How To Make Brown Eyes Pop

This is for all you brown-eyed babes out there! Bringing out your brown eyes is easy to do and there are certain shades that will help. Making your eyes pop is something everyone wants to achieve. This look is a great “go to” for all my brown eyed Makeup Geeks. But if you have green or blue eyes don’t let that stop you from trying this versatile look.



  • MAC Painterly Paintpot – (Amazon) (eBay)
  • NYX Runway Palette in “Jazz Night” – (Amazon) (eBay)
  • MAC Eyeshadow in “Vibrant Grape” – (Amazon) (eBay)
  • MAC Eyeshadow in “Hush” – (discontinued)
  • Makeup Geek Gel Liner – “Amethyst” – (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara – (Amazon) (eBay)

Makeup Geek Alternatives:



Ring: Exquisitely Yours Boutique on eBay

Tips for bringing out your baby browns:

  • Wear colors opposite of brown on the color wheel- those would be blues, teals, greens, and purples
  • If your eyes are hazel instead of deep brown, make them look almost green by wearing green eyeshadow
  • Yellow is not the best color as it brings out the yellow in some brown eyes
  • Applying blue eyeliner in the waterline adds nice contrast to the eyes and makes the whites of your eyes even brighter
  • Some brown eyed babes can wear pink eyeshadows, but the deeper or brighter pinks are a bit more flattering.
  • Since many brown eyed babes also have brown or black hair, wearing brown eyeshadow can be too drab against the face.  If you must wear brown eyeshadow, play up the lips with a brighter color

So that’s it for this look. I hope you like this look for making your baby brown eyes POP! :-) Until next time stay happy and healthy!



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I love this look! It’s awesome. I am so addicted to your website! I’ve learned so much from you.

I Have brown eys…..)) Thank u fot this look))

I’m from Kazakhstan…. unfortunately, in our country there are no MAC cosmetics…..((

Hello beutiful Marlena,
This the first time write to you but I’m always watch your wonderful videos which really fantastic and you have high imagination in your soul and marvellous ideas in your mind,and the cocktail in your personality that is distinguish you,finally you are very natural and this way attract all hearts to you
generally I ‘m admiring of you so much.hope to keep in touch always .
with all my best wishes.

I love your tutorials! I always wanted to play with my eye makeup but never knew how…now I get excited about trying new looks everyday! Thank you!

Hey marlena!! I love this look! I have blue eyes but just got brown contacts so will be trying out this look soon!
Thankyou so much for your hard work and dedication! You are truely amazing!
Claire x

Wow, that’s the first time I’ve heard of a blue-eyed babe wearing brown contacts !! hahahaha

Hi Marlena,

I now have a fantastic set of brushes!! Could you please do a tutorial on how to use the ‘main’ brushes???? I would LOVE you to!!! Thank you for all your fabulous tutorials!!!!

Hope you’ll be able to do the tutorial!

MARLENA………….. FABULOUS IDEA!!!!! I WOULD ALSO LOVE YOU TO DO A LADY GA GA LOOK!!!!!! How AWESOME would that be, big, amazing eyes that stand out so well!!!!
What do you think???? Maybe ocean blue with silvers???? You’re the makeup star so you’ll come up with something FABULOUS!!!!!

YOU’RE A STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the look you have just done!!!!!!!!!!

marlena!!! you are awesome, i missed seeing ur real eye color :) u look so pretty! anyways, id like a lady gaga look too, something a little bit more dramatic and sparkly, but that we could still use for night time or something!
btw please post a challenge i want to participate :)
thx for doing the brown eyed makeup :)
i like it the best, thank god im a brown eyed cutie 2 :D

read this was really helpful since i can’t see your 4 last videos, and i waited so long for this tutorial. thank you marlena :) anyone got an idea how can i see the video because i live in germany and everytime i want to play the video it says ‘the video is not available in your country’?

I’m uploading the video to another hosting site now- check back later tonight and I’ll have both versions on this page so you can watch it also :)

hey marlina …………………am frm india n.i love u …………u r 2 gud ……………….i’ve small eyes ………..plz show eye make up for small eyes …………….dark colours really luk bad on me though am very fair………….n plz show how to curl my hairs using curling iron

Hi Marlena!! Dis is excellent tutorial..I have dark brown eyes, almost black.. Will dis luk still look gud on me?

Hi Marlena – I know your tanned just now so using a darker Colorstay – what shade do you use when palest? Am thinking about buying it along with photo one and mixing them – what one would you recommend applying first?

Dawn (hello from Scotland) x

Marlena, answered this in the looks for blue eyes video comments

she said ‘I believe it was 240 Golden Caramel or Golden Beige’

Try using just the colorstay first- I think you may like it better unless you have dry skin. Wow Louise, you are good! :) I’m Golden Caramel when I do the spray tan, but my natural color is the 2nd lightest- is #110 I think?

Me again – whats your hair color ? Its gorgeous. And do you still highly recommend the stippling brush for applying foundation? x

i love the stippling brush! (i know i’m not marlena) but i saw her using one in a previous video and i went out and got one…i wasn’t too impressed with a traditional foundation brush and i hate sponges so i was stoked when i saw her using that brush. i highly recommend it

For anyone who like me lives in Germany and can’t watch the last three tutorials – try this out Follow the instructions and you get an e-mail with a link to download the video. Good luck with that!

Marlena, I really love your latest tutorial. I have brown-dark green eyes (brown in the middle and green outside) and sometimes I want the brown color to pop and sometimes the green one. I have also noticed, that using a brown color doesn’t pop anything at me, since I have also brown hair, so this video was a very good idea!


Oh I just posted a comment about not being able to see this video – thanks for this post!!! LOL! :) I’m going to try it now…


Actually it´s enough if u go to the youtube site and change your location (standort) from “Germany ” to “worldwide” (or any other country). You will find this option at the bottom of every youtube page. It´s just two clicks.

So enjoy :)

Again is this look amazing!
Thank you so much :)
I have green/grey eyes but this one I love.. so I can’t wait. :)

Hi Marlena, your tutorial was very helpful. I have had a tough time trying to make color choices for brown eyes, and this video as well as your tips were really handy. What is your opinion about which color eyeliners are suitable for brown eyes? Also, just out of curiosity, what camera brand do you use for your videos? They are always so perfect! Thanks for the tutorial =)

What if a brown eyed girl wants to wear a brown eyeshadow? Would you recommend some specific shades that won’t look to drab? or should she choose some other neutral eyeshadows?
kisses for you, queen of makeup ;)

Thank you for the tutorial I loved it. I have really dark almost black looking eyes and I love to wear pinks, purple, greens, teals, silver, copper and blues; everytime I wear any of these colors I get so many compliments. I love purple so i have tons of different shades dual chrome, matte etc…

Thanks for this tutorial…you look awesome keep it the good work!!


Thank you. This look is awesome!!! I dont know if I tried it at home it would come out the same but it’s definately worth a try. What skinfinish do you think I could try to get that shimmer just above the cheekbones? I am a NC50 and think that Soft and Gentle would be too light. Are you planning on doing a review on the upcoming MAC collections such as; Give me Liberty of London, and Art Supplies? I always value your opinion just like everyone else. Keep up the great work!!!

Hi Marlena,
Love your videos…have just started doing eye makeup n loving it…

Can you please please do some looks with 88 ultra shimmer palette…

Many Thanks..

Love your videos(: I was wondering. How do you decide which color pallet you are going to use each day?

Hy Marlena onced again I love your tutorial because I have brown eyes I wan’t to thank you for that
and I have a Big Super question for you I am a beleiver in the Revlon eye shadow cuad’s
I have coffe bean and they are pretty and they do last and It is what I have near were I live so I had to adapt but I am sick of playing it safe with the browns will you ever consider doing a review on their shadows? I am just a mom that goes for her kid to school and i do not wan’t to over do it but I am sick of nautrality… and do not know what shadow cuad tobuy next
Keep on rocking Marlena

Hi Marlena,

I have brown eyes and I get countless compliments on my eye make-up when wearing MAC’s Satin Taupe. It is my go too color and can be incorporated into many palettes of color as well as smokey eyes with matte purple, dark gray, and of course MAC Carbon.

Can you please have a tutorial on which face products i.e. serum, face wash, mouisturizer etc…. are your go-to products?

Thank you!

Yay! finalmente!!! I love this one!
You look gorgeous in that shade of blue sweater BTW!!

thanks marlena!

Hi,Marlena, I need your tips.I have brown/green eyes and they are round. Please help me. You are the best.Thank you for your tutorials they are very useful. :))))

This is a gorgeous look. Thanks Marlena. I love it a lot. So what is a NYX dupe for MAC “Vibrant Grape”? Thanks.

Hi Marlena,

Love the look! Can you give some NYX substitues? I have fallen in love with the NYX products and our Ulta is finally getting more of NYX . I am waiting for them to get the blush products. I have become addicted to your site, it has awaken my love for makeup again.

Thanks Marlena

Marlena!! it’s a pleasure to met you! I’m from Spain and I have been watching your tutorials since 2 moths ago. My style has been turn more fresh, beauty and interesting! I think I look great with my all new colors because before knew you I only used an eyeliner, mascara, diferent lipstick colors and nothing else. Now with all your tips I can look so different! I feel so happy and I want to thank you very much to enjoy with us your space, time and work.

Have a nice day to everyone!!
See ya!


I’m so upset – this video for any reason is not availiable in my country (Germany) :-((( and I do have brwon eyes. Would LOVE to see the vid, but no chance….

Hi Marlena!

Another great look, i’m brown eyes and i’ll try this one. I love the music that u put on this tutorial, i thinhk u used it before, can you tell the name of the music, please? I love the musics that u choose it will be great if you always put the name.

Thanks so much

big kiss from ur nº 1 fan =P

Would the Nars finishing powder work well for drier skins? Beautiful tut. I had to go back and look b/c in the beginning the background looked like a beach. Mistook snow for sand.

Hi Marlena,
i am a great fan of you and your amazing videos. But actual i have the same problem as some others who live in germany, that we can´t watch your videos anymore. I guess its because of the used music in them?!
Is it possible to check out / solve this problem? It will be a great pleasure for me to look your videos again.
Thanks so much
Lovely greatings

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a tutorial on black eyes! I have black eyes, not brown! There are such things as black eyes! Please do a turial on them! I’ve been looking forever for a tutorial on black eyes!

Wow- this is really really pretty!

On a side note….How much weight have you lost??? How long has it taken you?? Could you PLEASE share some tips with your muggies??

thanks marlena i wish this was up yesterday it was my birthday and i had dinner with friends and this would have been perfecto but i used the kardashian look instead and it was just as beautiful

Hi Marlena – did you upload this video differently – it says I can’t view it in my country (I’m in Germany) but I have always been able to view your other videos. I can view the one you did for Green eyes but not this one :(

Gorgeous look!!!!! I have hazel eyes, can’t wait to try this. I need more mate colors on my palete, what brand do you recomend other than mac :). Have a tight budget.

Gorgeous! What other make up do you recommend for mate colors other than mac. I am a little on a budget.

I have a question . I have large pores and no matter what concealer or makeup I use it looks really oily or dry and cakey :( like I have on pounds of makeup .I would love to know if there is a great product out there thatcan help ? Thanks !

Hi Marlena; I actually think this is the prettiest look you have done. . . ever. Don’t know why, it just really stands out from the others for me.
Agree with Dance_123; A Lady Ga Ga look would be interesting, I think. Ha Ha HA – with the kind of music I listen to, you wouldn’t want to do any of those guys makeup (KISS, Twisted Sister, Motely Crue!) I dress like them, but I wear your pretty makeup looks!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR DOING THE BROWN-EYED TUT!!!!! It’s AMAZING! This is my favorite look you’ve done so far and I’ve been watching you for almost a year!!!!!!!!! I NEVER thought of mixing up silver with purples!!!!!!!!! When I think of silver, i only think of pairing it with black! This combo is awesome!!! You are SOO talented!!!! Thank you for all you do!

Please Marlena you have to tell me your age! I guess you’re 28! My sister said, 27! So who’s right!!! please tell me lol

Hey Marlena,

I love your looks for the brown eyes. Actually I love all of your videos and they are really inspiring to me. After watching your videos Im getting into makeup addiction, and cant wait for another new look on MUG site.
Well I actually also love the song playing in the beginning of the video. Just wanted to know which song is that?

Gosh uv lost sooooo much weight!!!!! You look fabulous! I lost 25lbs last yr and have kept it off, good luck with ur weightloss :)
Ps ur gourgous either way tho…

Hello , I just stumbled across one of your videos the other night and went to makeup geek and now i’m hooked !! I love makeup but needed some tips on techniques,different ideas and looks and found them all right here.
I do have one question i also use the Revlon ColorStay Foundation and Mac Studio Fix Foundation and i’m still not getting a flawless finish im looking for i’m either cakey or streaky and ideas how to solves this?
Thank You , Your GREAT !

That was so helpful! I loved how detailed and specific you were with how to get it done. Being rather new to makeup I like to try to experiment, but it doesn’t always turn out the greatest. This tutorial was so informative. It makes me feel as if I would do a bit better the next time around.

hey marleena …………………….am frm INDIA ………………plz post a video for make up for small eyes………………….n i’ve a curling iron n am desperate to use it so plz kindly show us how to use it or wat r the products used ……………….i’ve asked u this b4 but may b u didnt notice ……………..i really love ur videos …………..i’ve seen many tutorials but believe me u r the BEST……………………best thing about u is that u make it so simple that ven starters can do it …………keep goin gal………………… u hv ne plans to visit india……………our bollywood actors need u…………….including aishwarya rai………………take care…………… u

You look gorgeous!!!! Keep up the good work, and I can definitely tell that you’ve lost a ton of weight! Be encouraged! You look EXCELLENT!

I especially love the silver. Have been spying that Jazz Palette except for the purples…

Purple looks terrible with my particular skin tone. Makes me more sallow and tired looking. NC37, Med Dark in the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, even darker in the Summertime (even though I am religious about sunscreen)…

One would think purple would look good on me but it just doesn’t. Green, however, does look good… and I like to bring the yellow out in my eyes… makes them appear more green,… and Browns look really nice on me… go figure.

Weird Puerto Rican/English/ Irish combination I guess.
In winter I look Irish – in Summer, I look Puerto Rican.

Hope you successfully worked out the issue with the post office! Always lovin’ your toots!
Thanks for all your expertise :)

Marlena you are really pretty. Thanks for the video. Keep up the great work and thanks for teaching me alot.. Thanks again.

This has to be one of my favorite looks you have done so far. Love the colors. One question, our Longs store has now changed to CVS and they no longer carry NYX products. Where can I purchase NYX? I live in Santa Cruz county CA. ? Thank you, Tara

Hey marlena……you look as pretty as always……………..and i have a question for you……i am from a small village in India so i would like buy my make up products online but i have problem in finding my skin tone…….help please…..

Dear Marlena,

Thanks for this tutorial, I have to see you look stunning and I just love the way you edit your videos, I really can see a great sens of professionalism, all the way, with the music, the background photosn the lighting, and of course the super explanations.
It’s a pleasure (a very instructive one) to watch you, and I am glad too see that you look happier and more serene (sorry I it sounds intrusive).
Keep up the good work.

This look is absolutely stunning! It totally reminds me of MAC’s A Rose Romance’s promo image!

Dear Marlena,

All of German make-up-lovers are grateful to you now! Thank you for the ‘viddler version’ of your newest tutorial. It was great as always :).

All the best,

Hey Marlena I love all your videos and this one is really beautiful!
As always, I have a question for you. I was curious what shade of NARS Loose Powder you used when you were your fairest (Flesh or Snow)? (I’m EL-Ecru/Revlon Colorstay 110)
Thanks!!!!!! :)

Hey Marlena,
Thx you so much for uploading the videos to another hosting site. :)
I’m from Germany aswell & so happy right now to see your new video.

You are soo talented & funny and of course beautiful.
Wish you all the best.

take care

I love this look!!!!! been waiting for you to do a look for brown eyes for the longest time. i’m just curious though, what is your natural eye colour? :)

Thank you ..I asked how too make brown “very dark” eyes pop and I have been buying a ton of mac and urban decay make up and also some nyx …and I was on the right track ! But, now with your awesome advice I will bew getting all you have recomended in this e mail. So beautifull. Thank you , you Truly ROCK I love your site ..huge fan and allways willl be on the look out for your trendy looks ..thank you again ……cherei from Ma ….

i look for a brushes in this web site, but i dont know wich 4 brush i need, there is no number like the mac’ can you tell me what is the brush that you recamend thanks

THANK `S Marlena:) i`ve just waited to see this tutorial for brown eyes. so here it is on 8 march (in my country in 8 march is a holiday named “women day” so… i`ve took this tutorial like a gift). I learned a lot from your tutorials.
We are a beautiful, beautiful woman!:)


thank you a lot for uploading the video to another server!!!

The tutorial is very helpful!!!!

Thank you for this tutorial! You’re still as beautiful as ever. I love purple to bring out my pretty brown eyes. The look you created is just lovely! Amsterdam salutes you! =)

love this look so much!
do you think maybe you can do one for black eyes too? and maybe mention the better looks for dark or fair skin matching with it.

love the look !! just bought the coastel scents 88 warm palette and love it!!! can u do more looks with that?? did the kardashian eyes with and got so many compliments TY!!!!!!

Wow this is sooo pretty!! And you are soo prettY!!
Im gonna try this look out this weekend :D

Can you maybe tell me wich colour I need in de Rimmel colorstay foundation.
Im a MAC NW 20-25. I hope you can help me cause in the Netherlands we can only buy it online :(
And in a few stores but not anymore in the place I live :(

Very gorgeous look. I tried this today and it looks stunning with my brown eyes… and to think, my entire life I was pissed off I had brown eyes instead of blue or green :P

Thanks so much for putting time in to help other girls out. Without this site, I’d be lost. You’re my hero!

I am so happy I can watch ur videos again now in Germany!

I always thought Blue is the perfect colour for brown eyes, my eyes are dark brown and blue works really good!

Love the look – as always! Am really loving you hair too – it looks so shiny – what colour / products do you use?

Love your tutorials ans btw I have really really dark brown eyes almost black would this work on me


Hi Marlena,

This is my first ever left here but I want to thank you for all your GREAT Work you have done..And I am always anxious to see my emails when a new video you post…I know you heard this alot but your the best…and have learned alot from you…you look amazing I seen how little by little you have slimed down and you have motivated me to do the same…One question there are alot of reviews in you tube regards to the sigma brushes and i am interested in purchasing the one with the brush roll…do you have them or have anything to say regards to this brushes? I would appreciate a review…
Thank you so much ;)

Marlena, I’ve been following you for just a short time, but I LOVE all your make-up looks!! I really wanted to get in touch with you because I want to purchase 2 Mac 15 shadow palettes, but I wanted to ask you what colors you would recommend from all the palettes that you have condensed in the 2 palettes that I want to get?? Please emai me if you have the time, I would really love your opinion!! Thank you so much!

Hi Marlena!!!!

Thank you for this tutoiral!

Do you have hair extension?

I looooove your hair, they are sooo long and I just cut mine and I’m searching for the best hair extension or clip on because I miss my long hair so much!!!


Marlena – you look so beautiful! I love your brown eyes and this tutorial! Thanks so much for all your videos. I also would love to know how you have been loosing weight???? You look amazing!!!!!!!!!! Really stunning :o)

Marlena plz plz do a tutorial on dark black/brown eyes… it’d be really really helpful. The contacts you are wearing are very light brown. i have very dark brown eyes.. almost black

Love your website, its nice to see makeup made kind of simple, your step by steps are awesome!!!

Although I don’t have brown eyes I still enjoyed the tutorial. I really like how your hair look, you are beautiful with longer hair :)

thank you so much for everything you teach us. i’ve learn a lot from you. i simple love you and i’m, from some tme now, addicted to yout tutorials :)

ps: how often do you wash your brushes, and how?

Hey Doll,
Quick question I want to know what brushes for both eyes and face, that you feel are must haves….I need to update my makeup bag with the essentials. My brushes are so beat up. Could you do a article on that or just email me and let me know. Thanks and love your site.

Samantha (

Thanks marlena for uploading your tutorial with an other uploader.

i’m very happy now.

You’re the best ever.


Hey Marlena,
I am a new member, i absolutely LOVE your site. The ideas you come up with are so amazing. I’ve always had quit a makeup addiction, thank you for giving us a place to express and share the thing we all have in common(:

In germany we can’t watch the vide for brown eyes because it’s “Not available in your country”….Cany please do sth so that we can watch it??


Love this look! I’ve been looking for something a bit brighter for my eyes and ran out to find some good palettes I could play with to get this look. Managed to find one by the new Maybelline Eye line that had the same shades of purples and a silver. Dead on and love it!

Thanks for a great video! What colour would the silver colour be if it was a MAC colour? I have a lot of MAC products but nothing really for NYX.
Thanks, you’re beautiful! :)


Thank you so much for this very insightful tutorial. I have a request, I know you have done a tutorial on eyebrows but it has been some time. Could we perhaps have a refresher?

Thanks again for all of your wonderful inspirations.

Hey Marlena,
I’ve learned so much from your videos, I love them!! Just what about us Hazel eyed girls????? Thanks so much!

I tried this look today and I received sooo many compliments!!! I loved the color combination….

I didnt have the grape purple from MAC so I used my handy dandy 88 matte color palette and it turned out just as pretty as yours.

Thank you again for the inspiration.

hey Marlena

wonderful job….. i love!!!!!!! your site. i was wondering if you can please do a tutorial focused on makeup for darker skin tones .. i know that me and all your other brown followers… lol would greatly appreciate it

thank you so much

Hey Marlena!!

Girl, I feel like I know U personally! I luuuuuv your site!!! I’ve learned a lot from U! What is the best highlighting color for black skin? I’m Queen Latifah’s color. Thanks!


thank you for showing this peice be cuase it is to hard to find someing for a darker skin color.

So happy to finally get to see this one,, seeing as I am a brown eyed girl. I work at Victoria’s Secret & have tried pretty much all these looks at work & they absolutely love them,, so I can’t wait to try this one this weekend! I think it will be right up there with mi favorite,, which was the Arabic look,, also very beautiful on brown eyes. By tha way ur eyebrows look great! A lot of people forget eyebrows pull ur whole face 2gether….but anyway thanx & keep them coming

Hi Marlena,

Greetings from Bulgaria /Europe/.
I am a big fan of yours. And since I am a light brown eyed girl, I have been waiting for this tutorial for a long time. It is very helpful and you are beautiful as always.


Dear Marlena!

Thank you sooooo much for uploading your tutorials =) =) =)

Hugs from Germany!!!!!

Hey Marlena, Is there going to be another weekly challenge? I love the weekly challenges??

Love, Melanie


Hi Marlena,

I’m Kendi, from Manila, Philippines ,23, and I’d say, one of your biggest fans…I so love every look you create, you never fail to amaze/impress me. In fact, and I’d really like to tell you this, whenever you do a celebrity look, you always end up looking more gorgeous than the inspiration. For instance, when you did Kim Kardashian’s make up that was created by Mario, I was really impressed. I didn’t even like how it looked on Kim, but when you did it, I did appreciate the look and I had to do it! I also love the looks you create on your own, like the ones you did with Cool Heat and Hello Kitty.

And other things I love about your videos, aside from your talent (which is by the way far better than NIreyna’s judging from your videos),you obviously spend quality time doing them. Your studio is fantastic, the lights is enough for me to see the colors accurately, and there’s no one in the background cooking, or what have you.

Your videos are actually the best in You Tube, you know what I do with them? I download them and store them in my cellphone then I’d watch one or two of them before I sleep (because then I plan which one to do when I go to work). Because of how much I love your videos, and you, my family are calling you my “best friend” now.

Anyway, I just have to tell you all these, because I need to tell you how grateful I am that you’re sharing your talents…and of course, I’d like you to know how much I adore and appreciate you.

Lastly, I’m sorry if I’ve written something so long, but whatever size you’re in, you’re still one of the sexiest girls I’ve ever seen.

Take care, wish you all the best.


i love your tutorials…. and you are so skinny and your hair it’ s so healthy and shinny. what products do you use for your hair?

Looooooove it! This will be very usefull for me cause I have brown eyes and I need to make them pop :)
Thank you so much

can u make a video for me(13) my sister (11) and we have soon going to my uncles wedding and need a not so intense look but something natural with color though. thanks

also r dresses black and white poka dot but mine is sorta different and has the poka dot but has a strip of hot pink.

I like youu! :) . You are wonderfull! I learned from you how do make up. And I advise you to my friends. Keep on please!
Take care.
Thank you everythings!
From Turkey.

marlena can you do jesse james makeup from the video “i look so good (without you)”? I love her and her makeup is gorgeous whenever i see her, esp in that video! thank you so much for your makeup videos, tutorials, etc. – it helps so much! btw you look so skinny and gorgeous!! thanks again!

HI Marlena,

great! I can see your tutorials again! you tube is not longer blocking :)
great tips! thank you

I used the Kat Von D Palette in Beethoven and it looks almost the same. I love the look!!!!

Hi Marlena,
As usual, just awesome! Stunning!
You have some major talent.

BTW: have you ever heard of Ulta? tried Ulta brushes? and if you have, what do you think?

Why is it that I can’t ever get my makeup look like yours? Could it be the brushes? Are some people just not good at putting on makeup? Or is that I have to keep practicing? Help!!!!

You are such a great inspiration! I have been watching your videos for over a year now and LOVE everything about you. You are my go to makeup artist on You tube. You have insipred me so much that I am now planning on doing my own videos & when I start I hope that you can check me out and give me some advise or opinions. BTW, what video editing program do you use?

Also, a link to the lady gaga inspired video! That woman rocks and if you haven’t seen this video hold on tight girl! Gaga the GREAT, The look is at 2:27 better at 3:00.

& Def do a beyonce look too at either 6:59 (spring yellow) or 9:10 (natural browns)!


yayy!!! a look for my big browns! haha
thank u soooo much marlena! U R AMAZING!
definatly a hero and a rolemodel!

Hey Marlena

So I’ll try to keep it short. I stumbled upon one of your videos way back in November 09. That was my first introduction into the world of makeup tutorials. Since that fateful day I’ve been watching and buying like a crazy person. Learning too! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! not only do you show me awesome looks but you tell me the why and the how! you are the very 1st Makeup Guru I ever followed and a real inspiration!

Now, I got the Almay Brown Eyes trio. 3 shade of purple. I also used the purple color in the L’oreal HIP duo in Flamboyant. The purple in there comes out kinda fuscia. I’m not that good with getting a good shape so I used the fuscia color on the outer corner right before the darkest color!

Hope it’s not too long

I really like the song you have on the beginning of this tutorial. Can I get the name of the song and artist? Thanks!

You have given me a new passion and hobby with your turtorials! Would you be willing to do one on Jennifer Lopez’s oscar look with options and alternatives for those of us on a budget? Thanks for all your inspiration!

Hi Marlena, I really loved this video…the only thing is I have small eyes…so how do I apply the dark eyeshadows without making my eyes smaller. Please do avideo for us who have small brown eyes, I would really appreciate it, thanks!!!

I just have to tell you this: love you Marlena you are great and FANTASTYK at what you do. I do have a question. Do you have any suggestion as to what kind of look could or should I wear to work? I am an early childhood educator(day care teacher) and sometimes I just go with out make up because when I do wear it I feel tooooooooo made up for what I wear(ugly scrubs). Any suggestions? Also I just want to compliment you , You look amaizing love the long hair too.

hello marlena I love your videos what is your hair color? I love your color I’m from mexico, I like your personality you’re a good person I hope I can respond greetings byee :)

Dear Marlena,

I think it’s been almost a year since I’ve last visited your MUG site but oh my god, you look FAB girl! The long, straight hair; the healthy weight loss. But that’s not to say that you didn’t look good before because you have fantastic features what with that gorgeous nose and high cheekbones.

Just to give you more of a picture of your readers, I’m a 34 year old Malaysian Chinese girl (OMG, seeing that in print looks old!), residing in Melbourne, Australia.

Keep up the good work!
All the best xox

Marlena please tell us about your haircolors. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL!!WHAT PRODUCTS, SHAMPOO,CONDITIONER DO YOU USE?????? Its so shiny.LOVELY

Good luck with everythin!

Love these tutorials. The NYX lipgloss you suggested in Beige is so nice. It really is Pink not beige but i really like it. I’m learning a great deal from your site.

Oh, and you’re 100% right about silver eyeshadow for brown eyes. Mine are very dark and with silverey shades I pretty much forget that I don’t have fun blue eyes! Thank you for your tips!!


Please Please make an app for Makeup Geek. I recently purchased a droid, and I was surprised that they weren’t any good quality makeup apps, I love your site and I think you would do the world well the cellphone app world some justice if you would make an app. Please consider it.

Hey I love the brown eye makeup look, but I have really dark almost black almond shape eyes and I was wondering how i can make them more noticable.

Thanks For The Help,

How can i send you a pic for a request? This look might be a good weekly look, its dramatic but its so awesome… So how can i send you this pic?

hey marlena what kind of loose foundation do u use i use a mineral one that wal mart sells and the color is a very light one i think its ivory which is EXTREMLEY TOO WHITE FOR ME can u please make a tutorial on how to pick loose powder that matches your skin thank you marlena i hope and pray that u write back and make a tutorial ps im not a weirdo for saying pray im just religious thank sinerley jill

Great content! I completely agree with your tips about colour choices – my personal favourite shade on brown eyes is by far, teal teal teal! So very pretty…

Wearing a shade on the opposite side of the colour wheel to your eye colour will really help to make your eyes pop, no matter what your eye colour is. Wearing the same or similar shade is fine too, but will not stand out as much and tends to be a ‘safe’ option!

Hi i came across ur videos on youtube…they are amazing!
…well i was wondering if you can do a selena gomez look
that’d be really great…i know shes a bit on the teen side but i like that her looks seem effortless so yeah thanks!

Melanie, I just found your web site and I have to tell you I just love your stuff…I sat and watched over and over one weekend. I have tried several techniques…and in fact my son’s girlfriend ask me to do her make up for prom this weekend. I was also ask to do a co-workers makeup for concert she is going to tomorrow night. I am almost 50 years old and I am thinking of changing careers and go to school to do make up…I have always loved it. I live in California right out of SF any suggestions? I also have a question…I am suppose to do a purple smokey eye on my co worker tomorrow night…she has very small eyes…and not a lot of room from the lid to the eye brow…how can I apply the make up with out completely shutting her eyes….Keep up the good work…I absolutely love you…you are so easy to follow and to understand…you are great!!! Any idea on when your out of stock product will be back in stock in the store?

Marlena, I am sooooo sorry I wrote the wrong name in my previous email…that is what I get for looking at your site at work and trying to do too any things at once…sorry about that…I just ordered the Manly 120 palette…what is the difference between that one and the BHCosmetics one…besides the price.

You are so inspirational to me! i’m 17 years old and i love make-up and i love watching all your tutorials and you inspire me to create my own new looks! thank you sooo much!

I have a question. Could somebody help me please! In the tutorial How to make blue eyes pop you use a Gel Liner called Indigo Blue Gel Liner. What brand is that, I can’t see that anywhere.

Please help me!




hello! well,i been watching your website alot and i love how you do your make up,its amazing. i just want you to give me a advice about how should i do my makeup on a wedding i’m going to if my dress is black and white?

hey marlena you are so beautiful and you have a real talent since i am so young you inspire me to go in to makeup artistry and i watch hours and hours of your vids all the time and i love how you make it all your own and maybe you could check out my videos on youtube the channel is Erinfabulous1 so just try and check it out one of my dreams is to do a video tutorial for makeup geek thank you for making such a great site!

– Erin

Hi Marlene. I have brown eyes, that you so much for this look. It’s beautiful and so are you. It’s so wondererful and it’s appreciated by me that you do all of these tutorials for us.

I was wondering if you got your nails professionally done or did you do it yourself? They look wonderful too and they just tie in with the colors you used on your eyes.


So i have brown skin, black hair and brown eyes but my eyes are so dark they’re practically black. I’m a beginner in make up so i was wondering what should i do? what would look good?


Prom is coming up soon! do you think you could do a prom make-up tutorial? Just wondering….

What is NYX Loose Pearl? how big is the jar? and what is it used for…Marlena you are such an artist…you work the eye colors so beautifully!! I want to master the smokey eye look and I am trying to purchase the right colors. Do I need those brushes you mention? What is a perfect color palatt for me?

Hey Marlena,
I LOVE LOVE LOVE you and your website and am a huge Fan!!! I just recently got the Rocker Kit from Bare Esentuals and would really love it if you could possibly do a tutorial on it, the dark colors scare me and I would love to see how you do it! I have brown eyes and love the Dark Smokey look just have never been all that great at it and tend to not like how it comes out even though everyone likes it..PLEASE PLEASE Help a girl out..:)
Your the best! lots of love
Oh and I just watched your Weight loss tutorial!!! You Look AWESOME Keep up the good work..I just lost 60lbs myself!!!!


Thank you so much for your eye color tips. However can you do another one for black eyes? Or maybe asian eyes. I have like really black hair and black eyes. And I mean REALLY black, ’cause I can’t find one single hint of brown in them. Just black. Can you give me some tips on how to make them pop?

Hello Marlena!

First of all congratulations!!! you look gorgeous :D I am very happy for you!

This look is very nice I will try it. Could you please post a video of a look for medium-dark skin tone girls? I hope you can soon.

Kind regards!

Marlena! wow this look worked great for mee! i have a question though, I have a prom coming up and im wearing a white and silver dress do you have any tutorials on what would look good with that? thank youu!!! :)

Hey! i love your tutorial
but i also have a question for brown eyes,
i recently bought Too Faced – Label Whore which is a Metallic Brown w/ Blue Iridescent
i have no idea how to wear it.. and with which color to blend it with ect ..
i have brown eyes and absolutely love this eye shadow.. but i need help!
Oh, and also thank you for all of your helpful tutorials !


So i tried duplicating this look and i bought a gel liner from your online store and it smudges on my eye :( what do I do?

Hey Marlena, I was wondering, Since i have no credit cards to buy from Nyx and the geekstore, I was wondering which Name brand of eyeshadows do you perfer for me to be able to recreate this look?

just wanted to say that i absolutely love your website. Your an inspiration to alot of people expecially me. Love your tutorials. You have good tips on alot of things. Thanks so much :)

Hi Marlena
Congratulations on what you’ve done with your tutorials and website! you should be proud, great job! and this is what I appreciate the most that you appear to stay grounded and centered. so for this too: great job!

I’ve seen several requests for THE NAME OF THE SONG in the intro of this video: WHAT IS IT CALLED??

Thank you and keep of the thorough work!

Hi Marlena,,just wanted to say that i love ur website so much,,makes me want to explore my makeup addiction! i just want to make a request to u: could u please make eye makeup tutorial for black eyes??
Since many asian girls like me have black eye color,i thought it might be useful if u can make one..
Thanks so much,,love ur work, Marlena :))


I’m a makeup artist and would like to know which brand has the largest sets of eyeshadows which contains all different colors and shades, also have the storngest results. I have seen sets of NYX and Amuse but i’m not sure if it has stroge colors.

In addition, I want ti know which panstick is the best and it doesnt move or accumalates.

You are really gorgeous and fantastic stylist and thanx alot for helping us. WE LOVE YOU.

Thanx alot.

Hey Marlena, my parents don’t alow me to wear makeup yet but i really love your website. Do you have any ideas on how i could get them to loosen up and some really easy and fast tips for applying it. :) thanks

hey marlena i have brown eyes and this look would be pretty on me but i cant buy nyx or MACs things anny cheaper suggestoins??

Hey Marlena i have just only learnt about this website i stumbled across it by accident,but i cant stop watching your tutorials, you have an amazing talent and iv learnt soooooo much from you just watching your tutorials…….keep up the good work :)

Hi, my name is Perla, I have always been interested in how to apply the right makeup for myself the only problem is that I am a light complexion person and have really dark eyebrows including hair. The problem with me is I cant find a foundation right for me because I am not to light skin nor I am to dark either.I also have small eyes and what I want is to stand our my eyes the other problem is that my eyes are small and there kind and I have a little bit of dark circles under my eyes and I would like to know how to fix that problem.

sincerely Perla Martinez