How To Get Rocker Chic Hair

Supplies Needed:

  • Boar Bristle Teasing Comb     (Amazon)
  • Bumble and Bumble Hair Spray   (Amazon)
  • Hair Elastic
  • Bobby Pins

Sick and tired of your boring, old ponytail? Spice it up with this edgy and simple Rocker Chic Hair Style.

Here’s how to:

1. Part the bang area of your hair and with this hair create the famous “snooki poof” (the bigger the poof, the more bold the look)

2. With the hair that is still hanging down on the sides, take a comb and slick the hair back, securing it with bobby pins on the crown area of your head. For a different twist, take the hair on the side and braid the hair to the back and secure with bobby pins. (braids are really in for the summer!)

3. With all the hair that’s left over in the back, throw it into a high pony tail

4. Take section of the pony tail and tease it with a boar bristle teasing brush to the desired messiness that you want

5. Hairspray the pony tail and any fly away in the front

Now how hard was that? Give the classic and boring ponytail a little funk by using these steps to make it rocker chic! Even if your style isn’t towards the rocker spectrum of things, you can still do this hair style by just making the poof smaller and the ponytail less teased. I always see girls rocking this chic hairstyle when I go out, whether it be to dinner, a club, and even the gym! Give it a try and don’t be afraid to get a little funky with your normal hair routine.


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Love this hair! Im goin to a rock show this week and im def. gonna have this ‘do’! lol

I absolutely love the hairstyle. And with the Make up done wow! By the way where did you get those earrings? They are fabulous! I would like to get Some like yours. guys are so cute! Watching this vid made my day! I feel like we’re all besties!!
xx much love

How do you do this look with bangs that are cut all the way across the top of the head? I blow dry them back featherly and with puff. I don’t want to look like a little girl. I am looking for the rocker tough look.

I must say i am loving these vids with the different hair do’s!!! keep up the great work :)

This is kind of off-topic, but what did Paige use to contour her cheekbones? It looks really nice.

Paige, where did you get your blazer you are wearing in this rocker hair video? It’s so cute! I must have it!

Hi Makeup geek clan! I am going to be in my cousins wedding July 2nd and our dresses are teal I’m suppose to do about 5 girls n myself included makeup but I dont want to do the same look.., what color combos would look good with a teal dress? Please help!!

golds and teal look nice, but if the dress is pretty bright in color, I would stick with a more neutral/brown eye with a pop of teal liner or shadow smudged under the lower lashes

I see in the pictures posted with this video that you have highlights in you hair….are they clip in highlights? If so, did you just clip them in the front only for this hairstyle?

Love the Blooper’s! :D

Quick question. I have BABY fine hair, so ever time I try and do the famous “poof” It ALWAYS naturally parts righht down the middle and falls over. Should I try and tease the “poof” and then put the bobby pin in?
I LOVE this hairstyyle, but can never get it to work.

What you can do is grab the section of hair, spray it towards the roots with some hair spray, let it dry for a second or two, and then back comb it. The hair spray gives it some hold so that it will hopefully not split. Back comb all the hair you want in the “poof” and then bobby pin!

try VOLUMAX hairspray during and after you backcomb. that stuff is like a fine superglue for your hair. its everything proof, but use a clarifying shampoo to remove the style.

I LOVE THIS! today I wore the top bun from your other hair tut and it was so perfect i got such great complements i will rock this look tomorrow! Thanks keep the hair tuts coming!

I tried this look today and i love it. I will be rocking this hair style to work tomorrow.

Really enjoying the hair tutorials! This is such a cute look. Is there a possibility of doing more hair tutorials in the future? I’d love to see some for short to medium hair :) Keep up the awesome work!

I’m Dutch but I am a great fan of your make-up tutorials… Can you do more of musical caracters? Thank you

Hi Marlena!
First off i want to say i love the rocker hairstyle! You and you’re friend are so funny. i wanted to request a look totally out of this hairstyle, I’m seeing Revlon eyeshadow in magazines a lot and i bought a palette from Walmart with the intentions of creating that Jessica Biel look where she has blue and silver eyeshadow on her eye lids and purple on the bottom by her water line. If you go to Google images and write “Revlon eyeshadows Jessica Biel” you can see i think its the 6th pic. i would be sooo happy if you did a tutorial for this look.. keep me posted!

Love this hairstyle! Going to use this one for when I go out with my friends. I was wondering if anyone knows a drugstore dupe for Urban Decay lipstick in Wicked. I am in love with this color but dont have a store near me that sells it and i dont have the time to order it.

I tried this hairstyle today and I felt so pretty! I even had a few compliments. Thanks so much for doing these videos, I love them!

I love this look so much! I tried it out when me and my boyfriends were going out for the night. He loved it so much he would not stop staring. Keep videos like this coming please!!. Marlena your so awesome thank you for putting this site together it has helped me become more feminine. =0)

i really need some directions on how 2 get nicole scherzinger ‘s make up and the most suitable make up 4 green eyes
and thx a lot 4 ur videos
ur very pretty and helpful