Makeup for Hooded Eyes


  • Makeup Forever Camouflage Palette (Sephora /eBay)
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (mixed with Revlon Colorstay to help the look appear more matte)
  • MAC Invisible Set Powder (Makeup Geek Store)
  • NYX Angel Blush (Makeup Geek Store)
  • MAC Shimpagne Mineralize Skinfinish (eBay)


  • MAC Soft Ochre Paintpot (eBay)
  • Kat Von D Eyeshadow Palette in “Beethoven” (Sephora / eBay)
  • NYX Crystal Glitter Liner (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara


  • MAC Soar Lipliner (MAC)
  • MAC Starlet Kiss Lipgloss (eBay)

NYX Substitutes:


  • MAC 239
  • MAC 217
  • MAC 219



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Firstly, you are FANTASTIC, great videos!

I live in Australia and besides some MAC products, most other products you use aren’t available here. Do you have an online shop?

Many thanks, Renee.

Brilliant! usual…

The LOTW Arabic style…incredible…It would make for a lovely tutorial..

Codi :)

I have hooded eyes and JUST bought that kat von d palette – ive been playing around with the purples but just couldnt get a dark colour to look right on me – thanks for this!!!

Hey Marlena!

I love your look so much! I’m sort of on a budget and i was wondering what drugstore brand concealer you would recommend.

Thankyou! And you look fabulous as always!

Very PRETTY look!!! Absolutley Love it! Many thanks. I love how we could really see your personality come out in your tutorials and you really explain :) The scary noise though made me jumb lol I luved the bloopers as CUTE!


heehee :) That end was so funny, Marlena ^^ I love your dorkyness <3 I guess I am kinda dorky myself :)

I have a bestfriend with hooded eyes that I usually do the makeup on before she goes out, so this vid will come in handy!
Thanks alot! :D

Love from Norway

So pleased you used the Beethoven palette, just got to try and work out how I can get my hands on one in the uk.
Very nice look, thanks!

Awesome! I have one of Kat Von D’s palettes, but the Ludwig one, with more browns and greens. But this technique will be great for me, I have hooded eyes. Comes with age. Thanks for the tutorial. Love the outtakes by the way. You’re adorable!

Hi Marlena!
That was ever so helpful! I have been trying and trying to figure out how to work around my hooded lids, thank you so much for this look! Please keep up these videos, you’re ever so talented!
Love, Sammi

Hi Marlena:
Thank you for the vid, this is the type of eye I have and thanks for the tip, this is very helpful. Would this technique work if you want to use darker colors? Thanks, you are very talented

thanks so much for a hooded eye tutorial it really need more ideas for my hooded eyes
again thanks so much

Hahaha the beeping sound startled me! And now you have bloopers? hahaha That was hillarious!
And this look will definitely come in handy for doing my Mom’s make up, she has that hooded thing on her eyes.
Thanks Marlena!

Hi Marlena,

I love that you are doing this series of tutorials. Is it a possibility for you to do the hooded tutorial on someone who has a hooded lid.

hi marlena

i loved the video for the hooded eye…i am trying to work on aged women and i find a lot of them have the hooded eye….i find it very hard to apply eyeshadow on them because the eyelids are so wrinkled…how do you apply eyeshadow on a wrinkled eye and make it look good and blended???? PLEASE HELP ME….I am trying to help old women living in old aged homes to make them feel better about themselves and I REALLY need advice.


Love your videos. I live in Eastern Michigan and I’m interested in an online or classroom setting makeup artistry certificate program, can you recommend any?

I LOVE LOVE the blupers. You should keep those. Also the look is very pretty and I like the pallet.

Hello … this one is Amazing !!!!!!

I liked it so much I’ll tray to do it ..!!

actually every thing Is Amazing on my face so I’m sure that this one going to be Great as always !!

Yeah, I am so glad you did this tutorial. I requested Kat Von D, and a deep set/hooded eye look last week, not expecting to see one so quickly. I am sure you have gotten a lot of requests for this, and it is great that you can do different looks for your varied fan base with different types of make up. Thanks!

I love this look i have the kat von d pallette couldnt figure out what to do with some of these colors

just a very big ty and hugs from a very large tranny population who have been screaming for someone to guide us on how to apply and make the best we can with what we got

many thanks and stay gorgous

Girl, you are fierce!!!! I’ve learned so much from you and love how you make blending look sooooo easy!!!! Which I used to feel was the hardest to do! I’m still lovin’ the candy series you did! You go girl! :-D

Hi Marlena!!! I´m from Argentina, and I am a Make up Geek too!!! jaja, i just love your tutorials, they are fantastic! we have in our country MAC products and some of the products you recomend. The Sephora´s and other brands i purchase when I travel. I am also an italian descendent, so we have a few things in common!. I justo wanted to say that you are great and I´m going to keep watching you every day, and learning of course!. I wish you the best. Kisses!!! Eugenia

Marlena, thank you so much for this tutorial. It all just clicks with me now!

And I loved the bloopers. Keep it up!

Im sorry about butting in but Hi Renee! I bought nyx here in australia. i found it in a dfo outlet!

omg i hav a pallete and its from claires it has the same colors and its black and silver on the front but it says claires instead of kat ….. so yeah i payed 6.50 and its great

So *that’s* what that condition is called, lol. I never knew. I’ve had one slightly-hooded eyelid for as long as I can remember. I’m not sure if it’s getting worse, but it definitely stands out big time if I put dark makeup on. Then it looks like I have a saggy eye, haha :(

Thanks for this! I’ll have to try it out.

Wow!!! You look amazing. U make it look so effortless!! I have hooded eyes and this is very helpful. Thanks for thing of everyone.!!

ever since I have found your site, I have been playing more with my make up to get a good look for a hooded eyed 61 yr. old. I am very aware of my make up and want nothing less that perfection on my face. I do realize my make up should change with my age so maybe you might do more with older women in mind. Thank you

Marlene, how can I ever thank you enough. I was born with hooded eyes and certain looks never looked good on me. This one rocked. It was so beautiful! I wore it to the No Doubt concert last night and it was amazing. Thank you for these wonderful tutorials. I love your work so much.

I absolutely adore you. Now that i am 40, I’ve noticed the eyelid drooping down a bit. thanks for the toots. PS those outtakes were so cute. You are such a goofball, But thats what makes us love you. You aren’t fake. You are yourself and an incredible makeup artist/teacher.
Thanks again for the toots.

I’ve been watching alot of your tutorials and they’ve helped alot ;) they’re overall amazing!!
also i’ve never worn false eyelashes and i was just wondering what type do you recommend for the beginner, or starter that just wants the natural look for the first time?

i love this luk!! its just so simple to do and it works for anyone as well as people with hooded eyes! its such a great look!

Love you lots!!<3

When will you do a video tutorial for deep-set eyes? I was at a department store recently, and the makeup artist told me I have deep set eyes, and that I shouldn’t use a crease color. I don’t know if she’s right or not. I don’t know if I really have deep-set eyes, or if it’s okay to wear a crease color or not.

hello, I just started watching your tutorials on youtube and it lead me here. I just want to say thank you!! Finally, I am learning how to apply great makeup. I do have a question about how to choose the right color concealer. I have been using Physicians Formula the yellow stick but I find that it cakes no matter what I do and I think it may actually exaggerate my already very dark undereye. I am of indian decent so I have very dark circles which I believe are hereditary :( I do not know if to go lighter or same tone of skin. Please help! Thank you. ~karen

Hi Marlena,

I have hooded eyes and I always have a problem with my eye makeup smudging and making a line under my lid after a long day, how or what should I do to avoid that?

You are awesome on all you do.


id love to have my makeup look like yours. id like my eyes to really stand out, i have hooded eyes that slant downward when i smile. id love my lips to look really plump, how could i make my lips like that?

I was wondering, can you do a review on all of your NYX Jumbo Pencils? I am thinking about getting some and i want to know the quality and how the colors look, so if you can, please do one!

What make up remover do you use?
Thanks for all the make up tutorials! They’re amazing!

can u do a tutorial for sharp arabic eyes? I’m an arab…

and a tutorial for petite face… I’m 25 and looks like 15…

thanx before,

love ya

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I’ve been trying to pull of a look for a while now and just couldn’t understand why the colors never seemed to look right or why there wasn’t enough room. I have hooded eyes…DUH! This tutorial completely changed the way I will do makeup from now on. I adore eye makeup and you are slowly turning me into a MUG! : )

Thank you so much! I have hooded eyes but I never thought about why the skin over my eyelids seemed to droop down. I guess its natural! I would always try to do smokey eyes and what not but they never looked right!

Hi, I love your make up tutorials, and you have beautiful eyes!! I was wondering if you can show this look on someone that really has “hooded eyes” (like me!) I just wish I can see this look on someone other than you, it looks like very tyoe of eyeshadow looks AMAZING on you! you are very talented but I would love to see how you apply make up on other women. Thank you!

Love the bloopers! Took the tutorial from helpful to priceless! Thank you for doing a hooded eyes tutorial. I have hooded eyes and it’s always a challenge, especially when I want to do something dramatic, ends up just looking very heavy, so thanks again!

WOW you are my GURU!

One question – do you use something to get those HUGE LONG EYELASHES…I want to buy some please!

you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can u make a vid about making ur nose look smaller usin make up?!?!?!?!?!? that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye and i love ur vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heyy i take lots of advise from your videos and so do my friends i try it out on them sometimes,, but with me you cant see my eyelid and only a tiny part of my eyes under my eyebrow to you have any look tht would suite me ?? x

Hey Marlena

Many greets from Switzerland!! Thank you so much for all your great vids posted!!! They’re SO great! After years of hardly ever using any make-up, I finally found your site and vids!! You SAVED me!! So yesterday I spent the whole day in town to buy some tools to do my makeup (of course inspired of your videos)! It was quite hard to find substitutes for your brands, cause they’re not at all existing in Switzerland. Except of Clarins, which is a swiss brand! So even as I have a bit less money now, I’m so excited about the BIG change this did on my face!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I feel much more self-confident (as I didn’t before), it gives me power to face my days! I’m stacked in your vids all the time!

Ok, this will do ;-)

all the best for you and thanks again, have a nice day

Hi Marlena,

I love eyeliner and I have sort of large hooded eyes. I noticed you didn’t you any eyeliner in this tutorial. Is it coz it’s not advisable to do so?

Thank you.

PS: I’m a dork too ;-p

I use a product called Eye Magic ( / eBay) for my clients that have hooded eyelids and for others who are older and have some eyelid “droop” or sagging skin above the eyes. This product uses clear strips to provide some structure to hold up this saggy or hooded skin over the eyelid, which helps show more of the eyelid. I just apply the makeup before using Eye Magic, sometimes after depending on the person, and it really makes a huge difference in their look. Check it out if you want a nice little trick for your makeup arsenal :)

Marlena, you crack me up, I really do love the outakes at the end of the vid, I am not sure if you do it all the time but they are a great addition. Lets us know that it doesn’t always have to be perfect and makeup is an expression that can be what we want it to. Thanks!