Professional Woman Makeup and Hair Tutorial

At some point in our life we all have to head out the door to work. And trying to mix and match outfits, hair, makeup and nails everyday for five days can be a daunting task! To help you out I decided to put together a complete look that will have you looking stylish and classic all at the same time :)  I kept everything inexpensive and simple, so adding what you already have should be an easy switch.

For the hair I wanted something that was easy to do but still looked classy and elegant. This braided chignon is the perfect look on those days between washings or when you wake up with bed head and only have 10 minutes to get out the door!

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  • Phillips Teasing Brush – Amazon
  • Hair Donut – Amazon  or H&M
  • Small, clear elastic bands – Sally’s Beauty Supply
  • Hair Pins –  Amazon





If you would like to see the details about the nails and clothes, check out my personal blog at

I hope you enjoyed this video of a complete look!  Give me some feedback on if you all like these types of videos :)

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Marlena, your tutorials have been inspiring me for years. These complete looks videos you are making now are brilliant! Thank you so much for sparking my creativity! xx

Dear Marlena, I love love your videos either simple make up videos or complete videos :)))) I would be glad if you could do more school (work) looks videos.

Thanx for what you are doing for others :-*


I would loves to wear that hair style but my hairs is less medium (touch to shoulder) and wont work on buns on other side. thanks for add photo

I love the whole attire. Hope to see more work outfits. I just got a new job and was wondering what i could do. However i have shorter hair and I can’t do the hair style. Looking for hairstyles for medium short hair.

I absolutely loved this tutorial and I think these complete look videos are a great idea! I hope you are recovering nicely from your operation, get well soon! xoxo

Hey Marlena,

I have tried doing this hair style but I cannot do it :( My fingers just don’t know what to do. But I have accomplished your make up look :) I don’t have the exact colors from MUG but I have found some colors from E.L.F. that are similar :0

You’re an inspiration to me and I look forward to more make up tip videos :)

Thank You again :)

I love tutorials like this as they help me spark ideas for cute, professional work looks. I work where I have to be in the public eye all day and sometimes I have trouble putting the ideas for hair, makeup, accessories, and clothes together in the complete package. I love this hairdo and I think I’ll have to try it tomorrow! The fact that this eye makeup is easy to modify with whatever colors fit your style and skin tone best is genius.

I love this look! I did my eye makeup very similar to this the other day. I was going for a Redskins look so my color was a little more burgundy. Your videos always inspire me so keep ’em comin’!

Thanks Marlena! I really appreciate the fact that you give alternatives for those of us with different skin tones… You’re one of the few who actually take that into account!

I LOVE that you did the whole package in this tutorial! Keep them coming…I enjoy your videos so much, you are such an inspiration to me! <3

Marlena and community-
I cannot figure out the twist braid that she did on the sides, i keep trying and it comes out nothing like that and something that does not look good, lol. My hair is very fine and thick so it’s hard to get it to cooperate. Does anyone have instructions or other videos on how to learn this? It’s so pretty, I just think I need a different camera angle to watch it being done to try to learn from. Thanks so much!

Absolutely love your videos! I’ve been watching ever since your first one! You’ve inspired me to branch out on my makeup creativity! LOVE this look, im so upset that i’m only 16 and cant wear them to ‘work’! so excited for more Marlena!:)