How To: Make Your Lips Look Fuller

1.   Wear Light Colored Lipsticks

There’s no secret that wearing dark colors makes you look slimmer (hello my favorite black dress).  The same idea applies to makeup: when you wear dark colored lipsticks, it makes your lips look smaller.  Wear lighter colors, and they automatically look bigger.  Choosing the correct light shade of lipstick is tricky though- you don’t want something too light that can appear frosty or make you look ill.  Wearing a pale pink that has a satin finish (no frosty finishes!) is the most flattering.

My favorite ones are:

  • MAC Blankety
  • Makeup Geek Innocent
  • Revlon Nude Attitude

2.  Always wear lipgloss

This step is the easiest way to get fuller lips as lipgloss reflects light,  making the lips look super shiny and full.  For an added bonus, wear a lip plumping lipgloss like DuWop’s Lip Venom or Bare Escentuals Buxom Lipgloss.   Again, choose colors that are a bit lighter.

3.  Apply a touch of white eyeliner above and below the lips

This is my favorite trick as it makes your lips almost 3D effect.  Take a white eyeliner (if you have dark skin, choose a tan eyeliner) and apply a thin layer just above the cupid’s bow and below the lower lip;  blend in with your fingers so there’s no obvious white line.  The lightness around the lips gives the illusion of light and makes the lips pop more.

The one I used was Urban Decay’s Eyeliner in “Yeyo”

My Lips Before: (no, these aren’t the same picture- I swear! Not sure how the 2 pictures were taken 30 minutes apart yet look the same. Freaky! haha)

My Lips After:


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hey marlena, i noticed that you used the makeup forever concealer palette in this video and i was wondering what you thought of it? i purchased the nars concealer stick and i was not happy with it at all and i was considering buying the palette by makeup forever. i really trust your opinion and i didn’t want to purchase it without other opinions. thanks! love your videos as always! (:

I have been using it for years and recommend it…great coverage, great colours and stays put… not that you asked me but thought it might help

Great video Marlena, thank you. You are SO lucky to have such naturally lovely and pigmented lips… I have taken to wearing lighter lip colours lately and have to agree it works better in making lips look better. Also, love, love love those earrings but probably can’t find them in Australia!
Thanks again and loving the MUG eyeshadows, fantastic.

Hello Marlena, Magnificent video on the other hand where to find the lipstick mug innocent please? Good Day

Loved the video but that preview photo of the big pink lips is a little bit photoshop crazy, huh.

btw: you don´t have to upload the clip on another mirror – we´re able to watch it in germany, cuz there´s no music in it ;.))). thanx

I LOVE your earings, can I know where I can find them?
Thanks for your amazing vedios, very helpful :D

I have those same earrings!! LOL Charlotte Russe… love that store! Oh ….and love your video too! Did you ever hear of MAC Lip Erase or ever try it? It’s for the purpose of masking out your lip color. Thanks!


You are AMAZING! I LOVE every video that you put out and because of you I have become a true makeup geek/junkie! Please keep providing us with tutorials as I am obsessed with this website! haha Thanks for all you do! :)

The toughest thing for me is the lips. I have always used dark lipstick since I was a punker. Now since one is getting older I truly understand why one should use a light color. But my trouble is since I am fair skin and what looks good on me without looking washed out ……but looking at the swatches I think the mug innocent would look good on me just waiting patiently for this lipstick to come out.. But in the mean time since their is a MAC here in Puerto Rico I will go and get the MAC Blankety and the
Revlon Nude Attitude. Marlena thank you so much for your videos as always very helpful and educational and you always bring out the positive energy that always make me day : ) .

I’ve been trying to control my llittle problem with my makeup spending obsession . LOL ! But I just love you tutorials and love love love the boho chic makeup tutorial and so many more . So, I think I have to buy the makeup geek boho chic kit . Lord help me !!! Oh but I love it . I think you are a wonderful teacher and inspiration . !!!! have a great day !!!!

Dawn I’m with you girl I am getting the Boho Chic kit either this weekend or next (depending on when I can afford it). I love that look!!

I love lining my lips though! lol I line them were they are, and fill in the color so my lipstick stays on longer. Also I do wear lip gloss. Another trick I used is putting a little bit of a lighter color lipstick in the center of my lips and blend it out. It gives it a fuller look as well.

Wow!! I just could not get myself to watch…..I have thin lips and not one of the pictures of the set of lips has thin ones….????? : (

i was also wondering where are the pics of thin lips…all i can see already fuller lips ladies including yoy Marlena…

i wish u cud have done this tutorial on someone has thin lips, so i wud have understood better.


I recommend using Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Cream Lip Polish after you put on ur fav. lipstick colors. It works wonders for me n its nice and minty with a nice tingle :)

Hi Marlena, Let me start by saying that I love the videos that you post. I do have a beef with this video, though. The reason one’s lips tingle and plump up when using lip plumping lip gloss is because they are IRRITATED due to the ingredients added to the lip gloss. Swelling/irritation is never a good thing. Might I suggest (and this will be hard to do) that we get more comfortable with the lips we were born with and not use the lip plumping lip glosses.

Absolutely love buxom lip glosses. the tingley sensation real does make it feel like it plumps up my lips. Another great thing I love bout that product is the taste. I havent tried all the lip glosses yet but I am assuming they all have that minty taste and it still leaves my lips refreshed. Only downside is the price. I think its around 18 for one but if I usually buy one, Ill buy it in a set. Once again thanks for the great advice Marlena :)

Hi Marlena.
Thanks for the tips!
I love your skin, I really do! Can you make a skincare video? Where you can talk about what products you use everyday? ;D Because I loooooove your skin!

Simone :-)

Nice video and I agree with all the of the tips that Marlena brings up except the one about using plumping lip glosses. They tingle because they use a skin irritant in these products, which is bad for skin. I would recommend a regular lip gloss instead since the last thing we want to do is irritate our lips.

Thanks Marlena for all of these tips. I am new to but I love it so far. I have dry skin all over my face and sun spots. Would I use cool shades or what?

Hi Marlena, I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on Eva Longorias makeup in that picture, Love her looks in deperate housewives. I have been trying to replicate it but so far no luck : )

does anyone know where I could get the earrings Marlena is wearing? I love them!!!
I am in Australia but thought I might be able to order them online… any ideas anyone???

Hey – Thanks Marlena for all of these tips. I am new to but I love it so far. I have dry skin all over my face and sun spots. Would I use cool shades or what?

the concept that light colors make your lips bigger and dark colors make your lips appear smaller makes so much sense when you think about it this way: Dark/black eyeliner makes your eyes look smaller and light/white eyeliner makes your eyes look wider!


I love you videos! I have super tan skin, would the colors you’ve recommended look silly on me? Also, should I still use a white to highlight??

i love pinks or pinky-tan lip colors for my skin tone. i think i can pull off dark colors but idk, no one has told me other wise lol. this technique i will be sure to use. i feel as though my lips are small. thanx for the vid!