How to Make Green Eyes Pop!





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 Samples of blue green in various eyeshadow colors:

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its a nice look..i really loved the look…but I think you did shimma shimma too much on her other eye..but still nice look.

the girl is preety..i loved your look marlena in this..please give tutorial on this same look…please…love u

Beautiful look! Where are the low cost alternatives? Would love to do this look, just not with the Mac eye shadows.

Hello, love the look and your vids!! You should check out Lash Cards, they are my favorite tool, I keep them in my kit all the time!! They are like business cards but have cut outs which fit the shape of the eye.

Hi Marlene,
This look is super, now my green eyes can really pop. Can I also do “your” look with green eyes, I would love to have that neutral look. It looks so soft and pretty for just that casual day. Please do a tutorial for your look.

Gorgeous Look! LOVE it!!! You look absolutely stunning, Marlena! Can you share what make up you are wearing today? So pretty and natural. Thanks :)

great look for those of you that have your youth but what about help tips for us a little more mature women with deep green eyes. Thanks

THANK YOU FOR FINALLY DOING A GREEN EYE LOOK! LOVE YOU TO PIECES! (PS not yelling at you, just talking very excited!)

Are there dupes for Fig 1 or Plum Dressing in the MUG shadows? I have most of the purples, just wondering if I can sub something else in since I don’t own much MAC!

Yesterday I ran through a lot vids of yours cause I missed you a little bit (I know it hasn´t been a long time since the last one but..missed you ;) )
And today tadaaaa a new one. Thanks a lot :)

very pretty! could you do a tutorial on the look you’re wearing in this video.. its so amazing!

I liked this one but I really liked your(Marlena) makeup in this video… you look so beautiful and professional. Do you have tutorial for this one?

I don’t, but I just have MAC’s Naked pigment on the lid with black liner in the waterline :)

I really, really loved this video! I think its one of the best green eye tutorials I’ve ever seen! thanks Marlena!

Hei Marlena:) so pretty look! thanks for sharing this. I have green eyes and loved the look. have too get the makeup geek shadows now for sure:)

Loved the look but loved yours more … can you give us a tutorial on that. It is a great everyday look.

Your skin looks so beautiful! Are you wearing the Neutrogena foundation in this tutorial? Your hair is looking amazing as well! So healthy….

Love this look! As always, it’s fabulous! I just have a question, does using a gel liner on the waterline help prevent the liner from migrating and/or fading through out the day? Do you know any tricks to help with that? Please and Thank You <3

Wow nice look and WOW wow MALRLENA YOU LOOK SO SKINY IN THIS VIDEO , STOP THE DIET YOU LOOK PREAATY! love your vedos n tutorial nice look w the green eys thanks for sharing

Hi! I love these tutorials but in all honesty, I felt somewhat slighted with the hazel eye tutorial. I think it looked really nice on the pretty hazel-eyed model but it was a bit dramatic for someone like myself. (My results ended up being sort of dark and the sweeping cat-eye finish was a bit much for me, IMHO.) I was hoping to have a tutorial with results similiar to what you’ve done with the lovely model for this green eye tutorial. Do you have any recommendations of colors that could be used with this technique for hazel eyes? Would purple work? Is there a recommended brush that could be used to perhaps soften the results of the hazel eye tutorial? I know you can’t please everyone and I don’t mean to sound unappreciative. You do great work. I really love this green eye look. Great job.

I come from Chile and I love all your tutorials. My eyes are green too, but my skin are a little dark. What color can I use for eyes and lips?

Thank you very much,