Palette Smackdown: MAC vs. UNII vs. Z Palette

.UNII Palettes

The quality of these palettes is absolutely amazing!  They’re sleek, very sturdy, include a mirror, and hold your eyeshadows in tightly so that you can travel with no worries.  My only complaint is I wish they were a bit bigger to hold more shadows in one case, and the price is a little steep, BUT….the quality is worth this price.  If I had to choose a palette to travel with, I would choose these as they are so incredibly sturdy!

They come in 6 colors:   pink, blue, yellow, purple, white, and black

Price: $24
Where to Buy: . UNII . Amazon . eBay


Z Palettes

These palettes are what I currently use to hold all my eyeshadows as they are a great size, sturdy, AND have a see through top so I can see what’s inside!  Plus you have to admit, the patterns are so cute :)

They come in 4 patterns:   black, pink, zebra, and leopard

Price: $19.95
Where to Buy: Makeup Geek Store (more in stock soon!). Amazon . eBay


MAC Palettes

Although I have had my eyeshadows in these palettes for years, I will say that these are not the best for holding your precious makeup… The packaging is cheaply made, does not protect your shadows, and you cannot see through the case to see what’s in it.   (Sorry MAC!)

Price: $14
Where to Buy: . MAC . eBay

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