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I really love this look, it would look great for day time too. Please do more looks that we can wear in the day time.

Thanks, I love your videos.

Did you make that NYX blush holder pan, or purchase it somewhere?..It looks so convenient to have, if you’re running out of places to put them :)


Hey Marlena! amazing look! I was wondering if you could do the Eva Longoria look (hair and makeup). Its the picture of her when she has an updo, and she was wearing a silvery baby blue dress. I have wanted to see how to do this look ever since I saw it. I would really appreciate it if you showed me how to do it (especially the hair). Here is the link: http://www.hairresources.com/images/sce/eva-longoria-best-updos.jpg


marlena… gorgeous as always… I tried to find the mac shades similar to those you used, couldn’t find them… what do you recommend? Also are you doing a beginer class soon in southern California?

I love the look and the fact that is easier to pull off in the daytime than others. Great look. You rock sister!

Marlena- I’m very interested on NYX pallet where can we get one to organize our blushes. Let us know please. Do you have in your store??? You look beautiful! Thanks

Hi Marlena

You are amazing, you make it look sooooo easy!!!!
I was wondering if you could do a video on a natural bridal look?
Great video, I loved it.

I’ve been trying to find a good waterline eyeliner for-ev-er! What did you use in the video? Is that an Urban Decay liner?

Anyways, wonderful site! You’ve really helped me with my makeup woes!

Lovely look, i wanna try it with the substitutes you mentioned.

I wish also to do your make up that you were wearing on the video about the seminar ( i think)

such a gorgeous look, i love the colors!!! Marlena you are awesome, keep up the great videos!

Thanks Marlena! You have done this tutorial at the exact time I needed it! I even went out and bought a lipstick similar to that one Katy Perry is using.. For those who might want to try it out the shade is called “Lovelorn” and its from MAC! Its a beautiful color, even for bridal looks!

You are the best Marlena!

You are waaaay prettier than Katy Perry! When I first saw that the look was about her, I wasn’t that interested. I clicked on it and saw how gorgeous YOU looked in this tutorial. You sold me on the look! You have amazing talent and beauty!!

Gorgeous look as always! But I miss your curtains because the sun from the window washes you out and its harder to see what you’re doing :C

hey Marlena i got a question?in this video you hav used Mac higlighter i canot get it..so can i use my ELF facial whip instead?please answer me quick?

Hey Marlena!
Was just watching this tutorial and I think that you should do a look inspired by Claire Forlani. I think that you look exactly like her and I have to say that I am very surprised that you have not done one yet. Anyways, just thought I’d share that with you and hope you take it into consideration. Thanks for the fab. tutorials!

Hi Marlena!
I Really Love This Looks It’s So Simple & Beautiful!
Also I Wanted To Ask You, I’m Also From Michigan Myself,
And I Wanted To Know What Salon Did You Get Your Hair Colored At?
If You Can Please Tell Me That Would Be Great I Really Like You Hair Color And It’s
Exactly What I Wanted Done. lol
Well Keep Up The Good Work & I Will Be Checking In Back Soon For Any New Videos.

Such a Beautiful Look!
You are just Awesome Marlena!
Keep up to good work, I can’t wait to see what
else you will come up with! But I would really like to see you
do one of Ashwarya Rai, The picture you choosed of her for
the weekly challenge is beautiful, and I would like to see you do one
of her many other looks. I am looking forward to this as I know you will do a
wonderful job!

Marlena you Truly are The Best!

i found your website one day and fell in love
ive gone through nearly everyone of your tutorials
i love ur makeup ideas and ur soooooo beautiful
anyway thnx so much :P

I absolutely love Katy Perry! I can’t wait to try this look. You make it look so simple to do(: I also think you should do some more Katy Perry makeup, maybe something with a little more color.

I love your website! I definately agree with Lauren, you should try some more Katy Perry looks. Maybe Angelina Jolie too! That would be great. I’d love to see the looks you could pull together! :D

Marlena can you please do some Kim Kardashian looks?? You are awesome! Thanks for your work!

very very cute i love youre tutorials very hepful …

i was wondering if you could ever hold some seminars
here in northern cali. like in san fransisco,sacramento,san jose.
etc.please i would really like to attend.
thanks. much luv!!!!

so i bought the gold mode and the gold stroke for this look and osh kosh begosh, i am in love!!! this look is soooo amazing!!

This is pretty. Could you do a Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Miranda Kerr, or Megan Fox’s makeup look tutorial for one of your celebrity makeup tutorials. Also could you tell us what alternative shades we can use to get a similar look to theres if we are of a fair, light, medium or dark skin complextion? If you could do all of them that would be great. Thanks. :-)

Hi marlena! I love your celeb tutorials!
I was wondering if you could maybe do one on Megan Fox, I love her make up! It is so sexy but at the same time stays naturel.
Thank you for your tutorials, they are always great!

hi~! do you have any alternatives to the mac pigments both Gold Mode and Gold Stroke… but instead of pigment loose form in a solid eye shadow form?? i really love those colors but pigments get messy and i and a kluts who spills everything! ^_^ thank you!!

hi! i found your tutorials in youtube today, and i have been watching all of them! you are so gorgeous and you make up yourself so nicely!
i loved the make up for large eyes because mine are huge!
thanx a lot and big kisses from argentina!!!

Love the look. Interested in finding out how to get one of those nyx palettes; do they sell them online for shadows and blushes?

You know im not a huge fan of Katie or her makeup.
But now that I see it on some one else it looks amazing!!
i just love the way you did it.
Well any way thanks for this video and all the others
there all really helpful hope you never stop doing them

It’s amazing what you can do! I’m really impressed! You make all the make ups seems easy! I loved it! by the way, I’m following you on twitter!


HI Marlena, I love this look! I was wondering if you could do a nice natural day look for school?Our school is very strict and we have to have natural make-up.Thanks you are wonderful!