Mila Kunis Makeup


  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (eBay)
  • MAC Set Powder in “Invisible”  (MUG Store)
  • NARS Laguna Bronzer   (Sephora) (eBay)
  • NYX Peach Blush   (MUG Store)


  • MAC Painterly Paintpot   (MAC) (MUG Store)
  • Urban Decay Book of Shadows  (Ulta) (eBay)
    • Gridlock and/or Sidecar
    • Shakedown
    • Roach
  • MAC Gesso Eyeshadow  (MAC)
  • NYX White Pearl Eyeshadow  (MUG Store)
  • Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner  (any drugstore)
  • Bourjois Clubbing Mascara  (eBay)


  • NYX Rose Lipline
  • NARS Roman Holiday Lipstick   (Sephora) (eBay)
  • NARS Turkish Delight Lipgloss   (Sephora) (eBay)


  • MAC 239 or 249 (flat shader brush)
  • MAC 219 (pencil brush)
  • MAC 224  (dome blending brush)

MAC Dupes:

  • Satin Taupe
  • Cranberry or any reddish brown color would work also
  • Knight Divine



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It’s very beautiful, unique and so natural.
I really like it.
Keep going with classical, unique and timeless make-up.

Gorgeous look~ That’s something I really want to try! Thanks for the helpful video ^^

And argggggghhh~ Why is it(book of shadows) so expensive at ebay! Curse you Urban Decay for not shipping internationally! ;_;

marlena u look so gorgeous in this look as in all others that uve done so far :) I wanted to comment on this video b/c of what uve said earlier on ur website abt always having an issue with weight and just having ur makeup to make u feel beauiful and i just wanted to say that ur absoluetly gorgeous without makeup as well as with it and also that u seem to have lost a bit of weight :) keep up the amazing work always! xx

After watching most of your videos I see you like Two Faced Insurance and Painterly Pot. Do you use them at the same time? Or do you choose one or the other to create a base? If you choose one or the other what makes you decide on one rather than the other? I hope you got that!

Really love the look! Any substitution with the Eyeshadow from 88 palette? Thanks & more power to you!

yet again a fabulous look made easy. Good luck with your seminars wish I was in the USA to go to one. Keep up the great work x

Hi marlena so that’s beautiful eyeshadow the color is easy and quick so please send back video of resquet the mila kunis makeup I love it! Please thanks a lot

I soo LOVE it!!!!
It’s my favorite look so far, and I have to say that your hair color it’s beautiful, you look sooo fabulous!!!

ohh man I just love it.

This make up is absolutely gorgeous , I love that kind of colours especially the taupe ! Urban Decay is a really good brand , I have one eye shadow it’s the “cherry” I don’t know if you know it but it’s so beautiful with dark eyes ! Anyway I love your tutorials and I was wondering if I can make this one with 2 eye shadows of MAC : the retrospeck and the tempting ? I love your peach blush too ! I wish you a really good continuation. and are both selling the book of shadows again…my ulta in pa is carrying them as well but i went in tonight and grabbed up the last one so i believe they’re selling fast!!

Marlena sei Bravissima!!!!!!
Ti seguo in ogni tutorial! Grazie a te ho imparato a truccarmi..
baci dall’Italia!

Marlena your look came out so beautiful. You look stunning keep up the great work. What do you put on your brows?

Hi Marlena,

This look is beautiful once again!!! What are the color subsitiutes for those when using MAC?


this look on you was GORG but i have to say that although i LOVED it mila’s was MUCH bronzier & smokier than how yours turned out. just an observation…

Hey Marlena this look its really nice very natural and sofisticated at the same time! and I want to know if its possible for you to make a tutorial on Selena’s makeup…you know Selena the mexican singer? She’s gonna be I think 14yrs this month that she had died, so I’m pretty sure you are going to do a spectacular tutorial base on her makeup in case you decided to do it. PLEASE!!


Hi there Marlena… Could you do a tutorial of how to fill the pink make up case you got and what to put in it please?

Heyy Marlena i tried Mila Kunis eyeshadow and its really works by the way thanks for sharing with me those make up tutorial .. i’ve uploaded the picture at my blog .. Have a nice day babe . Mwahsss


Hi – I live in the Uk and can’t get hold of the Urban Decay book of shadow’s and the only single shadow I can buy is the Roach, I have always wanted to do this kinda look – in particular I always love Victoria Beckham’s make up very simular to Milas’ look anyway – can you give advise on more MAC alternatives as I have satin taupe but what other colours for thislook would you recommend? Think knight divine is more grey?

marlena luv the make up>>>>>>>beautifull

but one more thing i like is the hair wat color are your highlights ???? please tell me

I do love it!!! I am certainly addicted to this site!!! Marlena, where did you say we could get the Urban Decay book of shadows if we’re outside the U.S…in Canada?! Sephora doesn’t carry it?? Thanks for all your help!!!

Hey Marlena !!! ii watch ALLL yur videos .. yur soo gud .. omg i was so0o dissapointed when the tickets to nyc sold out ..i really wanted to go…Oh but back to my question lol .. turkish delight .. is that good for certain types of skin tones .. because i love it and wanna try it .. but im a nc 43 .. and not sure if it would look too milky on my lips .. thanks !!!!!


do you know any MAC colors that would be close to the ones you used for this tutorial? I am looking to purchase the Book of Shadows, it’s just sold out at most of the Ultas around here.

Marlena- I noticed every now and then you suggest “cleaning up” under the eye with the highlight color. Being 53, I cannot use shadows under my eyes. Do you have any other suggestion for this “clean up” technique for an older eye….not wanting emphasize crepiness. Thanks. Your looks are always fantastic.


hey marlene. i really wanted to know if there is any way to apply sidecar without getting all the shimmer on your face. lol…. is there a trick i dont know about. please let me know. i love your work!

I think her look is more darker and shinier, but your look is beautiful too. I just don’t think they look that much alike, Sorry. :)