How to Get Kim Kardashian’s Glowing Cheeks–CKfY

Kim Kardashian has been a trend setter in both the fashion and makeup worlds, as her smokey eyes have become a favorite for women everywhere. Now Kim’s glowing cheeks are what women are coveting.  With just a few products you can achieve the same amazing glowing cheeks as Kim herself. In this tutorial I will show you how you can have Kim’s stunning cheeks for a look you will love.

Products Used:

  • NARS Laguna Bronzer  (Amazon) (eBay)
  • MAC Canteloupe Blush  (eBay)
  • NARS Multiple in Orgasm   (Sephora)   (Amazon)
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle (MAC)

Tools Used:

Ring: Exquisitely Yours Boutique on eBay

Inexpensive Alternatives:

  • Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in “Peach Satin”
  • NYX Blush in “Peach”     (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Any light shimmery eyeshadow to highlight the cheekbones

Kim’s Favorite Makeup Products:

  • MAC Gingerly Blush       (MAC)
  • MAC Angel Lipstick      (MAC)
  • NARS Turkish Delight Lipgloss      (Sephora)  (Amazon)
  • MAC Subculture Lipliner     (MAC)
  • NARS Belle De Jour Lipstick      (Amazon)
  • MAC Painterly Paintpot     (eBay)
  • MAC Pigment in Tan      (Makeup Geek Store)

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My goodness you have lost so much weight! That is fantastic! I am in the process of managing my weight myself. Lost 26 lbs in like 10 weeks. You look beautiful as always.You have made me love make up even more! Great Job girly :)

i exercise 5-6 times a week doing zumba or a stair stepper and machines and of course jenny craig! :) it’s well worth the money if you have no self discipline like me.

i exercise 5-6 times a week doing zumba or a stair stepper and machines and of course jenny craig! :) it’s well worth the money if you have no self discipline like me.

p.s and no soda and no diet soda. Drink 8 glasses of water a day and that burns 100+ calories itself! I weighed 219.4 at the middle-end of december.. now i weigh 193. trying to get to 150! :)

Hey I love love lovr you and your makeup ideas!! And I hate to be a pain and ask you but, could you maybe do a tutorial on like people from Twilight? Or maybe that vampire look? Im really obsessed with it and I don’t understand how someone could make the ‘vampire’ look that’s more up to date. Not just pale skin and fake blood running from your lips. And one more question, that girl that commented on here and her name was Kim, is she the real Kim Kardashian? Lol mwahz from Carly!!

Just wondering… at the end of your video you said you would put the products that Kim is known to use. I dont know if i looked over it but I didnt see it. Will you still be putting that up?

in the video u said u used skinfinish in shimpagne but on the list pf products u said soft and gentle ?

Whoops- I did use Shimpagne, but Soft and Gentle will work just as well. I believe Soft and Gentle is a little bit more golden, but they both have the same effect :)

Can you please recommend the most intense highlight shimmer for cheeks out there? I want to use ultra shimmer for me wedding! Thanks


Kim has darker eyes as well, maybe you could try some of her looks. I always just find a celebrity that has eyes my same color and use the colors they use! haha You might want to try. :)

You can pull off any color eyeshadow as your eyes are considered a neutral. But… the best colors will be purples, greens, and teals- those will brighten your eyes and make them pop :)

OMG Marlena you look good girl, keep doing whatever it is your doing but don’t get too skinny now lol. Love the look and hope all is going well.

Gorgeous! I am always so happy when you put a new tutorial up. I can’t find Chimpagne though :( Was it discontinued?

Marlena you look great. I have alot of bare escentuals products, can you make more videos on that type of makeup?

@Jumana-hahaha! Chimpagne? Monkey blusch! I believe it’s Shimpagne.

Now would NARS creamy highlighter tube in Luxor be used instead of Shimpagne or a shimmery eye shadow? Or should us gals over 35 with some pores and such just skip this step altogether?

I have te same problem and actually left a post about it earlier. I have large poers and after concealer for my red cheeks, foundation, powder to set, powder to contour, blush, and a highlighter; it looks like I have about 2 inches of make up on. Please…any tips or products. I love contouing my cheeks and I also love highlighting them.


Hi Ashley,

I have the same problem sometimes… What you can do if the rest of your skin is fine, skip the foundation and just use concealer. Or, if your skin isn’t oily and it isn’t hot out, you can skip the powder. Also, whenever you use setting powder, use the smallest bit and apply with a powder puff/sponge and dab on the face (I’ll do an updated face video soon), but the least amount of powder, the better as that’s usually what cakes up.

Hi Marlena!
Again, I have problems watching your video :-(
It says that the video is not available in my country. I live in Germany and had the same problem with the last video you published.

Could you PLEASE fix that?
I really love your vids and I’m so sad i can’t watch theme anymore.

Hi Julia,

I’ve been trying to contact youtube (nearly impossible to get an actual human being to talk to there!), but I’m working on finding out why my vids aren’t available in Germany anymore :( If anything, I need to find someplace else to upload my vids so you can see them also… But I am working on it.

GERMAN VIEWERS: Please bombard youtube with emails asking why my vids are blocked from your country- I’m afraid that’s the only way I can get through to youtube and get some answers :(

Thank You,

I will try using less setting powder. I don’t think I could go without foundation:) Any recommendations for setting powder? I have been using a drug store brand translucent powder for years.


Marlena, I love your tutorials. I’ve been a fan for a long, long time. I’ve learned so much from you and practice your advice…BUT…..I have to say that your hair drives me “N-V-T-S, nuts!” (Mel Brooks movie quote) I suppose it’s just that I want to SEE! And your hair is always where your applying makeup. In your eyes, on your cheeks. Anyway, so sorry, just had to let it out.

Hey Marlena,

i really do love all of your looks. Once again you look amazing!!!

I do have a question about the MAC quad…. Did u find any way to depot those?? It´s driving me nuts…. Ahhhhhhh.

Thanks for your great website. Never stop :)

You are a thousand times more beautiful than Kim Kardashian. She should be taking tips from you !

Hey I would love to watch the video but I cannot watch them any more because it says that they aren`t available in my country (Germany). Please change that again!!!!

I can’t see your video neither her nor in you tube, I am from Germany, do you know why that is?

Alot of videos made in America cannot be viewed in Germany. Not sure why? Both Juicystar07 and allthatglitters21 have addressed this issue. They have no solotion. Sorry hun!

Keep bombarding youtube with emails asking why this is as I can’t seem to get ahold of anyone from youtube at all- is really frustrating :(

I’m pretty sure it has something to do with your computer or so, because I don’t have any problems watching the videos (I’m from Germany as well…).

GODDESS MARLENA …… Your glowing alright sweets, and RED HOT id say! ive just had to chuck a bucket of water at the screen to cool it down …….. Suck them lips in girl and :-)

the difference at the start is really clear and the end result is very nice and a sense of warmth id say, like the come up and give me a BIG cosy cuddle warm :-)

Once again just beautiful

kneeling before your DEVINE PRESENCE …

Juice it up babe ….. looking gooooooooooooood xx :-)

Hi Marlena,

Got the same problems like those other girls. I’m from Germany and can’t watch your videos anymore :(
Any chance you can fix that???
I love your videos and would hate not seeing them anymore.

Thank you Marlena for putting this Kim K’s look up. YOu look beautiful like always

Hi, Great look! can you tell me what you used on your eye’s I would like to recreate this look myself.

Love your eyes in this video also!! A tutorial on it would be great!! Beautifuly done, as always!!

You look great! What foundation are you wearing in this video? Also, you look so tan and bronzy. Are you wearing self tanner?

I’m wearing Revlon Colorstay foundation with NARS loose powder. And yes, I’m doing spray tanning ;) For at home use, I’ve been using St. Tropez bronzing mousse- works great! But, I have a review coming up of a cheaper dupe of that :)

You said you were going to list the actual products that Kim uses…is that the same list that you had used too, because I don’t see it :(

Your tutorials are fabulous and have helped me no end… Your very talented… Jem x

Love IT ^_^

I have found Alternative to mac’s Chimpagne in “the body shope ” and it come in bricks just like the bobbi brown . I bought mac ‘s Chimpagne and go back home & I couldn’t believe how much similarity bettween the mac and the body shope !!!
So I gave my mom the body shope one LOL

I’m pretty sure it has something to do with your computer or so, because I don’t have any problems watching the videos (I’m from Germany as well…).

Oh my god! You look Gorgeous!!!! You look more tan then usual…do you go to bronzage or you use a specific self tanning product?

Thank you and I love your tutorials!!!

Haven’t been tanning, but have been getting spray tans (I don’t want wrinkles!) But, I’ve been also using St Tropez bronzing mousse- works really good! I plan on doing a video soon for that :)

Hey Marlena!
I love watching your videos and I know you get ALOT of requests but I was wondering if you could do another hair routine video and maybe let us know what type of shampoos and conditioners you are loving. Looking forward to more vids!!!

Thank you so much and I hope you are having a great day,

Marlena, is everything ok with you? I`m just worried. You seem tired. The make-up looks great, as always.

I’m good- probably tired when I taped this as I was trying to get in as many videos before Lasik as I knew I couldn’t wear makeup for awhile :(

Loveit! Loveit! Love it! But i m still waiting for eye makeup for black/brown eyes. Please!!!!!!!

wow, this is so great. you look great , i love the tips.. i went out and got all the mac stuff for the glow… i havw told all my girls to check you out. :)

Hey Marlena!!
I was just curious if these products would be suitable for someone very pale? If not, could you please suggest some alternatives? :)
As well I went on the MAC website to get soft and gentle and said it was sold out, do you possibly know if they re-stock??
Thanks so much, you look gorg!!

Hi Marlena….wondering if you have had any experience with ““““Lip Fusion~~~~~~???
I have some lines on my lips…..not from smoking….that I think would go away if I could plump up my lips……thanks, cannot wait for the hair extension video…..Michele

I haven’t tried the Lip Fusion- is that the plumping lip gloss or the line filler from Too Faced? There’s a couple options- try a lip primer underneath your lipstick and/or use the Buxom lipglosses from Bare Escentuals- they’re really good at plumping up the lips :)

And hair extension video is in the works ;)

hi Malena!

Great tutorial!! Just FYI, you used Shimpagne MSF but listed Soft and Gentle under the products used.

I caught that :) It’s the closest dupe that MAC has that I can find- I wish they’d quit discontinuing products as it’s always those ones that I love and can’t find anymore :(


I have been watching and following your tutorials for about two years….I LOVE THEM! However, the only problem I have is when I tr to follow tutorials about contouring, highlighting cheeks, or blush. After using concealer for redness in my cheeks, foundation, powder, powder for contouing, blush, and highlighter; face, especially my cheeks look over-done……too much product. My cheeks look like you could take a butter-knife and scrape off the make-up:)

Do you or anyone else have any tips. I love the look that contouring gives me and I LOVE highlighting!

Hello Marlena!

I cannot see either your last two videos, because they are not available in my coutry (Germany) for some reason :( Did you use music in these videos? Is suppose it is because of copyright..

YES!!!! Marlena – you promised a tut for BROWN eyes! you did blue and green, but what about us BROWN-EYED BABES?? Pleeeeeeeeaase??????? (When your eyes heal from the LAsik of course)…

You seem kinda nervous in this tutorial, it may not be j.lo’s glow but i like kim kardashian as well. Well, now i know how to make my cheeks glow, instead of Shimpagne, i’ll buy the soft and gentle blush.

Thanks, marlena! YOu haven’t been on alot but i hope whatever is going on over their, is going great! Hopefully someday you’ll be one of kim kardashians makeup artist. I can kinda see what you’re doing, it seems like you’re doing alice and wonderland and kim kardashian tutorials and probably the others, just expanding your horizan.

YOu cant do everyones tutorials that they want but at least you’re trying to get to everyone which is a nice thing that you’re doing. :D

you should try modeling as well, you have the face for it! Just being honest, chicky.


Marlena! You look PHENOMENAL…so pretty! life is treating you well I see.
Keep it up.

Love your eye makeup in this tutorial – would you do a tutorial on the eyeshadows that you have on?


i’ve been trying to justify the need to purchase a highlighter… thanks for the tip and tutorial… I’ve found the perfect highlighter right in my own makeup stash… i use kitten eyeshadow and it looks so pretty as a highlighter on the cheeks! :)

Love it….. can you, please, do also a tutorial for eyes make up? i have dark hair and eyes as Kim, and i like her look. thanks

Marlena your look is so pretty. I too want to request that you do video for brown eyes. You look amazing with weight loss. I know it’s hard but you did it. Yay! Is soft and gentle a substitute for soft and gentle skin finish. That’s the only thing I hate of Mac that they have limited items and if you like then you can’t repurchase. Please answer questions. Thanks.

hey marlena! can you make some tutorials about browns eyes? what colours shoud we use? thank you! i hope you are doing ok…:)

Hi! I love watching your videos, I have a request, can u do a foundation tutorial with the estee lauder double wear! I will appreciate.

Thank you

i have dark skin .. not that dark but lets say i wear makeup forever Foundation in Amber …Lol ….for example…. will the colors u used for the glowing cheeks work for my skin tone ? and if not what colors do u recommend ?

I would go a bit deeper with the colors- for blush, go with a coral color (I actually think the Ripe Peach ombre blush from mac would be pretty), but for the MSF, go with Gold Deposit or Bobbi Brown’s shimmerbrick in Apricot.

i love ur tutorials and was wondering if you could do a tutorial of a look similiar to this ano u have a lot of requests but i have tried it but cant seem to get it right
Also i have dry skin and wateva foundation i use my skin always starts to flake n also have a bit of oily skin on my forehead do u have any recommendations or techniques it would be really helpful.

I’m thinking focus on the skincare products first to get your skin the same all over- make sure to use products for combination skin and apply a bit heavier moisturizer on the dry areas. For the oiliness on your forehead, do you have bangs? If your hair gets oily and comes down to your forehead, it may contribute… But you could also use an oil mattifier on the forehead- MAC has a good one and so does Mary Kay :)

Do u know the oil mattifier by mac name and also do u have any moisturiser reccomendations thank you i can’t seem to find the right ones.

I have dark skin, a bit darker than Naomi Campbell, what colours do you suggest for bronzer and blush ?
Love your work! : )

Yeah I was wondering what colors to use also. I am a NC 45 more caramel like with yellow undertones combo skin… What colors do I need? Also I just got Revlon Mineral Powder in Sunkissed is this good dupe for the MAC ?

Hi Marlena, your tutorials! Is it possible at all to show us what kind of makeup the girl who LOST The Bachelor (Tenley) wears? The night they brought her onstage to talk about the show, her makeup seemed so simple, yet stunning. Thanks for all you do!!

I kinda liked it when u were fuller figured u don’t see to many beautiful women that have more to love out in tha media showing girls how to be beautiful it was rather uplifting…but if u needed to do it to be more healthy then more power to you.

I’m actually still considered overweight- there’s plenty of me to love still ;) But yes, I had to do it for health reasons (long story), but my health was taking its toll…. And I completely agree about the media focusing on overly thin girls- some variety would be nice!

Hi Marlena,

this is actually my first time posting anything here. Just wondering though, I was just at the MAC store today and I asked the SA there for a suggested highlighter for my skintone (NC35) and she suggested the Honour blush. I was thinking of getting Soft and Gentle (the one you used) but I didn’t (I don’t know why!!! now I sortof regret it. I think I got intimidated by the SA >_<) anyway, just wondering, do you think this blush will also hold up as a highlighter for this glowy look??


Honour blush should work I think, but the Soft and Gentle will look good also. I’m usually pretty pale, but in this vid I was about NC30 and it worked for me :)

Hi Marlena,
I have a quick question for you! I wanna know what color of Estee lauder double wear foundation you use to match your skin tone?
Hope you’ll have the time reply, I know you’re very busy.
Thank you so much for your tutorials. You are just the best!
take care

It depends on if I do the spray tan or not, but with my natural skin color (which is VERY light), I use N1 “Ecru”. If you have an Estee Lauder counter near you, ask them to match you- they usually do a good job matching :)

hey marlena!
i love your hair in this video! did you do it yourself? if so, what size barrell is your curling iron? i love the colors as well! ;)

Marlena, this is a great tutorial, so thank you for sharing! However, can you help out a fair skinned girl who cannot pull off these bronze/copper/gold toned highlighters? I am quite fair and pink toned, and when I try use highlighters which have a bronzey/coppery/gold aspect to them, it looks terrible on me. I used to have Light Flush and the copper was too much for my skin. What highlighter can I use to get this effect without the bronze?

If you can get a hold of the Shimpagne one, it is really nice for fair/pink based skin- that’s what my skin is and I love it! If you’re ok with a creamy highlighter, MAC’s cream colored base in Pearl or Luna is really pretty too

thanks for the video! awesome as usual! but i have one question- should i use any contour if my face is? small and thin? and is it possible to make it look more rounded and healthy?

If your face is very contoured or chiseled naturally, you don’t need to contour. To make your face look rounder, apply blush just to the apples of the cheeks :)

Pink/Red eyeshadow under the eyes makes anyone look tired. It is too similar to the natural bags and discoloration that forms there.

it depends on how you wear it.. i would always use a grey eye liner or sth like this wih it… then red and pink can look gorgeous.

You look very pretty. I don’t think anyone else notices your nose. I didn’t see anything “wrong” with it. We are our own worst critic!! =)

you look gorgeous girl ;)
i sometimes contour the sides of my nose with sth like MAC’s eyeshadow wedge to make it look smaller…

You look gorgeous as always!!! Can you tell me if you will be coming to Boston, ma to hold a seminar?

Yes, you are looking more goregous in every video! Keepup the amazing job! I love this cheek look! Can’t wait to try it! Keep the videos comin! Also, loving your hair lately! It’s getting so long!

You look great! Your skin is gorgeous – definite motivation for me to get my butt to my dermatologist. I also wanted to add that I bought VS beauty products based on your beauty haul video this past December! LOVE Rock Me gloss!

I’m darker and sometimes it’s hard for me to highlight – like I would need to go a bit heavy handed with it but I fear of looking like a disco ball – any thoughts? I’m a MAC NC42 for reference – should i stick to gold or can I do a pink?

Can you please do a Jennifer Love Hewitt look from the Ghost Whisperer or actually her Melinda Gordon look. Its super elegant. Thanks.

Hi,Marlena, what is the best highlighter for pale skin?, and how can I choose a blush for my skin?pink???,brown??? thank you.

Hi beautiful Marlena! First of all, I love your videos, you’re so sweet, natural and down-to-earth.. without you, I’d be totally lost in makeup!!:D So thanks!

I would love a tutorial of those light pink lips and bronze eyes, that Keira Knightley wore in her 2003 Kenneth Willardt photoshoot.. She’s stunning.. and mary-kate also wore those light pink lips at the 2007 CFDA awards.. I’d really love toknow how you do them.. It would be great if you wanted to, and did it with MAC makeup (because I live in Denmark:D) The reason i’m writing here is, that your contact-site didn’t work on my computer:(

And again, I love your videos, and I really learn a lot.. bless you!

And I was also wondering, have you ever tried the body shop makeup? Because here in Denmark, we don’t have NYX, MUFE, Urban Decay and NARS:( I’d really love a tutorial with the body shop makeup:D

o m g i love this look its brilliant:)
i love your hair btw:)
i was woundering if u could do a cheryl cole tutorial plz

Thank you so much for all your tutorials Marlena, you are amazing. Could you please do a tutorial on the new Mac collection (spring forecast). Many thanks xxx

Marlena your amazing. I can see that you try your hardest to answer all of your followers & that is why I’m one of your dedicated viewers/fans. Your friends are so lucky to have you bc your personality radiates through all of your videos, so I’m sure your a great friend as well. Stay strong, positive & driven bc you def. inspire many people. Your hard work & sacrifice will payoff in a big way!!!

Hi Marlena,

Is there any way you could email me your last 2 videos? I’m in Germany and for some reason, I can’t access them anymore. It says “the video is not available in your country.” Thank you!

Marlena – when your pale what color of Colorstay Foundation do you use? I read in another you suggest mixing their new Photo foundation with Colorstay – what one would you apply first? x

thanks, this is a great tip!

weird that the make up geeks in germany can’t watch your videos, I’m in Holland and i can watch them without any kind of problems.

Hey Marlena! Is there going to be another weekly challenge… You haven’t done one since Vday… And…. Im quite disappointed…):

Another question Marlena. It has nothing to do with highlighting but contouring. I tried to leave a comment to your contouring tutorial but it wouldn’t let me =(

Anyway, I’m NC35 and was wondering if you can recommend a good contouring blush that I can use? I’ve tried a couple of others (one being Cargo’s coral beach) but they always appear too dark (I think) and I feel like my face looks dirty (like I put mud on my face?). I have a pretty round face, like some Asians usually do, and I would like to try to get to look slightly longer and not “fat looking” (sorry for the lack of adjectives and such a long post!! Lol).

Thank you in advance!!

Hi Marlena: Have the same effect the shimmer brick by Bobbi Brown or is different than the MAC Skin Finish?, Thanks and you are so beautiful, kisses FROM MEXICO CITY

so pretty! i’m gonna try this out :) there’s really a significant difference before and after.
anyway, just a question: i thought cream products should be applied BEFORE powder products? but you used the cream blusher over the powder blusher.. will this make your make up cakey?

I love the special art that you give you need to make a book about makeup tips you are good at this I’ll be the first one to get the book pls keep doing what you do you are special love always your friend heep up the good work


Hey Marlena! I love love love your ideas!! But I hope you don’t mind but I have a request. Like the vampire from twilight look. I mean not just pale foundation and fake blood running from your lips. But ALMOST like something you could wear everyday, but still look sort of ‘vampy’. I hope you understand what I mean and try it. And one question, the girl commenting on this tutorial, her name was Kim, is that the real Kim Kardashian???
Mwahz from Carly!!!

I’m pretty sure she is not the ‘real’ Kim, girl.
just try smokey eyes in greyish colours and light lips (i really love mac’s fresh brew lipstick, try this one).

Hi Marlena,

Great tutorial as always. I never applied my makeup properly until I came across your posts on YouTube, so a big thank you from me.

In relation to this tutorial, have you ever tried NARS Albatross as a highlighter?

Heyy Marlena,

I totally Love Love LOVE ur makeup tutorials! they rock!
whatever indian dress i plan on wearing, i always check-out ur website on makeup tutorials
and guess what, i find the perfect ones! keep it up girl!

Can u plz show how to do full face makeup like what to apply first like foundation and do covering dark spot and make shinny looks,,, when ever i do my skin become so dry ,,,, i like your glow cheeks makeup,,,, will u show how to do glow full face makeup
thanx so much

First off You are the inspiration for me to have fun and experiment with color. Saw you on youtube and I was hooked! Can you give me an idea for an inexpensive bronzer? I may be confused and you already put that choice, but I don’t see which one it could be.
Thank you in advance!

Great look! I will definitely be trying that when it gets a bit warmer. A fix for broken powder I found when one of my stila palletes broke is this: Rubbing Alcohol! Seriously, take as much of the powder out as possible, add enough alcohol to make a paste and then put it back in the case. Leave it open overnight and by the morning you will have it almost good as new (it usually looks slightly different, but when you apply it the colors are just the same). Also good for blending eyesshadows/bronzers/blushes/highlighters- as long as they are a powder, and I’ve fixed 3 broken pressed powder compacts with this.

Love your tips and tutorials. I’ve tried Jlo’s look and It was amazing. You look gorgeous and so beautiful. Your make up looks make me feel prettier day after day. Keep goin’, u go girl :-)

Big Kisses from Paris, France.

Love your website!

My question is what kind of digital camera do you use? You pix always come out great & you always look so beautiful! I am looking into buying a new camera and was wondering what you would suggest!

Thanks! :)

marlena, love the look! could you also do an eye makeup tutorial for the colors you are wearing in this video?

Hi M. I absolutely love your website. I have been wondering a who lot about hazel eyes and which ones or your tutorials would work on my eyes. Also a great ideas on how to clear up black heads on my nose.
Thanks so much for all the work you do….

Hi Marlena!
This is a fabulous tutorial – I just watched the E! True Hollywood Story on the Kardashian/Jenner family!

A drugstore highlighter that I would recommend would be the Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in 010 Brighten, but could you recommend a drugstore or even a MAC dupe for NARS Laguna?

Jessica ^_^

Marlena !
kim kardashian is my absolute favorite(:
im glad you did a tutorial about her make up. im definatley trying this one out.
im soooo obsessed with make up its crazy(: im only 17, but i want to be a make up artist for a career. and your really showing me the way(: you always look amazing in your videos and good job for losing weight, its difficult to do.

HI it’s jeri again i was wondering where i cloud get NYX and SMASHBOX products in west virginia

I haven’t checked in with you in awhile and WOW do you look amazing. Your hair is gorgeous and you look more beautiful than ever! (and the blush is great too!!)

Any suggestions for people that have large pours like myself, and pit marks from acne to get that “glow” to make it look smooth? I have tried and it enphasizes.

Marlene, I just want to thank you for helping me remeber how much I love makeup!!! I’m a 30 yr stay at home mom and I guess I just forgot to play with makeup and have fun with it. I was getting stuck on doing the same old routine. Now I can accent & highlight my features! Your videos are so easy to follow and I watch them everynight! Again thank you thank you thank you…. You have made me feel pretty again!!! Also I have a oily t-zone and noticable pores what mineral foundations do you reccomend??? What are you faves??? Love your work!!! You should write a book!

I loved this video on Kim’s cheeks, but was wondering if you could do a video on the eyes that you had in this video. I liked the look of the whole face, and would love to see all products you are wearing. I think its funny that you are doing a tutorial, and your pic looked better than Kim’s.

You look incredible and you did it the right way that’s so great such an inspiration,, and Kim always looks great I just started going back to the gym myself it definitely takes self discipline. I was wondering if you could do a video on the eye makeup you were wearing in that picture its so pretty..keep up the good work we love watching

hey, i love your work! :D
you look so pretty and make every make up work.
Im a 16-year old from The Netherlands. and ive alvways loved Make up ever since i was 3 :D
when i found this website i finally found where i was looking for after searching the whole Dutch internet :P
i got a request :D
could you also do a Demi Lovato make up?
i would really love it if you do that
xoxo from the Netherlands