It’s a Katy Perry Christmas


Katy Perry burst onto the music scene and made a dramatic impact, not only in music but in fashion and makeup as well. Her timeless look is classic and beautiful. She has truly become one of the more modern musical icons of our time. This stunning gold look is a recreation of an amazing look Katy wore and I thought it would be ideal for the holiday season. This is perfect for those of you who want to achieve a warm and inviting look for this special time of the year.


  • Benefit Porefessional Face Primer     (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Make Up For Ever HD Foundation     (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation (mixed the 2 together)  (Amazon) (eBay)
  • NARS Blush – “Torrid”     (Amazon) (eBay)


  • Make Up For Ever Metal Powder #3     (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Make Up For Ever Gold Glitter     (Amazon)
  • MAC Bamboo Eyeshadow     (MAC)
  • MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow     (MAC)
  • Ardell Demi Wispies Lashes    (Makeup Geek Store)
  • MAC Chromagraphic Eyeliner – Pure White   (eBay)


  • MAC Lipstick – Viva Glam “Gaga”     (MAC)
  • MAC Dazzleglass – “Baby Sparks”     (MAC)


Inexpensive Alternatives:

  • Palladio Eye Primer  (Makeup Geek Store)
  • NYX Loose Pearl – Yellow Gold     (Makeup Geek Store)
  • NYX Antique Gold Eyeshadow     (Makeup Geek Store)
  • *for the gold glitter on the inner lid, you can use MAC’s reflects glitter over a light gold eyeshadow…  (sorry it’s not “inexpensive”, but if you get the sample, it’s fairly cheap) OR you can do a light champagne color on the inner lid…

*Hair and Pictures done by:  Taryn of Tough Love and Makeup Geek, LLC
*Video Editing done by:  Nicola of Makeup Geek, LLC

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CEO of Makeup Geek and Makeup Educator


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Isn’t that second video underneath the main one supposed to work for european viewers? I used to live in Switzerland and was able to watch them. Merry Xmas everyone!

Marlena you have an amazing talent!!!!
You are definetly an inspiration and you have such an amazing personality. Ive told everyone about MUG.
I hope you never stop doing makeup
Im a huge fan!

I agree! I love this look! Can you please tell us how you did your hair? I’ve been trying to re-create this look or a long time but can’t get it down!?
Thank you :)

You look absolutely beautiful! I think Katies eyes are more bronzy gold, and yours is more yellow gold, but nevertheless they both look stunning!

Marlena, you look fantastic! Maybe you’ll make another diet video! Unfortunately the video is once again not available for us, the german viewers :( Please upload it to the other platform, Thank you so much!

Marlena you look thousand time better than Katie( she is gorgeous too, but …yeah but you’re better ;))..
.and you’re slimmer! Wow!! Congratutalion girl…you look really beautifull!
Are you only on a diet or you doing some workout to?

I hope you will have wonderful Christmas :)

Greetings from Poland :)

I am excited to try this look. Do you think that it will work on darker skin? I don’t want to look like a disco queen! Your look was better than Ms. Perry’s. Cant wait to try it.


I think this will work amazing! You could even go with a more bronzey gold, and use a brighter or darker pink, but either way will look good on darker skin :)

Absolutely STUNNING! Mind showing us how you mix the MUFE HD and Colorstay? Cause HD by itself is way too greasy on me, and you looked super gorgeous up there :). TIA dear!!

I mix the 2 to get a satin finish instead of a dewy or a matte finish one- just combine the 2 when you apply and it’ll cut down on the “greasy” effect :)

Beautiful look, even better than Katy’s! And you look so super slim!! Happy Holidays and Best Wishes fir 2011 <3

You look like you’ve lost even more weight in the photo that we can see your body! Im so proud you’ve come a long way and you look amazing. I love this look im going to try it out tomorrow! <3

I did a video on adult acne a few weeks ago that shows what I do :) Also, I did start applying a bit of neosporine on my problem areas and it’s been helping cut down on the acne some- if you still have problems, I would see a dermatologist to see what your options are

Love it !
I bought some gold glitter by Sephora last week and was wondering what look to do with it for Christmas ! I got the answer ! :D Thanks Marlena !
Gorgeous as always…

You look sooo stunning right now marlena!!!! I’m so jealous of you and how you look in those pictures!!! You’re my role model now!!!

Ps. Are you going to complete the video series “How to become a makeup artist”? I was really interested in that one.

Keep up the great work!!!

Hi Marlena,
You look absolutely beautiful. Are you still using the same hair color it looks amazing. Also could you do a silver look?. Anyway merry christmas hope you have a wonderful holiday. I look forward to watching your next tutorial and yes you have gotten slimmer thats fanatastic.

You look so stunning ! Please tell us about your weight loss journey and your new hair color. I’d love to see some full body photos to show off your total new style.

Any chance that you might be doing some looks with Micabella or Inglot cosmetics ?

Dear Marlena,

I´m 39 and from Germany – I´m watching your tutorials since about 1 year and I loooove your style!!!!
I´ve leared so much from you and I feel better and much more prettier with your “help”.
It´s also stunning, how you´ve lost so much weight – you´ve been sweet and pretty before , but NOW you´re absolutely beautiful !!!

Please please upload this clip on VIDDLER; that would be very nice, thankx a lot =), cause we can´t watch this in Germany =(

Have a merry X-mas, stay happy and healthy, we looove you !!!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you look great marlena! Gosh, what have you done? Please tell!?
I am so sad, video is not available in Germany… have a fun christmas

Marlena!! WOW!! My mouth dropped when I looked at these pictures! You look INCREDIBLE… I LOVE your shirt and your hair curly like that!

You are drop-dead gorgeous, my dear! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

Definitely, I would wear that for Christmas, for New Year’s Eve, for…I don’t know…Absolutely gorgeous :)

By the way… I’m following you on Twitter. Hope to have you following me, someday :P

Love ur Work. I have a small scar under my eye I have tried to cover it with green concealer and creamy concealers but nothing seems to works do u have any advice?

You may need a more full coverage concealer like Dermablend or CoverFX- any thicker concealer, but you need to apply just a little at a time so it doesn’t get too thick. And pat it on with a clean finger

Ooh i love the look, love your shirt (or is it a dress?) and you just look stunning! look how slim you are! congrats on that!

I like your interpretation of her look much better than the actual look. You look gorgeous Marlena !! Defffffinitely going to try this :)))

O-M-G!!! marlena u look AMAZIIIIIING!!!! absolutely gorgeous! TWO SNAPS (lol)…. n the makeup is stunning!!! another flawless face! THANK U!!!

Marlena you’re 1 hundred millions much beautiful than Kate Perry!!! Happy holidays! Kisses from Mexico

This is such an easy look, but so beautiful.

I must say that even though inner beauty is more important than outer (you have inner as well, that is obvious), you look soooo stunning in this video. I’ve been watching you for a long time and you’ve never looked better. You truly do look drop dead gorgeous. What girl doesn’t want to hear that?! I’d love to hear that! Thanks again for everything! Happy Holidays!

I love it! definitely going to have to try something like that over the holidays, I love Katy Perry and I lovee you Marlena, I get so excited when a new video is uploaded :)

darn! can’t watch it:o(
what is it with you and youtube? are you using copyrighted music in your intro?
looks beautiful anyway.
bin watching your videos forever! ;o)…well if I can that is.
hugs and merry xmas!

Nope- the music I use is royalty free AND I pay for it :( Not sure why my videos are still blocked in some countries, but I uploaded it to another site so you can still watch it :)

Goddess Marlena .. yes yes and a bit more Yes!

Goddess sure is looking very Kate perry hot today with a sexy lace top to tease us Geeks and even some curls to the love long mane that we all adore!

I kissed Marlena and i liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick! ….. thats what the new Mrs Perry should be singing now!

Christmas is upon us Goddess and is Santa going to give your sack a good stuffing? and put a BIG smile on you face christmas day :-) :-) ………………… May i ask whats on the Goddess hit list for christmas day?


Hi,Marlena, how are you? I need your help, I want to buy a pink lipgloss. How can I choose it? I like NARS….THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I would like see a video that you talk about your weight loss and how you loss weight and how many time you began your weight loss. Sorry for my english I’m quebecer :) Je te souhaite un joyeux temps des fêtes:) YOU LOOK GREATT:) and when a see you that motivate mee to loose weight :) so I NEED A VIDEO HAHAHAH :)

Look at you skinny mini!! GIRL you look FABULOUS!!! oh and i love the look too :) I know your busy but i so wish you would do more tuts ….. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

Thank you Marlena! I can’t wait to try this fun look. Would you consider doing your next tutorial on the makeup you had in the palette smackdown video? It was so beautiful and I would love to learn. Have a great Christmas, beauty!!!

Thanks for such a lovely tutorial! I’m curious on how you apply Revlon’s colorstay foundation? Do you use the beauty blender and stipple? or the stippling brush? Which has the best results? I’m asking because I know the product dries relatively quick and wanted to use the best technique approach to get the flawless air brush look.

I apply it with the MUG deluxe stippling brush, but on clients I’ll often use the beauty blender as me coming at their face with a stippling brush looks scary ;) If it’s drying too soon, then use the Beauty Blender damp as it’ll help prevent the foundation from setting too quickly

OMG, this is so pretty. But, I think it is hard for me to try, because it is very shimmery, since i have Asian type of eye. I really want to try out, if I could find a way to cut down the shimmer go all over my eye lid. Because it would make my eyes look so “swallon” …. anyway, thanks, Marlena. It is a great look. I love it a lot. Merry Christmas everyone.

I think this would still look pretty on you- if you want to cut down on the shimmer, then you can apply a matte nude/light brown color above the gold

OMG you look really beautiful. It was a very nice tutorial really nice. Although i know this has nothing to do with it can you show a before and after picture of you weight loss. You look amazing. I want to loose my baby’s fat so i can look like you lol. Keep up the good work.

You look great!! I’ve been watching your videos for about a year now, great job!! Happy Holydays from Palm Springs CA.

Love this look!so pretty and your beautifull….your inspired me so much Im a hairdresser ,en I wanna do make-up too beside it .so im practicing ,practicing a lottttt! thanks too youuu….A make-up geek from Holland

what camera do you use to take the pictures?
weird question, i know! haha but it is such good quality & I’m looking for a new cam! :)

It’s a relief that I have the viva glam gaga, along with similar products for the look! It’s going to save me time and money, so thank you very much, Marlena. I might try it out, so thank you for the idea. I’m just hoping that it won’t look too bright for me.
On a side note, the lighting was very… off. But I didn’t have many problems with it; and, you have lost a significant amount of weight.
I hope you’re doing well!

Thank you so much! and, I’m not sure why the lighting was off in this one- I got new lights a month ago and still playing with them a bit to get it just right :)

Thank you so much!! You make this very easy. Your tutorials also give me ideas with products I already have to freshen my look. I’ve been a fan for a long time. I can see you creating a book someday. Thank you again for making this 8 month pregnant lady feel beautiful!!! : ))))

Not a bit KP fan, I personally think she wears way too much makeup and it often looks caked on, however your take on this is 1000% better! It’s so much prettier and softer with the same dramatic effects. Her skin freaks me out a bit like it’s plastic, but yours so gorgeous! Are the Dermalogica products giving you these results? If so I’m gonna have to get em! Thanks for the great video and cheaper alternatives (we love that). You look amazing and blow Katy out of the water!

I am truly loving the Dermalogica products! I just wish they weren’t so expensive :( If I had to pick just one thing from the line though, I would get the microfoliant- works really well.

Marlene, awesome look Mama!!!! thank you:) you gave an Idea on how to do my eyes for x-mas:) Merry Christmas!!!!!

Hi, MakeupGeek! I really do love your videos! I actually missed watching your videos because of consecutive busy days of mine. Last week were my periodical examinations and our class christmas party. But now, I can watch your videos again :) I love this look. I hope you’ll still do Holiday Makeup Looks before Christmas day :)

I am still 11 years old, but I love Makeup…:)


This is really pretty!!!! Also you look super pretty especially in the last pic before the one of Katy :) <3

You are looking good girl!!! :)

I love the gold eye look…. but was wondering if you could suggest another lip color to go with this look… i don’t look very good in the lighter pick :( but havent found what goes well with it.
thank you!!!

keep up the good work!

Hi Marlena, is it just my computer screen or does the lighting in this video look much darker than usual? I couldn’t see much of your makeup techniques here :( bummer because this look is so beautiful


i love this look! i do happen to have a question for u not so much about makeup but more so about building my portfolio. I am in school and i love the quality of the pictures u take. what camera do u use? and do u photoshop or anything? i have no idea where to begin and i havent been in school very long but they did tell me its never to early to start making one. i want to show off some of my stuff to people that come in and have a look book y i am doing there hair and makeup so they can see what i have to offer and they may bring me potential clients. I also thought about making one very professional portfolio and then also making one more fun and with more decorationa and personality depending on where or who i am showing them to. any ideas i need major advice.

I’m not really a photographer, so I’ll leave Taryn to answer that one. But… if you’re doing your portfolio, I really recommend saving up a little money or finding talented friends who can take some great shots for you and someone to be a model. Take your time and do it just right- it’s much better to have 2 great shots than 6 ok ones…

ps. i just really looked at the pic before katys pic and ur body looks fantastic u look great omg!!! congrats and u go girl!!!

This tutorial looks super easy you look beautiful. I have a problem when I do my makeup strong I tend to look like a guy with makeup, and if I do it too soft it looks like I have noo makeup. You know when you put makeup the outer tips of your eyes are suppose to point up mine naturally are down like sad eyes and when I put makeup on they look even more sad, what should I do to make those outer tips up like arabic eyes? Can You Help Me Please!!!

Thank You

the key is to bring the outer V color up higher on the outside of your eyes- is hard to explain through writing… Put lighter colors on your lids, then on the outer part put a medium to darker color and bring it up. You can also do a winged eyeliner to bring up the eyes also. I’ll try to do a video on models soon showing different eye shapes, k? :)

Stunning!!!!!!!!!! Is there a NYX blush alternative for the NARS Torrid?? Would love to know!!! Thanks!

Que bella Marlena!!! adoro tus tutoriales y no hay fiesta a la que vaya sin un maquillaje tuyo!!!
Soy super fan de Katty Perry y la considero super linda, pero tu luces mil veces mejor! gracias por el tut!

I’ve been following you for quite some time now and can I just say your quest to being healthy is tremendous and very inspiring. You’ve drove me to lose 50 pounds. Thank you for being such a major inspiration and as for your makeup looks I can’t get enough. You’re absolutely amazing!

Gorgeous look!! Fantabulous :) congrats on the weightloss I am actually on a weightloss journey too but I’m having trouble losing the last couple pounds :( you should do a weigh in video and tell us what changes you’ve made….it looks like it is working great keep it up….

Hi Marlena,

I love the recent K. P. look, it is gorgeous. I was wonder why you don’t recommend or if you use any DIOR products? Their makeup is beyond beautiful and have never heard you mention it.

Not to butter you up or anything, but I think you pulled this look off better than Katy herself!

Marlena, you’re makeup is fabulous! I love your shirt though, is it 2 shirts or 1? I would really appreciate a response :) Hope you are having a happy holiday !

Marlena, please help me! Okay, so when I apply my eyeliner to my water line, it always gets on the roots of my lashes and it looks weird to me. It never looks like yours and I don’t put mascara on the bottom lashes. What should I do?? Thanks so much and love this tutorial!!

is hard to say without seeing it… but you can take a clean spoolie brush (like the ones that come in mascara) and brush through your lashes after you apply the eyeliner. It should take off the extra liner :)

I’ve got to say, you’ve pulled off this Katy Perry look better than Katy Perry. Also, the add at the top right of this page confused the heck out of me! I thought it said, “Important safety information you should know about MARLENA.” When it really said “MIRENA” ha! *SUPER* confused!!!!!! rofl!

ERES LA MEJOOORRRR!!!!!! Haces exactamente el look del artista, te keda perfecto.
Soy tu faannnnn. I LOVE YOU

Hey Marlena!!

I am a new fan and i LOVE how you do everything!! you seem so sweet and very professional!! I know this is a random question! : / I’m kinda a tom boy, but I am startin to LOVE makeup (thanks to YOU and Kat Von D! haha) and I love to do other people’s makeup! (i do my friends all the time) I really want to look into doing it for a living! But im scared people are going to think its stupid becasue 1. im kinda a tom boy and 2. with the economy, people will think i wont make much money in it! Any ideas on how I should tell my family?? thanks! :)

I would start it off as a side job- something you can do in your spare time or on weekends. That way you and your family will adjust to the idea gradually. Don’t worry at all about you being a tom boy- you can be one and still be great at makeup :)

You look more georgous every day Marlena. Love for more that 2 years now !! Thank you for everything

beautiful look! looks so much better than Katty’s xDD and I have to brag a little, I had the best look for my star dance concert last night, so I did it for all of the other girls ;)) tnx for all your help!

Hi Marlena!!
I love this video- amazingly beautiful and who knew it could be so simple? or at least you make it look simple, hehe. Thanks for such a helpful video this season!
You are looking unbelieveably beautiful! You’re hair in those photos is mega-gorgeous!
I can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us all next time!
God Bless!

You should make the picture of you with the pink background and you looking down , your profile pic. Great photo!!!

can you do a update on the progress on your weight loss? it’d be good to hear… and maybe get some pointers

You are flawless! Congratulations on your significant weight loss.
Would appreciate it if you could do a video on how you lost sooo much weight. I’m having issues with my weight =(
Thanks a million =D

Thank you sooo much that you haven’t forgotten the Germans ;)
For some stupid reason we cannot watch the videos including music by major labels

i love your hair! how did you do this? did you put red highlights in black hair? if so can you list the names of the colors & brands!

Love this look you’re looking great too! Can’t wait to see you’re diet and work out routine. I’m trying to loose weight myself I’ve already lost 27 pounds I just need a little push to loose the last twenty or so. :) Was wondering could you do a video on how you got your start in the makeup biz and how you got to where you are now? I’m into theatre and makeup is one of the aspects of it that has really caught my interest. Thanks a bunch! :)

I am so happy to see you got a professional photographer! What a difference , I hate photos I take of myself they never turn out right! Your photos are gorgeous, good to see you doing well. You’re a sweetie :)

you are so beautiful and sexy now, and i really admire you the way how you loose weight easily, i hope you can tell us how you did it …. and you are always look beautiful every time you show your tutorial …..Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for uploading it again so that ze germans can watch it too;o)
such a beautiful look! I’m gonna wear it tonight.
Merry Christmas Marlena!

Hi Marlena!!

you look absolutely gorgeous!!
And by the way I love your top

I have a question: I really do LOVE this make up and Im planning on doing this one for my wedding (for the night) but MUA always says that we should avoid shimmers and glitters for pictures?! But your make up looks gorgeous on picture, so what should I do?!

Wow the look is gorgeous – and so are your. I’ll need to look at alternatives because I don’t think you can get make up forver where I live – or can you? in the UK?
I remember seeing your videos aaages ago and have only just re-discovered you!!

Hi Marlena,

I’ve shared your website with a lot of friends….and they never fail to be amazed with your tutorials. We all love makeups and we’re glad to learn so much more from you!!!! Keep it coming!!

Katz Montealegre

Thank you for all your tutorials and for providing a list of the items needed. You’re very talented. Good luck with everything.

You’re so beautiful! You have the most perfect face.
Perfect lips, nose, eyes, teeth, skin. Everything!

You do beautiful makeup and you have a beautiful personality!

I would love to see some more videos about your weight loss and how to take care of your skin.
I have some acne and I’ve tried everything to get rid of it!
I’m 16, and it would also be wonderful to see some more peachy/bronzy looks for teens!

Anyways, you’re beautiful and perfect and I can’t express how amazing it is that you lost all that weight! You look better and better every time you have a new video! Xoxo -Ashley :)

Hello, i’m a frequentMakeupGeek! And I just have a few questions?
How do you buy all of this makeup?
Where do you work?
When do you have the time to make all these videos?
Who do you live with, your parents or husband, or ALONE??
And, how do you know what colors are good for certain eyes?
Sincerelly, Joanna Charles. ?

That is beautiful make-up! The only thing I didn’t like was the lip colour, I think it’s too bright. When I try this out I’ll go with clear lipgloss and the rose-coloured Maybelline =)

By the way your top is gorgeous! Where did you get it from? I really want to buy it!!

Hi! Marlena. I can’t wait to watch the weighloss video. You’re my inspiration and my friend eventhoug you don’t know. I’m from Mexico but I’m living in Hollywood, please let me know if you come close to this area.

wow, your tutorials are amazing; especially this one!!! your makeup looks better then Katy Perry’s does!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GORGEOUS !! <3

i am in aw at how much weight you have lost! seriously you look like you are 10 yrs younger congrats and i hope i can do the same this year myself!!!!

I love this look!… Your pics are beautiful, gorgeous, awesome!… I want to be like you!! ;)
Greetings from Mexico!


I just discovered your site a couple of days ago and I’d just like to say I think it’s great, and you’re simply awesome.

I do have a lot of problems because I have very narrow lids – I am Asian and therefor, Asian eyes – do you think this look will work for me? I have never been a fan of eyeshadows because I’ve never known how to do my eyes. But I’m 26 now and I really, *really* wanna try.

So… opinion please?


I just want to say that i adore your site and all that video and tutorials about make up. And i like also this one with Kate Perry. Can you do tutorial for make up like she wears in videoclip Fireworks? I think its nice combination with purple and so on. Thanks. :)