Lana Del Ray Inspired Makeup

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You may remember Petja from the wonderful Valentines Look she did and her Golden Brown Look .  She has created yet another stunning look using the Makeup Geek eyeshadows and has a video to go along with it.   We also created  a step-by-step guide that will help you recreate this impressive look.  We hope you enjoy it!

Everyone is enamored with Lana Del Rey’s soft, sultry voice.  But that’s not all, her flawless and timeless look has captured the heart of Makeup Geeks everywhere. Her look is quickly becoming just as famous as she is. Here, Petja shows us how we can achieve that same smoldering look that Lana has using Makeup Geek eyeshadows.  Petja is also going to teach us how to use the Makeup Geek Corrupt to create her signature winged eyes.



  • MAC Lipliner – Stone (eBay)
  • Rimmel Lipstick – 03


Get the Look

  • Start by blending a light wash of the color Shimma Shimma with a fluffy brush to the entire lid.
  • Apply Moondust to the crease of the eye and gently blend out bringing the color slightly above the crease.
  • Using a combination of Moondust and Mocha with a smaller crease brush, blend the colors into the crease and underneath the eyes. Make sure to avoid any harsh lines, this should appear as a soft wash of color on your eyes.
  • Next, the thing that Lana is known best for…her eyeliner. Using a mixing medium such as MAC, spray it directly onto your brush and dip into a corner of the eyeshadow. You can use water but it will evaporate and not work as well as a mixing medium. If you have contact solution that will work well also.
  • Using an angled eyeliner brush like MAC’s angled brow brush, dip your brush into Corrupt.
  • Make a sharp, crisp line on the outer portion of your eye. If you are unsure on how to do this check out our video “How To Use an Angled Liner Brush”. You can also use a piece of scotch tape on the outer corner of your eye to help create the crisp edge.
  • Wing out the eyeliner, making sure your lines are thick to mimic Lana’s look. Also, keep the outer parts of the eyeliner the thickest and allow it to be thinner as it comes in.
  • Go back and make sure your lines are even and the edges are clean.
  • Using the same angled brush, apply Corrupt under the eyes as well making sure to connect the top and bottom of the eyeliner.
  • Use a flesh toned eyeliner to waterline the eyes. If you have pale skin, use white eyeliner. This will help open your eyes up.
  • With a small crease brush, go back with the Mocha and Unexpected and apply over the edge of the Corrupt on the bottom of the lash line to smoke out your eyeshadow.
  • Curl your lashes, and apply your favorite mascara.
  • Last, apply a set of false lashes like Ardell’s Accent lashes. These are just for the outer corner of your eyes and will help pull your eye up accentuating the winged effect.
  • Accentuate the cheekbones with a bronzer and a soft peachy nude color to the lips. With such dramatic eyes, you want to keep the cheeks and lips played down.

Endless Possibilities

If you want to intensify this look, add a bit of Corrupt to the outer v section of the eye with the Makeup Geek Outer V Brush. Also, add a wash of Shimma Shimma under the brow for a highlight.

And there you have it, Lana Del Rey’s signature look. Perfect for a night out with friends or on a hot date. No matter how you choose to wear this, you are sure to feel as sultry and sexy as Lana herself.

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Fabulous! This a gorgeous look and resembles Lana Del Ray’s make up perfectly. I really enjoy Petra’s videos — very talented indeed!

Thanks MUG!


Your eyes look AMAZING also love the way you show use doing your eyebrows, that’s the one thing marlanna neve has done yet….. Keep it up thx :)

Your awesome at this. Before I found this website makeup was whatever to me. Now I’m sooo addicted to all the videos you’ve made. :)
Can you do Zooey Deschannel’s look? I love her make up.

Thank you for the wonderful video on how to create this look! It was so easy to follow! Two questions: can you share the nail polish color you’re wearing? Also, is your hair color natural? It’s the exact red I’d love to have! If you do it yourself, could you share what color dye you use? Thank you for this great tutorial!

Thank you very much! I am actually wearing Shellac on my nails and it’s a mixture of two colors which I don’t know the names … but I can ask and let you know later :) My hair is dyed professionally in salon (using L’oreal colors) but I have a lot of red pigment in my hair originally as I am very light almost blonde-redhead … hard to explain … anyway that also creates a base to the color that is used … sorry I couldn’t help you more …