How to Do Arabic Makeup


  • Makeup Forever Camouflage Palette #1   (Sephora) (eBay)
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (eBay)
  • MAC Set Powder in “Invisible”   (MUG Store)
  • MAC Emote Blush (eBay)
  • NYX Peach Blush   (MUG Store)


  • MAC Indianwood Paintpot   (MUG Store)
  • Urban Decay Book of Shadows   (Ulta) (eBay)
    • Baked
    • Last Call
    • Perversion
  • MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow   (MAC)
  • Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner
  • Ardell Wispies Lashes   (MUG Store)
  • Bourjois Clubbing Mascara (eBay)


  • NYX Circa Lipstick
  • Bare Escentuals Buxom Lipgloss in “Amber”  (Sephora) (eBay)


  • MAC 239- flat stiff brush
  • MAC 217-  or MUG Stiff Dome Brush (Makeup Geek Store)
  • MAC 219- pencil brush
  • MAC 224- fluffy dome brush

NYX Eyeshadow Dupes:

MAC Eyeshadow Dupes:

  • Amber Lights
  • Plum Dressing
  • Carbon
  • Vanilla




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Absolutly stunning. I love Arabic makeup and I think this is the best one I’ve seen.
Thank you so much Marlena, you ROCK!

I love your videos really helped me out a lot…. Wondering if you teach any classes that I can come to in person…. Please send me an email

Absolutely to die for!! when will you do an indian/pakistani look? i want you to take a look at this website and tell me what you think of pakistani makeup and also i want you to look up aishwarya rai and see some of the makeup they’ve done on her in indian movies! maybe you can do a tutorial on one of those next??

I love it! What are some cheaper brushes that are still good? I’m using the Sonia Kushik from Target right now but they are kinda hard and hurt my eyes after awhile.

So beautiful !!! Arabic looks are some of my favs too (well the ones you do :)


You look gorgeous as always !

Beautiful job Marlena, just one question, can star violet from MAC be used as well instead of plum dressing???????

Beautiful job!!!! just one question, would star violet from mac work as well instead of plum dressing???

I’m totally in love with this look !
I just tried it (in a softer version ‘cuz I have to go to work) and I must say that the gold colour (I used Burnish from B never too busy to be beautiful) with Last Call looks amazing !
Thankx Marlena !

This is amazing ! All the colours are soooo beautiful together with great lashes and the liner is so pretty I love that make up. It really represents oriental make up. Thanks


my name is nina from sweden and i’m a subscriber of your and of a girl from switzerland called Misschievous on youtube! i saw new new videos an hour ago on youtube and it’s called “stolen videos”
it goes out to many makeup gurus on youtube. basically her videos were unrightfully stolen and copied to a website called which in my opinion really annoys me because i went on there after watching her video and i saw i DID not look because i don’t want them to get hits when then have stolen videos and i was chocked to see that your newest video of your arabic look is on there marlena! so that is why i’m writing this. i think that is really wrong of them and i admire your work alot. misschievous said it’s an american website so the laws that apply are american it doesn’t matter if your a maekup artist from africa or whereever.

i’m really really please believe me telling the truth, i know i sound really dramatic but people really do not deserve this which is done to them you know!!! so please if and i’m assuming you haven’t given your permission to this website then there are there forms to be filled and sent to softlayer something like that, or just go to misschievous “stolen video” on youtube and there is information there on proper actions and what needs to be done. i am a MUG and i started watching your videos in january 09′ and your the reason i’m som inspired now and that i have improved sooo please TRUST ME!!!!!

p.s. i have just now tried to leave a youtube mail to marlena but it didn’t work beacuse we’re not youtube mail friends somekinda of option that why i’m writing here didn’t know really what to do!!!!!!

i hope everything works out!!!!! :) nina from sweden!!!!

am an arbic girl & I think that u look soo wonderful with the makeup & every thing =)
plus I`am watching ur videos ur great .. XD

This look is awesome! Thanks so much for all the time you take to bring us this wonderful videos!

OMG!@! Marlena thnk you so much for this tutoriall… its just so great I cant get my eyes off your look … =) I have a wedding to attend tis summer and I will for sure try this look!!!

Hey Marlena, love you tutorials, wish i cud do mine better but im coming along well. Hope to see in ft lauderdale! glad to see you like indian makeup…lol.

it’s me again. I also want to say you are great makeup artist. You do tutorials for all skin tones; I wish there were makeup artist like you.:) YOU ARE A MARVELOUS TEACHER; STAY WITH YOUR CALLING!!

The link for the items you use to list the makeup on your face is actually underneath the youtube vid box so you have to point down instead of the side. I always look to the side and nothing is there. But anywhoo. Looks great. Thanks.

I have that scarf I got mine In Ontranto italy in a bohemeon store I am truly in love with arabic and indian makeup and fashion so now that this video and i have the scarf i can pull this whole look off for a profile pic or something KUDos marlena :)

This nina from Switz seems serious about this video theft thing I hope its taken care of.. well take care Marlena. Grazie Millie Ciao bella.


Hey, Marlena, I Iove your look, I do Arabic makeup and I decided to try your look, I loved it

thank you for sharing

p.s your gorgeous!!!!!!!

This look honestly took my breath away!!! Absolutely beautiful!! Today seemed like an eternity at work…cant wait to get home and attemp this.

Youre amazingly talented!!

Hey Marlena, Great look. Love it!! Also I have to agree with Nina regrading the “stolen Videos”. There are a few of your videos on Here is the URL: from MissChievous from youtube. I’ve been watching your tutorials since Jully 08′ and because of your passion and heart that you put into your videos I now have tried to enroll in beauty school. Thank you Marlena, you are such an inspiration. God Bless

Marlena, i’m from Portugal, and i’ve started seeing you’re work just a couple of weeks ago, but i really love you’re art!
I’m a makeup geek my self, but not in you’r scale!
Thank you for you’re wonderfull job and for the tips :p

hey marlena i love when people wear dark eyeliner it looks so good.. im still having trouble getting brushes..
do you know where i can get them for very cheap .. because q-tips arent working very well.. please help ..thanks you look gorgus ..

This was great! I was wondering if you could do a tutorial using Mary Kay product. I have trouble applying it.

Gorgeous! Also thank you for always listing dupes! It’s so helpful. You should do a seminar near charlotte, north Carolina in your next round of classes

you are wonderful and doing a good job as usual :)

this is your second wonderful Arabic look :)

keep up Marlena , you inspire me a lot :)

Marlena can you do some tutorials using Sonia Kashuk cosmetics? I really love her products and have practically everything with her name on it. It’s only available at Target, I just need a little inspiration.
Thanks! Love your videos!

The girl from sweden was right. Your videos have been stolen and the give you no credit what so ever. Yo do amzing work and they did nothin except for steal other peoples work ! They need to be stopped !

Omg! Marlena you the expert and a beautiful one! I love your work and this look you did, is super gorgeous! I am absolutely in love with that look :) keep up the good work…and thank you soo much!

My closest friend manages an Ulta- I just called yesterday her to tell her to put a Book of Shadows aside for me- great timing! I can’t wait!!!

Also, I love the fact that you put what brushes you used in your list- I have just decided that I need some new ones (it’s been years…) Does anyone out there use any Shu Uemura brushes? I hear good things, but some of their brushes are over $100!

Marlena. You are truly gifted love this look. Thanks for showing us new looks with UD book of shadows I bought it and just love every color. Thanks for teaching us.

Thanks so much Nina and other sweet mugs for the heads up about stolen videos- you all are SO incredibly sweet :)

I’ve already messaged girlyvue about them stealing my videos and let them know about the consequences of taking copyrighted videos. We’re working on taking them down :)

There is no way that before you, I would have never looked twice at eye brushes and how to use them because in all honesty, I do not know how to use them. But thanks to you, you’ve been so basic with your tutorials that it’s been so easy to understand between pigmentation, paintpot and all sorts. Thank you so much for all your time creating your tutorials. You are absolutely wonderful!!!!

Dear Marlena, that look is fantastic. Could you do a Boliwood make up tutorial? Your work is such an inspiration, thank you !!

Loved this look Marlena!!! You looked amazing. I second the request for a Bollywood makeup tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This makeup is beautiful and you are very talented but there is one thing that bothers me. What is with the scarf? is this an idea of a typical arabic (middle eastern) girl?? because that is stereo typing. Not every middle eastern girl wears a scarf. I think its not fair to middle eastern women to be stereo typed and its okay. I know if i was to do the same to any other race, nationality or religion, it wouldnt be accepted or even TOLORATED!

Please take into consideration that there are middle eastern women who find this offense.

what other alternative is there to using the indianwood paintpot. I would imagine that without it the colors would not be as dramatic as they should be.

I’m comment about 59 so I hope your not bored. I watched the pussy cats video recently “jai ho” and loved her indian look. I’ve been looking for traditional or ethnic looks for a while, then you did this look!! I subscribe to you and it was perfect timing!!

You look amazing in this look, I can’t wait to try it!

I must confess I’m not subscribed yet, but i check your page every day (ok weekday).

luv ya!!!!

Hi Marlena,
Iam an indian and i love ur make up. This is my humble request, please give me a Indian makeup and the products that would suit a medium tone indian women.
Your work is simply superb.

WoooooooooooW amazing look :)

I love all your looks and u inspired me a lot :)

glad that u like the Arabic look ;)

Hi Jasmine,

My intent for the scarf wasn’t too be stereotypical- I’m sorry it came across that way. The scarf was simply an extra touch to make the tutorial *seem* more in style with the look- it didn’t look quite the same in photos without the scarf, plus I wanted that extra pop of color. I realize that not all Arab women wear scarves, but I also know that this isn’t the only culture that wears them…

Hey, i live in a muslim county ( The UAE, in dubai) and you did a great job in capturing the look of the ladies here….TRULY GORGEOUS

you should visit dubai sometime…truly a place for inspiration


I’m doing research on terrorism, and I’ve put together a pre-survey questionnaire that I’m circulating in order to get feedback on what a non-biased (non-western, non-white) survey might look like. The final survey will go out later this year.

The survey can be accessed at

Would you post it, and possibly circulate it? I’m very interested in incorporating the views of women, non-whites, and people living outside of America and Western Europe.

I’d appreciate it.

Take care,

John Maszka

I love the look but above all your lips !!
You says the nyx lipstick’s color is Circa.
but it doesn’t exist or is it the one called Circe?

Thank you for your answer ^^


I am living in the United Arab Emirates and this look is quite popular over here!! Thanks for showing me the step-by-step & where to buy the stuff… Maybe I will try this for a wedding or something :-D




marlena…… INDIAN INSPIRED…… MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i absolutly LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

hi i think your work is very good and this was what i was searching for on the internet and finally i found someone good! lol i wanted to ask you- im a bit pissed off cause you have beautiful light eyes and most people who do tutorials on youtube have light eyes so…no1 rlly does black arabic eye make up . not just the eye liner, i mean…my eyes are black and big so you can experiment and give that affective arab look. but i want something tht will go with black eyes .not too much colour but something that will bring out the eyes even if your eyes are not coloured. could you possibly do a look that is good for girls with black big eyes :D thankyou!


I loved the first Arabic inspired make up you did last summer, but this one is absolutely stunning! =] I’m Pakistani and I think the scarf you added in your pics was adorable! I didn’t find it to be offensive and you’re such a sweetie pie. Your personality is definitely shown in your videos and I love how happy and jolly you are =]

Keep up the beautiful work Marlena! I look forward to future tutorials!

Hi Marlena! I LOVE this look and it looks great on you! I was wondering if you could tell me where you bought your scarf at because I can never find a pretty orange scarf. I absolutely love the one you are wearing and would appreciate it if you could tell me where you bought yours. Thanks!

Marlena the make up looks great on you. I also love arabic style make-ups with vibrant golden shades. The tutorial was very helpfull.

You are so beautiful! i live in an indi- paki neighborhood and i just love their make-up! i always wanted to do it but didn’t know how to!1 Thank u so much! btw your eyes are gorgeous!

this is great! I’m from Croatia,and I found your videos on youtube…I like makeup also,and yours are really great…sorry on my bad english,kiss from Croatia:)

Hey sweetie!
I watch all your videos and I absolutley love the work you do and the extra care you take in giving options for makeup substitutes! Everything you do for people is amazing! I have a question and if you would please email me I would soo appreciate it! Hope to hear from you soon!
Thanks soo much!

Wow Marlena. Arabic make-up suits you really well. You got beautiful eyes and you are so talented. keep it up :)

I recently subscribed to your youtube.. and I was awe’d!! you are an excellent artist.. and this vid BLEW ME AWAYY!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE OUTCOME!! I’m Indian.. so I love dark black liner.. and “winging” out my shadows.. and these colors were just super gorgeous! I never would’ve thought of using them together! I have incredibly long lashes.. (you can tell from my default on myspace haha) so I don’t need but a lil bit of mascara.. but I loved using everything else you used in this look!! I’ma MAC girl.. so I went and got me that Indian wood, Plum Dressing and Creme Cup.. and went to work! Everyone loved it at the wedding I went to.. and they were all asking me to do theirs sometime too! haha.. you are a wonderful inspiration and I hope to see more of these kinds of vids from you!! I also love how you take the time to make these vids.. give us tips and tricks ALL the time.. and give us good substitutes to use if we don’t have/wear that certain brand… keep up the great work Marlena.. and good luck to you in the future! btw I AM SOO JEALOUS OF YOUR EYES! THEY ARE GORGEOUS! :)

hi Marlena how are you doing ?

am sufana from jeddah in saudi arabia am 20 years old

i whtch all your videos … and i love it

that look was fabulas and i larn from you how i but makeup

thank you ….

Absolutely STUNNING!!!! Just when i think u can’t possibly outdo yourself, you surprise me everytime!!! Can’t wait to see what’s next. Btw, the scarf really made those colours pop! Luv ya xxx

Hola Marlena!

Mil gracias por ser una maestra increible y por enseñarnos éste maquillaje tan hermoso y sensual.

Eres Genial!

Que tu vida sea maravillosa!

Abracitos desde México



So i did a toned down version of this w/ soft gold on the lids, that maroon color in the crease, and normal amount of eyeliner & it looked soooo lovely! I would have never thought to combine those colors! thnx 4 the idea

love it love it absolutely loving it! wanna buy that lipstick! only$1.50????? gosh! thinking about going to the states this summer, seriously! haha

Your work is such an inspiration to me, I have alopecia, so if I do not do my make up I look like a cancer patient. With the techniques you teach my make up looks much better!!! THANK YOU!!!

I accidentally came across your tutorials and I am glad I did! They are one of the best I have seen, the lighting is great, the tips are easy to follow and you certainly come across as a professional make-up artist. I appreciate you taking the time to connect with some many of us. I just watched your “Arabic Makeup”, love it, love it, I am all about eyes but I have a question regarding the black lining on the inside. I am medium-dark skin tone with dark brown eyes, I find black liner on the inside makes my eyes look smaller, how do I get the look but still keep my eyes looking bigger?

Keep doing your thing……:)

Love Makeup

Hi Marlena,

Thanks for all your time and efforts, I found your website 3 days ago and from that time I am seeking for your makeup videos everywhere in the web. I saw almost all of them which you can find through first 5 pages of google, youtube , ehow, expertvillage, etc.

The things which makes your videos unique is all your passion and enthusiasm which you put into your work, I do love my area of work and study and I can tell that howmuch you love makeup and I can tell how successful you are(or will be more in the future).

you probably know that it is not very suitable to wear that kind of makeup. some situation like work or Camping!! for sure in camping no one wears shiny shiny green eyeshadow!!

But would you please teach us a fast and easy makeup which help us to look good in pictures but no one can blame us to be so girly in campings?? If I start doing complete makeup as I always do I have to forget about breakfast as usual!! and be the last person which comes out of the tent!!

I’m pretty sure now I have watched all of your videos. Everytime I watch a tutorial of yours I think, this is my favorite look, but then the next blows me away even more!
Sometimes I wonder why I wasted my money at a makeup school when you have taught me more in just a couple of weeks of watching your tutorials than I learned 6 weeks and $3,000 later!!!
I really admire your techniques of applying makeup. You have given me so much inspiration as far as color choices and styles. Thank you so much for doing what you do!

Can you use Black Tied from MAC as a dupe for carbon? Marlena I love all of the videos, and especially this one! I wish I lived in your area so I could have you do my makeup everyday! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the world!

Hi Marlena, Thank you for showing me the proper way to apply make-up. I really appreciate and enjoy all your tutorials. It is so lovely that you are willing to share what you know with all of us. I particularly love your Arabic make-up tutorials.My make-up has never looked so good and everyone is noticing. I keep a book and write down all your tutorials so that I can chose one easily without having to log on and get on the net. All I can say is thank you…….shelly

hi, im from algeria! im new here!
i found your make up very beautifull and arabic make up is extremely beautifeaul!
tahank u!

hi Marlena!!! son buenos tus tutoriales, pero porque no haces uno con subtítulos en español, sería grandioso, your tutorial is very good but only in english maybe in spanish………
Gracias Eres Genial
Thanks you are nice

hi marlena, im middle-eastern and didn’t even know how to do this look. thank you so much for sharing your talent and by the way, the scarf was a perfect touch ;-)

Awesome, literally! I once had a situation when someone traced one of my art pieces, and they didn’t give me any credit!
People shouldn’t do that to anyone, especially you!

Great video.
Can i ask you something? Every time i put on eye shadow my eyes show more wrinkles and lines on both upper and lower lids. how do i prevent that from happening? This is mainly why i don’t put any eye shadow at all.

Hello Marlena!
I fell on your site by looking of an oriental make-up and I find him(it) brilliant! Your tutorials is formidable!!! That I saw them first time, I tried them but not everything because I do not possess all the colors of eye shadows which you xD I would like to know if it would be possible to make one but with a make up geisha girl or arabic turquoise please answer me

Marlena!! You have the most thorough, amazing videos on makeup I have ever witnessed. I’ve been looking for this kind of detailed video for so very very long! Basically, I am so thankful you have all these wonderful videos and ideas, because I just needed flat out advice that has been poorly demonstrated by people elsewhere. I love love love all of this, and there’s no doubt I’ll need this to complete beautiful looks on myself for significant events, or just for fun. You make all of this seem so fun, and it is really. So once again, thank you very much. I applaud you.

<3 Allysa

Hey girl! I LOVE this. I was really bored so I decided to try it. The thing is, I am severely in need of decent makeup (I plan on ordering some of your recommendations), I have only Target and dollar store makeup. Most of the eyeshadows that I used cost only like a dollar each! And it’s cheap eyeliner and mascara, too.

But anyways, here it is if you wanna see:

Obviously it’s not nearly as pretty as yours, but I thought it would be good just to point out that you can do this look with really really cheap makeup, and it still looks halfway decent. Doesn’t last long, but it’s still fun. Just wanted to make it more accessible to all girls. I think this kind of smoky look is especially easy to do with cheap makeup. The really colorful, rainbow-y looks are harder because you can’t really buy bright, cheap eyeshadows that don’t smear off two seconds after you put them on.

Keep doing what you do, girl! You’re fabulous!

hi im arab and i love this look i love the gold and all the other colors.

keep doing what your doin

I love the one the best! I went out and bought indianwood and vanilla and it made all the difference!

This was probably the only look i could pull off because I had all the products.

I still can’t look as beautiful as you though:)

Keep up the awesome job!

hey i love this look and i love ur work im 15 so im kind of new to the whole makeup thing so yea, but i really enjoy lookin at ur tutorials i love the colors im definitley going to try some of this stuff out. i really admire you and i hope you keep doing tutorials because they are really good:).

I loove this look!!I’ve just started 2 do makeup and this one is beeautiful.I’m truly a makeup geek cause I can’t stop watching new styles thanks:)

thanx for the arabic looks… I was suggesting u to make the tutorial on arabic look, that’s before I find this, sorry…

I’m an arab from indonesia and live in saudi arabia. I’m a flight attendant, too bad we’re not allowed to wear eyeshadow in uniform.

so the only chance to play with eyeshadow is wedding party and when I’m going to my bf’s place…

thanx a lot, u’re really great…


Hey marlena… I absolutely love this make up.. But instead of using the liquid liner,can i use a eyeliner pencil?