How To Get Beachy Waves

Between the salt water and the wind, the beach never ceases to give our hair the perfect body and volume. But the sea salt gives our hair a very dirty feel that we cannot wait to wash out. Want the beachy effect without the smell of salt and sunscreen? Here’s how to get it!

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • It’s a Ten , leave-in conditioner/thermal protectant.    Amazon . eBay
  • 1/2 Inch Curling Iron.   Amazon eBay
  • Redken Water Wax , texturizing pomade.  Amazon . eBay
  • Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity , light-weight hairspray.  Amazon . eBay

Step 1: Spray dry hair with a leave-in conditioner and thermal protectant. Make sure hair is nicely coated to protect your hair from the heat of the curling iron.

Step 2: Take two inch partings and wrap hair around the barrel of the curling iron! Start two to three inches away from the roots and leave an inch out from the ends. Make sure to wrap around the barrel to get a beachy effect! If you use the clamp of the curling iron you will get ringlets instead of waves.

Step 3: Once you’ve curled all your hair, take some Redken Water Wax and rub it into your palms. Run your hands through the curls, gently pulling down on them to loosen and blend the curls and  to give them a choppy effect at the ends.

Step 4: Flip your head upside down, spray Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity Hairspray all over. Crunch your hair with your hands, flip back over, and voila! You’ve gone to the beach.

Now go enjoy your lovely summer day or fun night out!

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Could it be NARS Heatwave? It looks like an orange-red color. I am not sure but it looks close.

Oh I can’t wait. I have been trying to achieve this lip color forever and it’s the perfect watermelony red for summer! (I would love to know if those are YsL sunglasses too ) xoxo

Hi,Marlena. I love your tutorials.I need your help:

Can you tell me your opinion on MAC Prolong wear concealer?


I have prolongwear concealer-I like it, but it’s a squirt-pump and hard to control how much comes out. It’s kinda a waste of money only because waaay more product comes out than you actually need. I like the formula, but not the packaging.

Hey Girls…. love it…. love the hair …also Paige your hair was really pretty…. i dont like to compare…but the decor…is to bright…better with your drape or you know… (sorry little deco addict) I saw the tag on your shirt…do you also get sponsor for your clothes… if yes can i request something?? since you look always fabulous in every video…could you had the links or brand from what you are wearing?? I am an overweight mug…and sometime regular size store offer plus size on web order so I ‘d like to know … by the way… I have start Zumba class and also training cardio and all.. eating i am doing… well depend on the day…what were you doing for you night craving.??? at night I start to be hungry and I would eat a complete meal?? i need help on this one… but love my gold gym they have awsome class…but i am missing the meal plan thing thanks if you can help me keep doing your job…cause you are amazing at it

What i have done in the past for a late night craving is eat something that will take a long time to digest but is small. An apple is a good one, did that while i was pregnant. Also a serving of cheese (like the individual packets of string cheese), or a spoonful of peanut butter. eating ONE of those and a glass of water usually calmed the “staring” feeling i had so i could sleep.

Thanks Mindy… you don’t even know how much I have try the peanut butter spoon… last week it was like 2 am and I had like 5 of them …. I don’t know if it’s because I have start training or what but I hate them… thank for the tip for the apple never thought of it as a long digest thing.. have a good day Mindy

Hi Caroline :)

I’m actually planning on taping some meal plan videos next week to share what I eat for my weight loss. For my clothes when I bought plus size, I LOVE Lane Bryant clothes, Maurices, and Forever 21 plus size :)

For night craving, I eat snap peas and tomatoes and popcorn :)

thanks…. popcorn…for real???i know not the buttery one but good to know I never thought I could eat veggie at night good to know I ‘ve got snap peas now growing in my garden can’t wait… for tomatoes….i love them sooooo much ii could eat them like apple but day give me pimple so I don’t aloud myself to eat much of them… and for some reason butt thanksks you so much for the tips specially for clothing… here in quebec we don’t have much of them and the web is gold for me!!! thanks a lot… can’t wait for your tutorial… I have lost 60 pound 3 or 4 years ago i went down to 220… but gain thw 60 back plus 40… now i am not working so I have time to work on my self…and work on not getting more fat on my ass… i am not affraid to say that i am overweight. but you gave me something, the confidence to know i was able again… and the best make up tips ever!!! when I had lost the 60 pound… i did it without working otu… now i know i have to workout… i do zumba… gym and I have to loose it the right way… thanks again for your help

Awww… that is SO good to hear Caroline! You can do it!! Just know ahead of time that it is hard work and there will be times when you want to give up, but just get back on the wagon and keep at it. Exercise is key too- find something you enjoy doing so you stick with it :)

Hi Marlena, I’m a french cosmetic addict who lives in Tokyo, and your website is one of my favourite!!! love love your tutorials! Now it’s (almost) summer time, do you plan to do any more “beach/ summer daytime/nighttime make up tutorials????
Thanks again for all the great videos!

I think it would be great if you could tell us what makeup products you’re wearing even if the video isn’t about makeup. You look beautiful and I’m wondering what eye, face and lip colors you have on !

hi there, i dont mean to be rude but i would love to know if that is your real hair because is awesome, and i noticed you have short hair in other tutorials.
thanks and love the look.
Fan from new zealand

Hi Lucila :)

It’s taken me 2 years to grow my hair out- those previous videos are a bit older :)

Hi, very nice hair style, really! I would like to know your opinion about using the waxes on the really oily (maximum 2 days without washing) hair. Additionally, my hair is very tough (straight), any hairstyle holds about two-three hours. I usually can rely on spray volumiser, mousse and hair-spray. But they give me just “usual” looks. Can you advice me some product, which permit me more complicated looks without looking too oily after a few hours?

I have a SERIOUS problem with the fly away hairs… How can I control those? frizzy hair kills me!!!

P.S: I live in the Rainforest so the weather doesn’t help me at all, any advice??

Marlena, thank you for everything! I was on a school trip for two days and I have done all my friends hair and makeup, and everyone loved it! I’ve become really good just by watching you and by practicing! thank you so much!
hugs and kisses,

Or you can just wash your hair before you go to sleep and divide it into four braids for the night & have the perfect boho beachy waves in the morning ;) Easier, lazier and quicker option.

Marlena i have seen your videos since the beginning and im impressed of how you are been growing and growing…and your are accomplishing your dreams and maybe things that your never imagine…is my first comment on your website…but im your fan since the beginning…congratulations to you in everything…you are a truly inspiration!!!!!

I love the hairstyle Paige is wearing in this vid, any possibility of posting a tutorial covering that hairstyle as well? Please please please!

marlena looking stunning lately girl! How would you get some volume to the roots with this look, would u tease the hair before you curl it or tease it after… ( i have very long flat, straight hair, so it always needs some volume up the top)? mwa

i absoloutly adore your tutorials i watch them over and over lol could u do a tutorial on how to make hazel eyes pop : )

are there any tips for my hair waves or curls to stay in? , i get really frustrated when i spend 3 hous doing my hair and it only stay curled for like an hour to say much

Can you please please please upload the video to viddler… Copyright restrictions in Germany – again :-(
Will be much appreciated! After getting silky shiny hair due to using morrocanoil because of your recommendation I’ll love to see the styling tips :)

thanks, magda

I loved the tutorial!
I tried it on my hair today, but I have short (hits my shoulders) thick hair & it didnt turn out how I expected. Not bad, but just not as beachy-wavy :P
Looove the look though!

My hair is shorter, basically at my shoulders (a little below), would this work for shorter hair as well?

Marlena, ever since I found your videos I’ve loved them! I was wondering if you had any tips on eyeshadows for a person like me. I have dark brown hair, medium skin, and blue/green eyes (The inner part is green with yellow/brown and the outer is blue.)
Thanks (:

I’m looking for a curling iron to attempt this look with. I currently don’t own a curling iron. Marlena, what brand does you or your friend suggest?

This is GREAT!!! lOVED IT TONZ!!!! Please make a video on how Paige (i dont know how to spell her name) did her hair!!! It’s really cute also!!!:)