How to Hide Acne

Products Used:

  • Benefit Porefessional Face Primer     (Amazon)
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation (I’m #310 right now)    (Amazon)
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer   (Amazon)
  • Palladio Rice Powder (gives such a smooth finish!)     (Makeup Geek Store)
  • NYX Medium Powder Puff     (Makeup Geek Store)

Marlena’s Tips:

  • Correctors are different from concealers- they are generally different colors like green, purple, or orange.  These are meant to correct certain “flaws” like under eye circles, redness, or sallow complexion.  Apply these before your foundation, so the foundation helps hide those colors.
    • Orange and yellow is for under the eyes
    • Green is for redness on the skin
    • Purple is to counteract sallow complexions (I never use this color)
  • You can apply concealer before or after foundation- whatever works best for you.  I apply mine after as I find I don’t apply as much concealer once I see what the foundation has already covered.
  • Make sure to dab or pat your concealer on- never swipe or wipe ;)   If you swipe it, it will rub off the top of your blemish making it even more noticeable.

*To see my top 5 concealers, click here: Marlena’s 5 Best Concealers

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I need your help. I have acne and were I have acne is dry. I have been using a full coverage foundation and it looks horrible. I have combination skin. I moisterize and nothing is working. Around my nose is the horse is always dry and putting foundation or anythind doesnt help. sorry is long. I also patt the setting powder but when I put on bronzer or blush seems to take of some of the foundation/concealer I had. any suggestion would help

Hi Mariana,

Ok- let’s focus on the skin part first. Are you using any products for the acne? A LOT of acne meds can be very drying, so either try a different acne med or possibly moisturize a bit more there (but not with anything too heavy as it can make acne worse). I wish so much I was an expert with acne, but an esthetician or dermatologist can help with that part more than I can.

For makeup: hold off on the foundation until you get your skin more balanced as wearing foundation can make it worse. When you’re ready to wear foundation, do set with powder only if it’s not dry looking. If you have dry skin, you may not even need the powder. Try putting blush or bronzer on over foundation with no powder and see if that helps :)

I have this problem too…but it helps A LOT to have microdermabrasion done every once in a while. I have really oily skin so I break out but I also get super dry….lucky me…but the microdermabrasion helps a lot because it lifts the top layer of skin..the dry skin off. Go to a spa that you’ve heard good things about or an esthetician. If you live in New York check out I go to her and she is so sweet and really determined to help me with me skin. Hope that helps!!!

I have the same sort of problem. Oily in summer, dry in winter, oil-free is too drying, moisturizing is too oily, and acne all year regardless. I used to use oily skin products in the summer and dry skin stuff in the winter. Still had acne so got a prescription for Retin-A Micro 0.1%. It’s an exfoliant that takes care of most acne as well as the scars it can leave. Only downsides are the cost ($198) and skin flaking. So now I use dry skin products all year and use the Clairisonic face brush to control the flaking. One Retin-A pump can last you for months and I can’t beat the results. My skin is clear and my acne scars, as well as one from a curling iron, are practically gone. Soon I may not need a concealer. Try it. :)

Wow bastet!! I’m so glad you posted this, as I just recently started using Retin-A Micro. My dermatologist prescribed it but I was going to say see if your derma (if you have one) will give you samples. I got about 10 little sample tubes and as you say.. it lasts a long time!
What I’ve started doing is using the retin-a only once a day every other day at night. And Cetaphil (over the counter face wash and moisturizer for sensitive skin) works REALLY well for the dry skin!

My problem though is the flakiness! I can’t put foundation on either, as Mariana mentioned.. and I cant find a good concealer to just cover up the blemishes that will match my skin and not make my acne more obvious. I want to find a good product that I can just use on the blemishes and walk out the door.. so I don’t have to put on my WHOLE face when I have the bad break outs ;)

Hi Mariana,

I totally know what your going through. I’ve had acne for 10 years now and I had been using proactiv every single day. Even though it dried out my skin I kept using it as it was controlling my acne well. I always had problems applying makeup esp concealers and foundation and my face always looked flaky and dry. I can not tell you how many skincare products I have gone through and nothing helped. A makeup artist suggested I use a hydrating mask and I must say it was amazing…but I’d have to use it literally everyday to get perfectly smooth skin.
In the end I decided to go to a skin clinic and after doing some basic ph and hydration tests they confirmed my skin was very dry and there was no mositure in my skin. They suggested I try Dermaquest products. The first time I used these I noticed the difference. I’ve been using them for a few months and I’ve never had any dry skin. I wish I visited a skin clinic sooner.
Hope this helps!

I used to have really bad acne. I have evened out my skin with a lot of work. Here are some tips I have learned along the way. First off, even though it stinks, no matter what you try, the breakout will always get worse before it gets better; the life cycle of a pimple is 4-6 weeks and most acne cleansers and such have chemical exfoliators which drum up all the junk lurking beneath the surface- nothing you can do there so be patient. Also, there are different types of breakout so it’s important to see a derm if you can; if you have large, painful, red bumps which are deeper beneath the surface then you could have cystic acne which can only be cleared up with antibiotics.
I was told by my derm to start a regular skincare regimen: cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize (but no scrubs to exfoliate b/c it can spread breakout, try a toner). Benzoyl peroxide in your moisturizer is good because it kills acne bacteria, but it can be drying so use another lightweight moisturizer- I like moisture surge from clinique (don’t worry it’s oil free and won’t clog pores). The important thing is to give it time- nothing will work right away.
As far as makeup, Marlena is the expert, but I have used small amounts of green correctors under lightweight foundation to cover redness from blemishes and it seems to work well and isn’t cakey like concealers can sometimes be.
I know that was long, but I hope it helps you!

Hi Mariana,

A really cheap alternative to microdermabrasion is to use some baking soda mixed with a bit of water to make a paste, then massage it into the face. It isnt as great as the original, but it really helps. And only try it once or twice a week!

Heh, you really know how to hide any blemishes, because I was watching a video in the best resolution and I was like “Were are those blemishes???” =))) You really seem to have a flawless skin!

Btw, I normally have a good skin, but when I was wearing a full foundation coverage every day, my skin became really horrible. Then I was covering it more and it was still getting worse and worse… Then one day I just stopped using it at all and in about 3-4 month my skin went back to normal. Of corse I use a concealer for some blemishes I occasionally have, but I try not to use it much.
Have you ever though that the problems you’re facing may be because of the products you’re using on your face?
I absolutely understand that you can’t afford having a bad skin, because you’re a makeup artist and your face is your advertisement, but maybe it’s better to take some days off and not to put anything on your skin.

But anyway, that are just my thoughts. Wish you to get better as soon as possible, I know how disappointing that acne is =(

I totally hear you! I don’t wear full face of foundation anymore due to the acne, so will wear 2-3 times a week, and let my face breath all the other days :)

I’ve still broken out even after a good month of no makeup, but both my esthetician and dermatologist told me it was hormonal as my breakouts are solely on my cheeks and chin.

Thanks for the message- that was sweet :)

Hi Marlena,
Totally feel your pain – I suffered with adult acne for years – and i’ve done countless hours of research on the topic.
To be honest, from what i’ve heard and learnt in many places, nearly all acne is hormonal. I’m now on a contraceptive pill called ‘Yaz’ which is helping hugely – the acne is gone. I had it all over my chin, really persistent – one would heal and another three would pop up, it was unbearable. Yaz has really helped. Another good one is ‘Diane-35’. The problem usually needs sorting from the inside out, and the pill is an easy and relatively safe way of doing that – it saves you from taking nasty antibiotics or acne medication, which i’ve never wanted to do.
Just thought i’d let you know what solved my problem. You’re right, you are still gorgeous – but it’s hard to feel that way when you’re an acne sufferer. You’re looking beautiful as always anyway. :)
Kate x

WOW! I love these tips. I thought the same thing while watching the video. You have great skin! Hydrogen peroxide also works as a wipe to speed up the acne cycle.

Goddess Marlena . . Forever at your worship!

What a differerence a day makes as Goddess as gone from .. Rocking Red lips … to … Rocking the Red spots … as once again our High Majesty Marlena .. declares all out War on the little spotty army thats trys to invade her beauty!

Well all arms to the deck id say and man the guns as Goddess brings out the firepower … and let battle commence!

Forget .. Xena the ” warrior Princess ” .. we now have Marlixena the ” warrior Mistress ” and shes got the red spot army in her sights of concealer destruction … :-) … No mercy for the acne! as Mistress is on the warparth and us her slave geeks will bring out our Mac 2/17,s to defend her :-)


Hi Marlena!! thank you for this useful tutorial, and also thanks for the special message you gave at the end. I’ve been watching your videos for a long time and I’vee been seeing your change through this year and let me congrat you for your amazing change and strengh to face the adversity.
I hope you spend a nice Christmass with your beloved ones and start 2011 with joy, happiness, love and health!.
Kisses from Argentina!!!

What an incredibly sweet message- thank you SO much!! I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year also! I know that 2011 is going to be a good one :)

This video is really helpful. I just bought MAC concealer and was a little unsure about what to do with it. NARS powder is a staple in my kit too but I wanted to mention that it is a little hard to find. I order from or NARS’s site.

Hi Marlena!!
I love your videos there so great!!! You mention that you have been having acne problems for quite a while,I have notice that you use the Palladio loose powder quite often. I have never had an acne problem until started using that product. As soon as I stoped it went away!! Have you tried changing to a different power???

MARLENA please help me with choosing a Bobbi Brown concealer tone on line because i can’t? do it. i’m Mac nw20 so which of the BB concealer colors should i choose.

Are you needing this for blemishes or the one for under the eyes?
For under eyes: Light Peach Corrector (not peach or dark peach)
For concealer: You’ll want “Ivory”

thank u so much i appreciate it and i wanted to say the you were the 1st guru that MADE me youtube tutorials addict. i looooove your work and admire you. you r my no. 1 “teacher”.

Marlena thank you for this great video.

My little daughter (22 months old) and I are huge fans of yours. Whenever I watch your videos she comes to watch with me and screems LENA (still working on the Mar- part :-D). We totally love you.

So thank you for the wonderful job you do here. Your tutorials are always incredibly helpful and you are so gorgeous and you have this beautiful, positive auraw, which always makes me feel happy!

All the best wishes from Germany and have a great christmas time!!!


Susanne (and your little fan Emilia)

How cute!!! Awww :)

Best wishes to you too Susanne! I would love to go to Germany some day- that’s where my dad’s side of the family came from :)

Dear marlena
I’m a big fan of yours . I would like to thank u for the big effort and ur great videos.
But since today I can’t open any videos . I want to know if there any pro with this site videos ?

Thanks a lot

Hey Marlena :D

This is my first ever comment, even though i’ve been watching
your videos for years!!!
I just wanted to say Thank You for being sooo lovely and inspiring! ;)

Hope your well, TC
Lots of luv,

Thank you so much Annita! I’m glad you’ve been watching for awhile :) I just looked at one of my old videos, and oye… a lot has changed! They’re still fun to watch though- a little rough around the edges ;)

Wow, I had no idea I was applying powder wrong. I was always wondering why my skin looked dry and cakey after I used a brush to apply the powder. You would think it would help disperse the powder evenly. Thanks for the tips!

Brushes do disperse powder fairly evenly, but it’s also very easy to apply too much powder as the brush bristles pick up more product. The trick with the sponge is to scrape off excess- a lot of people saying the sponge makes makeup look more cakey are probably picking up too much powder to begin with

Great video!

However I am confused on concealer before or after foundation. In all of your “full face” videos you always put your concealer on first, then foundation, then set. Here your doing it after. In the videos you also covered your acne before your foundation, which never made much sense to me, but I’m wondering if this is a new technique or if in your other videos the acne was not as big an issue, therefor if you don’t have acne, would you still conceal areas prior to foundation?

Also, I typically agree that anything in a pot is going to be “heavier” than the other types of packaging- except with things like YSL’s and MUFE’s. They are both not in pots and are the best coverage I have found for acne.

Finally, I think they (Sephora) picked a concealer shade too light for skin. Is it supposed to error on the light side or dark side? What I have found is with lighter shades, it tends to actually show my pores more- is this normal? Also, do you set your foundation with powder before you conceal and then set again or not?

Thanks so much- happy holidays. Your a wonderful person and I honestly think your strength is amazing- if only I had that in me!

Good questions!! Wow, you DO watch all the videos! :)

Ok, I do my concealer differently now as I’ve learned it works better for me now that I have the acne issue. But… applying concealer on first works also- I just find that I use less of it when I do my foundation first (thus preventing the cakey look because of too much product)

I will definitely have to try the MUFE concealer in the tube! I tried the YSL one and it didn’t do diddly squat for me :(

If you have to choose between too light or too dark for concealers, I do the too dark as you can always blend the edges. Tons of other MUA’s are going to disagree with me, but lighter concealers only emphasize problem areas- not hide them…

And sweetie, you can have strength too- it just takes a few bumps in the road and some time to build it ;)

Thanks so very much for taking the time to respond!

MUFE’s Full Cover is hands down the best I have found for acne (and I’ve had acne my whole life). When I got the MUFE palette, I was actually disappointed and found that the concealers had no where near the coverage that the Full Cover did. Then again, this is for acne not just basic concealing, in which case I think it’s good- although I can’t blend the green for the life of me- are you supposed to put concealer on top of that lol?

Thanks for letting me know how your process has changed. It always made sense to me to apply concealer after foundation because it gets super cakey and the foundation can sometimes move the concealer around. Do you set your foundation with powder prior to concealing? That was the one thing this video didn’t show since you already had your foundation on. Keep in mind I am super oily so I can take the extra powder lol.

Agreed about the light concealer showing more problems- ugh they always make me go too light and your right the general concensus seems to be to go lighter than darker- I’m glad you agree with me on this one!

Sorry for this ramble. I appreciate your kind words. Your the first person I ever even watched YouTube on and now I’m hooked on your site, etc. Your videos and expertise are amazing, but more so your personality stands out. If you watch lots of vids, you’ll find no one is near as kind, funny, and charismatic as you are! I think that’s why your viewers love ya!

It’s been a tough few years, I hope my strength comes too. Have a wonderful holiday season! Hugs!

Thank your Marlena so much for this video! I have blemishes since I was 13 and this was always a reason for bad self-confidence. When I cover them I feel much much better! And now thanks to you, I know the perfect way to cover them – these little awful monsters! I run tomorrow to buy some thick concealer for blemishes. You are the one! Best wishes,


Thanks so very much for taking the time to respond!

MUFE’s Full Cover is hands down the best I have found for acne (and I’ve had acne my whole life). When I got the MUFE palette, I was actually disappointed and found that the concealers had no where near the coverage that the Full Cover did. Then again, this is for acne not just basic concealing, in which case I think it’s good- although I can’t blend the green for the life of me- are you supposed to put concealer on top of that lol?

Thanks for letting me know how your process has changed. It always made sense to me to apply concealer after foundation because it gets super cakey and the foundation can sometimes move the concealer around. Do you set your foundation with powder prior to concealing? That was the one thing this video didn’t show since you already had your foundation on. Keep in mind I am super oily so I can take the extra powder lol.

Agreed about the light concealer showing more problems- ugh they always make me go too light and your right the general concensus seems to be to go lighter than darker- I’m glad you agree with me on this one!

Sorry for this ramble. I appreciate your kind words. Your the first person I ever even watched YouTube on and now I’m hooked on your site, etc. Your videos and expertise are amazing, but more so your personality stands out. If you watch lots of vids, you’ll find no one is near as kind, funny, and charismatic as you are! I think that’s why your viewers love ya!

It’s been a tough few years, I hope my strength comes too. Have a wonderful holiday season! Hugs!

I totally get that you are busy but I’ve posted this question 3 times already so please answer me! I really appreciate it! So there are times when I am out on a date and we end up kissing and my makeup rubs off or cakes up. Is there any way to make sure this doesn’t happen because it is embarrassing to have my acne and scars show after we are done kissing. I use primer, liquid foundation and mac studio concealer on my spots and then I powder myself. I then spray a setting spray too….but it still happens!!! It sucks…please help! Thanks so so much!

I’m SO sorry that I missed your previous questions :( I could have sworn I answered this one as I remember replying?

OK… this one is REALLY tricky as makeup almost always wears off when the face is rubbed- it’s just the nature of it :( BUT, the best thing I’ve tried to keep makeup lasting super long is the Model in a Bottle spray. But please don’t use every day as this is a potent product, and I just don’t want it causing more breakouts or what not. I’ll use it on clients or myself sparingly- only when it’s really hot out, or I know the makeup needs to last several hours.

I hope that helps!!

Dearest Danielle, I noticed your posts and I’m sorry for thinking it was spam! I ddnt know that there arent ANY waterproof foundations out there. I keep getting this visual and Marlena, you answered her very tastefully.

Marlena, I was hoping to see coverage of a raised blemish. I think this would be very helpful, as covering a red raised blemish is difficult. You’re skin has no bumps! You look great!

Hi Marlena!
Thanks for your great videos! your amazing!

I was using the revlon colorstay foundation and I started to break out on my forehead…I don’t know what to do!!!….I just bought the afterglow foundation…do you know that brand and what do you think of it?


omg thank u so much i get break outs off and on i am totally obsessed with this sight by the way! i now do my face just like urs and its amazing….. love the palladio powder i also ordered the face wash being that have skin like urs i figured ive tried everything else y not try that… i should b getting it soon…. i love everything u have tought me i recently enrolled in cosmotology school and i am so excited to expand everything u have tought me in to what i will learn in school.. thank u so much for everything u do!!!! lots n lots of love!!!!!

Hi Marlena

I have a question.. at MAC would I get the same color conealer as the powder I use from them(NC40) or go a little lighter or darker? if so what would you suggest?



Also if you could tell me a good color to get in bobbi brown’s eye corrector… Im a NC40 in MAC

Thank You So Much


I wear Bare Minerals and don’t use like to use it for eye concealer. I prefer to use the Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer or Benefit’s Erase Paste. What are the concealer rules if one wears Bare Minerals or a mineral powder makeup? Which should be applied first, the BM or concealer/corrector? I also use the BB pale yellow powder…I’m wondering if I should give the Palladio Rice Powder a try because sometimes I can get a bit dry on my forehead.

Thanks for all your wonderful and extremely helpful videos! I enjoy makeup once again!!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Hello lovely lady!
First of all, I just want to say thank you for all the helpful tips and tutorials you have provided for everyone. I enjoy watching you do make up and think you’re a beautiful talented woman :) I have a quick question about the Revlon ColorStay Foundation. After reading different reviews on this product people were saying it drys very quickly, therefore you have to apply it onto your face fast. How do you apply this foundation? Do you use the stippling brush or sponge?
Thank you for your time and have a wonderful Christmas!
Best wishes xox

Hi, Marlena! Thanks for the next great video, it is so useful for me. I wanted to ask you a question about the powdered pigments. How do you apply them- do you water the brush before that or you use them dry. What would u advise me? I am sorry that my question is not connected with this tutorial.

Hi Marlena,

I couldn’t watch your video, because I’m not in America, could you please change the format that I also can watch it in Germany.

Greetings from Germany!

Hi There!!

Thank you so much for giving us gals so much confidance in ourselves to be able to do diffrent kind of celebrity make up at home :) I really love how you mix n match different palette color n shades come up with a new look each time
Here is my request to you …would you be able to post a video on Taylor Swift makeup ..especailly the soft cat eye look with her fav red lipstick :)


Hey Marlena,

i just have one thing to say! YOU ROCK THE WORD BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KISSES! you are so kind and i can tell you just want the best for everyone!

again YOU ROCK THE WORD BEAUTIFUL! inside and out

Hi Marlena,

I just want to start off by saying that I am so greatful for all the work that you do and thank you. I have learnt a lot from you. I have just one question, I have really dark and sometimes dry patches aroung my nose. I have the bobbi brown corrector in peach as I have light to medium skin tone. Its just that every time I use it, its ends up looking grey & ashy. I am using the bobbi brown moisture rich foundation in natural tan. I was wondering if you could tell me where I am going wrong, I was be greatful for any advice.

Thank you & best wishes for christmas & the new year

It may sound like small fries, but although i rarely get facial blemishes, I do get 1 anual painfull, hard zit on my chin, and takes about 6 weeks to fully recover. This year, it was accompanied by one on my cheek. same size, red, & sore.I do follow your coverage regimen, except I use the coastal scents concealer. My problem is I have uneven colors going on. with no makeup on. my overall color is pale-ish olive. then I have light brown specks on my cheeks and bridge of my nose due to tanning bed abuse back in 2000. Under my eyes, it varies from reddish purple to bluish brown inner eye circles. I go barefaced regularly and I appreciate your message at the end of this video, because the flawed barefaced natural me, and the Glamazon, Fashion/Bargainista me,are the exact same person, and those who love me will take them both.

Hi Marlena,
I am a big fan of urs i am 12 and i want to be a makeup artist just like u!!!!!!!!! I have tons of makeup and like 2 big train cases and stuff but i was wondering what is the best blemish concealer in like the whole entire world i have light/medium skin and acne, THNX
Merry Christmas

Hey Marlena. :•}
So, I’m not usually the concealer type, because my skin normally doesn’t break out. Sometimes if my dark circles are bad I simply use a yellow tinted powder (I’m an NW15, super light, and I use a light colour in my CS 88 Matte Palette) under my eyes with a dome brush, and make sure it blends with my foundation.

Now, though, my skin is breaking out. I’m a teenager and I expect it, but I also have unbearably dry skin and I live in one of the coldest regions in Canada. I already feel like I need to switch back to my Revlon Colourstay Foundation vs. my MAC Studio Sculpt because my skin isn’t doing so well with the MAC foundation and cold weather.

I’m worried that I will buy a nice concealer but have to give it to one of my sisters because my skin is just too dry. I’ve switched to a thicker moisturizer recently which is slightly helping, but I’m not sure what to do right now. Help?

Also, have yuu checked out the new Coastal Scents Eclipise concealer Palett. ?

Hey Marlena!

Thanks for the really helpful video. I’ve started watching your videos recently and can’t thank you enough..I’ve literally transformed from a makeup freak to a makeup geek LOL!! My husband, my friends and my colleagues have really noticed the change. I can’t tell you how wonderful and confident I feel thanks to the time and effort and love YOU put into your videos!

I have a question that I’ve been wanting to ask you- how long should you wait after moisturizing to put the primer on? I use MAC primer (on fancy occasions) but mostly use Monistat chafing gel (so much better for my wallet!). Also, once the primer is on, how long should I wait before I put my foundation/concealer on…Sorry if these seem like obvious questions, I’m very new to makeup and am trying to learn the hows and whys :)

Last but not least, I want to congratulate you on your positivity, your strength and your determination. I wish you nothing but the best in 2011 and the years to come. May you always be happy, healthy and loved!


Great video! Just had doubt about the foundation part. Is it necessary to use foundation when using a concealer. I dont like to use foundation on a daily basis. So can I just apply concealer and finish with a compact/loose powder??

Marlena — please do upload this on VIDDLER, I would appreciate this very much, ´cause we can´t watch this in Germany……. merry x-mas to you and all the best !!!! Love your tutorials , you´re such a sweet person!!!

Oh u r such a sweet heart. I think that it is very importanted to let the people that we do make u for that we lnow where they r coming from and that sometime we r in the same place. I really love what u said at the end of the video, that it doesn’t make u less beautiful if u have acne and hat u r still the same person on the inside. I can’t tell u how many girls that i do makeup for tell me that they fell so ugly because of it and it just breaks my heart. So i think that it is importanted to let them know that it is ok. thank u Marlena! :)

hey marlena!
great tips! i loove ur vids! everytime i buy a mkeup product i always ask myself “what wud marlena get?” lol anyway i thanks again for the tips i have acne and this helps a lot, and like always ur such a sweetheat!!! but i would really looove if u do a video on how to properly apply powder foundation. like what brushes to use and which brands u reccomend. I am going to start school soon and i dont wanna wear liquid foundation everyday as u know it is way too heavy soo it wud really help if i get ur opnion on that. thanks!

Thank you Marlene, for the helpful tips on how to hide those ugly blemishes:-( I do need to get that Mac concealer and see if it works for me?? I dont have as much as I did before, but there is stil some:(. I dont know what we would do with out you??? everything you share with your MUGS is always so helpful for me personally and Im sure for the other MUGS too:) Thank You :)


This is really random… I’ve always been so nervous to use MAC pigments but the colors are so beautiful. I recently looked at your MAC top 10 pIgments article and fell in love. I want to pick some for Christmas this year. I know this might be asking too much, but do you think you could do looks using those top 10 pigments?? Or at least a few?? It would be SO helpful! I especially like Grape.

Honestly, it is kinda mean that you say you have blemishes when your skin looks so amazing. Maybe you do have acne, but then you should do the video when it is actually noticeable. Please do not say something that is obviously not true and hurts people’s feelings…those of us who actually do have acne.

i need help i have blackheads all over my nose how can i cover them?

by the way i don’t wear foundation but i have looked for a non-oily foundation but can’t find the right colour!(i’m too pale)

This video TOTALLY helped me!!! I have really bad acne. I followed these tips yesterday and HOLY COW!! Talk about a difference! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! Now I just need to work on the blush situation. OYE!

im a teen that breaks out alot. but i dont want to start wearing foundation yet so will this still work for me if i only use a concealer with no foundation?

I have a little acne and blemishes so this video is very useful but the thing is when i do use concealer and foundation my face looks like a ghost and the color of my face is different from my neck flash photography especially in dark places like clubs. Even when I’m using a darker foundation than my original skin tone this ghost face thing still happens is. What should I do or use to avoid this in pictures??

Hey Marlena,
This video really helped a lot because now i know what stuff to buy and how to apply it!
But my problem is the really nice brands (like mac) are really expensive… i’m not poor but i’m not rich either, so i was wondering if you know any like…. drugstore brands? or something… anything that will work well but are cheap. and if you know where i could buy it besides online because my parents dont want me shoping online ;D any info woudl help, thanks! (btw you look great in the video! i couldnt even tell you had acne!

Thanks for this tutorial, Marlena. I get break outs on my chin and I’ve got a major case happening right now, so this video saved the day! :)

for clients that have blemishes, do you still use a clean finger to apply and blend? Great video too! And you can really tell that you’ve lost a lot of weight, go girl!

Hello Marlena,

I was wondering if you could please do a few looks with the 28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette or just give me some ideas on diferrent looks. Thank you in advance for your time.



this is the first time I leave a message for you. I feel bad because I’ve been watching your videos for such a long time. I have always wanted to say that I love you. I’m no longer living in the States but I still watch you. You’re the best! The best artist and the best person. I have learned so much from you, you’ve no idea.

Marlena, I didn’t know you suffered from acne. After I watched this I realized I should share this with you and everyone: I’m 31 and I have been suffering with acne since I was 14. I have used every single product out there . I had friends mail me pro active, neutrogena and etc… to the country I’m living now. Until the day I discovered: MARY KAY 3 in 1 Cleanser. I have always struggled with not only my weight but with my skin and this product has helped me love myself again. I use it 3x a day and it got rid of all my pimples. My skin looks amazing. I don’t wear any foundation on a daily basis. I asks me what I do to get such great skin. I don’t wear concealer and I only wear foundation on special occasions now.

I feel beautiful after 15 years of acne. I’m sure you’ll be happy with this good news!

Hi Marlena!

I’m a Revlon Natural Beige – Medium Beige (Photo Ready Foundation) toned Filipina.
Not to mention a big loving fan of yours. :)
What Mac Studio Finish Concealer shade should I get for blemishes, you mentioned it should be exactly the shade of my face’s skin.
If you may also suggest the best shade I should get for Amazing Concealer from Amazing Cosmetics, please do. I hear a lot of great reviews on its coverage, pigmentation and that a pin head amount of it goes a long long way.
I am asking because I order things online. I am a young working mom of 2 and I barely have time to go out to shop and just can’t afford to waste money buying wrong products. (When I do go out, I want to look my best — flawless of course!)
Thank you so much and never ending well wishes to you from Manila, with love.

First of all you’re the best Marlena you have opened my eyes to the makeup world and you’ve helped me find something that I can use my artistic talents towards, and for that I THANK YOU!!!

Second of all I’ve been meaning to get the NARS Liquid foundation and I’m not sure what shade I am. In Revlons Colorstay Foundation I am the Nude 200. I was wondeirng what the equivalent to the NARS is?

I love your videos! They are great!
My problem is that I am very fair-skinned but I also have very red skin (mostly my cheeks and nose) and no matter what kind of foundation I use, I CANNOT cover it up! Because of the redness, I normally do not wear any blush, but the redness will go away and come back periodically sometimes, leaving me looking washed out when It goes away, or like I piled on way too much blush. Can you give me any tips?

Your tutorials are soo helpful, I wish you could do one with e.l.f paletes since they are soo low cost and most people could buy them ohh and a tutorial in how to clean the face what products you use.

Stay Beautiful

Thank you


Hi Marlena,

Thanks for these great tips, I have suffered from adult acne too but thanks to accutane it’s all gone. I get the occasional time of the month zit, but I have some mild scarring from the acne. Everytime I try to
Watch the video it either has no sound or just keeps freezing up. I
Don’t know what’s wrong, or is it just me? Look foward to you next

Valerie in Texas

I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and chins area and sometimes around my lips, you probably don’t have this problem but do you have any suggestions to get rid of them.

Dear Marlena,
I love this video, like all guidelines you publish in any form. I just had huge gala event and used all your tips for flawless skin and it worked perfectly. After it I contoured my face (never did that before), and did classic smokey eye look. :) All looked great, and that is all because you share your knowledge on the web! Thanks!!!

Hey Marlena! Very helpful but I have a problem when fixing concealer. once I fix my concealer with powder, it’s fine but then when blending my blush on my face, the concealer fades as it’s in the area where I apply blush. What can I do?

Ok so what if I don’t use liquid foundation is.that sill ok…I just feel like liquid is too much. So is just regular powder ok ..?

Hey Marlena! First off, I just want to say that you are very gorgeous and thanks so much for the tutorials, tips, and tricks! This tutorial is very helpful to a lot of us. For acne, I’ve studied food and nutrition for awhile and unless it’s due to something topical, acne starts with what we intake (I also took classes at AVEDA salon). No matter what anyone says, there is proof that flare – ups, breakouts, and any bumps are due to what’s contained in the food. Anything high in sugar (other than fruits, which is natural sugar), flour, and fried food really takes a toll on our skin.

I really like your website and I was wondering if you can help me find the right color of skin for me as in what foundation tone i am ?

If it is possible maybe a picture or something of me because i have yet to find a good concealer and foundation !

Thankyou <3

Dear Marlena,
I have TERRIBLE skin! I used to have flawless skin, but then I started using makeup and my skin just started BREAKING OUT!! It’s really because of the brushes I use. I don’t wash them because I don’t know how! I watched a video on how to wash your brushes with antibacterial dishsoap and some kind of olive oil, but I don’t have that exact kind. Do you think I can use regular olive oil?

Hi Marlena!
I recently watched this video where you said you have recently developed adult acne. While I am still in my teens I too had nice skin up until about a year ago when i started having similar flareups to what yours looked like. I’ve tried many of the same products you mentioned and they just don’t seem to work for me. Last month I ordered a brand new product that has been recieving great reviews. It’s called revitaclear and it has immeadiatly transformed my skin almost over night. If you are still struggling with your skin it is something you might want to give a try! Heres the link

I need someone to contact me for a customer service problem,,,i bought a couple of brushes and they are shedding really bad and i need to get some help with this matter please….thanks Michelle

Hi Marlena.! I Am Still In School And I Would Like Too Knoe That I Can Go To School Without Everyone Seeing My Acne. I Always Try Too Cover It Up But I Cant Find Any Products That Would Dry Out My Skin, Plus I Put To Much Product On Sometimes. having A Hard Time Finding A Foundtion color That Will Patch

Thanks so much for the tips! I get real bad scaly acne from time to time and powder just emphasizes that never thought of just lightly patting it on! i have combination skin aswell which sucks lol sopping in the t zone dry and ugh every where else. personally i like to use a product i found on etsy called soothing light facial lotion for Oily, Blemished and Combination Skin from a lovely lady called lusciouslather so amazing! and with your tips just absolutely cleared my skin and hid any scars never felt more beautiful thanks again!

Hi, Marlena! Thank you for the very helpful video on covering acne! I have delt with it since I was 13 (now in my 20s) and it’s never ending, looking for good advice. It made a lot of sense about concealer in the pot being generally better coverage and now I really want to try it.

My only question is, should I use one close to my skin tone, like you did, or a corrector or both! I always get caught here because I’m not sure which is better for covering acne reddness and scarring and acne bumps.

Thank you so much!


Hi Marlena,
I’ve been trying to post on the forum and articles but for some reason I can’t. Anyways, I was just wondering when the brushes in your store were going to be updated. I’ve been waiting to buy the blush and stipple brush for a few months but they’ve been out of stock. I’m excited to try out the MUG brushes.

Thank you!

Great video, Marlena! I was surprised to learn that I’ve been using the same techniques for years, and I’m by no means a professional make-up artist. Only problem I have is that my skin gets really oily – and I mean REALLY oily – in the T-zone so after using a mattifying powder, my skin starts to look shiny again in only 3 hours! I’ve yet to find a solution/product for this. I use a really nice mattifying moisturizer meant for combination skin, and oil free foundation. Any ideas that may help?