How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Tips to Keep in Mind:

  1. Apply lightest shadow or shimmer to the lid
  2. Keep dark shadows on the outer part of the eye
  3. If using black eyeliner, apply to upper waterline
  4. Accent lower lashline with Glitter Liner
  5. Apply white or flesh-colored eyeliner to waterline
  6. Curl your lashes



  • Soft Ochre Paintpot (eBay)
  • MAC Solar White Eyeshadow
  • MAC Kid Eyeshadow
  • MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow
  • MAC Satellite Dreams Eyeshadow
  • MAC Beautiful Iris Eyeshadow
  • NYX Crystal Glitter Liner (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero (Amazon / eBay)
  • Stila Kajal Eye Liner # 02 Topaz (Sephora)
  • Shue Uemura Lash Curler (SephoraeBay)
  • Bourjois Clubbing Mascara (eBay)
  • Covergirl Professional Mascara or Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black

Cheaper Alternatives

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Thank you so much! It was quite informative and also helped me to know that I was doing my eyes right :)

Thank you soooo much! This is perfect for my lil eyes :) Marlena, I just want to tell you that I have absolutely loved all of your videos! You have made me rediscover my makeup, and how pretty I can actually look. Thanks for all of your hard work and your increadible sweetness. My BFF and I are ABSOLUTE Make Up Geeks now…4 LIFE hahah :)

Thanks so much for this video. I appreciate you taking our questions into consideration. I loved this video and know I will come back to it often. :)

thank you i love it … i have big eyes but i want them bigger!!! yes i know… ill try in manana

Thanks sooooo Much for this video and the rest of the videos. I love them all so keep them on here… They help me alot on my makeup. I love you so much for your time with this!! Muah!! Hope u can come to Texas(Houston) are and show some classes!!! I ABSOLUTE Love this! Keep this going!!

Alexis Vogel has a flesh colored eyeliner for that natural look. Her products can only be found on Ebay. not sure but you can probably find it also at I have the double ended pencil, by Alexis, one side is jump out black and the other side is the wake up flesh color. I love this pencil.

I love the way this came out, but I have a question, what about a tutorial for big eyes, I have big eyes with really long lashes. My problem is when Iam applying my eyeliner it gets on my lashes too..ugh..and then when I apply the mascara the tips are stuck together because of the eyeliner i had put on before and since my lashes are long when I apply mascara it gets on my lids and ruins my eyeshadow, Can you help me out and give me some tips for big eyes with long lashes, please…Thank you so much, I love all of your tutorials my fave is Barbie inspired makeup

marlena!! this is gorgeous (and sooo helpful)!!!! i absolutely love the Solar White e/s….but I searched on MAC, and it’s nowhere on there that I could see. Is this a Pro color or was it in a limited collection?? I soooo want this color!!! please help :D

HEY Marlena, I just heard of a makeup called elf (eyes lips face) can you please let us know if there eyeshadows and brushes are good??? please check it out there website i believe is please do a review on there makeup!!! i cant believe how low there prices are!!! i really hope you see this comment that i am posting!!!

Hi Marlena: Great job as always! For future videos on eyeshades, please do one on large, prominent eyes, on hooded eyes and on more mature “wrinkly” eyes/eyelids (you have fans in all age groups, not just the twenty-somethings!). Thanks again!! Keep up the terrific work you’re doing!!

This was great, and I have half of the products you used already! :-)

Will you be doing make up tips for eyes that are close together? the top of my nose is very small, and makes my eyes look close together. will keep an eye out (no pun intended :-S lol)


wow, awesome tutorials! I have small eyes too, just a lot less lidspace. Do you know how to keep the liner on in the waterline? I’ve been using Korres white eyeliner (it does look weird till it wears off some, I’m light olive toned) and it’s gone in an hour or two. Is stila’s kajal liner good for sensitive eyes?

Hi Marlena!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your tutorials and ideas. They’ve been a really big help in getting me back into the swing of using makeup again.
I can’t wait for the hooded eye and mature eye tutorials as I have both.

Thank you very much for doing this,Marlena! I am really looking forward to seeing what you can do for deep-set eyes!

I think your videos are superb. I love watching your videos and always eagerly awaiting new additions. Thank you and keep it up cos you truly have a fan in me, from all the way in London, England.

Absolutely beautiful and thank you b/c i have small green eyes. I also LOVE how you post nyx dupes to use, as a busy mom of 3 (girls!!!!!) I don’t have much left to spend on MAC and I am a true mac addict.

Keep doing the vids, you are certainly one of the best guru’s on youtube.

this is going to be my everyday look now! i love it! This really helps with different shape eyes but also i love the look!

This was great! I am going to have to try the MAC Solar White & the Kid. They both look like great colors. I’ve been seeing the Kid used a lot more & it looks like a great blending color. I’m also very intrigued by the flesh toned Stila eye kaja!!!. Even though I’m fair complected like you, I don’t really like how white looks on my water line. And I’ve heard that Stila eye kajal is awesome (By-the-way, I *think* it’s pronounced “ka – jil” or “ka’gel”. I know, it totally looks like it would be pronounced “ka-jal” though.) Thanks for another great tutorial!

Marlena I found this soooo helpful. I’m got on Sephora and ordered that kajal too! Very exciting. I have all the products you listed, but I wanted to say that I thought it was great that u listed alternatives at the bottom. Just shows how much more your dedicated to thoroughness than other people on youtube. your site is like a one stop shop.. no need to go anywhere else!

Thank you so very much for the wonderful video tutorial on makeup for small eyes. You have done a wonderful job, and your information is very helpful. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your website, and these tutorial videos.

Thank you sooo much for this video!!! I can’t wait to see the hooded eye video! You explain professional, usable techniques clearly and make me excited to play with my makeup! (I know that was a lot of exclamation points)

Marlena ,i would like to know what you think about “Laura Mercier” brand.for foundation,beacause i been using diferents brand ,and don’t know if you always need to use it before any make up. PLEASE HELP ME! ;)

hi marlena.
GREAT vid. i just got bourjois clubbing mascara and LOVE IT (watch ur vids all the time…great recommendations!)
anyway..i was just wanting to say thanks and you’re beautiful, AMAZING and truly an inspiration.

my cousins and i have been experimenting with makeup and just can’t get enough!
we’ve tried almost all of your looks and love them:)

one question…where did you get that gorgeous ring?!

:D much love girl, keep up the fabulous vids

I love your earrings in this video. Where did you get them… you absolutely have to tell me! Thanks!

I love elf make up the eyeshadows are great and so are the brushes I have not had any problems so far. It lets you be creative without breaking the bank.

hi ,,,, i watch lots of videos on eye makeup ,,,,but i really admire your one ,,,,becoz u put all the information on side box… .thankyou so much tc

I’m going to try this look today! I have major hooded eyes and they tend to look even smaller when I use eyeliner across the entire lid so I am looking forward to trying out your tips 1/3 on the end!

Hi-New here :) Loved this tutorial because I’ve been playing with some of your looks and didn’t like how my eyes were looking. Then I just happened to be playing with “How To Foil Pigments” and all I had was a soft pink, so I just put that on my lid to play and wow, it made a BIG difference! Love this website SO much.

I do have a quick question though. What about eyebrows? I had no idea you could apply makeup to shape them. I am a Momma to five just getting back into girly girl stuff and could really use some help in selecting products :) Thanks!

LOVE THIS! Thanks so much!
I love the way the Solar White looks on this tut. Is there a dupe available? Solar White is only available on eBay now – but is a bit pricey because it was a limited edition. Does NYX have a dupe – or 88 palette – or even another MAC shade? Keep up the amazing work.
Many Blessings to you,

Marlena is Solar White a pro color o a regular color that is coming out.
Fabulous look as always. can you let me know what is a similar color?
Thanks love it, love it

THANK YOU SOOOO VERY MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO!!! You’re absolutely wonderful. If I could’ve given you 3,000 stars on YouTube I would have.

I don’t know if I like Double wear, its really drying for my already dry skin even with moisturizer and the idealist primer; it still looks flaky and chalky. (and I dont know if it made me break out.) I tried Dior Skin Nude and I’m having different results, but what it lacks in coverage makes up for it in finish: a nice hydrating glow.

heyy marlena! i love love love your site and tips! you have made me the biggest makeup geek on the planet!
anyways, i was wondering if this look can be worn by people with larger eyes like me who dont mind having even bigger, more bold eyes…? thanks again

Thanks Marlena!! I was wondering….do you use anything to make your lashes grow?? They are stunning I want them!!

Thanks, Marlena! I don’t have small eyes, but my sister does so I can definately recommend this to her because she goes heavy with the eyeliner. I love all your videos, you’ve taught me so much! Thanks, again. Bye.

Hi marlena.thanx for the w0nderful video.i have r0und face can u please us the hairstyles suitable for the round face,but they should easy so that v dun need any0ne’s help in making them thanx luv u tc.

Hey, again fantastic video… I have big eyes, but I wouldn’t mind making them look bigger… If you are looking for some eye shapes to do for this series then perhaps you can help with my eye shape… My eyes are similar to yours…The only difference is that I do not have an almond shape like you do… What I usually do is apply light shades (usually white) in the core of my eye, with my darker eye shadow I usually take it out more, also I tend to thicken my eyeliner a lot on the outer part of my eye, I also apply more mascara to my outer (top and bottom) lashes to try and create a cat-eye/almond shape… Is this right? Do you have any more tips?

Trully luving the videos!!!

Thank you Marlena for all of your tutorials! I am going on a honeymoon and will have makeupgeek withdrawals while I’m away. Love your videos!

Love this look…..please can you tell me what you’re wearing on your lips? It looks gorgeous, particularly paired with the eye makeup. Thanks.

Hi Marlena,
I am so excited to come across your ‘youtube’ videos for different eyeshapes. I have gotten away from wearing mascara in the last couple of years, but see how important it really is to finish out your look!! WOW !! You made a believer out of me, and I even used to curl my lashes. Now, (I’m 47) I know the correct way. Again, WOW !!
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The Key is the frist 3 letters of your last name
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I know this looks like I want you to be a customer, and I do , but I want you most importantly to try our products. There are also sample sizes to purchase. Please contact me, email me back if you have any questions. I would LOVE to help.
And I “THANK YOU” for helping me!

awesome as usual
and this has nothing to do with make-up but if you guys could keep in your prayers three fifteen years olds from my town who were hit and killed by a drunk driver this sunday it would be appreciated thanx

i was wondering if you could make a video for younger girls who are going to school and they dont want to look over done or like they applied too much makeup

For anyone looking for a nude eyeliner, the lighter half of Vincent Longo’s Duo Liner in BlueJay is nude (the swatch on the website looks pink, but to me it’s a champagney slightly shimmery nude.) I haven’t tried Stila’s, and honestly, I’m very fair so I prefer white on myself, but it’s another option!


I am in my late 30s and I would love to wear eyeshadow like this! Please tell me what kind of primer that I can use to create the smoothest “canvas” on my eye area.


Hi, Marlena.
I’m from Russia and I also watch your tutorials and I love them. Thank you so much for your tips, they are very useful. And, Marlena, you are gorgeous and you have very beautiful smile.

I love how you list the cheaper alternatives too! Also, I ordered from the store and I got my order soo unbelievably fast!

can you do some more for dark eyes? i have small asian eyes and i want to do the exotic look–without being so dramatic and dark– can you help?

hi marlena
i need u help plz plz help me…..i am from india …..after seeing all ur videos i have brought all those MAC brushes & MAC paint pot…..but i have a major problem over here…my eyelid colour is brown even after applying paint pot….. the colour r not picking on my eyelid…..i really want to try out all ur looks but all i get is nothing… trying black in my outer v made my whole eye black….plz can u tell me where am i going wrong… i have to buy a MAC palette….i have a normal palette……its the fault of the palette i am using….plz plz plz plz help me……

Hi Marlena,

Loved the tut. I have small eyes so I can’t wait to try this look!! BTW looked for the Solar White E.S. by MAC and did not see it what is an alternative to that one? And what are you wearing on your lips to complete the look? Absolutely love the look!!

Thanks so much! I’ve been searching all over for something similar and this really answered all my questions. Excellent job! =D

Hi Marlena,

Loved the tut. as usual!! Can’t wait to try this look cuz I have small eyes. Looked for the solar white e.s. by MAC but did not see it :( can you give me an alternative for that one? And loved the color that you used on your lips to complete the look, can you tell me what color you are wearing plz thx!!

Marlena, I’ve noticed that you use alot of christian music for your tutorials, like Bethany Dillon, Super Chic, etc, some of my faves. Do you know the Lord? I kind of thought there was something “set apart ” about you!

I stumbled upon your tutorials on youtube, where I watch alot of worship videos, and I really enjoy them. You are so beautiful! And talented. I love getting ready to go out to church and stuff, I get alot of comments on my makeup, I love it.

Anyway, If you don’t know the Lord, I would love to introduce you to Him! He’s the best thing that ever happened to me besides my wonderful husband and 5 children!!

Hey, I LOVE this vid. I think wet and wild has a flat brushed mascara. Its in the pink cap…:)

Hello from New York.
Tried to find the Bourjois clubbing mascara. Sephora said they discontinued the collection. I looked on line and could not find it. Any suggestions? You have me obssessed looking for it.
PS: thanks for your site. I look forward to logging on each week.

Hi Marlena:

I had always been told to put blue eyeliner and blue mascara because i have brown eyes, should i do that if i have small eyes?
I have small and close-set eyes, would you do a tutorial for close-set eyes soon?
just discovered your website, i love it.


Thank you for sharing this with everyone! I’ve always wanted to learn how to apply eye make-up, and this tutorial definitely gave me the confidence to do it.

Thanks a lot, and more power to you!

Hi Marlena.
On youtube I can’t leave a message, it’s private.

I leave may comment here.

thank you so much.
I love this tutorial.
Is my favorite look.
I do this by myself to open my eyes. (they are non small, but I do not have some lid space between lashline and crease)

You make me happy, I do right.
I’ll take the purple color (I use black to intesify, but purple is better)

love U

Hi Marlena!
Greetings from DC! amazing video! thank you so much for taking your time and showing us your techniques, it is highly appreciated!
i have one question, is the Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara as good as the “simple” Bourjois Clubbing Mascara?
thanks a lot in advance!


Hi Marlena, I love your videos, especially this. Somehow, I think you use different color between right and left eyes. Is it true?
My eyes are small and my lashes are also short. I can’t apply any mascara on the lower part of my lashes. Do you have any advice for my case?

Thank you so Much for giving us your techniques.

my problem with my eyes is that they are small but when i put eyeshadow on you cant see it.what should i do?

I can’t tell you enough how much I love your videos! Whenever I’m bored I’ll just sit on the computer and watch your videos over and over. You’ve made me want to be a makeup artist! hahah, but you have definately inspired me(: Please keep the videos coming! You’re soooo good at it, keep up the good work.(:

I love this video. Never knew how I could put color and dimension into my eyes. I have beautiful green eyes but sometimes they look really small, and now they look stunning with your makeup tips! I’m addicted to this site now!

Are there any stores that sell Revlon makeup brushes? I hadn’t heard of them until I saw this video.

Thanks a lot, these tips are great, and much more easy to learn then in from a make up book in my opinion. I can’t wait to try it, though i have large sized eyes, i love to do/help my friends with their make up. :)

i jus wondering wat if u have a little bit of both with small eyes and hooded eyes..because im asian i cant use certain colors due to the fact that i have no wen u do read this can u help me please im so embrassed to have this issue so if u have any suggestions please let me know thanks

i totallyyy loved itttt ! but i had trouble making it on my own, this might sound weird, but i still see my eyes small, like i didnt put eyeshadow only eyeliner and mascara, how come ??! but u do an aweessommmeeee job!

Hey, I was just wondering, where did you get your curtains from? they’re beautiful;

ps. good tutorial :]