Makeup For Blue Eyes


  • MUFE Matte Velvet Plus Foundation –  30 (Amazon)
  • Yves Saint Laurent Concealer Radiant Touch (Amazon) (eBay)
  • MAC Cream Blush- Lilicent



  • MUG Lipstick – Shy (Coming Soon)


Samples of blue eyes in various eyeshadow colors:

Photo compliments of Cecilie Alstad Olsen

Photo compliments of MadamNoire

Photo compliments of Petja


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well done Marlena !… I really love this look, nude and sexy ! (It could be an every day look)

I’d like to know how to make my brown eyes pop (I’m “brunette” … make up artists say that brown eyes can wear every shade) ….. I hope you will post a tutorial soon, sweetie :D

Marlena has done such video some time ago:)

How to Make Brown Eyes Pop! – check out the look. It really works, I wear it evey time I really want to ‘open’ my eyes and emphasise the colour of my eyes:)

Hi Marlena,

Another beaautiful tutorial!!! You truly inspire me!!! I was wondering if you can do a Selena Gomez look tutorial. I’ve been trying to do a look like hers and i was wondering if you could do a tutorial on it. Thank you soo much!!! You Rock ????xxx

Whoaaa there’s so much hate on Youtube! People can be really mean. All I think is that this look needs a bit of black eyeliner on the upper lashline, more mascara and it’s perfect :) Those colors compliment blue eyes beautifully, but what really make them pop is the contrast with the blackness of the products I just mentioned. Also, there’s a bit more Shimma Shimma in one eye than in the other (I’m not criticizing you, I think you’re awesome, incredibly talented and, by far, my favourite make-up guru out there :) I’m just pointing out a detail that looks a bit weird on the photos).
Apart from that, the look is really pretty and really works for blue eyes. The model is beautiful and I understand how hard it must be to be sitting there in front of a camera, not knowing what to do. I think you did an amazing job as usual :) Congratulations, I love the look and I love you :D

I agree that black eyeliner helps a lot to tie a look together for blue eyes. I have blue/green eyes, and I usually have to line the waterline with something dark to offset any colorful or shimmery colors I put on the lid. Otherwise it looks incomplete on me. Mostly because I have light eyelashes. Whenever I’m in a hurry and skip the eyeliner, I end up looking sick, haha.

Some model are not so confortable in front of the camera! Sometimes it can be hard to smile. She’s not bored otherwise she wouldn’t accept! jezzz! Stop complaining you people are anoying sometimes!

could you do a tutorial for brown eyes. DARK brown eyes.
also for brown eyes and blonde hair.

just so i know what to do to make myself look good when i want to put on makeup.

Love it…can’t wait to wear it when I have a little more of a tan as I feel like it’s a more summer look. I was also wondering, what brand/color nail polish are you wearing?

I’m sorry to say that I feel slightly cheated with this look. I have been waiting a long time (well, not that long but long to me) for a look for blue eyes since I have them and… I was a little let down. I’m not by any means trying to insult you Marlena, I love you to death, my favorite Makeup Guru by far, but I feel like it could have been a bit better. I’m not sure what I don’t like about this look in particular, I’m just not a fan. I would like to see a do over but I know that you are WAY to busy to do that so I won’t even bother asking. I just hope that the next video will be awesome, and knowing you Marlena, it will be. Keep going, love you <3

Thank you for the tutorial but your model looks depressed or angry, and like she’d rather be anywhere but there with you!

I’m sure she’s lovely but maybe not camera ready. Her demeanor very distracting :\

Girls Don’t be so mean, come one, you can tell she is just shy, so what? You are beautiful Ashley, and did a great job! Thanks for being our model on this tutorial. Pretty eyes! Xoxo Ligia

How am I being mean?

I’m being honest, and I never said she wasn’t beautiful, or that the makeup didn’t look great on her. Just because I didn’t say that, doesn’t mean that I’m thinking otherwise. I didn’t do anything to attack her. I’m simply giving my opinion of what her facial expression is projecting, to me.

She doesn’t have to be grinning ear to ear to look happy, or to look NOT sad or NOT angry. Thinking a pleasant thought or a a Mona Lisa-like, soft smile would do the trick.

Have none of you ever watched America’s Next Top Model? Those little changes in the mouth and face make a big difference between “I don’t want to be here” and “I feel really beautiful with this makeup on.” I do feel that it’s actually something that takes a lot of skill!

Maybe she is a friend of Marlena’s or an employee of MUG, but there is more to being a model than sitting still in a video.

i think they dont smile for a reason. maybe so you can see everything. like when you smile your face crinkles up so a solem face allows the viewer to se everything. but maybe not just how i see it. awesome blog love your work good job!

Your model has such pretty hair! I have been looking forward to the blue eyes one as I have blue eyes and brown hair. The look is pretty, but to me it didn’t really make her eyes pop, I found myself focusing on the coral shadow in the corners, not her eyes.

hi….I always like ur tutorials, but sorry, this is one needs bit more details…to me it looks like a naked eye……means there shud have been more black at the end ( outer V )…and eye liner….i have learnt eye make up from ur tutorials…so this one is not as per ur other tutorials…….but U R ALWAYS SUPERB… u…..

Another fabulous video, Marlena! Thank you so much for taking the time to share these great tutorials with us all. The model looks gorgeous and I love the finished look. :)

People have been criticizing your models because they are too serious but I bet they would complain too if you interacted too much with them, it shows you really can’t please everybody.

I like the look and the pictures but I think I like the picture at the 2:25 in the video more than the others, maybe it has to do with the response to the look? I hadn’t noticed how good shimma shimma looked until I saw the first picture in the post

What I have to admit is that in the latest videos I can’t see anything though, I wish you could focus a little bit more in the face of the person you are making up (yourself of a model) I know you are playing with different angles of a camera and that’s good but sometimes you feel so far away, haha.

Anyway, as you said in youtube, keep doing what you love doing, some people will like it some people won’t, but as long as you are happy that’s all what matters :D

hi marlena
i have to say i agree this look isnt giving me that WOW factor like all ur other tutorials, im always in awe with ur makeup looks u do and cant wait to try them on myself but this 1 doesnt appeal to me. pls cant you do a beautiful lilac purple look for blue eyes?

anyway love ur work and cant wait for my makeup geek eyeshadows to arrive so that i can start doing some of these beautiful looks.

I don’t get all these comments about the model being angry or not smiling in the pictures or things being un-even.
The picture is supposed to show you the eye make-up, so of course she’s not going to be standing there with a giant grin, squinting her eyes etc. And cameras catch light in different ways, I don’t think it’s uneven.
I think that the eye colour series has been great, not only are there different colours on show, but there are different shapes that have been created. Also, not every look has to be super over the top…it’s nice to see a more simple, easy to wear, easy to do everyday look.
I’m not saying I don’t love the more advanced looks, I adore them, but I wouldn’t be wearing them all the time. These are great for all kinds of people.

Great job Marlena, and the models for each! xx

Marlena, thank you so much for all of your creative inspiration and tips. I tried out this look today and LOVE it! I recently found your site and am having a blast learning from you and trying out new things. Quick question. What nail color do you have on? I know we are all obsessed with your light pink nails and I need an excuse to go get a manicure this afternoon. :) Keep up the good work!!

Hi Marlena,

I liked the choice of the colors. But can you do a close up on the face of the model for your next video ? So we can see better.


i like the distance in the photos it shows you how it looks from afar. people arent in your face like that all the time lol so it helps to show different views i like it dont have blue eyes but i like those colors!

I accidentally stumbled upon a similar look using MUG’s Glamourous on the lid, Unexpected in the crease, and Burlesque in the outer V for definition. I then use Vanilla Bean under the brow and smudge Burlesque and Glamorous under the lower lash line. It’s been my go-to look this week.

I don’t know what it is about the combination of those colors, but they really do make blue eyes pop! I used to just stick to cool tones, but I’m starting to get a little braver with the warm colors. They not only make my eyes pop, but they seem to warm up the rest of my face as well. It’s nice to have a little color during these last days of winter, haha.

Glamourous is such a gorgeous gold/bronze color. If any of you Muggies haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it. Especially if you have blue eyes. But really, it would be a gorgeous color on anyone.


And P.S.

I think the Olivia Wilde inspired look Marlena did a while back is another great look for making blue eyes pop. I absolutely LOVE that look, and it’s another go-to for me whenever I want to make my eyes stand out. It’s so easy to do, and looks great every time.

Thanks, Marlena!

Sorry if this question has already been asked by the model’s complexion is so pretty does anyone know the foundation she is wearing? Thanks :]

she’s absolutely stunning! seriously! can’t believe what people said on youtube. they’re definitely jealous that some woman is more beautiful, happy and confident than they are. mean people cannot stand seeing others happy.