Indian Bridal Look

Also, get the Dress and the Jewelry that Marlena wore in this look



  • Tarte Eye Primer (Amazon) (Sephora)
  • Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner – Black Ink (Amazon) (Sephora)
  • Makeup Forever Star Powder #16 (Sephora)
  • MAC Eyeshadow – Firespot (eBay)
  • MAC Eyeshadow – Ground Brown (eBay)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner – Honey (eBay)


  • MAC Lipstick – Dare you (Amazon)
  • MAC Lipliner – Burgundy (eBay)


Inexpensive Alternatives:

Henna done by the lovely Minal (she’s such a sweetheart and very talented):

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CEO of Makeup Geek and Makeup Educator


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No offense to the original poster, but as Marlena posted this is her inspired take on the culture. I love her interpretation of the look.

Agreed Marlena! I love your take on the Indian bridal look. It is absolutely gorgeous on you and inspires us non Indian ethnic groups to try more colorful make up. You demonstrate that it can look sensational regardless of ethnic background. Thank you for always being so creative and ceaselessly taking it to the next level!

Yes, I agree. That link is emphasizing the outfits not really the makeup which is the point of the tutorial! MARLENA ROCKS

I agree with Marlena, Lol… The outfits are GORGEOUS, but the makeup is like eyeliner.. and mascara, lol.

And By the way Marlena, I LOVE THE LOOK! You did awesome, Love you girl <3

Marlena i am so agree with did a great job. These pics are for photoshoot. As an indian i know how really indian brid look like. Most of our marriages are happen in night and they really do heavy makeup with lots of gold and bronze shade.

Hey! Marlena,
I hope you read this. First thing first…I LOWEEEEEE all your videos…I think not only are u pretty but also a very beautiful person and that reflects on the outside. Everyday I learn something new from you and try in out and this has given me so much confidence because I look good n feel even better. You have no idea how you are changing people’s life in your own small way :)

I have a few question. I am an indian and getting married in India in March. And i have heard from family thats its quite warm there around that time of the year.
1. So can u please suggest some foundation,concealer that will stay longer in warm weather.
2. Can u please suggest a water proof eyeliner (for the water line) and a mascara that will with-stand the emotional good-byes :)
3. Also I am really confused as to what I should get to make my make-up stay longer. Can u please help me decide on one of these choices
MAC Fix+ Spray or
Model in a Bottle setting spray.
I really need your help on this. Thanks a ton for all those videos.Keep them coming.
Much Love

Heyy Tina!
Congrats on getting married. I’ll try helping you, lemme know if it helps.

1. I like the Mac Studio Fix fluid, stays on long and looks great in pictures.
2. Loreal mascaras are great, just get a waterproof loreal one. Use false eyelashes if you can, they’ll look great.
3. I heard model in a bottle is good. You can use Mac’s primer (clear tube) that Marlena uses.

Hope it helps. I’m sure you’ll look beautiful

Hey! Anita,
Thanks a lot for your wishes :) and your advice on the spray and mascara.
I do plan to wear some false lashes..will have to try a few on before the actual day. I want something natural and sexy but not overly dramatic n weighing me down lol :)
Take care

Hi Tina,

I have a suggestion for #1…. I am also an Indian and I live in a very hot climate country ….where the temp gets up to 34-36C …… and I have found that the Revlon Colorstay works great… doesn’t melt in the heat… just make sure you use the MAC fix spray to keep in place. It does lasts all day too. Another one which I often use also is the Estee Lauder Double Wear, it’s just alot more expensive here…. but I think for your wedding you should try it there is a lucidity one i think that’s specific for taking pictures etc… on your day…. i think you should give these two a shot…
Hope it helps!

Annie :)

Hey! Annie,
Thanks so much for your suggestion. I will definitely try out the Estee Lauder Double Wear. I have 10 months to go, so I have plenty of time to figure out and test all the products before i finally know what suits me best.
Thanks :)

Hey I’m not sure if you saw this video that Marleena did but she did one on her top foundations and she compares them and such. It may help with a good foundation

Lancome has really nice mascara and they have waterproof ones as well. And if you don’t want to spend a lot Loreal has some great waterproof ones too. As for eyeliner I have no idea. I’m still looking for a good one lol.

And I haven’t used a fixing spray before but I have seen many reviews on the model in a bottle. And I have heard many good things. She does a review that shows after a day of using it. SO hopefully that helps

Woooooow! AMAZING!!!

Hi, Marlena….

Thx for doing such an awesome look. Reallyyy loved it. I’m addicted to this website truly. I am eager to see the upcoming tutorial for your henna. By the way, are you using latisse ? your eyebrows have grown wayyyy longer… love it :). Thanks and take care.

Hi Marlena!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! for this gorgeous makeup up,I wait since a long time a indian bridal look because I practise a indian dance and the bollywood and for the show it’s wonderful.
Marie Cecile from France

i love ur website marlena but indian bridal make it is full of burgandy and reds and traditionally the hair should b up and away from the face

my thoughts exactly, never seen a real indian bride with her hair open. never seen one with heavy makeup either, marlena’s look is gorgeous but i think it should be called bollywood bridal look

No offense to these commenters but Marlena clearly says that this is “Indian Inspired Bridal”. She isn’t intending it to be accurate, she just took inspiration from a beautiful culture. Be kind.

I understand about the hair up- that is the traditional way to have it, but most modern indian brides aren’t doing that… (I did lots of research and talked to many Indian women before doing this vid)

I’m not sure if it’s “aunties” that are making these hair-must-be-up, etc etc comments. I’m Indian born and raised, so is my sister. She had her hair half up for her wedding, I had mine all down. What it comes down to is this- have you tried the look? If you have you would love it, Marlena has intentionally chosen colors for the eyes that compliment Indian skin tones (fair or dark).

P.S. Marlena – In the picture you look JUST like this girl I used to know in college. Thanks again for this tutorial!

it is not a rule to hve hair up my sister has hair past her waist n she had her hair in a half braid updos n it was a very traditionally wedding nt the bollywood ones & for the makeup also its not always burgandy or red or anything like that i love this look n its very indian :)

hi I always ask you
But you didn’t answer me
i my skin is dry and i want a good coverage so what is the best foundations for me
please helpe me

hi mouna, there is a recently done tutorial on 10 best foundations, check it out, hopefully ur question will be answered.

hey Marlena,
i wanna thank you for this look, i was the one who posted in the forum requesting for this look, it is really gorgeous.. cant wait for ur tutorials.. be happy and healthy!!

Hey Marlenal…
Thats really sweet of you… Even I requested for the same look… thanks a ton for the look…

tk care…

and yaa..
you look very beautiful….

Hi Marlena! I love the look! My brother is getting married soon and my outfit for the wedding is teal. Do you think it would look good if I substituted the orange for a color like MAC Steamy and still used the brown and gold glitter? I think I will experiment with it and try to come up with something similar in a different color :)

Marlena thanks to u this is now my favorite style of makeup to do as well as wear. Gorgeous, just Gorgeous! :)

lol nope! Is there anyway you can do a Spring Bride tutorial? My Husband and I have our actual wedding with family and friends coming up this June and I have no idea what to do with my makeup!

I love your eyebrows! Can you do a tutorial soon on how to do eye brows? Because I definitely know that when I don’t like my brows I don’t usually like my look. Lol, hope you are doing well. :)

– Jasmine

Wow, this is stunning Marlena! I noticed your lashes are really long in this video, and I remember reading on twitter or the makeup geek site about getting lash extensions! I didn’t know there was such a thing! Do you have a video coming up talking about them? I’d love to hear about it!

Marlena is ”Firespot” still availabe! I take it it’s either a long discontinued eyeshadow or a brand new addition, because I’ve never heard of it before and I collect MAC shadows like stamps. I love the color! it reminds me of a louder, prettier version of Paradisco.

Hi Marlena ! It is beautiful makeup u have done such a great job when i open up your page my 1st word was oh waow so beautiful .

Hi Marlena

I think this look is really good for a wedding. Even though the color of the outfit is Orange (bright) the makeup is subtle but not invisible.


Hi Marlena.. that was pretty.. i specially liked how u applied glitter to part of the eye instead of the whole lid.. gud going girl.. as usual.. :)

Hi Marlena…this look is really gorgeous!!!
if u dnt mind me asking u where did u find the hand glitter??here in Mauritius its expensive and we dnt get it everywhere!!! the hand glitter is available only at the MEHENDI(henna) parlour…

Very beautiful and incredibly easy!! (I haven’t tried doing it yet, but I think it is!! :)) … and I definitely LOVE your nose!!… lol…
Kisses from Brazil

marlena you look so pretty! :) How do you get your lashes to look that full though? what mascara do you use? :) Great comments everyone!

hi marlena! this look is soooo gorgeous! will be waiting for the henna tutorial ;) more power and God bless!

Hey Marlena!
This look is gorgeous!!! Great job hun!! I just have a quick question…I have a problem everytime I wear eyeliner & line my waterlines, it always ends up running & smudging under my eyes & in the outer corners. How can i prevent this from happening & looking like a scary raccoon?? I am a contact user (not sure if that helps) but, hope you can help me with this!!! Thanks!!!! (:

MARLENA……. do I need to say anything. It’s just amazing….. and A BIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGG THANK YOU for doing this look. I just love you Marlena…. and wish to see you in Indian bridal dress.

Me encantan tus videos pero me gustarian aún más si tuvieran traducción en español. No obstante he visto muchos videos de maquillaje y pienso que eres la mejor. Tus looks son estupendos, sencillamente me encantan. Así que no dejes de subir videos ok? un besito

I love it , nice henna but you have to remove it after becoming dry then to get nice color

Absolutely gorgeous Marlena! I love everything you do. Some day I hope you will do a tutorial on a sculpted eye. I can’t seem to get it right. :)

Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can buy MAC pro eyeshadows?? They don’t sell them on their website or in any stores that I know of. Its so unfair that it is so difficult to have access to other shadows. There’s so many pro ones that I want!! HELP!!

u look totally indian with mehndi n everything i will so have this makeup when i get married bt a little more jewellery i thing(indian ppl cant get enough ;) )

What a beautiful, modern look. I know it says wedding, but I am so inspired that I will try something like this for my nephew’s big birthday party this weekend. So pretty! Thanks for the inspiration, and for going all out with the outfit and mehndi!

TUTORIAL Request on *** NYX HD Foundation ***

Hey marlena!

Love your tuts.

I use the same revlon colorstay as you #310 but recently I have been looking into other less pore clogging foundations.

Could you possibly try and do a tutorial on NYX HD foundation??? It’s new and a dupe of make up forever primers and foundation as well as the halo dupe grinding powders.


what is the title of the song u used? can u put on your video infos the songs u use on ur videos as well? thanks

Hey Bycma,

Just viewed the link you posted and I absolutely loved it. The makeup is gorgeous. It would be awesome if Marlena can do a tuto. on it. :-)

@Marlena, I am still waiting for the Dermablend foundation tuto. Hope you do it soon :-) You went all the way to pull off this indian bridal look with henna and the jewelry, good job!

I really commend the way you highlight a look from a different culture in such a respectful and true to form manner. xx

Hey Marlena,

Loved the tutorial as always, you are a true inspiration!

I have a question for you, does removing mascara from eyelash extensions damage them or make them fall out? I really want to get some but don’t think I could live without my mascara!

Many thanks :D

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE all your videos and I am so IN LOVE with this look its beautiful!!!!! Please keep up the great work that you do, I always recommend a lot of my friends and family to your website. I wanted to know if you are able to tell me what kind of make did Kristen Stewart use for her photo in People Magazine Special Collector’s Edition (Twilight Returns New Moon) its from November 2009. In one of her photos her eyes really looked very sexy and i don’t normally see her make up like that often but this one really stood out. I have the photo I was trying to find out on my own but I’m not an expert…. Yet!! lol so if you like i can scan it and email it to you if you don’t mind with your busy schedule and all.

Jacqui. NY

Hi Marlena,

You have extremely long eyelashes- Are they naturally that long or are you using a lash growth stimulator? If you are can you do a review?


Hey Marlena! This video couldn’t have been up at a more convenient time–my sister’s getting married in 3 weeks! It’s going to be a traditional Indian ceremony and she loved the look! I was wondering what mascara you used in the video, your lashes look amazing!

hey Marlena,
i love your make up looks and i noticed how think and long you lashes looked and wondered if you use anything on them to make them look so pretty and if you do please tell me i would love to kno!

After watching a lot of videos now I have to ask. Ando don’t get me wrong this is just my honest question: Are those your real lashes? Cause they don’t seem to be false so if they are you real lashes…OMG!! You have such long and beautiful lashes. Not only you’re beautiful inside and out but you have such beautiful lashes that give you this gorgeous look.

You really are beautiful

Marlena, I love this Indian look … so gorgeous and the lips WOW
But how come you have such long and thick natural lashes without wearing any falsies or mascara???
What’s your secret ?

wow!!!!! that was amazing to watch ! also to know that she did it free hand – what an Artist !!!!! thanks so cool. also love the eye colors with my blue eye those color make them pop ! ( will pass on the gliter) with a happy heart – love your work also- an artist

i loveee your idea of the indian bridal look….. im indian and i always wondered what my makeup would look like on my wedding day and normally the traditional makeup is always: making the face really REALLY pale and red lipstick… and to tell the truth i HATE it..Also… indians loveeeeee eyeliner (me too!) but you cant just have that for your wedding day. Now that i saw this im going to show this to my makeup artist. :) thankssss

Hey Marlena I want to request an arabic makeup shakira had on a picture. I know you get like a 1000 request daily but can you pliz pliz pliz do a tutorial on it. It is just Gorgeous and I CANT wait to learn how to do it. Heres the link of it. It is the 1st picture in the video.
I hope you have the time to make it I know you are a very busy girl…

Anyways I loooovee ur videos and I’M A HUGE FAN!!!