How to Pull Off Blue Eyeshadow


  • Revlon HD Foundation mixed with Revlon Colorstay Foundation
  • NARS Loose Powder     (Sephora)  (eBay)
  • NARS Laguna Bronzer     (Sephora)  (eBay)
  • Benefit Coralista Blush    (Sephora)  (eBay)
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Shimpagne    (eBay)


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion     (Sephora) (eBay)
  • MAC Electric Eel Eyeshadow    (MAC)
  • MAC Copperplate Eyeshadow   (MAC)
  • MAC Contrast Eyeshadow     (MAC)
  • MAC Brule Eyeshadow     (MAC)
  • Makeup Geek Gel Liner – “Electric” (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara
  • Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Sapphire     (Sephora) (eBay)


  • MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick     (MAC)
  • MAC Bingo Lipglass (eBay)


Inexpensive Alternatives:

Ring: Black Dying Love      (Makeup Geek Store)



Marlena’s Tips for Wearing Blue Eyeshadow:

  1. Pair the blue with a neutral color such as brown, tan, or even gray- the neutral will offset the brightness of the blue
  2. Use blue in moderation- keep it to just the lid, under the lower lashline, or as an accent in the outer V
  3. Choose your blues wisely.  If you feel the color is too bright, go for a deeper blue to replace your everyday brown or black.
  4. If you use a brighter blue, use a matte finish as the frosty or glittery finish makes the blue almost too much to handle
  5. Blues look good on everyone, but are especially good for brown eyed girls as it makes the brown eyes pop!
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i absolutely love this look! ive always been afraid of wearing blue but this looks gorgeous and i can’t wait to try it out. by the way marleena you look awesome!! keep it up

Quick question – what do you think of the Revlon HD foundation? I saw that they just came out with it. Wondering if it’s any good….

You are such an inspiration. I’m an aspiring makeup artist also, :) I still need to finish highschool,,, but you really do inspire me. When I put my makeup on in the morning, I think “Would Marlena like this look”. You are so beautiful and incredibly talented. Keep going through the tough times,,, I’m going through some hard times also, but serisously watching your videos perk me up:) Thank you so much for being such an inspiration for women everywhere

Wow! Fantastic! u can carry off any colour. n I loved the editing of this video.
Would love to c a look for Indian skin tone.

Absolutely gorgeous! Marlena, I absolutely love watching your videos. Your bubbly personality, your incredible skills, and your passion for your craft is so inspiring. I’ve been following your videos since you began, and I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you for being so amazing!

LOVE this look! It kind of reminds me of the blueberries and cherries look you did. But you are right – in the video, the color looks green and in the photos it’s very blue – gorgeous. I have tried blue shadow, but I have blue eyes so maybe that’s why it never looked this good? ;) Keep your videos coming. You are my fav makeup artist to watch!!!

Another beautiful look! I’ve bought some blue shadows lately, but wasn’t really sure exactly how I was going to use them! Thanks for the tips!

Very nice, Marlena!
And you are getting even better at this videostuff I think! With the little square shot containing some tips ans all :D Great! Really cool. I keep telling my friends to watch and subscribe to this site all the time :)

Thank you for doing this!

Hey Marlena!

Looooooooooove blue eyeshadow!!! I wore some at my prom three years ago but it was more shimmery! You’re looking fabulous, keep up the great work!

Love from Puerto Rico :D,


Just want to say that I absolutely love your makeup tutorial.I have blue eyes and brown hair.I really feel that people with blue eyes can’t wear all the beautiful colors that brown eyes can wear.I did watch the tutorial with blue,and tan mac colors.Can you please do more color tutorial on blue eyes.
Brandy from louisiana

I like a few of their eye brushes, but haven’t been too fond of the face ones. The products aren’t too bad for the price, but I think I’d rather pay a few dollars more and get some of the drugstore products like Revlon’s foundations, Covergirl’s lipglosses, Milani’s blushes, etc :)


I live in England too and it’s really easy to buy. Marlena does send worldwide, you need a paypal account and that’s all. Hope this helps xx

I just LOVE this look !! you’re just so beautiful ! Im from Paris so if you have some questions or whatever, email me I will respond you as soon as I can ;)






Well, thats good to know! Glad to know that you’re still alive, I wish nothing but the best for you now and in the future, I hope to hear more tutorials from you in tha future!

Aside from the amazing makeup you have on, I just have to say that you look wonderful with long hair. It’s grown so long. Love it :)

hey marlena!!!
i love your videos
they help me out alot n give me new ideas
keep up the goodwork

oh n the intro was hilarious

This makes me want to get a navy colored shadow. Thank you for posting this one! Now I can try some looks with my bright blue that I never wear lol

Hey love the look, but it looks more like a green instead of BLUE……
thank you for posting a new video. I was getting worried that you were not going to do any more.

Contrast is one of the few MAC shadows I LOVE. I try to wear neutral looks so I will use this in the V only with nudes on the lids. Love the lip color on you too! You should try Studio Gear’s “rouge” blush brush i believe its called. I use to use the MAC angled brush, but the softness of Studio Gear’s brushes are much better and applies a softer, natural look to blush as appose to a harsh color. Glad to see your smiling and doing well!

I don’t believe so, but they are available at Most Ulta stores or All of Studios Gears brushes are amazing! The blush brush I bought applies it in a way that is not least bit ckey, and with the stiffer MAC brush I found depending on the blush I used, it left too harsh of a color. Plus, the SG brush has shed not ONE hair on my face :-) Hope you look into them! The whole brand is made really well, including the eye shadows.

I love wearing blues! This is a very nice and simple look to create. Thank you again!! I love your highlights in your hair…you have lost tons of weight…keep it up!!

love love love! like I have said a bazillion times, I love Electric Eel. It is my favoritest (yes I know that is gramatically correct) in the whole wide world! I wear it all the time. I am not scared to wear it without a neutral color. and i wear it with the Blue 24/7 pencil. I can’t think of the exact name. Thanks for the great vid.

Absolutely love this look, great job on the tutorial, the intro was hillarious too. I’m gonna try it out. THx for the alternatives. Finally something that will look even better on the brown-eyed girls :)

Hi Marlena, I love watching your tutorial videos. You have a pretty face. Your face looks thinner, did you happen to lose some weight…your looking great thought, not that you look bad.

Thank you for the tips! I love blue eyeshadow but am always too afraid to use it. I’ll def. be using this look for work next week! Thank you again :)

LOVE this look! I’m always afraid of blue eyeshadow with my green eyes.. feel like it will clash. I wanted to ask.. what brush do you use to apply your foundation? I use liquid and I had bought the MAC 187 because the salesgirl ranted and raved about how wonderful it was.. but the brush hairs fall out all over my face & with the liquid it stick and.. ugh, mess! Thanks gorgeous! <3

I use a stippling brush that I found at the makeup show last year, but the beauty blender sponge (the pink egg shaped one) works really good too!

I think this will work well on darker skin tones- if you want something more intense like the Eve look, go with mac’s deep truth or even freshwater or nyx’s atlantic or even morroco would be pretty :)

Love, love, love the look! IDo you have extensions? Your hair seems to have a lot more length. Also, what shade is your hair in this video? I am loving your dark locks. Thanks!

I did have a few extensions in- mainly on the bottom half of my head :) I wish I knew the exact color, but there are two chunks of platinum with 3 chunks of reddish brown in there. The rest is my natural

I as well… your hair…can you tell me about the extensions, have been considering it myself. Are they sewn in, or clip ins….and if clip ins, can you reccomend a brand for me, they look super. Of course your makeup does as well… as usual. You have changed me forever….I forget how I used to wear my makeup. Thanks so much for all of your beauty advice, I tell everyone about your site.

i did a similar look for nye. but my lid colour was more of a teal, but my base was a darkish blue so it looked more blue than teal.
You look FAB as always. awesome tut and tips!

Yet another fab look Marlena! Your hair also looks great with some extra length, would love another hair tutorial from you!
Also loving your editing for this vid, it’s great having those extra tips placed in there, very stylish and professional looking.
Keep up your great work! :)

What a fantastic look. On my screen the Electric Eel come out as a green color. I thing I will try it also with a green color. You are very talented. It’s so sad that I live so long away from you, because otherwise I would give you a big hug for you have taught me a lot. Many thanks for that!
I look forward to see the next exciting video.

Thanks for that great tutorial! I remember me wearing blue e/s a lot when younger… well, it looked more like the bloopers at the beginning… (but the bad ones). But now I know how to pull of those blues without everyone asking if I was beaten, YAY! I’ll definately try a blue look! thanks again, greetings

i have subscribed to about 50….uuuhh 30…ok ok maybe 25…..i think i should rephrase my sentence. i have subscribed to a dozen makeup artists on youtube and i must say by far you are my favouritest (i know that’s no word but its appropriate :-)…i enjoy your tutorials because:

1.your instructions are very precise and easy to follow, whereby u mention dupes and colors which can be used instead
2.your background is always nice
3. video quality is really good
4. the close up is fabulous
5. your warmth is defintely a thumbs up
6.and all the other good things :-)

i also very much like makeupadikt and though i like jangsara looks i have stopped following her since there are no tutorilas and i can’t achieve the looks if i try them just by picture.

therefore a warm thankyou for opening up and sharing your skills with us all over the world- i live in Pakistan

wishing you lots of luck and prosperity in future

God Bless You,

welcome back… i miss you so much
congratulations on the news on the other video… i really hope everything goes fine with you :)

love love

Marlena, I love the beginning with the do’s and don’ts LOL. Great look. I always tell my clients not to be afraid of blue! When I do makeup classes I usually demonstrate on one person how a scary looking color like a bright blue can be worn and look good. Thanks for the vid!

Really funny intro. Blue is my fav’ color to wear and for everything else in the world so thanks XD

Marlena, thank you sooo much for posting the “inexpensive alternatives”!!!!! I love watching your tutorials…I learn alot!

What a nice look, Marlena. So, I have a question, does these tips apply to bright green eyeshadows too? Thanks for all your great help. You always provide useful tips. :-)

Hello Marlena,
I’m french, I’m from Marseille, a city in the south of France. Your makeup is very beautiful and, you are too!!!!!
I like your videos. I have to buy some other brushes and I’ll have everything I need !


Finally!! it is always a nightmare to see these girls walking around in some crazy blue eyeshadow from the 80’s….and finally someone is teaching these girls how to rock blue!!! thank you!


im so glad your back!!! i was going into makeup geek withdrawl!! iabsolutely love the blue! lots of people are scared of wearing it, but i think it looks awesome :D

your amazing i have been trying to master the BLUE EYESHADOW its a nightmare
you AS USE-U-AL make it easy and pretty thanks again 100000000000000000 :)

I haven’t worn blue for a long time, since I had no idea how to make it look pretty. Now I know how to wear blue e/s the RIGHT way. You are marvelous!!!! Also loved the video intro…too funny. Thank you, Marlena, for this tutorial.

Hi Marlena,

That is such a nice look. I will have to run to the shop and get all the nice eye shodows.

keep up the great work, your the best. All the best wishes for you.

Not sure if this has been already suggested (I’m sure you’ve thought about it!) but a tut about how to pull off green would be just as great.

I love this tut, I think it’s become my new favourite!

You are looking even more and more beautiful these days. Can you please share with us your whatever “healthy living” program you have embarked upon to get results this fabulous?

I’ll do a video soon, but it’s mainly these steps:

-Cut out the sugar (this was the hardest for me!)- only sugar to have is natural ones in fruits and some veggies

-Drink water as 90-95% of all that you drink

-No refined carbs (substitute with rice products or small amounts of whole wheat)

-workout 4 times a week

It seems harder than it is- just gotta take one step at a time and make it a habit more than anything. The first 3 weeks are hardest, but after that it is easier

Any suggestions regarding eye primer for someone with ultra sensitive eyes? I purchased Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, but have issues with it also. Currently, I just apply some MAC Studio Fix powder to my eye area. It works okay with no creasing, but I notice that my shadow colors are not as vibrant or as true as they should be. This sensitive eye thing gets really old =(

Have you tried Bare Escentuals eye primer? I’ve had several clients say it doesn’t bother their lids as much

OMG, you a very beautiful woman.

Two questions for you, first, what do you recommend for “hiding” acne scarring?
Second, do you believe Coastal Scent Shadows are comparable with MAC products?
Thanks for all your tutorials, they are extremely helpful.

Hi Dalia :)

For hiding acne scars, you want a good concealer- I’m actually liking the Coastal Scents camo quads as they’re creamy with good color pigmentation, but if your skin is oily, I would go with something like Makeup Forever Concealer.
The CS shadows are really good for the price- not as good as mac, but definitely not bad :)

hi marlena
can you do a tutorials with this cotals scent camo quads
and tips for med dark skin tons
thank you

Wow, this look is great! I got suckered into buying Electric Eel eyeshadow years ago and had no idea how to make it work so I dumped it into my drawer of unused makeup, time to bring it out of hiding again:)!
BTW I love how you’ve been editing your videos! Especially the hints/tips in between, you’re so helpful as always…thanks:).

I know! I felt the same way about Electric Eel- it just sits there unused, so that’s why I wanted to tackle it- haha ;)

Absolutly loooooooooooooooove this look!
You look Gorgeous as usual!!
And I noticed that you lost some weight!
Thanks for keeping such a wonderful attitude with all that’s going on in your life.
You have always been my make up hero since i love all your tutorials and think they are very easy to follow and apply but as of now,
You are officially my new life hero!!
Keep the attitude up :)
Love you

I am so glad that you did this look. I have brown eyes, and quite a few blues that I’ve experimented with, but didn’t have the technique down. You are an amazing teacher.

Secondly, I was watching a tut from March 2008 on your basic types of eyeliners, and between this awesome video, and the one from March, 1.5 years ago… You just look stunning! You are an inspiration to me through makeup and health! Thank you SO much for all that you do for me! I look forward to your new tutorials and updates.

OMG…you look sooo good Marlena….and the look came out real nice…I’m glad to see another tutorial…are you gonna do any for Valentines Day….A romantic tutorial with sultry look or pinkish….I can’t wait to see what is next…

Love this look!!!! I am a huge fan of using different colors on the eyes, so I was glad to see a video with the brighter blue!!!!

I am dying for you to do a Jersey Shore look!!!!!!!

Hey Marlena
OMg You are so Amazing , I love your Website and your tutorials , You Helped me alot
You look Amazing too , Please can you tell me how did you lose some weight you look Awesome !! <3 <3 , I wanna loooooooooose alot lol

Have a gr8 Weekend

Marlena, can you do a tutorial about pairing eyeshadow with your eye color? My eyes are cind of a blue-green color… Does the eye color even matter?

I was very curious as to what mirror you apply your makeup in?!
is it a magnified mirror or a regular one?!
thank youuu :)

Hey marlena!! You look increadble!! I’m doing the same diet as you annoy really does work doesnt it!!
Question for you:
my hair is so limp and fine and it also refuses to grow. Do you have any suggestion to gowni can make my hair look longer and thicker?
Second question:would you be able to do some day to night looks. I often have 5 mins to glam up and would love some tips to change my day look to a night look!
Thanx xx x x x

Hi Claire,

I wish I could give tips on growing hair faster and thicker- I’m wondering the same thing! I’ve read that massaging the scalp when shampooing is supposed to help and getting regular trims. I would ask your hairdresser what she recommends- she/he will give better advice than I can ;)

Hey Marlena, love your look.
You look great also. Whats your secret?
Always remember that God doesn’t give you more then you can handle.

Thank you so much! Yes, He doesn’t give more than we can handle- is hard to remember that sometimes, but it’s still true :)

Yes, this technique is perfect for hooded eyes as the darker color is in the crease :) You should post your version in the forum- would love to see it :)

HA HA I’ve been doing a look like this since I started dying my hair blue back in December. I found that a brown made the blue I have not be so intense and clown looking!!!! lol. GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE I SUPPOSE :). I’ll have to take some pics of my look it’s so similar :). Just I use this Vegan makeup that I found. I love it, it’s not sold in stores you can only buy it online or find a seller (like avon lol) it’s really cool, just the mascara and the eyeliner kinda suck. I like everything else though <3 :).

Hey, why am i unable to view your vidoes………?????????????

i am currently doing my professional makeup course from makeup forever & love the combination of colours you use…………..

hi Marlena.

thank u, thanku, thank u. i have always wanted to wear pretty blue eyeshadow, but i was never able to pull it off. after i saw ur video, i wore this look to my friend’s b-day party and all my friends loved it.

i have a favour to ask. could u plz show us in a video how to wear red eyeshadow (with tips just like u’ve done with the blue eyeshadow!). i at times see women wear it and it looks pretty, but when i do it seems as if i have been punched in the eye. plzzz help!!

Sweetie, your Beautiful , If I looked like you I could Wear stuff like that too . but as i look like me I have to wear Neutrals, And maybe purples , but no blues. But I love watching your Videos.

love this blue look marlena. i have a question for you. totally not related to the video but hopefully you can asnwer it for me. is mac’s paintpot in artifact a pro color? or does it belong to the regular mac line?

Hey Marlena! Question for you – I’m in the States but noticed you used a Bourjois pencil brush for smudging. I checked the Ulta site and can’t seem to find it. Any recs? I can’t find a good pencil brush that’s still affordable. Thanks!

Hey Marlena, I have a to first say I just barely found your website and I am a huge fan. I have learned alot and I get ALOT of double glances of people that know me. But I do have a request can you do a tutorial for us out there that where glasses? I would appreciate it.
much love

Hi Marlena,

You are soo pretty and I am so proud to see how you have been progressing towards your fitness goals! You look great! I LOVE this website…..and the way you edited this video too!!!

Getting ready to watch the tutorial, but cracked up when the first thing I see is MiMi in all of her blue eyeshadow glory! A hilarious blast from the past. Thanks for the chuckle. :) :)


Thanks so much for this video Marlena! I’ve always wanted to wear fun colors like this and this gave me the courage to try some out! I just ordered two eyeshadow pans off the MAC site in Tilt and Creme de Violet and I’m really excited :) Thanks again!

marlena..yr cosmetic tips r awesome…..just luv to watch yr tutorials…..i live in canada,do u ever cum here????keep it up!!!!!hats off for u!!!!gr8 job!!!

my hubby says you and i favor each other so i love checking out your looks! can you get the alice in wonderland urban decay book that is coming out and do a few looks out of it? it is being released now at sephora and i wanted to see what you do with it before i buy it. thanks, you are my makeup inspiration!

I’m not a big makeup fan, but I really got into after watching a ton of tutorial on YouTube. Tried this one last night, and WOW! That ‘hooker’ blue eyeshadow I had was amazing using this technique, it made dark hazely eyes look like gold!

Love it! You go girl!

u r so so so pretty! er can u ever make a video telling how to make a cute, casual school look? it has to be pretty but not to bold and scary! thank you so so much Marlena!

Hi Marlena! Thanks for this great tutorial. I’m really one of these girls who have problems with blue eyeshadows and I’ve always tried to avoid using blue or green colors. Thanks for the tips. You look better and better. Is it just me or you lost some weight? I couldn’t help notice :). Take care! We all love your work.

ciao Marlena.. non so se capirai ciò che ti sto scrivendo.. comunque aldilà di questo.. volevo semplicemente complimentarmi con te :-) sei davvero brava!! e i tuoi tutorial sono fenomenali!! un bacio grande dall’italia. :-D :-D

I love love love the intro to this video…I have always tried to convince clients that blue eyeshadow is not the root of all makeup evil…you just have to do it right!

Thanks for the tips :)

o m g you look so pretty
ive watchd most of your tutorials and there greate!!!!
my make up looks SO much better now thanks ta u!
keep it up :D

great look Marlena!! this is so so sooo beautiful :)
i will def. wear this tomorrow ;)

and just wondering… did u get hair extentions?? lol it looks amazing, especially with the really dark blacks in there like in the ‘blue eyes’ video :)
u r soo gorgeous <3 thanks for all the great makeup advice!!


hi marlena love the look and your videos. ? i am mexican Ht: 5’2 Wt:230 lb have round face brown eyes, will blue work for me?

Lots of people at my school wear blue eyeshadow. Sadly, most of them don’t do it right! lol I hope some of them find this!

Hi Marlena
my name is Shan Salamova(Shakhnoza)but u can call me Shan!
I registered to your website recently! so how re u doing!
i’ll tell you about myself. i came to the USA from (former USSR country) Uzbekistan! i’m merried and i have 1 son ,he is 9month! i ve been watching your tutorial videos since 2008 september, and had no time to register to your web site! your videos charmed me, cuz your ideas about make up are very rich and i’m also very interestind doing make up! i ve done some make ups but i dont know whether i have made them properly or not , cuz i want to be make up artist! so can you tell me what kind of opportunities has this website?and im beginner so what should i do?
so waiting for your respond
take care

I love your eyeshadow tutorials!

I know you’ve done a tutorial for hooded eyes, but when I do it, it goes completely wrong :( lol.

I’m new to the whole blending etc.. I was a just brush it and and be done with it as you can’t see it when my eyes are open kind of person lol. I hate my eyes but have an addiction to eyeshadows haha.

Anyway, what are your suggestions for a newbie with hooded eyes? (they’re not even the same, one is more hooded then the other). I apply it above my eye but I just look like a clown lol My eyebrows are quite high above my eye too which makes things worse. I hope you can help :)

Thanks for this tutorial!!! I always LOVED blue colors but looked like a washed up mermaid when trying to pull them off with my green eyes …now I tried this am I AM LOOKING GOOD! thank you !
I always thought it was me , now I know its the eyeshadow!
can you please do a tutorial on Eve’s blue look if you have time, it’s so stunning!
have a great day !


I absolutely loveee your mac ideas! I was wondering if you could recommend a good coral mac blush? Thanks in advance!

Hey all!! FYI, if you are looking for a good dupe for MAC’s Electric Eel, NYX Irises is WICKED!! Thanx for the tutorial Marlena, you look stunning as always :)

marlena absolutely LOVE your nails they look very pretty what are the color you have on them and the design??

Hahahaha I love the start of this video!!

Awesome look, Marlena :o) The BLUE eyeshadow phase in NZ was just HIDEOUS, I tell you!! So glad to see someone make it work :o)

I tried it today! It’s not as good as yours(then again I did the whole look with a MAC 239 brush, as I was running late for work, and didn’t have the exact right colors) but I think I made it work! I’ll do touchups and take a photo when I get home!! :o)

Love your work, doll! x

Wow, you made that look too easy. That was such a pretty color. Can’t wait to try it out. I love watching your video especially because your eye shape is so close to mine. Thank for all the help;)!