Makeup for Large Eyes

Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Apply darker shadows to the lid
  • Blend out dark shadow with a medium color above the crease
  • Apply black eyeliner to the waterline
  • Apply shimmer under the browbone



  • MAC Artifact Paint Pot (eBay)
  • MAC Plumb Dressing Eyeshadow
  • MAC Coral Eyeshadow
  • MAC Carbon Eyeshadow
  • MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow
  • Any Light Neutral Shimmer Shadow

Cheaper Alternatives:


  • MAC Sandy B Lipstick (eBay)
  • MAC Pretty Plush Lipgloss (eBay)


  • MUG Stiff Dome Brush (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Flat Stiff Brush
  • Soft Dome Brush – Revlon

Music: “We Live” by Superchick



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I loooove this look. Just one question: how to know If you have large or small eyes? I mean,Is there any rule? I think you have normal eyes, both tips look great on you but which one should be more appropriate?

This look is beautiful :) Love purple…
Also, do you think the fresca rose paint pot could work with this look?

you’re amazing marlena!! very professional tutorials all the time! actually i got one queston, i always wanna try out different colour lipstick…however, i got a darker upper lip..which the colour of the lipstick doesnt show that much…i tried putting concealer ..but didnt work that way..are there any other options? thanks you so much!! xxx

Marlena puedes hacer un video o referencia de tus higlights del pelo especificamente en donde estan y los tonos por favor es que me encanta, y isorry no hablo ingles pero entiendo

Hi Marlena, could you please tell me how to determine eyeshape? I am so stupid, I saw it in some website but I still can’t determine which one is my eye shape, or which one is the shape of my friend eye or anyone eyes. Could you maybe post some real picture of eyes . That would be great. Thank you sooo much. I love all of your video and you are really creative.

Hi, Marlena …loooove your tutorials..two tumbs up!!!…i’d tried every look you made , ohh gosh georgeos…but i have the same problem my eye make up always crease…i used , urban decay, benefit limon aid, too faced insurance…and nothing, especialy with dark colors… what can i do?? thanks for the tips. You are the best.!!


Hi Lisbeth,
I, too had that very problem…shadows creasing no matter what base or primer I used. I have very oily skin and VERY oily eye lids. Then I tried Tarte’s Clean Slate, a face primer which I absolutely LOVE. This primer is awesome! It makes my foundation application look flawless, natural, and last all day. So then I thought, why not try it under my eyeshadows?!! And voila…no creasing, smudging, just perfection. Hope that helps. :)

I’m 13 and I love ALL of Marlena’s advice.
Since I am allowed to wear makeup, I follow all her advice, so thanks again. :-)

Hi Marlena

I discovered your site about 4 months ago, and I have changed so many of the products I use after watching you, your videos are so clever and fun to to watch and learn from. i have to say, though, that its been an expensive makeover, not complaining but I am now a proud owner of most the fantastic brushes and products you recommend.

I made a trip to the US recently and made sure I went to all the recommended suppliers just so I had all your fab tools and things.

Keep up the fun tutorials. I am getting my friends into your videos too!

thanks a lot for your inspiration.


hi i am starting to study to be a makeup artist and i really want to know which is the best foundation to use on my future clients, i was going to buy the studio fix fluid foundation bye mac but i really want to know if there is something better out there before i spend my money . i notice you have been using estee lauder foundation lately so i wanted to know youre opinion on that one too. thank you very much for sharing youre knowledge youre a great makeup artist.!!

Hi Marlena,

So glad you did this tutorial! I started watching your vids in the 1st place because I have large eyes like yours. But i have a question. Everytime I wear shadow on the bottom lid it seem like it ends up smudged just a little below my eye from looking down… Any suggestions to keep this from happening?

Beautiful look. Cool, does that mean you are gonna do looks for different shapes of eyes then?. Maybe using different models with different eye shapes and you applying the makeup on them. That would be a great tutorial to watch. Something for everyone to learn from and identify with. Just a thought.

Hi Marlena,
I love this look,, But one question can you do this on small eyes? Thanks…Take Care!!!


I love all your make-up tutorials! You’re such a good make-up guru. Keep posting up some more tutorials please (:

BTW, what kind of camera do you use? Your pictures come out reallly clear.


Ahhhhhhhhhh you did the curl look for ur new hair doo!!!!!

OMG I KNEW you’d look GOOD IN IT!!!!!

u are my stlye icon now!!! – lol

and ur makeup is spectacular as always – thnx ever so much!!!

Hey Marlena: Thanks for this video. I have large, prominent eyes and I do alot of the techniques you showed. And I love that coral colour with the purple. I’d never have thought about putting those 2 colours together! Thanks for the tip. Also, since I have these type of eyes, I wear alot of the smokey eye looks with very dark shadows for daytime and because of my eyeshape, I can get away with it. Here’s a trick I learned from makeup artist, Linda Cantello about smokey eyes and how to retain the richness of the colour if you wear this type of look (which is perfect for large eyes like mine). She’s says that “The biggest mistake people make with smokey eyes is using a lighter shade of shadow to blend-it takes away from the richness of the look. Instead buff lids with a translucent powder for seamless lines and true depth”. I use this trick and it works!!!! Thanks again, Marlena!!!

I am dead serious!!! When you started this video your eyes were brown and progressing they became hazel and at the end of the video I saw a tint of green in there!!! I wish my eyes could do that

Would this be something that would work if you have a lot of eyelid space? I feel like I have a lot of space between my crease and brow bones.

This look looks very pretty its one of my favorites by you. :)

probably my favorite look by you marlena!!
i love the dark colors in this but they dont close your eyes and droop them down!
i really like it. THANK YOU:))!

you made it sooooo easy marlena..looks gorgeous..i have a hooded small eyes and it look alright to me…i have to do it again and post some of the pictures…keep up the good work

Lovely look Marlena, thanks!
Do you think paradisco would be a good substitute for coral?

Thank you so much!!! I always get made fun of for having huge eyes, and after watching this video i realized i was only making my lids look bigger because all i wore was harsh black eyeliner…this helped so much!! thanks!!!

thank you for all of ur vids and info. i was hoping you could do makeup for “deep set” eyes…alot of times i feel my creasework disappears because of how deep my crease is. thx!

awww I have been waiting for you to post this color combo ! I think I saw something similar on your myspace or twitter . anyway, I just love the combo and it looks amazing. I am with you on the frosty lipsticks. not a fan these days but that one looks pretty sharp with the lipglass. I think I am gonna give it a whirl but instead I am going to use the apricot mousse and vegas volt from mac. I might tone the lippie down a notch with goldyrocks lipglass. :D as always thank you !

Beautiful as usual.
Can you please do a video for almond shape eyes?? using colors for olive skin with dark brown eyes & hair??
Thanks!! your biggest fan :)

You are amazing
every day I am watching you videos and i can tell you that they are amazing
I ve learn so much about make up since I have watching you videos
I wish you good luck for your future videos


Hey Marlena, Just wanted to tell you that these make-up tutorials are a really big help and also could you please pin those darn bangs back girl!!!!! Thanks Moe :)

I hope you read this … Fabulous job! I’ve had to start wearing glasses for about a year now and wonder do we apply eye makeup just the same as if we didn’t wear glasses or is there a rule or technique of apply eye makeup with glasses. Please help. I’ve been desperate to ask someone! Thank you!

Thanx alot for this wonderful tutorial. I tried it for the first time and guess what? It looked great on me…the awesome eye make up I ever wanted was found.I received nice comments from my friends.

Thanks alot mariena

Hi Merlena

I,am your new customer! sorry about bad english
my friend told me about this site
it has ben many days know I,am looking in too this site, and thanx alot for telling us how to do makeup!!
I,am from Denmakr ,but move too england with my husband..
I have one Q
Iam using makeup from denmark. They foundation Iam using it just breaks my skin,I have a dry skin. They makup i,am using call makupstore it has olso a website u can have a look.could u plz tel me which foundation and powder is best for my skin..what about nars orgams faoundation ? and secandly how well i know that my eyes is small or large? colud u plz tell me? I can,t use makeup becouse of foundation..
thanx for your help

d makeup is really so beautiful n u look so lovely in that color.. i loved watchin ur videos.. :0

Hey, Marlena. Long time fan, so I hate to say this but I’m not sure about this tutorial. I’ve always had large eyes, and I tried a smokey look the other day. My mother said that applying dark shadows to my lid made my eyes look BIGGER. Comically bigger. Almost bug-eyed. I found it works better when I apply LIGHT shadows to the lid, but maybe this is just me? You have great tips, so I’m confused about why the opposite rule holds for my large eyes.

is there an alternative to the NYX: Apricot Moose, they don’t seem to be selling that anymore. Is the MAC Coral still being sold by MAC or has that been discontinued as well?

You have great vids btw and always look great!