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hi marlena, im from australia and we don’t have the estrogen healthy skin foundation here so i was wondering what are somke of your other favourite cheap foundations. thanks xxx

The maybeliene Fit me is worth a trym there are lots of colours available, i’m in Australia too, this is probably one of the good ‘cheaper’ brands.

You can order via a parcel forwarding service – I’m from Australia and that’s how I got mine. I use HopShopGo and ordered from Ulta through them. You have to wait a little while and the shipping can cost a little bit, but in the end it still ends up being cheaper (I also use this to order stuff from the US MAC site to save $$).

hey marlena your really pretty and i was wondering if you could do a makeup routine on tan/darker skins pleassssseeeee

Marlena, the finish of your foundation is great, but sorry to say that the colour is way too yellow/olive for you… I am sorry but the shade looks terrible on you :S Or is it just on camera? Best wishes

I think it’s when she uses this white background and lighting. I don’t really see the yellowish tone.. but the tutorials she does with this white background really washes out the colours…

Can I make a third on that! Also can you also give an idea of an reasonably prices highlighter for tan/darker skin?

Your look is very nice,and as for me/your foundation does not look yellow.Here in Ukraine we have not brand Neutrogena,i hope you will mention something more.

Hi Marlena Nice tutorial (like always)
I live in Central America and here the weather is pretty warm. Could you please make a tutorial about foundations for this kind of weather? Most of the time I found that liquid foundations (no matter the brand) are not a good alternative and I tried with powder foundations but I guess that I didn’t used the right one. I have medium skin tone, combination skin and I don’t have a bad skin only a few dark spots and sometimes a little breakouts.

I agree that the colour is the wrong shade.. I have noticed that in the other videos that your using the wrong color, looks yellow, so it really takes of the noice glow you alreday have in your skin:)
Im not saying this too bee rude. hope you get the right colour next time:)

the blush and highlighter looks amazing:)

keep up the good work:)

love from Norway

I think part of it is just how the colors show up on camera. Colors show up really weird. Maybe not.. who knows.

hi Marlena i love your tutorials and this one was exactly what I’ve been looking for since it’s gotten colder and my skin dryer. I was actually wondering if I could use the mug stippling brush instead of the beauty blender and I know that in your earlier tutorials you raved about the mabelline dream mouse blush. Could i substitute the nyx blush with that? thanks so much for your awesome make up tutorials and I hope you have a great holiday season :) much love

i’m all for a natural and fresh face and i often use a highlighter just like Marlena used here and just wanted to share that a great inexpensive creamy highlighter is the Shimmering Facial Whip sold by E.L.F. Cosmetics. It’s only ONE DOLLAR! You just can’t beat that, seriously. It comes in 8 different colors and will last a very long time, i use just a small dot to highlight my cheek bones and down the center of my nose. Here’s the link: http://www.eyeslipsface.com/elf/face/shimmer/shimmering_facial_whip

Hello Marlena, I realy like your tutorials. I learned much from you and thank you for that. Keep healty you too. :)

Hi Marlena!
Thank you so much for this video! This look is exactly what I was looking for! :) I was wondering if there are any cheaper alternatives to the Mac cream blush? And which NYX cream blushes do you recommend?
Thank you so much for your time!
Danielle :) xoxo

I just watched the video in response to haters – ow whatever it was totled-sorry!! I obviously dont I know you, but you come accross as a really lovely and sweet person and I feel annoyed that someone would have to defend themselves like that!! As for the comments you made defeiding yourself – the only reason anyone would say anything negative about you is because they are jealous.I hope you ignore them – try not to read those things. I for one log on to your site as I think you give excellent tips and advise and your videos are fun to watch. Actually you have probably saved me a fortune in not going for make up lessons!! Really ignore any negative comments – people who act like that, esp on the internet, are just responding to their own insecurities – leave them to it is what I say! And thanks for all the great tips and advise!! Love your site! Ps-sorry if this comment is left in the wrong place – I saw the video on dewy skin and the next one came up – wouldnt normally leave a comment, but felt strongly about it!!

So glad I can watch the new video. Some of the newer ones have music in them that are not copyrighted for Germany so I can’t watch them. Boo! But, super excited.

In Winter, I actually blend my foundation completely with a moisturizer and apply them both at the same time. If I am extra dry, then I put on moisturizer by itself even before. Sometimes, at the end I will spray one Dew Me Finishing Spray from Urban Decay on my face.

Hi Marlena, Have you ever tried the NARS skin smoothing face prep as a primer to minimize pores? and how does it compare to the Clinique one you used in this video?
I love your website!


I love your makeup techniques, and YOUR primers, foundation are not too yellow!! YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! and the tips, site.. is fabby.. You go girl,and for the other people who attest to it being too yellow.. , Pftt.. you got a makeup degree?

Great video…. What do you think is the best drugstore concealer for combination to oily skin???????? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As always you look AMAZING!!!! I just want to say all you viedos are sooooo inspiring. Can you please recomend a foundation that isn’t heavy. I live in FL and I just dont like it when I feel like I have a lot of “Stuff” on my face. Also If you can recomend a hilighted for tan skin that would be great also. I think you are doing a great job so keep up the good work!!!! :)

Thank you for all of your wonderful tutorials! I’m wondering what drug store brand that is oil-free would you recommend for a dewy finish? I have pretty sensitive skin & definitely need an oil-free product. Thanks :)

Hi Marlena,

my skin is very sensitive to the sun so I have to wear sunscreen everyday and it usually shows.

Could you make a tutorial on powders like the MAC PREP + PRIME Translucent Finishing Powder, they say you can wear it on bare moisturized skin (I don’t like foundation), please ????????

Thank you, your videos are awesome!

THANK YOU MARLENA FOR THIS GREAT HELPFUL VIDEO. i was just thinking of a way to apply my face makeup for the winter cause i have oily/combo skin, but in the winter it gets dry in some areas as well. this is definitely helpful for me. love you marlena!!!

Marlena, the NARS sheer glow foundation broke me out too! Bought this a year ago (was pressured into getting it by a NARS sales associate) and I found it gave me dozens of underground pimples (forget the name of this type of Acne, but I know it’s brought on by makeup) I believe it’s because of a particular ingredient, probably Dimethicone. I prefer Laura Mercier oil free and Sally Hanson foundation, I find they both work fantastic and never have I had a skin reaction from either of them, only two I’ve ever had good luck with, even MUFE HD broke me out hideously.

Hi Marlena, love this tutorial. Please do more like this. Also which is the cheaper nyx blush? Love and admire your work, Love your laugh

Hey Marlena! I have a question for you!! I am sixteen and doing my first makeup job at a wedding. I really want to get professional makeup and palattes and all that good stuff, but I can’t afford M.U.D or M.A.C. Do you have any suggestions on where to get that sorta stuff at a reasonable price??

Hi marlena,
I was just wondering would you reccomend the beauty blender for acne prone skin.. I love the flawless finish it gives you and i really want to get one but im afraid it wong cover up my acne or acne marks plz reply soon. Ps Ur awsome :)

Hey Marlena! I love your videos, I’ve learned so much from them:) But I had a question about foundation use for my skin. I have very sensitive dry skin, and I don’t really like to use liquid foundation, so I have been using the bare essential powder foundations because it does not break me out. I on the other hand, I would like to find a decent liquid foundation to use, to get a different effect on my face, rather then what the powder does. Any suggestions? I am also willing to go a little pricy if needed on a product.

hi marlena
i’m actually writing to agree with the person who was commenting about the video to your “haters” i second what she says….i can’t believe the nerve on people who have nothing better to do than to judge you and say mean things about you…what you do in your personal life is your business and not anyone elses…i agree, they must be jealous and miserable human beings to put you down enough where you felt you had to tape a video to justify and explain yourself…you don’t need to do that what so ever!! after everything you do for us mugs all the things we’ve learned from you and all the wonderful tut., the tips , the reviews and everything else you do for us for FREE!! and people are still negative….honestly!!!! i just don’t get it…we love you and think you’re awesome AND you’re NOT A FAKE…anyone with half a brain can see what a geniun sweet person you are! god bless and thank you thank you thank you for all you do for us and sharing all your knowledge with us.

I’ve heard so many good things about the Neutrogena foundation but sadly we dont get any of the Neutrogena cosmetics here in the UK, only cleansing type products :(

Hi! I’m sure you heard of this so many times…. you do look BEAUTIFUL without makeup!!! Love the way you look with just simple makeup.
Marlena, I also got the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation #60 a week ago. How does it compare to MUFE HD (#120)? I’m thinking of getting that for special occasion. Thanks!

About the wrong color foundation, for me, they’re your computers/monitor/both the cause (maybe not a good graphic card, or weakness about memory). In my computer, this foundation looks really right and same as her hands ;)

So check your pc before complain.

Marlena, What shade do you wear in makeup forever HD foundation? I wear the same shades as you in the other ones and I really want to try makeup forever

Hi Marlena! I freakin love your website!!!!! Have you ever tried the MUFE Shine On as a cheek highlighter? Wondering your thoughts on it… thanks so much.

i was wondering whats a good highlighter to use that’s fairly inexpensive. I’m using a mac one now and it’s just not working for me maybe i need a liquid one. what do you suggest?

my question….what kinda makeup can use for almost pale/ivory skin to make it look glow throu the winter season? I have many products in my case and couldn’t find right one to leave me look natural and glow without require thousand makeup products to do. can you help me?
my eye are bright blue and hair is red…skin pale ivory…

Hi Marlena!
Just a quick question.. I’ve been thinking about ordering myself one of those beautyblender sponges, but I see that there’s a special cleanser to go along with it. Is it important to purchase this cleanser to use on the sponge or is it possible for me to just use my regular brush cleanser?
Thank you!

ps- if anybody else knows the answer to this please let me know (: thanks<3

Hi would you please show us how you groom and fill your eyeshadows? I think a lot of us would really love that… Thank you and keep it up… We love you Marlena…

Hi! What is the difference between Eve Pearl’s Salmon concealer and the duo concealer she offers? The concealer you used in this video is amazing. I was in aww with the results.

I just have a quick question. In general, does it matter if you put foundation first? I have seen where people put foundation first but some put concealer first. Or does it just depend on the look you’re going for? Thanks a bunch.

Dont know if Marlena will have a chance to respond because she gets so many questions…but I have been viewing her website for about a year now and have seen most if not all of the videos she has ever made. The last video she did on her latest face routine (before this one) she mentioned you can put concealer on before or after the foundation if it matches the foundation color perfectly. If not she puts it on before foundation. She sometimes uses the green color concealers for redened areas (like for around the nose) and the orange (like eve pearl) concealer for dark circles under your eyes. Both of these of coarse you need to put on before the foundation. As far as regular concealer it doesnt matter. Unless her technique as changed since her last video. Hope this was helpful. :)

hi marlena i love the look your skin its amazing i just want to know what primer you recommended for matyre skin i hope you can answer me thanks and have a wonderful day =D

Very Pretty, But I have a question. I have seen your Acne video to cover the acne.But I have acne scars and tend to find that when I put foundation on that the scars show a bit more. I use MAC founddation and concealer. Do oyou recommend another produce and possible way of application?

do you put a primer first? it helps also if you exfoliate first before everything it helps. watch lisa eldrige on youtube also she was great vid on acne. hope it helps.

p.s. do I know you?

The bully slayer emerges again. I havent commented in a while because I have been super busy, but I follow as best I can usually once a week. My heart broke watching the video adressing the haters. Problem is, Marlena love, they exist and are everywhere. they are so irrelevant, that Im sorry they got under your skin at all. Thats the problem with people these days, there are so many insecure people who dont know how to deal with themselves, so they band together to try and break down a positive person like you. a successsful person. Thank you for all that you have shared and taught us. I have clients now. I have a reputation now for being able to impliment the techniques you have demonstrated. I give you the credit. I may have even aquired a hater or 2 myself. But guess what? I have real love in my life from my kids, husband, family, and friends… and thats what slays the haters in their tracks. I dont care what you do or dont do, you serve a worthy cause in my life everyday along with so many significantly good people. This is a makeup Geek army (corny!) and I say” have a good day” to those who love to hate.

Hello Marlena,
I am an older viewer (45) and have just gotten back into the makeup routine. I have just dropped 40lbs and the Inner G in me is coming out and is a little more sassy then I use to be. Anyway I love your videos and although I really love your more natural looks. I have a couple of questions.

-In this dewy look tut, you seem to also cover your eyes. Do you use your face primer and foundation on your eyes also? I have never used primer before but started last week and love how my makeup is lasting all day.

-When cleansing your face – I am assuming you use the makeup remover then wash (exfoliate) , tone and moisturize. Is this correct.

Now for a suggestions- you might put in a quick find or sequence tree for us “newbies” 1. concealer/foundation – list links to the tutorials 2. blush/contouring/bronzing- links to the tutorials.. ect.. In the order that you would put them in. In the store you might suggest they group the brushes in kits similar to the tutorial kits they have (love those) and add links to the tutorials for the kits. Just a thought…. Sorry if I over stepped. Did I mention I love your videos!!!

Thanks for making this a more beautiful world and inspiring the InnerG in me!


I just luv the dewy look tutorial for the winter but my question , is the very first step moisturizer prior to the clinique primer?
Thx for all ur great tips and make up tutorials I’m learning so much and am having fun with my make up everyday!

Happy holidays
Sarah :)

Marlena – I continue to learn SO much from your videos!!! YOU . . . are a fav . . . among all of the makeup geeks out there. BRAVO! Thank you

Marlena, can you pleasee pleasee do an updated skin care routine? i have oily skin just like you and? acne prone , I’m really interested in knowing what products you use to help your skin look all glowy

Marlena, I just want to say THANK YOU for your amazing inspiration and makeup education. I am a 35-year-old Wisconsin stay-at-home mom and have never felt more beautiful in large part to learning from your professional tutorials. I will forever be grateful for stumbling upon your Makeup Geek site when looking for a smokey eye tutorial a couple of years ago. Any “haters” out there are just jealous. You are a smart, sexy, kind person offering your expertise to millions of thankful viewers. Keep it coming! Good luck with building your business!!

That’s something I would also love to know, but I found some gorgeous handmade feather earrings at http://www.etsy.com/ that I just love. Some are more expensive than others, but you have to look at the quality of the work, as well as how much it contains (chains they possibly linked themselves, and such) and what types of materials they’ve used (certain feathers cost much more than others). Have fun shopping! ^.^

Hi Marlena,
Huge fan! You are awesome! I only have one question, Do u prefer the beauty blender over the stippling brush? I have had the brush for about 3 months and love it, but now i see u using the beauty blender more, which is ur favorite?

hi marlena, tell me alternative foundation for oily skin or which foundation i should use during winter on my oily skin

What a fantastic look. Thank you for the tips. I intend to order the suggested concealer and priced you used medium. Really? I would have thought to choose the light. Isn’t the medium pretty dark?

Marlena you are the absolute best!!! i just got the neutrogena healthy skin foundation today and i was a little scared the color wouldn’t match my skin tone, but it was perfect. I go it in natural beige 60 just like you because I’m also about an NC30 in MAC. It looks so good! I’m so happy with this purchase and so thankful for your website! I was just wondering if you knew of a drugstore concealer that would be just as good as the eve pearl one, thanks again!

Okay, after having read every single comment and not seeing my question already among them, I can finally fill this out! lol

Dear Marlena (or whomever happens to know the answer and responds ~.^):

This has to be one of my favourite tutorials. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup. And even when I do have to wear a fair amount, I don’t like to LOOK like I’m wearing a lot. This is a beautiful winter fresh style because it emphasizes the natural beauty of the individual’s face without making it look like you’re over make-up’ed. ^.^

Now, my question is this: In the tutorial you mentioned a foundation comparable to the Nars Sheer Glow (something I won’t touch because I have baby sensitive skin, and have already heard other complaints about breakouts). The one you made mention of was from Lancome, but you couldn’t pronounce the name. So I’m wondering if you, or someone else who might know, would mind typing out the name of that foundation for all of us to see.

I’m going make-up shopping in the very near future, so I wanted to jot down some prices beforehand in order to know how much to put aside (like what I’m going to be spending in the MUG store shortly ~.^). As they say in Japan …. arigatou gozaimasu! m(_ _)m (Bowing.)

I loved your tutorial. I like in the UK and I don’t really want to get the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation all the way from USA. So what alternative can I use that I can get eaisily in the UK!!

Thanks :) xx

I loved this tutorial.
I live in UK and don’t want to get Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation all the way froem USA. So what allternative can I use? Please help!!
Thanks :) xx

Hi there, I luv your tutorials. Could you recommend an inexpensive highlighter? Also, I am very oily, what powder foundation do you recommend?