Marlena’s Birthday Look

Post Updated: July 2012  – This look remains one of fan favorites.  It was originally worn by Marlena for her birthday in 2010 but remains a classic party look.  We have updated this post with alternate Makeup Geek eyeshadows and added a text tutorial to accompany the video tutorial.

Everyday should feel like a special day, and every birthday should be remembered as the most special one. But don’t wait until your birthday to try this striking and dramatic look. It’s perfect for a night out with friends, on a date, or on your special day, this look will have you not only looking, but feeling like the incredible Makeup Geek you really are! So whether you are looking for makeup ideas in preparation of a special day, or you just want to take your everyday makeup up a notch, this look is sure to become a quick favorite.

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Eye Products:

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Get the Look

  •  Start by priming the eyes with your favorite primer.
  • This part is optional; using a gold eyeliner like Urban Decay’s Baked or NYX jumbo pencil in Gold, color the bottom portion of your eyelid making sure to stay under the crease.
  • Take a small piece of scotch tape and place it on the back of your hand and remove it. Do this several times to remove most of the “sticky” residue. This will keep the tape from pulling off your face makeup.
  • Apply the small piece of scotch tape to the outer corner of your eye and angle it upward to the end of the eyebrow.  This will help create the cat eye shape and a defined line at the outer corner.
  • Using a fluffy dome brush like the Makeup Geek Crease Brush, blend the shade Prune or Last Dance into the crease of the eye.
  • Wipe off that same brush very well.  Here Marlena uses the color NYX Dallas, which has been discontinued, a great dupe of this is our very own Makeup Geek color in Cinderella. Use the shade as your highlight and place it under the brow bone feathering out any harsh lines from the previous color.
  • With a smaller crease brush, like the Makeup Geek Outer V Brush, pick up the shade NYX Deep Brown or Makeup Geek’s Sensuous.  With the point of the brush, make a line along the edge of the tape on the outer corner of your eye.
  • Without picking up anymore color, use what’s left on your brush and begin to feather the color in especially into the crease area and upward.
  • Now switch to a flat stiff brush like the Makeup Geek’s Flat Eye Brush, go in with MAC’s Copper Sparkle Pigment.  Put a small amount into the lid and press the brush into the glitter.  Tap the brush to knock off an excess and prevent fallout.
  • Pat the glitter on the eyelid over the gold eyeliner. Be sure not to bring the glitter into the crease. This should be concentrated on the lower lid. Pat the color on the lid rather than wiping it on to keep the color concentrated and potent.
  • Remove the tape from the outer portion of your eye revealing a sharp, crisp line.  If you want softer edges, use a Q-Tip or fluffy brush to soften the edges of the line.
  • Next, take the NYX glitter liner in Passion and apply a fine line under the lower lashes to tie in the purple from the purple on the upper lids.
  • Curl your lashes and apply your favorite false lashes. Here we used Ardell’s Demi Wispies Lashes.
  • Using a fluffy angled blush brush like Makeup Geek’s angled blush brush, apply a soft peachy shade like NYX’s Pinched to the back of your cheekbones. You don’t want this color to be on the apple of your cheeks so it doesn’t compete with your eyes.
  • Last apply your favorite lip-gloss and you are ready to go.
Endless Possibilities

You would probably think there isn’t much more you could do to this look.  Add a darker purple like Makeup Geek’s Duchess or Corrupt to the outer v portion of the eyes for a deeper more intense look.  Also, add one of those shades under the eye before adding your glitter eye liner. Add to the outer 1/3 or to ½ way of the eye rather than the whole lower lash. Then place the glitter over it.  You could also add a dramatic winged out eyeliner for a more cat eye effect.

So, let every day be special!  There is no need to wait for just one day out of the year. Just make sure you are ready to be the center of attention with this remarkable look.


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