Makeup for Monolid/Asian Eyes



  • Urban Decay Primer Potion (Sephora /eBay)
  • Urban Decay Book of Shadows (eBay)
    • Protest
    • Absinthe
    • Scandal
  • MAC White Gold Pigment (Makeup Geek Store)
  • MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow
  • Bourjois Clubbing Mascara (eBay)

Cheaper Eyeshadow Substitutes by NYX:


  • MAC Honeylove Lipstick
  • MAC Bare Necessity Dazzleglass (eBay)


  • MAC 239- flat stiff brush
  • MAC 217 or MUG Stiff Dome (Makeup Geek Store)
  • MAC 224- soft dome brush
  • MAC 219 – pencil brush

Ring:  Exquisitely Yours Boutique on eBay


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Thank you for doing a video for Asian eyes Marlena! You’re absolutely right when you say that greens look gorgeous with brown eyes. I just got the NYX Green Eyes Palette and it comes with some really nice greens and golden-greens. I think it’ll be perfect to try out this look with. Thanks again for doing this video.

Hi Marlena,
wow – 2 videos in one week – i feel special! I have a question – would you recommend the coralista blush for someone with darker skin (I use the following foundations: MUFE #173, smashbox M4).


Hi Marlena!
Unfortunately, I missed the Vacaville seminar, but if you decide to make it back to The Bay after your Vegas trip, will you consider coming to San Jose? That would be awesome! You are wonderful and talented. Thank you for all you do.

hi marlena !
i love you hair in this tutorial… i was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how u did your hair… i will be attending a weddin the first of next month and would really love to try that hair do… =)


Hey Marlena! You look beautiful! I love this look on you! i also love your hair! I’m Filipino and this works out great for me!

Hi Marlena!

Just thought I’d check in and say that you really have the cutest personality and your videos are super good.
Thanks not only for sharing your wicked makeup skills with us but also for always having such a positive and friendly attitude.
xoxo :-)

Hi Marlena you look great! I seen you are using Benefits Erase Paste can you do a review on the product? Also I was thinking of buying the product “That Gal” Face Primer have you tried that? I just purchased the Georgia Peach Powder and also Mr Frosty Pencil it’s sooo great.

Hi Marlena,

You look absolutely gorgeous and I really enjoy watching your videos. I just want to ask if you can give me a tutorial about a natural and neutral make up look using skin coloured eye shadows and lipstick.
Thank you very much!


i love how cautious you are, hahahaa. i totally wasn’t offended xD but i suppose some people are awfully touchy these days. i love this look! and i’d love if you would do some more.. maybe a neutral look and even a darker smokey one.. it’s always interesting to see how people do different renditions of the same concept :)

Hey Marlena!
BEE U tiful as usual…

Can you do a look for black women with medium sized eyes….i find that i always have to tone down some colors for my skin tone, so if you can do a nighttime glamour look for black women, that would be awesome!!

Hi Marlena!
I love the green makeup you did.
And i think it’s the first time you don’t us fake eyelashes.
Love the look! Thanks

First off I love the videos you do, thank you! I also wanted to know if you can do a tutorial or review on a makeup that will help with dark circles around eyes (particularly under the eye). I’ve never had a real problem with that but I just turned 32 and I notice I’m starting to have this sort of problem. The foundation I usually use is one by estee lauder but it’s not really helping with this problem at all. I appreciate any advice you can give. :)

hi marlena,
love ur look…it can work on any eye; will try it out 4 work 2morrow.
could u do another wedding tutorial please?
keep up ur good work :)

Hi Marlena,
loved the look, just wondering how you get a “glowing” complexion rather than a matte finish makeup look, notice that in every video, what do you use to get that look? THx!!

Hey Marlena,

I was at the Ulta in Ann Arbor (yay Michigan) the other day and I saw that they did indeed have the Bourjois Clubbing Mascara. :)

Hey Marlena!

I love your look! I need some help with a foundation alternative. I’m Filipino and I use the MAC NC40. Lately I have been trying to cut back on money. What drugstore foundation would you recommend? Thank you so much for posting this video! I’m not monolid but the look still looks great on me! Another thing, I hope it isn’t too much but it would be great of you made a tutorial for people with not much lid space from their upper lashline to their eyebrow. I’ve been having a bit of a hard time pulling off some of your looks with not much lid space. Thank you again and you look wonderful as always!

Hi Marlena!

I love this look! Although i dont have monolid eyes it still works for me! If its possible, can you do a tutorial for eyes with little lid space? Id love it and appreciate it! Thank you!

Hello Marlena! :)
I just tried out the look, and it turned out beautifully- except I used MAC’s expensive pink, and it proved to be too strong of a color to go with the colors that I used.

I did realize something though when applying- my eye space is way limited vertically, from lash to brow, and trying to change the shape of my eye took a lot more work than on someone with big, pretty eyes like yours. Something I’ve always been jealous of!!

But thank you, thank you for offering this guide!!

Your work is beautiful and talented!

Hi Marlena!!

i m a girl come from HK!!i love your web-site and i keep watching your makeup tutorial !! yours Asian Eyes tutorial is really good for me!! would u be teach us more eye makeup for asian!!!thank a lot!! and suppot u 4ever!!!

Ive been waiting for this so long because i like to play with eyeshadows but i think it’s very hard with asian eyes.
So thank you very much! I really love your videos and I can tell that you’re a wonderfull person :) Any chance you’re coming to Amsterdam some day? :D

xx Much love and Kisses

Marlena, definately my favourite look till now. I´m gonna try it although I have rounded deep brown eyes and a crease that is so obvious and deep that sometimes the color at the outer V doesn´t appear at all…
When are you coming to Brazil???

Hi, great tips for monolid eyes. I had a quick question about color. I’m a polish girl and have monolid blue eyes. I’m very fair skinned and blonde. What color scheme would look good with my eyes using the techniques for the monolid eyes. Thanks so much! Keep up all the great make-up tips.

Hi Marlena: You know? I love how you can use two colors so diferents and still make them look gorgeous. Great tutorial as always. I really need to know about one good base to put on before the eyeshadows ’cause I do my make up in the morning and for the afternoon you can’t see the eyeshadows anymore… thanks!!
Big kiss!! :)

Thank you so much!! I was waiting for the asian eye tutorial :))) I have monolids, and was always nervous to use this technique. How do I know where to place the crease? i have plenty of the space between my eye and eyebrow, but my crease is very close to the lashline, and is practically invisible. When I stay close to my natural crease, I end up having lots of empty space above the eye and when I create a false crease, I remind myself of a drag queen… lol. Any ideas?? Thanks again!!!

This is gorgeous, I’m hoping you’ll do something for 2 issues I face, first I wear glasses, and second I have deep creases so a lot of my lid dissapears when my eyes are open :(

Hi, I just discovered your blog, and I love it! Your video was really helpful for me. I have asian monolids, so it’s really hard for me to understand what people are talking about when they say to put color into the crease! I really loved your video, because it’s easy to understand. I think I’ll copy your look, if you don’t mind! :)

Thank you so much for this tut! I’m half-Asian so I sorta have a crease, sorta don’t, lol, but this look is definitely something I’ll be trying out! It’s gorgeous and really simple. Thank you for making your videos basic and helpful for beginners. =)

Here is my attempt at making over your brows from a photo (we are in Vermont). Facebook | @CyntheaSpa Photos – @MakeUpGeek Marlena’s Brow Makeover – love to send you our “Cynthea Cosmetics – Arch Angel Brow Kit” in Brunette for you to try:)

hey marlina! this look is really pretty, even though i dont have this certain eye shape.
thanks for all you do!

hey! Such a pretty look! But why are you speaking so fast? LOL, I don’t mean anything by it, but you were kind of rushing, beautiful!

HI Marlina love this vdo as always,can u please do a tutorial how to apply hair extentions like urs and also do some tutorials about hair cuts according 2 ones face shape

hi marlena i like the look but would you like to create a natural look with orange and pink colors? I think that it woold be really beatiful I will Apreciate that thank you

Absolutely gorgeous! Marlena can you please do a video for an eye makeup look for us “mature” gals (I’m 42!) My eyelids are starting to lose some elasticity and gravity seems to be leaving me with less space under the brow. I would appreciate any tips for working with aging skin around the eyes, thanks! Luv all your vids *hugs*

Hi Marlena!
Can you do a tutorial for us Mediterranean girls….dark hair with fair/medium skin? I always find it hard to figure out what colours would look good

I did the same thing only with
* MAC grape pigment for Protest
* Urban Decay Mayhem for Absinthe
* Midnight Cowboy for MAC White Gold


I’m learning so much with your techniques! Thanks so much!

Yeah, that’s why the tutorial is named “Monolid / Asian eyes,” meaning it’s for those who have monolids, those who are Asian, and those who are Asian AND have monolids. She also says this in the beginning of the video. I thought that was pretty clear.

Hi Marlena, That look is gorgeous as ever. I can’t get hold of that book of shadows but have the ammo palette. Can you suggest any good looks for that?

Hazel (Australia)

I don’t have monolids, but I do love the color combination and the fact you’re doing a series on different shaped eyes. I always look forward to each and every tutorial you do. Thanks for sharing your beautiful self with all of us. Sorry that some people missed the memo on causing unnecessary drama.

Thank you for creating this video for monolid/asian eyes. I have asian eyes and have such a difficult time trying to find my crease. I especially enjoyed watching how you applied the colors from the UB 16 color palette. I have the same palette and have not used any of those colors and am looking forward to trying it out on my Asian eyes. This is an awesome video.

The makeup is very well done, but I feel that you don’t have to create an illusion of round eyes (or ‘change the shape’ as you said) on slanted monolid eyes because this eye shape can be very beautiful by itself as all eye shapes are. I would have liked to see makeup which accentuates this shape rather than detracts too much from it.

Thank you for this gorgeous look for Asian women like me. I wish that this video existed before my Alaskan cruise trip last month because I this look would have been a perfect complement to my 2 formal dresses (one black/multicolored floral dress & one long black gown) for formal night. I can see myself wearing this look because people say that I look great with green eye make-up.

I love the green shades you have used! would they work on someone who have hazel colored and medium eyes? (me… lol)

hi marlena, I would like to ask if you can suggest more of Mac’s products instead of urban decay and nyx for asian females’ monolid eyes because I can’t afford buying online, instead, I buy more of mac’s products here, and since only mac cosmetics can be found in my country. thank you so much.^^

hi. your video is just amazing. i’ve had makeup done at sephora and shoppers by the workers there. my own style is i tend to put a rather thicker eyeliner line on my eyes because i’m so used to it and i also feel it makes my eyeshape more round. I am monolid and have problems making my makeup look “neat” . I’m also wondering whether one eyeshadow brush is enough because i don’t wnat to spend too much money on brushes..

hi maria, I believe, from what Marlena says in each of her tutorial, she always reminds that brushes are the most important when it comes to eye makeup, yeah I know, my eyes are monolid too, and that here in my country, mac is very expensive, but I think that it’s worth the buy if you really want a good outcome from your eye makeup. I guess if you buy those set of brushes, all you have to do is to take good care of it and maintaining it by cleaning it.