Makeup For Hazel Eyes


  • Yves Saint Laurent Concealer – Radiant Touch (Amazon)
  • MAC Creme Blush- Lilicent



  • Bobbi Brown Lipstick – Peony


Samples of hazel eyes in various eyeshadow colors:

Photo compliments of  Elisa Dalfiume

Photo compliments of Joanna

Photo compliments of juddde


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Beautiful look as always Marlena! You’re so good at what u do, u’re really an inspiration for us Muggies :)

Hey Marlene I love ur look in this video! And can u please do a video on Amanda Seyfrieds make in her latest video please?????

Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this video for sooo long! Can you suggest any other MAC eyeshadows that would look good on hazel eyes?
Thanks Marlena you are truly the best makeup guru!! Your tips are so helpful and your looks are always amazing!! Thank you sooooo much for sharing all these ideas!! :)

there were so many dislikes and so much negativity on the youtube channel comments it made me sad. the model was very pretty! she was probably nervous. i would be too! actually i just filmed a short commercial for an attorney in my office. sometimes you dont smile, they want to show a certain feature for whatever they are filming. this was about makeup, so thats what the focus should be on! i do, however, feel like the cat eye was a bit harsh on her. maybe if it didnt go so far out in the wing it wouldnt have been so bad. the colors worked very well for her. i just wasnt feeling the length of the cat eye.

Marlena I personally find your look at that video AMAZING!!!
R U gonna do atutorial on that?
Simple yet GORGEOUS!!
What do u have on your lid??

I also would LOVE to see a Pink’s (the singer) look, or give it as a theme for our weekly challenge..

Very pretty! Love it and the model is really beautiful.
Marlena, can you please tell me which colors from the 120 palette are similar to these that you’ve used? Thank you so much!

This look is missing something she has great eyeshadow but its to drmatic that it needs eyeliner or some good flasies to even out the eyeshadow! She’s a very pretty model.

Hi Marlena, I just want to say I think the look is edgy and it complements the model’s beautiful eyes. However, the video itself is weird; let me explain what I mean. Although it played fine, I did not see the normal progression bar that goes when a video is playing; when I clicked on the video to pause it, it would not pause. Does this have anything to do with comments being disabled?

I noticed that too! Other youtube videos were working fine when I watched this tutorial. Maybe thats why there were so many dislikes? I really don’t understand why anyone would dislike because of the model, she looked beautiful.

Yeah, I found that any video I watched before and after this one worked normally. That could have caused some dislikes, but I think it’s primarily because people throw hissy fits when Marlena does makeup on a model. It was either last year or the year before when Marlena did a few looks on models and people gave her SO MUCH ATTITUDE. It is one thing to not be fond of a particular look, but people are just rude and petty about it, methinks. Sure, I would have made the line softer if I was doing it on myself (I just prefer softer lines), but that doesn’t mean it has to be soft or else it’s a bad look!

Does it even matter how “pretty” the model was? The video was about what colors make hazel eyes pop. So what if you didn’t like the model’s face or the eyeshadow shape? That wasn’t the importance of the video.

Loved this look, the model is gorgeous and has perfect eyes for this type of makeup, in my opinion! I really liked the combination of colours. Thanks Marlena! :D

I have never once disliked any of marlena’s tutorials, but I have to say that I really just don’t like this one :/ It’s such a harsh line on the model and I think a softer line would have complemented her face shape better. Great colors though

Wow…Her eye colour really did pop. Wow. Amazing. You guys…both of you…your hair is amazing…and I would love to know where she got her earring.

I came to say what a gorgeous makeup job on a gorgeous woman and I see there are apparently a lot of remarks and criticism on YouTube. Such a shame. She looks elegant and dramatic. Nice job by the both of you.

I’m very pleased to say that she’s a very close friend of mine, l love the makeup look on her! U sure did a great job on her! ;-)

Hi Marlena,
The look you made is really nice and it really made the eyes of the model pop up as you said :-) Your make up is also nice on this video by the way. I went to the MAC store to get the Femme noir eye shadow, and the Lilicent creme blush but could not find them. Can you please tell me if they’re from a special collection, or maybe I did not look enough?

Thanks for your help.

I don’t know what happened exactly on you tube as comments R disabled but I have to say that a model is not a performer. She /he is there in order for her/his beautiful face to be maked up..

First I want to say you’re model is gorgeous and I am jealous of her beautiful eyes.
Second thank you for the great look for hazel eyes, I’ve had a hard time finding something for my eye color. Thank you for a great video.


Are you guys going to make eyeshadows that are in rectangular pan, as oppose to the circular ones? I find the rectangular or square ones easier to pack in my palette. The circular pans are wasting so much space.

Also, when are you guys going to add “show just matte” filter in your eyeshadows link?


We don’t plan on changing the pan shapes anytime soon. Many customers like the fact that they fit in MAC and other palettes. The circles are just the most widely-compatible shape.

And the filtering options are in the testing phases with the developer. We have some other more urgent issues that need fixed first, but hopefully, we’ll have that feature live this month if all goes well ** fingers crossed! **

Hello all,

I am the “Model” in the video.Thank you for the kind comments. I was surprised at the comments myself. Most that I had read were about how “mean and unhappy” I looked. And of course those nit picky comments about my eyebrows. Most comments had me laughing. My favorite was how “dead” my eyes looked :)

In all honesty I was terribly nervous which definitely showed. I did it all for the experience. I probably should have practiced when I found out I was chosen LOL

It was such a pleasure to have my makeup done by the very talented Marlena.
Although I would like apologize to Marlena for the negative comments about her video due to my facial expressions.

Oh well you live and you learn :)

Honey you did great and looked beautiful! Marlena did a fantastic job, you are a very lucky lady, wish I had my make up done by Marlena too!

I agree – you did a wonderful job – people don’t realize how brave you have to be to do this sort of thing!

You don’t need to apologize at all! I think you were a very good makeup model. Sometimes, the best way to show a makeup look is not by smiling. Smiling changes your eyes and doesn’t always show the work the best. You did just fine, and I’m so sorry people were unkind to you. I’m sure Marlena was very glad she chose you to be a model. You are a beautiful girl with gorgeous features. It would be an honor for any makeup artist to do your face.

I have a request. I was looking through the posts for a look for greyish eyes. Would you be able to do a look for grey eyes? Thanks.

I’m not sure if i like the shape of it… reminds me when i was in makeup school and all this girl could do was that shape (of course yours look more well done) But like you said this is just one idea and we don’t need to copy+paste the look :)

but I loved the colors


Oh, and “Peony” is pronounced either “PEE-uh-nee” :D (They’re big, gorgeous, pink flowers!)

I would LOVE IT if you did a tutorial on the makeup you’re wearing in this video, Marlena… the “no makeup” look. I love the ultra ultra neutral eye you’ve got going on….