MAC Tutorial: Christina Aguilera


  • Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (eBay)
  • Make Up For Ever HD Powder (eBay)
  • Emote blush (eBay)
  • Nars Orgasm blush (eBay)
  • Cream Color Base in “Pearl” (eBay)


  • Painterly Paintpot (eBay)
  • Deep Damson e/s (eBay)
  • Coppering e/s (eBay)
  • Black Tied e/s (eBay)
  • Brule e/s (eBay)
  • Shroom e/s (eBay)
  • Blacktrack Fluidline (eBay)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in “Zero” (eBay)
  • Loreal Voluminous Mascara


  • Fleshpot Lipstick (eBay)
  • Bare Necessity Dazzleglass (eBay)


  • 239
  • 217
  • 219
  • 249
  • Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush ( MG Store)
  • Sonia Kashuk Angled Liner Brush ( MG Store)





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oooohhh!! ahhhhh!!!! (in awe) marlena! this is sooo fabulous! like always you did such an amazing job with this one! Thank you! Thank you! so much for these tutorial videos.. you truly inspire me.. and btw.. just like you.. when i put on my makeup I really do feel pretty! :)

“makeup is like a coloring book for grown-ups” – Foreverrika

HEY marlena,

It is Kenya. I was wondering what part of michigan do you leave in? and i was also wondering if i could do this look by using the spiced chocolate quad from COC?

My garsh… You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL Marlena!! nothing new of course, but this look is fabulous!! I LOVE IT!!

Hi Kenya,

I live in Jackson :) And the Spiced Chocolate quad would work pretty well for this!

I sprayed my hair with hairspray before curling it, and it kept the curl like that :) Makes it shiny too!

Marlena this is beautiful! Your so PRETTY!

Do you happen to know if this quad was a limited time deal? Because I must purchase it! =]

WWWWWWWWWWOW!! absolutely fantastic! You are the QUEEN OF MAKEUP TUTORIALS! I absolutely adore watching each and every one of yours. Thanks!


WOW! u look so good with this look! it’s amazing how you can wear so many diferent look and they all look AMAZING!
once again, thanks!
just one question… do you have any NYX dupes for the Deep Damson and Brule??

LOVE IT!!!!!! I am sooo happy you did this! I requested this a bit ago, so I am one happy chick! Thanks! and you look gor-JUSSSSSS!!!!

Amazing. I have eyes like yours with a lot of lid space and you made me feel normal for having more lid space! I love the look and I plan on trying it out when I can!!!

Love love LOVE this look! You are looking too hott Marlena! lol =) Thanks so much for the tutorial … I can’t wait to try this!!


I would love to teaches us, how to use a cream blush, ’cause I’m totally lost.

And thanks since MEXICO for this amazing TUTORIALS.

Marlena! YOU ARE SO AMAZING! I was one of the people who requested Aguilera, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are so beautiful!

Thanks so such for such a wonderful tutorial, Marlena!

I had Coppering e/s already, but only used for my eyeblows (I have red hair and am having hard time to find matching color, so blended with brown e/s).

Question: Do you think I can substitute NYC Eggplant e/s for Deep Damson??

Hi Marlena,

Is it possible to tell the name of the pallet from Mac that your using.

Thanks and keep doing what you do. It ‘ s amazing.

Greets from Belgium


My God !!! I love this look !! it’s absolutely gorgeous !

And it’s incredible, yu really look like Christina, with your eyes like this !!

Bravo Marlena !!

This look is absolutely fabulous and I think you’ve re-created Christina’s make-up look to the “T”. As a make-up artist myself, I really enjoy seeing your talent in make-up artistry. Keep up the excellent work!! You’re beautiful girl!

Hi Kelly

I LOVE the HD powder! Ultra smooth, not too powdery. The only thing is since it is white, if i put too much on, I look more pale… but the texture is great :)

Hey Marlena!

This look is SO sexy and I love to rock a fierce eye like that, even during the day, so this rocks! I was just curious if you thought any of these would be a good sub for Deep Damson:
Signed and Sealed, Graphology or Fig 1.

Deep Damson is not available on the MAC site anymore, so I assume it was lim. ed. If none of the above colors would be appropriate, is there an NYX color that you think would be good?

I’m totally found of all of your make-up!! I leave in Paris and I’ d like to meet someone like you to teach me how to make up like this!!
You are very talented… :)

Fig 1 would be a good substitute :) Also, from NYX, probably dark purple would work or even Red Bean Pie- anything that is dark and purple or burgandy based…

Hi Marlene! thank you for beings so detailed and informative in your tuts. i love them! As an AfricanAmer darkskinned woman, which color would you recommend n place of the Brule??

hi sweetie your eyes look graet is the quad available or limited. thank you for the great tip. the girls n i are really following them

Hey, Marlena! First of all this is one of your best looks as far as looking exactly like the picture. Second I love your hair. What kind of curling iron did you use for this look. You have amazing hair and you should do hair tutorials on the past makeup tutorials you’ve done.

Hey Marlena!

This is my favourite look you’ve done, and i love all your looks..hehehe. I tried this and i love it!

Oh by the way, I dunno if you’re close to running out of it or anything, but I know you like the Emote blush and they actually still carry it in the Cosmetics Company store. You prolly already know that though, but just wanted to leave that note just in case you didn’t.

Anyway, keep up the awesome work!


I’m a big fan of your make up tutorials. I’m a Dutch woman and I got the MAC make up so I can do your looks. It was hard to find it here in Holland but thank God I’ve found it. haha. But I have a question. You often use the quad eyeshadows by Mac, like in this look the deep damsom and the brule. unfortunately I can’t find the right quad eyeshadow box with these colours. So would you be so kind to say/write the name of the quad eyeshadow box in your tutorials together with the colour name. This would be a lot easier to find the right shade. Thanks and I’m looking forward to your next tutorial.



This is definitely the best look I´ve seen. I LOVED it!!!! I´ll try it the next time I´ll go to a club and I am sure it will be the MOST gorgeous look!!! yeeeeeee

Hey Marlena, which colour of mac’s collection can I use instead of Deap Damson?
Please help me..
Thank you

I love you make up, when I have to look good i go to youtube to see your make up. I was wondering if you could do mariah careys make up in the video don´t forget about us. I hope you can help me.
Thank you

Hey sweetie! I love this look so much! Do you by any chance still have this video? It’s showing up that it’s no longer available. :-(

I’ve just tried out this look with similar colours I have, and it looks really great, I love it. I have very dark brown eyes and pale skin so it works well for me.

unbelivable!! it’s so great! i wore the look at my sweet sixteen party and everybody loved it!
thank you so much!

hey Marlena..
i just tried this look, with some similar shades and miraculously i managed to pull it off without looking like I’ve been punched in the face (thats my opinion at least). I used estee lauders eggplant, MACs amber lights and a frosty white for under the brow.

instead of using gel eye liner ( i dont have any) i used a fine angled edge brush to apply MACs carbon eye shadow right under the lower lash line. if i press it on its an intense effect… DO NOT SWEEP ACROSS THE LOWER LASH i use carbon as an eyeliner alot… sometimes with a wetted brush for real staying power …

i used MACS engraved eye pencil for the upper eye liner and estee lauders mascara brushes out beautifully…(projectionist in 01 black)

i am amazed at how easy you make everything seem. my all time favourite has to be the art inspired makeup you do with the MUFE kit. you werent kidding when you said it was pricey. however for people who wanna try to get the same shades from MUFE they can buy a 12 eyeshadow kit for $95 at sephora… its got most of the same eye shades in the palette you used to create that look… just incase anyones interested.

keep up the fabulous work… if you could manage to do looks for darker skin tones please try and do so! you could use a model since your skin is much more fair… with a lot of the looks you do, when i try to emulate them i just look like i went 10 rounds with Tyson…

This is probably one of my favorite looks you have done! It looks so sexy and smoldering on the eyes, I love it :-)


I was wondering if you could do me a big favour?
I can’t find all of these products on ONE website. I would had to order one by one product on several different websites and pay for delivery and so on.

and if these products all are at MAC’s website can you send me a link to each product? To this look and the Beyonce gold and black look.
I’m from Norway so I don’t find it so easy to read my way to the correct product.

I hope you can help me!

Best regards Line

This look is absolutly amazing on you!!! I love this look its also one of my favs!!!!!!

Hi im having trouble finding the right shade of foundation for my skin tone it looks about the same tone as yours what shade have you used in this look? what shade would you use if you were to use the face and body foundation by mac?
if you could let me know you would be helping me soo much because you look fab :)