~MAC Eyeshadow Collection~

Ok…. I don’t want this to be a “oh, look what I got video”- I really hate those! But, so many of you are requesting to see the MAC collection, so here ya go! Hopefully seeing these in person will help you choose what colors to get… My pick for 15 eyeshadows to start your MAC addiction, er…. collection:

Here’s some of my favorite MAC shadows:

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Awesome! It’s nice to see these colors via video and to hear your opinion of them. Thanks so much!

Hey Marlena!!! I really like your tutorial., I’m from Chile, and it’s hard to get those makeup brand here, mac is available but its too much expensive, can you recommend another brand more economic and available please? Thanks for all, i really love the site!!!

Supergeek…me and Briana are just shaking our heads. You dipped into the future children’s college fund for this didn’t you!!!! :)

And second…how does this happen so soon after that first trip in Chicago at the end of October?!? You’re killing me Stell!

Hi Jackie :)

Here’s the colors:
Cloudbound – Off-white pink with gold pearlized pigments [Frost],
Up at Dawn – Soft lilac [Veluxe Pearl],
Violet Trance – Rich intense purple [Matte]
Pandamonium – Smoky gray with silver pearlized pigments [Lustre]

It is my favorite quad by MAC- it’s pretty sad, but I hardly use it as it’s so pretty and I’m afraid to run out (weird I know) ;)

Hi Noelia,

NYX is a very good substitute that is less expensive- I am selling on the site, so if you are interested in certain colors, let me know :) The eyeshadows are $3.89 each…

Something happened!! I just put the video on and now it says it’s no longer available. Marlena please say it isn’t so, we love watching your stash!!

I have another question for you. First let me say I love how you showed your collection. I have MAC as well as NYX and sometimes when I try different looks, I will see what MAC color I can substitute with the NYX only because MAC is so expensive and NYX is a pretty good line in my opinion. you explain and show a closeup of the MAC shade that makes it easy to match up substitute colors. My question is I have several pigments, paint pots, and Metal X shadows that I dont use. Mainly because I am not really sure how to use them. Do you use pigments every day? I know you said you use painterly as a base. I use Urban Decay Primer Potion. I have oily lids and the UDPP seems to help control oil, and creasing. How can I start using the pigments and paint pots to get use out of them. I purchased them because I thought they were pretty but I guess I need some ideas on how to use them to get my money’s worth.

Hi Marlena,

Very helpful video! Thanks for sharing it with everyone.
Quick question about your mineralized eye shadows, do you find the versatile to use (ie. everyday use) or something for a special night. I’m excited about the new collection coming up I think they are very beautiful colors but quite hesitant on buying them if they are difficult to use. Let me know what you think about them. Thanks so much!

Bianca, check again as sometimes youtube has glitches…

Liz, if you do a search for “pressing pigments” you will find some really helpful videos on how to do it :)

Charlene, pigments are just like eyeshadows but are loose and tend to be more pigmented (imo). Use your UDPP, then put the color paintpot on your lid, then take a flat shader brush and pat on (don’t swipe) the pigments you want on your lid. I would use a pressed eyeshadow for your crease, then you’re good to go :)

Kula, the mineralized eyeshadows, at least the ones I have, are a bit more sheer than the normal ones. But you can apply them exactly as you would the “normal” eyeshadows :)

VERY IMPRESSIVE…loved the vid, enjoyed seeing and hearing which colors are which, very informative…
Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait for more…

big hug, eM

i agree with Kristina_B. Thanks for this Marlena! Can i ask how you get the empty pan for pressing pigments? i would like to press my pigments but sadly dont know how to get empty pans. some of the seller online doesnt ship here in HK, i really wonder why… hmp. :(

one last question i swear@:)

umm i want to take my make up travling with me the only problem i have is its going to be hot and im woried about it possibly melting????? what do you think?

Hi Liz :)

To depot, do a search on youtube for “how to depot MAC eyeshadows”- the best way is by setting on a flat iron with some wax underneath- it melts the glue right off…

Also, I have several MAC pigment samples for sale- they are $2.49 each and you can find the list here:

And, the only thing you need to not take much of is lipsticks- the rest of it should be fine as long as you are not leaving in a hot car for awhile. It will be fine by plane. BUT… you need to really wrap up your eyeshadows well so they don’t crack!

Ohh- camping should be fine, but I wouldn’t take lipsticks as they may melt. Take some bubble wrap or something soft and wrap around your eyeshadows and tape to they don’t bang around in whatever you are toting them in. If they rattle around too much, they can crack some…

Hi Marlena,

You inspire me so much in wanting to look beautiful everyday. You are soo blessed with such a great talent. I really enjoy your tutorials I am soooo Hooked!! Anyway you menioned to Noelia from chile that you sell NYX on the site for 3.89 each. Where exactly on the site or do you have an ebay i can buy from? thanks :)

What Collection OR colors AND Brushed did you use to do the Kat Von D look? If Anyone Could Answer, It Would Mean A Lot! Thnx! I LOVE YOUR SITE!

Hi Marlena
I absolutely love your videos and was wondering if there was any way you could do either a mini tutorial or a review on how to depot MAC eyeshadows? thanks so much!

hey marlena . i love ur videos and this blog has really helped me alot i bought all 15 colors you mentioned in the must haves for beginners now im looking into getting paint pots ive never tried them which 3 paint pits should i start out with? thank u lova yas !

Hi Marlene,

I have just come across ur vid’s and they are amazin, i am starting make up college in Sept 09 getting some great tips off u, I will be going to New York in March going to buy a lot of mac make up to start my collection, I will be buying make up brushes can u tell me if u can buy a full make up brush set or individual brushes and how much they would cost, very expensive here in Ireland and dont do sets.

Thanks u so much

pink freeze as well! looks great under the brow as a highlight when you have a neutral eye and want a bit more colour as a highlighter!

It doesn’t hold the hair tight enough to make it smooth as shown in TV. If you don’t turn at the right place your hair will be just flat. I have a mix of natural tight curl and wavy thick hair.

this maybe a repetive ? but how did you make those round little circle labels???????
i so wanna “steal” that idea!

Can you do a tutorial with bitter? I loved the color but don’t know how to use it much. My complexion is NC37.


Hi Marlena, I just came across this recently…I loved it!! I just recently started to add to my tiny MAC collection and this helped me put together my first two 15 pallettes. Thanks!