Kim Kardashian Vegas Photoshoot Makeup


  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation   (eBayAmazon)
  • Makeup Forever Concealer in #15 “Golden Beige”     (Sephora)  (eBay)
  • MAC Prep and Prime Setting Powder     (MAC)
  • NYX Blush in “Peach”         (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Physician’s Formula Mosaic Bronzer     (eBayAmazon)
  • MAC Cream Color Base in “Pearl”     (MAC)  (eBay)




  • MAC 239-  Flat Stiff Brush     (MAC)
  • Essence of Beauty Crease Brush Duo     (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Revlon Blending Brush
  • MAC 168 – Angled Blush Brush     (MAC)
  • Sigma Kabuki Brush      (Sigma)

Ring: Exquisitely Yours Boutique on eBay



Kim Kardashian 88 Palette

Makeup Used in Kim’s Photoshoot:

*Makeup done by Mario Dedivanovic


  • Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer    (eBay)   (Amazon)
  • Giorgio Armani Foundation    (eBay)
  • Makeup Forever Lift Concealer     (Sephora)
  • Shu Uemura Pro Concealer     (Amazon)
  • Estee Lauder Loose Powder     (eBay)   (Amazon)
  • Smashbox Bronze Lights Bronzer     (Sephora)  (eBay)   (Amazon)
  • Kevin Aucoin Blush in “Shadore”


  • Urban Decay e/s in “Vapor”     (Sephora)  (eBay)   (Amazon)
  • Urban Decay e/s in “Chopper”     (Sephora)   (eBay)   (Amazon)
  • MAC e/s in “Cork”       (MAC)
  • MAC Eye Kohl in “Smolder”       (MAC)
  • Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara    (eBay)   (Amazon)


  • MAC Lipliner in “Gingerroot”     (eBay)
  • MAC Lipstick in “Fresh Brew”     (MAC)
  • MAC Lipstick in “Hug Me”       (MAC)
  • MAC Dazzleglass in “Glamour OD”     (eBay)
  • MAC Dazzleglass in “Sugarrimmed”    (MAC)

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CEO of Makeup Geek and Makeup Educator


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You are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Superb job!! It’s amazing that you get the same look (if not better) with a few more affordable brands. Great idea for a tutorial.

hey :) i bought the Revlon Blending Brush a while ago and when i was using it i noticed that the hairs kept falling out. i was wondering if you had that problem? or did i just get a bad brush from the collection?


The look is GEORGEOUS! You look super HOT! And the tutorial is AMAZING!

I think it was a great idea to do the tutorial with affordable products!!!!!

Thank you!

I love this look! I also love that you showed inexpensive products to use too. I love urban decay and have all these colors so I will be doing this look very soon. Thanks so much!

Hi Marlena,
Thanks for all your tutorals.. Thanks alot for doing one with the warm palette. Love it! Oh so do you know when You will be coming to Houston in Oct.??, Where, Time.. How much is the ticket? Please let us know.. Thanks….

I love this site! I found it the other day when I was on one of those makeover sites. I am addicted to it and have made it my homepage so I don’t miss anything new. You have inspired me to get back into makeup. When my kids were little I didn’t do much with makeup because I didn’t have the time. They are older now and I have more time to spend on myself. I have lost 25lbs and plan to loose at least 50 more. You have given me that extra fire to make sure I spend more time on me. I love your videos they are so helpful and have explained why sometimes my makeup doesn’t come out like I thought it would. I also wanted to say that it is refreshing to have a makeup artist with a great personality! Sometimes artist tend to get a big head and it is just nice to see someone so friendly and down to earth. Did you notice that Kim’s # 3 video is the same as #1? Oh well they are great anyway! Keep up the great work we do appreciate all the time and effort you put into your videos!

That’s SO great to hear!! Congratulations on your weight loss- I know how hard that is! I’m trying to lose 50 more myself- just one day at a time ;)

Thanks for the comment it means a lot. You do have to take the weight loss one day at a time or it will drive you nuts! One thing that has helped is that I only weigh myself once a week and I don’t go by the numbers as much as the difference in my clothes. I don’t limit what I eat just the amount I eat and I stay away from the seconds plate. As soon as I am done eating I take my plate straight to the sink and run water on it so I can’t get seconds. I have also started drinking a lot more water. These are just a few things that have helped me. You have to find what works for you and not what works for someone else that is the only way you can stick with it. Good luck and don’t let the little things discourage you!

Oooooooh Marlena! I love this look! Can’t wait to chek it on youtube! I’m in China now and youtube, facebook, twitter are blocked here! I’m going to Poland in 2 days anyway, so back to civilized life again! Hehehe

I like your look even more then the one they used- and I love NYX products too. I was thinking of getting the NYX blush in peach and now I am certain I want to get it.

i love this look! i recently did this for a photo shoot i worked on with a kim kardashian lookalike! marlena you look gorgeous as always!


I LOVE THIS LOOK! I have been trying to find a look to wear to the Maxwell concert I am going to this weekend and looks like I found it! I LOVE THE PALETTE AS WELL!!!

OH!!!!! Marlena it’s perfect!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!
Please can you tell me any MAC dupes ???

love love love it!!!!

omg! i love makeup i was really iimpress by the way u do make the makeup awesome :)
i was actually told by a friend who bought me lorac as a birthday present which i really love and i am looking forward on your website love it .

Hi Marlena!!! Thanks for this tutorial and for making it affordable!! I will try it for sure, I love the look.
I am travelling to the US next week for holidays and I tried to shop from your store but unfortunately my Ecuadorian credit cards are not allowed for payments in the US via paypal :( ..It´s too bad, I was looking forward to get those MAC samples! Never mind, I´m a big fan, keep up the great work!

I love this look, I actually tried watching the Kim Kardashian video on YouTube last week, but the video was so boring I couldn’t sit through it. I was so excited when you did a tutorial of it because your videos are such a pleasure to watch, and I could finally learn how to do this look. Also I think your picture is prettier than Kim’s :)

That pallet is all over Ebay; You can buy it from Coastal scents, but it costs more. Just go to eyeshadow in general and scroll down, look in some stores, you’ll see it. Look at and save a bunch, one will be a really good deal. These are the same factory as CS uses, but minus one midle man. You’ll see all the other ones, like the 88, the Pro Concealer, the blush pallet, etc. I have several and this nuetral one is fantastic! Mine is the 30 color but still rockin’!

And Marlena – you’re pretty amazing! Love you girl!

hey marlena,
ur are so awesome.. love you…god bless! You do try to touch base with us, and you do great! i know its hard cause you have so much emails to read and email back. But thank you for answeing my question…

Amazing look!!!….. I can’t wait to try it.

Congratulations Marlena, your web page is wonderful.

I want to know if you can make a Jesica Alba makeup, please

WOW!!!!! I have always said as much as I am not into that “reality” show stuff, I always have to see how Kim’s makeup is….. Now I can stop watching her and watch you and your tutorial!!! Yeah!!! Thanks so much for posting all these tutorials. They are such a treat. Can’t wait for your next Cali workshop! Hope to be able to make that one!
Take care and keep the looks comin!!!

Just wanted to say that i’m french and it’s such a pleasure to listen to you and watch your videos because you’re always smiling, speaking in such a good way that I can understand everything… THANK YOU !

hello marlena
i am a super duper fan of urs, hey i wanna share a piece of information with u
u know i think my sister looks like u, she is india and doesnt have much access to internet
otherwise i would have told her to watch ur videos and learn something, as she is getting married on Dec 01, 09… i wanna send u her pic and wants ur opinion for the bridal dress colour, i have sent her some makeup items … lets see if she could use them although i have not sent high end only drugstores one …
love makeupgeek and hope to buy the stuff like u use to see if we colud also look great as u do

Hi! What MAC colours would you recommend for this tutorial?
[I dont have access to the pallet :( ]

Wonderful tutorial! You got it spot on!! :)

wooooow =) i like it color thats my prefer brown so thanks 4 the videos makeup i go to the buy paletta coastel scent good job marlena everything i like it watching your videso /)_/)
(“) (“)

Personally, the makeup looked much better on you than it did on KK. I think that on her it looked a tad too drag queenish because it just seemed too strong and sculpted. Yours was just intense and sexy, if you know what I mean? :-)

Thanks for another great look! I’m seriously addicted to your tutorials. Your style and technique make it so easy to do. And the icing on the cake is your upbeat personality and sweet demeanor. They all tie in to make your tutorials a pleasure to watch!

Hi Marlena,
Thank you so much for this tutorial.You loook very beatiful. As we dont have Urban Decay cosmetic here in Sweden so could you tell me what color on the eye i can buy from Mac .

Thank you again.

Hi Marlena! i was navigating through urban decay’s website and found out about the amno shadow box…have you ever use any of the colors in this box..if so would you recommend it?

I was hopin maybe u could do some videos using less makeup for girls who have really good skin who dont need alot of makeup


WOW!! you are beautiful !. I have learned so much from you. Your tutorials are easy to follow and have lots of suggestions of what products to buy…which is so much appreciated…..keep up the great work…I am you fan…..thanks

Hi Marlena! Your tutorial is simply the best! Just the best tutor on the net! You are sooooo talented! Btw, what camera do you use to take photos? and do you use flash?

Marlena! I have bought the photo realism palette of MAC, but I don’t know how to create a sofisticated look with these colours.. Please can you make a tutorial for it?
thank you for all of your ideas…

I’m simply in love with this page!


The look is gorgeous and the tutorial is amazing…
I love kim kardashian and the NYX products too, love it! :)

Hi there,

I love your tutorials and check each day to see if there is a new one. Here is were I need help, if you wouldn’t mind. I know that you did a tutorial for hooded lids and I’ve been trying to replicate what you did. However, I am 60 years young and my eyes are really hooded and the hoods move around when I try to apply makeup in that area. They are truly saggy baggy and my look turns out more like a clown. Could you please give me advice as to what to do. I’ve worn makeup my whole life. But now with the tutorials I’m truly addicted to putting on my makeu[p the way you do. Something has to give with these hoods. I can’t afford an eye lift as I am totally disabled, live by myself on a small fixed income. I’ve been trying some of the makeups you use and if I keep that up I won’t be able to pay my Any advice you have for my eyes would certainly be appreciated.. You are so beautiful and a gifted artist. I just received my order from your store. I’m going to dive into it now.. Thanks


Hey!!! I LOVE your site!!! you are so sweet and super talented!!!! Can you do more looks using the coastalscents 88 warm palette?? it would be great to see more! Thanx!!

Hey Marlena! I just wanted to say that your make up is much prettier than Kim Kardashians’ and it looks better on you. =]

hey marlena,
thought i let you know that spell is having a sell through oct.1st on the heat day collection for 19.99. I just order another one, hopefully that it will arrive to me and it wont happen to me again like the last time. there is a few stuff on sale. Not bad at all.. Check it out! Let me know about the simanar in Houston.. The place and time.. I send you and email through twitter.. Not sure if you got it or not cause there is no respond back.. I know that u have a lot of email to respond. I understand totally.. Im sure u will be posting it soon so where we can purchase the ticket a head of time.. Im getting a couple..TTYL…God Bless!

It is still the French! LOL
Always so magnificent!
Before making up you, that dish kept silent as foundation cream because you really have a magnificent complexion zero defect and which does not shine!?!
Thank you for your advice and explanations!
You are really very beautiful!

Dear Marlena, Makeup Geeks is such a fun site and I SOOO enjoy your tutorials!
About three weeks ago, I stumbled on to one of your videos on U-tube & I’ve been learning from you ever since.
I see this in the comments section all the time but I want to say it to; you are absolutely gorgeous!
You’re also incredibly talented both as an artist and as a teacher.
In addition to all of that, after viewing most of your videos, I’ve decided you are as lovely inside as out.
Thank you for sharing your time and talent, I’ll keep watching. ?

I am trying this look this Saturday that I have a wedding. Marlena!!! I like the pink background better, the patterns in the back I think may take the focus from your face the make up application itself. Btw… you never told us the reason why it was pink!! :P just being curious….. xoxo

You are wonderful! You actually did get it to look like Kim’s I’m proud of you! Maybe one day you’ll do my makeup :] Just kidding but I am about to watch every clip of yours just to learn how to make up on anyone and for any activity that will be happening!

Hi Marlena,
I really enjoy your website..i try to stop by here as soon as i get a chance. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to apply blush for people who have round faces, like me..I would really appreciate it..Its so hard for me to apply blush on the right spot because i know that if i do it wrong my face can look much much rounder..I really dont want that..
PLease help….Mayra…

hi , is there any chance you could put up the colours for this look by using mac products as these are all i use i would be very grateful thanks x

I love this look! I tried it the other day for work. Marlena you are the best! I love the way you do makeup very clean looking and fresh!!!

From Minnesota

marlena do u have any idea for a nice mask thats works well for combination skin types, and normal skintypes that you can get at drugstores, for a good price?

Great look! It looks amazing on you! Could you do a look for brown eyed girls? I have sort of dull brown eyes and love any eyeshadow that brings out the color and I was wondering if you had any tips, thanks!

Your eyebrows are to dark for your skin color and they look uneven. Ease up on the foundation girl! but overall the look is great!

I love the eyebrows and the eye shadow it looks fantastic!! I just dont use any other foundation than bare minerials, just because my face is sensitive to all those chemicals…but otherwise it looks beautiful….:)

hey marlena!!!!
finally..a website with good intresting tutorials on makeup!!!!!!!
i love ur work and everything..ur tutorials r good and not boring, unlike others
anyway i just wanted to ask u for a favor;
many people will really appreciate that!!
keep up the amazing work!!!

hey marlena!!
can you please do a tutorial on brushes about their names, prices, functions, methods of usage,etc. it will be really helpful!!!

Heyy Marlena:) can u do a review on the product coastal scents please? Cause when u used them in this look it was really pretty!!!

I changed my mind lol instead could u do a review on BH cosmetics they’re gorgeous which one do u think is better? Coastal scents or BH cosmetic pallettes?

i love this look! will definitely have to try it out! also i love the damask drapes!? where did you get that!? thanks!

Hello my name is aleri I am 18 years old and am of guadalajara mexico I am charmed with your web I surround, am your fan, I am charmed with your advices(councils) and some day i like being like your.

hey kim,

v have became one of yr fan…yr tips is just so useful n u talk friendly too…v just want to ask u that what exatly u put on yr face when it’s clean…i mean what u start from…like which cream,which foundation…we just want to see how u apply on face….so pl.if u can do one video as per request that will be gr8….will visit again in1-2 day..thanks

hey Marlena i wanted 2 see if u could recommend me a hair product. To protect my hair form heat styling like using the straighter and the curler!!! I just got my hair trim and got all my slip ends cut and i dont want to have some anymore!!!! Soo do u kno a good product that would help????

Thanks for recreating Kim’s fabulous metal eyes Vegas look. I’d love to try this look for New Year’s Eve. I appreciate your affordable version of Kim’s look because of this horrible economy. Last, but not least, my final thank you is for listing all the exact products Mario uses on Kim for her Vegas photoshoot.

You look more gorgeous than Kim. Seriously, to me you are no less than a celebrity. Brilliant! The best part is that this look is not so much $$$!

hey marlena…i saw ur how to apply was very helpful..thanks so much for tht one…but i had a few problems tht i reallllly wanted help wid n i cudnt post my review hopefully ul get back to me…firstly d pencil liners tend to smudge alot(in d bad way)esp on d lower water line area..secondly d swip thing at d end of the eye is a real difficult part like hw far do u go n all i hv small eyes(not too small but small if tht makes sense:))
thnxs soooo much for all the tutorials…tc

great look! I totally love those dark brown and silver shades…. But when I try to use brown on my lids, it seems that my skin turns to a reddish colour as if I wept all the time, browns do not fit me well! I have a fair skin tone and blue eyes… could you please tell me any colour that I would put on my lids without looking tired as much as before putting on my make up?
thank you so much, you’re so precious ;-)

HI there,

I really love this tutorial. You did a great job. I must say that this kind of tutorials are much more realistic and do-able. Some of your other tutorials are nice but to be honest not for everyone.. Please try to make this sort of tutorials. This really helps and teaches one a lot…


I was wondering if you would suggest these same colors for blondes with fair complexion and blue eyes? If not, what colors would you suggest?

wowwwwwww i loveeeee this site you made! and you have so much makeup im so jealous i just ordered like all the palates from the coastal site!! love them…

hi marlena!
i had a bit of problem..coz i dont look like i am 23 years old..i looked like i am 30s or something..can you help me to look like 23 or younger..thanks marlena…have a good day..and godbless..

I just started watching your youtube channel and have become addicted to it. I just wanted to point out that the eBay link for the Coastal Scents: 88 warm palette has a few knock offs. I only assume this because when I compared them to the pictures on their actual website, the middle column of shadows are not squished close together.
Keep making excellent videos and I’ll keep watching them

Hi! I’m very inexperienced when it comes to eyeshadow, but I wanted to thank you for your tutorials! You have helped me SO much!! =) ok, back to the subject at hand lol, I’m about the same complexion as Beyonce, and I’m trying to achieve this look, for the bronzer & blush, what should I use?

hifa wahbe ?? ha ha ha
she is stupid woman in arab world, all arab world they hate hifa wahbe , hifa wahbe she is whore not artist .

Hi, I was wondering if you had the name of the nail polish she is wearing in this photo? Thanks. :)