New Years Eve Party Look!


Here is a look worthy of New Years Eve. This eye-catching black and gold smokey eye is perfect for ringing in the New Year. You are sure to be the center of attention with this glamorous look. However, don’t limit this amazing look to just New Years, this look is ideal for Christmas or anytime you want a dramatic smokey eye. The metallic gold gives this look a captivating effect making this perfect for anytime of the year.




  • Make Up For Ever Lipstick #36 (Amazon) (Sephora) (eBay)
  • Lip Gloss (clear or light pink)

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i love this look so pretty ! would you say that this gold is the best gold you have ever tried? cause i have light medium skintone and no gold seems to show up on me :[

Try the eyeshadow “Half Baked” from Urban Decay. I have very light skin and when used this a eyeshadow primer, it shows up very well!! It’s extremely silky and pigmented. (I think this is the one Ariel [below] was referring to!)

Try mac eyeshadow in amber lights I’m a darker skin tone as well and that’s my favorite also urban decay has a great one in the naked palette I’ve forgot the name though.

beautiful!!!! as are all of your looks. i spend all my extra money on make up that you use in your tuts!! I have a list of stuff to buy THIS long dating all the way back to your early stuff in 2008. long time fan here. ONE QUESTION: even with dry skin is it okay to use matte gel under foundation?

CUTE!!! PLEASE do some more looks with the tart jewlery box!!! and I need help with talking care of my brushes cleaning, how often ect… thanks girl!!!

everytime you use them clean them with a commercial cleanser such as MAC. Once a week clean them with baby shampoo/ EVOO and a sponge :) EnKore has a great video of this on youtube :)

Once again a very nice work of art!
Sure this look will be a hit on New Years!
Thanks Marlena for always hooking us up with
fresh ideas on how we do our makeup looks!
You are truly inspirational!
Happy Holidays Makeup Geeks :)

this is so pretty! :) im trying it for new years! i recently got the elf and smashbox palette which colour would be a good alternative for the gold colours?

Soo pretty!! I got some Sephora gift cards for Christmas this year and I was wondering if you have any great foundations to recommend Marlena! I have terribly dry skin and it flakes in the winter. I find it hard to keep foundation looking fresh, even with primer! I’m also looking for a good concealer for under-eye circles! Hope you reply! Happy New Year! All the best!! :)

Gorgeous look! very glamorous for new years. The bloopers were hilarious, you should include them in every video. Love this website.

I Love this look but I have black-darkbrown hair, green eyes and planning to wear either something greyish and purple for New Year’s Eve or dark blue, plus silver jewellery. Could you make a tutorial using colours matching these darker tones? Or any tips on what kinda products I should use? (Generally, I do a silvery-black makeup for but this year I want to try something completely different.)

I have green eyes also, and I would say go with a classic smokey eye, but put either a pop of gold glitter on the center and inner tearduct of your lid, or, if yuu end up wearing black clothes, teal/bright blue under your eyes connecting with a wing to the rest of the smokey eye. If yuu do like that idea, make sure your smokey eye has a dark muddy brown in it that has a purple undertone. It will make your eyes shine. :•} Happy New Years Eve.

Very pretty look and it seems like you guys had fun:P I do like you using models once in a while! Keep up the good work:P

hey marlina!! =) i LOVE all your tutorials!!.. but recently in your tutorials the lighting is not that good, it’s kind of dark.. or maybe it’s coz your new curtains you have behind.. i hope you get the lighting fixed just like it was before.. take care!!

You inspired me to do creative ideas with my eyes and I love it!! If you are ever in chicago, please let me know. I would love to learn more from the best!! :)

Goddess Marlena ..2 beauties in 1 tutorial! HAPPY NEW YEAR xxxxxxxxx

Love it Love it Goddess … and please can i take you and Nicola to my New years eve party as the BIG BEN hour on London Midnight will sure go off with “BANG” with you both around!

She sure is one sexy hot beaver and the Goddess productions seems to be turning out some very nice totty in the tutorails stakes lately! mmmmMMM xxxx

So Your Supreme Highness Goddess Marlena .. the old year is nearly gone with the new about to show its face and us your subjects must make our new years resolutions .. which have to be to Worship you more and beg before you, for more of your knowledge and picces for us to admire and cherish xxxx

So whats your new years resolution Goddess?


Hey, great look. Its such a co-incidence as I had also thought of doing a gold + black eye this new years eve.

But … where are the inexpensive alternatives?? :P <3

Beautiful look…and such a pretty girl. I know I asked about how you get your hair to keep its curl without getting hard and knotty…you obviously didn’t want to answer and I’m sorry that I’m not asking a makeup question. But I really am curious because your hair has been looking so beautiful lately. But I understand if you don’t want to answer hair questions. Thanks as always for being so amazing!!!

I am a professional hairstylist just so you know I’m not pulling this out of my ass. Go to a salon and ask for a thermal spray that will help give a hold but won’t be too sticky. A good one is Paul mitchell “hot off the press” or redken has one called “hot sets”. Stay away from using hair spray as that will make the hair knot up and it’s not healthy for your hair to use a hair spray when curling. A thermal spray will help protect the hair from the heat. good luck!

Brittany, I love how you say “I’m a professional” and “I’m not pulling this out of my ass” in the same sentence.

I actually realized that I do have another question…my eyelids have been super dry lately and it’s making it hard to get eyeshadow to go on smoothly. I try to put moisturizer on my eyelids, but it always gets in my eyes. This probably sounds like I’m nuts and I might be….sorry to bother you with my nuttyness.

Love It!very beautifull your so creative In your work, nice too see ! I am gonna try out this look….thanks again Marlena You Go Chica!

love the look been trying to find a good makeup primer for my makeup use dior forever makeup I have dry senstitive skin thanks.

Lovely ladies! I love that this look will go great on any skin color (I think ) And I’m surprised how often people ask for dupes! But I do have a Question before I try the Clear tape trick, Will it take off my foundation? when I wear makeup its all or nothing so I do the full face makeup routine. And thanks for doing this tut, I’ll be working and need this look to spiff up the work uniform!

Again another gorgeous look. I love the suggestion of using UD Half Baked by another postee:) Thank you for making my last two makeup years great. Have a safe and beautiful New Year.


Hey Marlena!! Another great look! Couple of questions for you girls!! 1. How did your model do her hair? Really like that style and wouldn’t mind giving it a go! 2. Been looking for mac 226 brush and it’s discontinued!!!!! What’s a good alternative other than the mac 217???? 3. Recently I got hit in the face with a snowball and now have a gorgeous black eye!!! What would you reccomend to cover it without looking too caked in makeup!!
Please answer soon!! Keep up the good work you!! Happy christmas and happy new year!!!

I want to ask Marlena and all girls here about Estee Lauder and especially their eyeshadows. I don’t see them at make up tutorials and etc.

I totally wearing this look for New Year…. I love your tutorials, I do my everyday makeup base on your tutorials. Thank you so much Marlena!…. I wish you a Happy New Year, may all your wish come true.

love the look xxxx fab fab fab
could you help i would like to now wot kind of coulor would go with a red dress any help would be great thanks xxxxx

Hi! Personally, I would go with either black and grey smokey eyes or something with neutrals…. if your dress is bright red then too much in the makeup department will make you look over done…. I would do a 1950s style look with neutral eyes with a pop of red lips…. Marlena did one a while ago using illamasqua products… look it up! I think you will like it!!

OMG Marlene, awesome LOOK!!!! Thank you for sharing with us:) Have a very very happy New Year and God Bless You:)

hey marlena!
i loooove this look, you did an awesome job like always!!! deff going to wearing this! <3 anyway jus wanted to wish you happy holidays hope your christmas was great and wishing you the best new years!! love ya!!! and God Bless!! =]]

Love the tutorial. A nice change that you applied the makeup look to a model.
A few questions for you – Your skin has been looking great lately. What do you use for face wash, moisturizer or night cream (etc) ? And the tops that you wear in your vidoes are really cute
where do you shop for clothes?
Have a great New Years! Can’t wait for 2011 tutorials.

Dear Marlena,
first I want to congratulate you on holidays and wish you every wish to come true in 2011:) I want to ask you to take a little time for makeup for women over 40 / 50.I watch your site from about three years and if it was you probably would never learn how to do my make up. And soon my mother asks me to do her makeup, but I have difficulties because of the wrinkles around the eyes and I do not receive very well.And I beg you to do several video lessons, at least for blue-eyed, black-eyed and green-eyed.
Thank you in advance:) Be still great:)
P.S Sorry for my bad English, well that is Google Translator:)
Greetings from Bulgaria:)

Hi Marlena..
I love when you do makeup on ppl. really gives us mua a chance to see others in action so thanks..
Just wondering if you and your video person and your Photographer, would show a how to make a youtube video, on how you bring the whole video together as its so professional. Love your channel.
Thanks a mill xx

hello ! Fabulous!
I m from france and I recomand for the model “les gouttes bleues” d’innoxa for NO RED in the white of her eyes

good job!

My day to day look is kind of like this but a muted version, using the Urban Decay Naked palette! I got so excited when I saw the pic on the homepage, I was like “yay, I’m doing it right!” :D

LOVE the look, it’s beautiful! Marlena, I was wondering where you got your ring? I love it! Usually you list it, but I didn’t see it. Thx!

Hi Marlena! I really enjoy your tutorials and your website. You have given me so much more confidence because I feel I have some better skills and techniques for applying makeup and making it look perfectly blended and professionally applied. And honestly, if you can help me, you can help anyone. You are a very talented teacher. Thanks so much for sharing your gifts with us.

Do you have any suggestions on how to get eyeshadows to show up bright and bold on people with medium and dark skin tones? I love some of these looks but by the time they get on my lid, they barely show up, especially the lighter colors. Or if they do, I just look frosty. PLEASE HELP!! :-) I don’t want to look frosty…

Hey Marlena! i am 11 yrs old and i own the sephora tarte mascara. Any tips on how to prevent clumps???

Hey marlena! I am a 15 year old girl and I am so self concious of my skin. I’ve been suffering with severe acne and nothing seems to cover it. Any tips or good foundations that you think will give me good coverage? Also you know how sometimes you get a zit and when you put foundation on the zit that area becomes crusty? Any tips or moisturizers to prevent that? Thank you so much you are my role model and I want to be just like you! Happy Holidays!

please tell me what kinda software you use for your tutorials. I always love yout backgrounds like the fire works in your last one for new years. also what kinda camera do you shoot your photo’s with…Thank you for all you do

Still didn’t had the change to come here and submit my last comment on eveything.
I absolutely love the last 3 tutorials, Holiday related ones. I would wear them all.
I finally get a MAC 187 Duo Fibre and I can’t wait to try it =P
Congratulations on your new website look and I wish you all the best in 2011.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Marlena and crew!

Love, love lovvved the look AND all the fun you had making it! Totally made me smile :) Thanks for good advice and good laughs too! I think I will forever remember to un-sticky tape a bit now prior to use, haha…

Dear Marlena thanks for this wonderful look and Happy new year!! I was wondering if you will be doing a video about your thoughts of the Mac Champale collection. I would love to know your point of view. Thank you very much beautiful Marlena!

Dear Marlena, I love you because of every beautifull looks you do on your webside and on YT. Every make up is like a dream :-) Thank you very much!!!!
I would like ask you for video with such kind of make up as Jennifer Hudson has on this video:
Could you do the video with that look for me…?
Thank you for everything and I wish you all the best in 2011.
Monika from Poland.

Hi Marlena,

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your tuturials!!! You’re AWESOME!! I’m subscribed to your YouTube Channel. Is there a NYX Round Lipstick dupe for Michael Todd’s AWE lipstick?