LORAC Makeup: Dark Summer Nights


  • Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation (eBay)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer (Sephora) (eBay)
  • Benefit Coralista Blush (Sephora) (eBay)
  • MAC Shimpagne Mineralized Skinfinish (eBay)


Cheaper Eyeshadow Substitutes:





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Omg! I Love This Look So Much!
Thanks Marlena For This Tutorial, You’re Awesome!
I Cannot Wait To Get This Palette To Try Out This Look!

Love it!

Right now I’m focusing on getting all the products for the candy inspired raspberries and chocolate look that you did! And after that, I think this look is going to be my next one ( :

Thanks Marlena!

Hi Marlena,

Beautiful as always! This is a really nice look on you. You’re always so happy & I love that about you. It makes the world seem like a friendlier place. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to the next look. In the mean time you & Nick take care.

Love it! I use a lot of clay/copper/champagne colors because I have bright blue eyes and red hair, and it makes my eyes pop, so I’m def going to try this look.
Thanks Marlena!

an option for subtitles would be really cool…. for those who maybe cant hear… of have no speakers like me… ;o) but this look is awesome imdeff… gonna try it.

You are A M A Z I N G!!!!!! I keep going on Youtube to see other makeup tutorials and you are the absolute best Marlena. Most of the tutorials on youtube is music and writing. You are the only one that is more personal and show hands-on what should be done, keep up the excellent work as always GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there Marlena…..I want to thank you for your websire…..I have learnt alot about the application that is best for me and I have had many compliments form people. I have heavily hooded eyes from age and I followed your instructions and things are alot diferent now. i have to admit to using my favourite purples in the process but I just love this colour and it seems to suit me. I have been unable to find anything like your site in Australia so am glad that I now subscribe to your site. I loved the” Dark Summer Nights” from todays vid and look forward to seeing more of your expertise. Keep up the good work. I tell all my friends whenever i get the chance to go to your site and subscribe to learn. Keep smiling as a pretty face should never frown.
Thank you.
Stacey Warlich.

HI Marlena love ur look n thanks for shearing it with us!!!!!
Try it definately!!!!!!
Can u pls upload tutorial for Asian bridal makeup

you are so awsome! i nearly bought this pallet 3 weeks ago that black with gold flecks was calling to me. blacks usually intimadate me. being 40 and bleach blond i have alot of trouble pulling black off. but your tutorial gave me new confidence. back to sephora i go!

hi i completely love your make up i am a make up artist as well and i am completely inpired with you.and all tecniques which i am using its all urs love u.take care

you are so cute and you are like my family member my day is not pass without your tutorials.when i am free i only look your tutorials.i am a big fan of urs and this new look is very beautiful as always.tc by

and please one more thing do make up tutorials for asian bridals as well we need it.please give me some good ideas for asian bridals make up through your tutorial,thanks

I LOVE this look! PLEASE post MAC eyeshadow substiitutes for your tutorials. I would really appreciate it.

I swear we are long lost makeup sisters , every time I get something you do too. Its so nice too because sometimes I dont know what to do with it and you give me ideas. Thanks

Hey, Marlena. I love your tutorials and you have given me the confidence to put colors together that I wouldn’t have dared before! Your technique is flawless and I think I am getting it with tons of practice. One quick question for you…Do you ever leave your house without makeup? I have done so only a few times, just to run into someone I knew. I was asked, “are you sick?” Now I feel like I can never leave the house without makeup! Did that ever happen to you? Oh well, keep the tutorials coming. You are awesome!

Hello Marlena,

I love how you do all your tutorials !!! This one is great ….I just bought this the other day and tonight i will try it to go out . You make make-up so much fun!! Thank you !!

hey i love dat look….its realy cute. im only new to this so i havnt tryd nyting yet…nd still tryin to get some good make up together….any suggestions for some essentials????

i love this look marlena!!!!!!!!! i am going to run out and get this kit asap. i love love love your website and look forward to all of your tutorials. you are a very talented make up artist and i cant wait until you do schedule some more MUG classes so my daughter and i can attend. i just hope you decide to do one in the midwest somewhere. keep up the good work girl!!!

You are awesome with your makeup! I love all your different looks, you have such a cute bubbly personality I just love to laugh with you : )

i love this look marlena its gorgeouse for realz and im definetly gonna go to sephora to pick up that pallete it really nice :)

Hi marlena i am absoutely new to the makeup world i jus happend to stumble across your website.. I am wondering if you could give me some pointers on everything makeup lol.. im 23 and have never used makeup. I guess i jus wanted to reach out and give it a shot to see what you’d say back.. thank you bunches .


Im a first here so let me just say I love your website! It has been very helpfull!! I have a small request……can you do a tutorial on black eyeliners and cat eyes and such? It seems like I just cant get it right with the liner. I cant make a fine line or the right flick in the corners…….in smiple-I NEED HELP!! :)

Well thanks a lot, Marlena and greetings to you all from Slovenia!


I love this look!! it is just nice and chic.

I also had notice that you being working on your website, i love it!!

Keep up the good job!

Marlene I love you! I have watched all of your videos. I am in love with make up, like you! Anyways…I was hoping maybe you can make a tutorial on how to make your nose look smaller with make up…I have a large nose, and I was hoping you can teach us how to counture it, and make an illusion of a smaller nose. Thanks, and you are amazing! =D

i agree with annie! can you plz make a tutorial on how 2 make ur nose look smaller? that would be awesome! thnx ur awesome!

marlena you are the best!! i agree with annie and chanel..can u PLZ make a tutorial on how to make ur nose look smaller? that would be so cooL! MuG 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like your style!!

I am mexican and I don`t know very much of English!!!!



me gustan muxo tus tutoriales y me han ayudado a maquillarme
por que antes no sabia nada y ahora poco a poco he aprendido
de una forma rapida y sencilla hacer varias convinaciones…

en este tutorial me gusto mucho como jugaste con los colores cafe…


bueno saludos!!!!


Marlena, let me just say two things:
1. I love the new website! Its beeeautiful!!
2. Your skin looks really nice here, very glowy and non-foundation looking. You should keep using that Chanel foundation because it really does look so much more natural on you.

Keep up the great work!

Hi, i had request a few times ….Megan Fox makeup…i know you have so many messeges…but can you please. please do that makeup og Megan Fox?….i like her i think her makeup is so sexy and unique!

I had watched some tutorials at youtube about Megan fox makeup…but i just trust what you do lol!


i also agree with Bri!! the website it ia just great!!!! and it is true about your skin…Looks more natural now and the camera is behaving better lol, before you used to look yellow and sometimes kind of dark on your \videos…Now,,,,THEY ARE PERFECT!

This is such a beautiful look! I randomly found your videos and your do such a amazing job with makeup! But I was wondering if you could possiblely do a look with the colors blue,silver,and black. They’re my school colors and its my senior year so i want to do something fun on spirit day this year. Please and thank you =)

Hi Marlena, this look is very chic, I love, love, love it !!!
Is it possible when you give us the substitutes, give MAC’s too because in France we haven’t NYX ? Sorry maybe it’s a little bit too much but if you can, it will be so nice !!!
Anyway thank you so much for your website.

this look is really amazing and i could definatly see me or anyone wearing it at night time because of all the dark colors. truely amazing

im a new make up geek veiwer and i have to say all the looks that i have seen i have LOVED.

Hola!, me encantan estos tutoriales, son muy ilustrativos, pero, en Chile puedo encontrar estos maquillajes, en donde???

This is SUCH a great look!! Hey Marlena, do you have any ideas for a back to school makeup look? I want to do a little more than just the natural look…so if you could maybe point out a previous tutorial, or something, that would help! And I am goin to be a freshman, so nothing too extreme. THANKS!!

I love this look Marlena! Its gorgeous =]
I was just wondering if the Mary Kay acne treatment gel really works? I just purchased it because im willing to try anything to help my mild acne. Also, should i not wear powder foundation because I have dried out skin…I just need some tips that would eliminate my blemishes but also not give me a dried out face….please help

thank you

This look is gorgeous!!! you’r doing great work :)
i have a party so you really haled me!!!

thank’s :)

hii marlena i ‘ve been watching you for a month and so >>and i want to say keep going on your make up is the best i learend so much from you and even my family noticed my progress ….>>>>>>^_^ :) yaaey and this progressive is thanks to you…
yea if i have apictuer of arabic women in make up can you make it from apictuer?? if yes then contacte me and i’ll send it to you

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I wore this look last night for a friends birthday party and felt I looked awesome! I’ve learned so much from you since I began watching your tutorials. Although I wasn’t the skinniest at the party last night, I had more self-confidence than the rest of the women there. My husband even commented on how great my eye makeup looked. You are AWESOME!!

hi marlena when will you do your next tortotial its now three weeks sweet heart do your new video we are waiting .

i love this look! also, since you have such nice skin i was wondering what kind of skin care products you use? i’ve been trying lots of different stuff and nothing really give me good results.