Look Naturally Sexy This Valentines

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Valentines is right around the corner and we wanted to share a look to highlight your natural beauty with the ones you love.  Because everyone loved this Valentines look last year, we’ve updated this post a bit.  If you don’t have access to the NYX Pine Nut eyeshadow used in the video, you can also use the Makeup Geek Mocha eyeshadow — it’s better quality too ;)





  • Ardell False Lashes – Dura Lash
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It is so sweet of you to think about us MUGs and pre-record all these videos so that we get to see you and miss you a little less … you are awesome and gorgeous inside and out! Looots of ITALIAN love as always <3


I still can’t believe you’re wearing Revlon Colorstay foundation in these pictures! it looks as though you were wearing some uber pricey highend foundation brand like Cle De Peau or something. It photographs so well! it looks like million bucks on your face. I might just start using it again, but to be honest the smell is kind of hard to tolerate. I wish revlon would reformulate the product so it was scent free.

The look is riveting though!! Your contouring is top notch and I’m in love with that NYX lipgloss!!

looove this look… i’m so torn between this one and another one i saw :/ ahhh!!!
anyhoo it’s ridiculous how unbelievably beautiful you are

Hi Marlena, you look so beautiful. Hope you are feeling better. I always look forward to watching your videos.I am sooo gonna do this look!!
Your biggest fan,

Thank you so much for all of your video’s and articles. Hope you are doing good progress post-op. Thanks for thinking of us, I know we’re thinking of u ;)

I love the makeup, but wow! Girl, I looooove your hair! How’d you achieve the look?
And by the way, CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss. I wish you a speedy recovery as well.
All the best,
Lori <3

This is such a sweetheart look! Ive been workin the smoky eye for sooo many months now, I think im gonna try this tomorrow! And your skin looks great!

Love this look! Simple yet gorgeous. Hope you are feeling better and thanks got making a lot of videos in advance for us. :)

Marlena this is BEAUTIFUL!! Haha loving the thought ‘you don’t want to look like you have a beard’ haha!!!!! Do you mind checking out some of your previous vids (long question from me about 3 or 4 vids ago) and answering the questions?? If not don’t worry i will just copy and paste my question on your next vid!!! Thanks soo soo soo much for all your amazing work and help!!!!!!!
YOU’RE MY MAKEUP STAR!!! Keep up your outstanding workk!!!!

I love this look. Unfortunately i cant watch the video here in germany :(
But the pictures are great. You are so beautiful marlena <3

I love her!! marlena– thinking of you, I had one of the same procedures you had, and boy, sitting up it trying! but it’s worth it, in the end. I wish you health and happiness. you’re a wonderful person, I feel like I know you from the videos. I tell everyone about makeupgeek.com. take care, get some rest and heal like a champ! can’t wait to see the next videos! ;)

from pa

I came across one of your tutorials on youtube and since then I have been addicated to your website. You have given me so many great tips and your makeup applications are beautiful. I have tried some of your suggestions and have been very happy with all the makeup! Keep up the great work! Thank you!!!!!!

There’s only a Naked Lunch Eyeshadow from M.A.C. But their in the same range I would say, but Naked is very skin-tones for me!

I love these natural looks.They are amaaaazing !!
I hope U feel better and better with every each day !! :)

i have a question…will this stuff work on me? i have dark skin :(
i’m an NW 45 in mac foundation…i’m worried that some of this is too light for me.

then don’t watch the tutorial, no one here cares if you don’t like the look there’s no reason to point it out

Get off this site if you’re going to be rude. You don’t even have the defense of providing “constructive criticism”. Save your bitchy, immature comments for commenting on celebrity wardrobe malfunctions from ridiculous People magazine…you seem like that kind of person. Most of us have been following Marlena for years and have a lot of respect and admiration for her. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

Marlena, I know this is slightly off topic, but I just have to congratulate you on your continued weight loss! The thinner you get the more you seem to resemble Ashley Greene to me. I hope that you’ll take that as a compliment because I mean it as such! You are so very talented and driven, all of us could learn a lot more than makeup tricks from you!

Love it, simple and natural. But I’m not sure if it’s my iPhone but I don’t see a video, just photos. :-(

Hi Marlena,

Hope things are getting well with your operation. Thanks for your web, love to check it out. Please recover as soon as possible. It’s nice to have you around here.

Best regards, Paloma

Marlena, I must say Im kind of disappointed that you say “we all want to look sexy for our men,” as if all of your viewers and fans are heterosexual/ and or, exclusively interested in men. Not all of us are- and we want to look sexy anyway- regardless of the gender of our love interest. :/

If Marlena or someone says “we all want to look sexy for our men,” it’s just because for years and years we’ve been used to hear about heterosexual couples. That doesn’t mean that she’s again homosexual people. I support same-sex couples, I have nothing agains them but please, let’s be tolerant with both sides, with those who accept them and those who don’t.

I agree also with same sex blah and blah, but this has nothing to do with it!!
I agree with Mariah, Who cares if she said that? People are so sensitive now a days, its not like she said something so horrible

Anyways, Love you marlena. Best V day tutorial

I thought the same thing. While it may be unintentional, it was offensive. I’m a lesbian and want to look good for my WOMAN. And to the idiots and five year olds who have responded naïvely to this comment: you need to strive for an education in reality and anti-bigotry. Thank you. (:

I agree, I too felt a bit disappointed, though I understand the others, we live in a “heterosexual” society, and are bombarded with heterosexual couples on a daily basis that scream, “This is the norm!”

I’m pretty sure Marlena didn’t mean to offend. If you have followed her like the rest of us for the many years we have, you would know she is a sweetheart. A lot of heteros don’t realize what they say because they have/and are used to the society/lifestyle that they live. It is no different than anyone else. It may SEEM like she is speaking for the “norm” but accept that she is hetero and I’m very sure she didn’t mean anything against the gay community.

<3 Love & peace everyone! This look would look great on anyone male or female who are attracted to the opposite or same sex. : )

Amazing look! I’ll try it this Valentine’s day with my boyfriend :D I hope your recovery is OK and that you’re satisfied with the results. Greetings from France.

Hey love this look. I think that i might wear it for vday for my boyfriend he will be thrilled. :) And the photoe of u with the rose in your hand is just beautiful.

This look is sooooo beautiful! I also LOVE how you did your hair, how did you get those kind of wavy/curls? And the hair color is perfect also!

Hi Marlena, I have never posted on here before, but I wanted you to know, that I admire what you have done and keep doing for yourself. I am trying to lose 15 lbs and I’m having a hard time, so what you have been able to do inspires me. And to share all thi with us is very coragous. Hope you are feeling better and I wish you all the best. You deserve it.
By the way, I love your make up tutorials, you have thouhgt me alot.

Hey marlena first I really do love your work and and am sooooo impressed that you got the bravery to do that operation! buuut i do live in germany and cant watch all of your videos…PLEASE change it! that would be sooo nice:)
lots of love from cold germany:)

Love Love LOVE this look!!!!!!! Thanks for all of these wonderfull posts and videos!!!!!! They help a lot!!!!! I hope you are feeling ok and the recovery is going good!!! :)

You couldn’t be more right, my fiance loves my natural makeup more than any other. I tried this last weekend and I loved it when he said ” I love your makeup like that, it’s my favorite on you, you are so beautiful”

Thanks agian Marlena! Hope you are having a speedy recovery and have a “Naturally sexy Valentines Day” yourself ;) <3 xo.

hi marlena,

hope you are healing well! i am so excited for you and hope that the result is even better than you imagine!

i live in germany and unfortunately cannot see this and the newest video (the pink look) either, so i would be so grateful, if you could upload these two so that we can also see them!! you look so cute in the pics and i would love to see how you did the make-up! of course you need to rest, so please do take your time to get well first!

thanks so much and i wish you a great and fast recovery!

best wishes from germany,


Thank you so much for doing this tutorial. I’m obsessed with this look!!! I’ve struggled with makeup my whole life, but I’ve recently been watching your tutorials and finally feel like I can actually do it! Quick question about the false eyelashes though… do they stay on a long time or will they need to be reapplied for long wear? I work as a waitress on the weekends and sometimes work 8-10 hours a shift. Also, do you recommend them for people with contacts, like me? Again, thanks so much for your wonderful tutorials!

Marlena, I have learned so much from your videos. I live in a rather small town and there is not much in the way of makeup inspiration or instruction. I recently came across the wonderful world of you tube (I have known about it for a while just not how helpful it can be) and I am hooked on your tutorials. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my make up. Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

You are such an amazing person Marlena! Ido not judge you at all. Good luck and I hope you recover soon and get the results you were hoping for! Just wanted to let you know, you always inspired me to be a creative makeup artist. Thanks ;)

Just curious if you wear Revlon Colorystay stay for oily skin or the one with soft flex for dry skin. I can tell a big difference between the two and like everyone else said, it looks beautiful on you!

Hey Marlena,

The video is awesome, and I want to recreate the look. I think I have fallen in love with the eye-liner you were using. What is it???

i”ve been watching your videos for a while and this is the first time i’ve gotten up the courage to post a comment haha =) you are amazingly talented and i hope your recovery is going well, you deserve it after working so hard on your weight loss and you are absolutely gorgeous no matter what. And i was also hoping you had a trick for bringing out the green in brown/hazel eyes? mine are a really light brown and they have green flecks but unfortunately they only show up in the sun. i’ve tried gold and green shadows but so far nothing has seemed to make the green stand out more. =) hopefully you get a chance to check this out and feel better soon
P.S. the last picture is amazingly beautiful


I have learned SO much from your website and tutorials! I’m working on my techniques for applying makeup and have already started receiving complimentsl Thank you!

I was in my local Ulta yesterday and saw the NYX pearl powder eye shadows. MAC products are out of my price range (can you say preschool teachers are underpaid?). Is there a NYC shadow that might come close to the MAC Naked Pigment?

Again, thank you so much for sharing your talent and abilities with the world. You seem to be a truly special person. God bless!


Why can’t we look sexy for our women…..? Was that just an ‘oopsie’? Or is there actual discrimination against your lesbian followers….

I know Marlena wouldn’t discriminate. Being a straight female, I’m sure it’s just a habit of being in the mindset of “looking sexy for a man”.

I wouldn’t read too much into it. :)

I’m trying not to… I don’t want to be offended because I absolutely ADORE her. She’s talented and beautiful and so sweet. I was just…surprised, I guess. Although I know I shouldn’t be because we live in a heterosexual world. I’m a lesbian who likes to put on makeup and do her hair and nails and wants to look good for her woman. But what can you do. I’m not faulting her. I doubt she meant any harm. I was in a ranty mood, I suppose. Thank you. (:

I’m pretty sure Marlena didn’t mean to offend. If you have followed her like the rest of us for the many years we have, you would know she is a sweetheart. A lot of heteros don’t realize what they say because they have/and are used to the society/lifestyle that they live. It is no different than anyone else. It may SEEM like she is speaking for the “norm” but accept that she is hetero and I’m very sure she didn’t mean anything against the gay community.

<3 Love & peace everyone! This look would look great on anyone male or female who are attracted to the opposite or same sex. : )
Rosalind, don't worry, you should know Marlena is awesome!! Just like many of us who want hetero to think not everyone is hetero, we can't always think that everyone is gay <3

Thank you, Dee. I didn’t mean to sound upset or act so rudely. I hate making excuses but earlier I had dealt with someone who actually WAS discriminating and said some rather hurtful things to me and my girlfriend.

I didn’t mean to be so rude. I love Marlena. She is the biggest sweetheart and I am sure she’s an accepting person. I am too, and I’m sorry for reacting as I did.

Thanks for your kindness. (:

awe <3 no need to be so apologetic! Misunderstandings happen all the time. Anyone can understand you were just venting from a really bad problem.

Hope you'll try this look and impress your gf! ;D:D

pleeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzZZZZZZzzzzzz do A new makeup look for this VALENTIN


once again Marlena has Nailed it w a simple but sexy look..i am going to try this with my new muggy shadows!

Lovely look. Gonna try it tomorrow.
Btw, i luuuuv your MUG Eyeshadows. Just ordered another HUGE batch.It´s gonna take forever to get here though. It takes such a long time to get those things through custum procedere. I hope i´m gonna have it by the end of February. Can´t wait.

Hi Marlena !
Thanks for your tutorials, it’s help me doing better makeup on me (sorry I’m French and not very good in English). Since December I have many of your products, MUG’s brushes and some eyeshadow , very good quality and reasonable price. I’m so happy to learn and learn again with your help !
Thanks and I hope you continue your tutorials very long time.
Je te souhaite par avance une bonne Saint Valentin !!!

Hi! I love, Love, LOVE this look! I’m a younger makeup wearer though, and MAC is out of the question for me! Is there an alternative to the MAC products that were used in this video?? Thanks so much!!!! XOXO

i love this natural look marlena i was wondering have you ever tried the lip inflation lip glosses i was wondering what is a good on i bought sally hansen lip inflation but i does not work can you do a review on this please :)

I am sure Marlena did not mean to upset anyone by her comment – looking sexy for a man ! So all the rude comments are very uncalled for !! GREAT VIDEO — AS ALWAYS !!

Awesome! We all know men love the natural look but without makeup we all look pale so this look is definitely rocking valentines day! Happy valentines day to all those celebrating this romantic occasion!

I love how you post the mug eyeshadow alternative!!!! Thank you. I just got my starter kit and LOVE my new shadows! I love this look and I will be wearing this look:) I am a new Muggie and proud!!!

Love it! Do you have a MUG alternative to the MAC’s silver dusk? Your shop has been out and don’t think i would ever use all of the full price one. Thanks in advance?