, KSA

Hi Marlena!!gorgeous look! I dont know if you remember, a few days ago I wrote my first comment here, saying that I´m from Argentina and that I´ve never missed one of your tutorials, and I came up with an idea for a new one. I´ve always loved bronzed looks, and here in Arg is being played a soapopera with a really beautiful actress named Genesis Rodriguez, she has a very natural, bronzed, tan look and I thought that maybe you could giveme some tips to do it. I hope you can! I´ve been trying to came up wiyh something but I´m just to pale (its winter here!). Thanks a lot!!!

(I live you a link where you can find this look that I´m talking about, especially the photos in the boat, http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/4/7/11/f_2m_8b029ba.jpg&srv=img27)


Hey, thank you SOOOOOOOO much for using the 120 palette… I never could use purple as it always looked like my eye is bruised, however, using the pink is a good idea as it will break down the purple and not make me look like I have been punched in the face, lol… It would be REALLY good if you are able to do more with the 120 palette or even the 88 CS palettes…

Gorgeous!! I’m just starting to embrace the fun of using cosmetics and I really love this look. Purple is a “loud” color but this look is nothing like that – it’s softer than expected. I believe I could get away with it at work! thanks for the tutorial!

Very pretty, Marlena!
And I LOVE it when you use the 120 eyeshadows palette. I just got mine, and I am just dying to try it out.

Love from Norway

But beware with the pink background. Sometimes it causes confuse with the makeup.

Thanks for the tutorial Marlena. I know purple shades are also great on green eyes. I use to wear it myself but I really needed some new inspirations.

Bonsoir Marlena,

Cela fait seulement 2 jours que je visionne tes vidéos et je suis conquise…. j’espère pouvoir essayer de réaliser un de tes maquillages. Je croyais savoir me maquiller et en te regardant je me sens “bête” de ne pas savoir me faire un bon maquillage! (I think so stupid do not make a good make up!?!!!????)
Bye Bye
PS : j’espère que tu arriveras à traduire ce mail (I hope you will arrive to translate this mail)

would this look work with any colors? i love the look but i dont think that its a look that you can wear everyday.

Finally, after 15 years of attempting eyeshadow, I got it. I used to just dust my eyes with blush because I could never do eyeshadow correctly. I googled “how to apply eyeshadow” and up pops this Purple Smokey Eyes page. I watched your video (and many more since). Tried it on myself with my purples and walla…..I did it. Thank you so much for educating me. Never knew it could be so much fun.

hi marlena! this tutorial is so beautiful and i really love it.. your tutorials are very helpful, i think i watch it almost everyday and i even have it as an app for my phone..
i was wondering if you will do a seminar here in San Francisco? me and my friend would love to attend one..

Hi Marlena and the other girls!
I watched nearly all your tutorials and I am just fascinated. it looks easy, professional^^ and most of all beautiful!!!
I want to get this manly palet also and hope there are no problems to
get it^^

Have a nice day^^

I wore this look over the weekend and received complements. my husband said i looked sexy, which made me feel good since i havent felt very sexy after having my baby a month ago.

I have the 88 palette i am trying to look for the same colors but I’m having trouble. could you suggest other purples?

Hey Marlena,

Just wanted to say that I LOVED this look, it gave me something different to try with my 120 palette and I’m so pleased with the results!! I hope you do more with this palette, I’d love some more inspiration :]

Kim x

Heeey Marlena, i just found you on youtube… your really great at showing how to apply make-up… if i lived in the us i sooo would pay you to do my make-up for my wedding day!!!! xx

Hola, me encanta verte maquillar.
Tenes una facilidad estupenda para hacerlo.

Espero poner en practica tus consejos.


you’ve inspired me to get the 120 palette. thank you for providing the photo w/ the circles of which colors you used on the palette ~ it was a HUGE help! (Please do this every time you do a tut w/ 120 as it can be a bit overwhelming to know which colors to use.) you make every “look” look so easy to do. your tuts are easy to follow, i just love them. thank you for doing all that you do!!!
PS. love the MUG store! just got my first order. everything was packed well and it showed up really quick. great prices too. i am happy to support you.

Marlena, I love the way you teach how to put on makeup. You are so nice and I can tell you are a really kind person. I almost never wore makeup but since my sister showed me this website I’ve been watching it a lot and am starting to try it out! Thanks for helping me out! Hopefully, one day my makeup can look like yours lol. You are beautiful!

Hi, I absolutely love this one, but I whatch the david guetta and kelly rowland video, and I LOVE her makeup, obviously she’s burnette, and Im red head so, we dont have same skin color, but, had a lot of colors mixed and is totally awsome…..could you do that to for us???? make a kind of that…………..pleeeeeeeaaaaseeeee

I got my manly 120 palette & I’m very diappointed =•{ when I put the colors on it come out very light so I pack it on-but still not happy w/the results & in a hr or two my eyes look naked. I never brought such cheap eye shadow.

Please tell me where you got your 120 pallet from i need a good one with matt eyeshadows not expenisve but with colour that you don’t need to use lots of :D

Oh Marlena you are soo beautiful in this video. That hairstyle and haircolor looks so good! Please tell us what color you use on your eyebrows n this video cus i cant find the right shade for me. Thanks!

Hi Marlena. I am confused about something and I hope you can help me. Ok, for the lid color you point to a different shadow on the pallete than the one circled in the “products used” picture. I know it is not a big deal, but the reason I want to find out which color you used for the lid is to understand the logic behind choosing colors that compliment each other… so I can use the same technique with different colors. I would appreciate if you could please let me know. BTW you seem like such a kind and fun person, I would consider it a privelege to know you personally. Thanks for everything you do for us muggies lol :)

Hi!! I Love your channel and tuts on youtube! i had a question….i was looking into buying the MAC pro 120 palette…but i noticed you use the MANLY palette alot…i was wondering what your personal opinion is regarding both? they both seem very similar…is it worth it to get the MAC over the MANLY?

-thanks! u can email me your reply if u want!

Hi Marlena!

I’m a new makeup geek and I’m hooked! Thank you so much for putting up all of this wonderful information. As an African-American, I am also so appreciative that you give information for dark skinned women, too.

I wanted to ask if you could do some more looks using the 120 palette?

Thank you, again!