MAC Tutorial: Penelope Cruz


  • Studio Fix Fluid foundation (eBay)
  • Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil (eBay)
  • Fix + spray (eBay)
  • Emote blush (eBay)
  • NARS blush in “orgasm” (eBay)


  • Painterly Paintpot
  • Wedge e/s (on the lid) (eBay)
  • Vanilla e/s (above crease) (eBay)
  • Down Brown e/s (in the crease) (eBay)
  • Brule (blended out in crease) (eBay)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in “zero” (eBay)
  • Carbon e/s (smudged over eyeliner) (eBay)


  • Blankety lipstick (eBay)
  • Bare Necessity dazzleglass (eBay)




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aawwww..girl!!! You looked so beautiful!!! I love this!! I just saw the photo, since I”m at the office, I’ll watch the YT when i go home!!! LOVE LOVE this!!!

I love this look!!! How do you apply you paint pots?? Also for a primer would you suggest the benefit one or paint pots?? Again I love this, the only problem I have is the liner for the lid and mascara.. . ^_^

Hi Marlena,

I love your website, and especially this tutorial is exactly what I was looking for….so thanks for showing all details!

I have a question-not about make up-but where did you get a ring you are wearing in the video?? I really like it;)

Whoops- forgot the mascara :) I used Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black for this video :)

Also, either eye primer would work… I apply paint pots with a small shader brush, then blend out with my fingers if needed.

This ring I *think* I got from JcPennys… if not, then Claires :)

Hi Marlene,

I really like this look, but I do not own any mac products…can you recommend the eyeshadows in a different brand (drug store brands)?



This is really pretty. I’ve been wearing the mod look since you posted the video, I’m excited to try this one out today…although maybe with some browns vs. the blacks for work… Thanks for posting, your tutorials are always clear and very easy to duplicate with your instructions!!

— Andrea

Hi Marlena,

Thanks again for this great look.
I’ll try it.
Just a question, when I blend a darker color on a brighter one I always cover the brighter one.
Actually, it happens all the time.
What do you think I’m doing wrong ?
Thanks for your help and please keep giving us your tutorials.

Hi Nina :)

You’ll need to blend the brighter color over the darker one. Apply the bright color first, then the dark, the pick up more bright color and blend out the line between the two…

I loved the video! I’m definitely trying it tomorrow since my I’m sending my little sister off on her first overseas trip to Italy. Sister PICTURE time, gotta look good !! lol, thanks for the inspiration.

Hello Marlena, that’s pretty impressing, I’m far from being able to do any of this but I’d like to know who’s singing :D

It’s by “storyside B”- I LOVE their music :) I went to see them perform and got to meet the lead singer- he was very humble and down to earth.

i love your manicured nails and you always pick out a cute ring to wear. Anyways this was a great simple look! Thank you.

Thanks so much for doing this tutorial. I tried it yesterday and today and I had great luck. I love this eye look

Hi there,
I have just discovered your web site through you tube. It’s fab! I love your looks. I’m going to a wedding this coming weekend. So i’ll definitely try this look out. Thanks

Hi! I just had a quick brush question for you :) I’ve noticed that you sometimes use 222 and sometimes 217 to blend shadow into the crease. Can you tell me a general rule to decide which kind of blender brush to use for that crease?

Thank-you so much!


I have a question.
Could you PLEASE the exacly brushes which you used in your describing written?
I would be so lucky.

I love your Webside!

Many Greetings.

Greetings ..
I totally love your work epically the Arabian make up :) your soo good at it .. im an Arabic and i dunno how to wear my cloture makeup LOLs .. BTW ur also beautiful :)
where u learn how to put make up??

Greetings ..
I totally love your work espically the Arabian make up :) your soo good at it .. im an Arabic and i dunno how to wear my culture makeup LOLs .. BTW ur also beautiful :)
where u learn how to put make up??

hi merlena, im from the uk.
i love this look!
i have a question, i have big eyes and asian skin tone (pakistani) so do you think i will suit this look? and also what colour eyeshadows do you think will look good on me as an asian? thanks for your help. xx

I love your tutorials! I especially like the Mod look and Penelope. I think I’m drawn to strong dark eyes. I hope you can do a Sophia Loren or Salma Hayek soon.

hello malena :)

your tutorials are gret and i love how theyre making me even better at makeup :) :)

im totally doing this for my sister for school this morning :)

Marlena I love your videos! Thanks so much for them :)
Have you tried these looks with mineral makeup? I ask because I make mineral makeup and would love to send some
to you to see what you could do with it!

Hi! Marlena, its really nice you give some tutorials like this :) I’m getting married this coming December now I have idea what kind of make up I’m gonna make to my wedding day. Just like to ask some question: my type of skin is kind a normal what specific right foundation I’m gonna use? Is it Liquid, matt, or cream foundation? I’m Filipina my skin color is brown or tan :) Have a nice day! More power & Godbless :)

Many Greetings!

Hallo from Italy, Thanks a lot for your tutorial!! useful and very clear also by people who are not english mother tongue!! I will follow you…ciao Anna

You explained everything in your YouTube videos that I ever wanted to know about makeup. My mom is even a cosmetologist and she learned from you. Thank you so much!

Hi Marlena!

Great tutorial! I have just tried it for New Year’s Eve and it looked gorgeous!! Thanks for the inspiration and the idea!!
Happy New Year 2009!

Hi Marlena,

What kind of base do you use?!
It looks flawless!!
I love the natural looks you create!!
Also where would you recommend to get all the “tools” at?

Thanks, Lacie

hello..i’m from Romania and i want your id i want to talk to you at messenger..sorry for my english:D..please..i wait your id is: mihaelapiron tks very much

Dear Marlena
I would like to know, how can I make so nice makeup ,what Brooke Shields weared in the Sahara movie, I mean the natural makeup with a little bit dark eyes, the other makeup is when she will be married in the film . Sorry , if my English is not very perfect.
Many Greetings!

0h yes, it lookes so beautiful. I will to be able this too, but i can’t this :-( and i don’t no if stand me this. Hm.. a great pity. :'(

HI, I was just wondering where i could purchase the colour pallete you use in this tutorial? Ive searched everywhere and i can only seem to find single colours. Id love to try this look, I just need to no where to purchase the brown colour pallete you use :)

thanks heaps

hi marlena,
love you look… its plain beautiful :) and looks effortless actually!
I have never used makeup brushes before… can you please suggest which brand I should buy now ……?
I saw that mac has 8,24, 36 brush sets….
I have no clue what to do with them..

thank you for this tutorial :)
cant wait to try it on!

hi my name is Jamie and i have been watching alot of your videos and i am a big fan of youtube. I am a teen and in Jr.High and i used to wear eyeliner alot but it was really dark and my eye pencil wouldnt stop sticking to my eye lids and i wanted to know if you could help me create a more naturl look. I am a teen but i dont want to look dark and i dont want to look like i dont have any makeup on at all. i want to be able to see that i have makeup but i just would really like it to be more apporitate for a teen and im actually 14 so this is a big part of my life. so if you have a video or any pitures of girls mostly teens with what i am talking about could you please send them to me. and if u have any idvice for me please be welcome to tell me. Thank you for reading and Please reply. this is a big thing for me..


Hello marlene! I was just wondering can I get urban decay 24/7 eyeliner in “zero” some where else besides eBay?