How I lost 90 pounds and kept it off

Before I give my schpeel on how I lost the 90 pounds, I want to say that you all CAN do this!  But know first off that this is going to be hard, you are going to want to give up at some point, and this isn’t fun- BUT, if you want to live a long and healthy life, all this work is worth it!

I still do have a good 40-50 pounds to lose, so this is a journey- one that I hope we’ll take together :)  It’s been 1 1/2 years now just to lose the 90 pounds, but it is staying off and I feel so much better!

Set yourself up for success

  • Surround yourself with supportive yet honest people-  these people will be your pillars when you feel like giving up.
  • Make your goals realistic
    • If you tell yourself you’re going to lose 20 pounds in 1 month, you’re already setting yourself up for failure as the pressure is too great.  When you set unrealistic goals, you give up more easily…
  • Make gradual changes- change 1 thing at a time
    • For my first week, I just switched from drinking cokes to drinking water.
    • The next week, I replaced sugary products with fruit
    • 2 weeks after that, I replaced white carbs for more protein in my diet
  • Lose weight for the right reason:  to be healthy!  Whenever I tried to lose weight in the past, I did it for looks alone. Then when I didn’t “look skinny” by summer, I got down on myself and ate to console myself- just putting me back where I started.  This time I wanted to do it to be healthy- the pressure wasn’t as great, so I was able to stick to my healthy lifestyle much more easily!

Eating Healthy

  • Don’t deprive yourself so much to where it feels like a “diet”- you don’t want to do diets!! You simply want to retrain your body to eating more healthy, but the trick is to do it gradually so your taste buds and habits adjust slowly and become permanent.
  • Here’s what I eat most days:
    • Breakfast:  peanut butter cup oatmeal (recipe is in the video :) )
    • Snacky snack:  Apple or orange
    • Lunch:  Teriyaki chicken (watch the sugar in the sauce though), rice, green beans
    • Snacky Snack:  Lowfat string cheese and some grape tomatoes
    • Dinner:  Roasted chicken or Baked Tilapia, cooked veggies of your choice, salad
      • The Mrs Dash seasoning in Lemon Pepper tastes SO yummy on Tilapia mixed with dried thyme and lemon juice
      • Green beans- I add some lemon juice, crushed garlic, pepper, and little salt- yummo!
    • Dessert:  sugar free pudding cup with a banana or slice of pineapple
  • 50% of each meal should be protein, and only 25% good carbs (no white starchy carbs)  Red potatoes are good as well as rice
  • When I eat out, I almost always get a protein dish with veggies on the side and a side salad.  If I have to eat on the run, I go to Wendys and get a salad

Working Out

  • I am not an expert in working out, so will not give too much advice as you really should check in with a doctor and a trainer to figure out the best workout routine for you!  It is good however to get at least 30 minutes (45 minutes is better as you don’t start burning fat until after 30 minutes – or so that’s what my trainer has told me… but 30 minutes will at least get your heart in shape and burn some calories!)
  • Find something fun that YOU enjoy! I love doing step classes or dance, so I found a gym that offers those classes- that way I’ll stick to it.  (I hate running on the treadmill like a hamster in a wheel… haha)
  • Make your working out a top priority- this is huge!!!  Even though I run a business and work a very heavy load, I make sure my step classes come first.  All my appointments and work fits around those exercise classes, so I know that there’s no excuse for me not to go.   I want to be healthy enough years down the road to continue working, so that means getting exercise is priority!
  • I do strength training/lifting weights 3-5 times a week to tighten my body as it loses weight, so there’s less chance of loose skin.    It’s also very good for your bones, so I hear ;)

I TRULY hope these little tips will help some of you achieve your weight loss goals!  Again, I’m not an expert in any way- I just want to share some things that have worked for me as I know firsthand what it’s like to be overweight your entire life.  Regardless of your size, please realize that you are beautiful and you are worth this effort!  And don’t let ANYONE tell you that you aren’t beautiful if you aren’t a size 2- beauty comes in all shapes and sizes :)

Have a fantastic year my beautiful makeup geeks- 2011 is going to be great! :)

MUCH love,


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Hey, you look awesome! You talked about our stories, well…. I know of this book that works so perfectly for everyone. it’s called 1001 best kept diet secrets by Diane Irons. Anyways, you can find it on amazon for $15 or something. It works wonderfully and you definitely need to look at it, if you don’t you will be making a huge mistake.

i am so proud of u i am only 14 and i have i little bit of a stomach and i hate but i go to the ymca and work out alot its fun but i got my bellybotton pierced so i prosaded my self to lose some wait of my stomach i am a size 4 but i just want to look good when i go to flordia on my birthday with my aunt my birthday is the 5th of july i want to look beautiful when i go to flordia and come back lookin still hot with an hour glass figure good luck and good luck to me two u are an amazin women u r very sweet and kind and funny like me when i grow up i want to be a makeup artist and hair styles too love ya

Irecommend dily, rutin workout, I can beeven 30min, perday it will give you amazing results!

That’s wonderful Bebe . It sounds like you are doing it at a good rate. The problem with crash diets is you lose too fast and it all comes back. If you lose more than 2 pound a week you aren’t doing it healthfully. That’s what my nutritionist told me. Congratulations Bebe for doing it right. I totally believe in you.

Losing more than 2 pounds a week isn’t necessarily unhealthy! The most I’ve lost in a week was 7 pounds, but it was when I was just starting out. All it took was exercise 4 times/week and portion control + more veggies. I followed my nutritionists plan, so it wasn’t like I just started eating to little or working out too much. Everyone loses weight at different paces.

Thankyou so much for this. You look amazing and it’s really inspirational. I totally agree with the lifestyle change and I’m trying to get there myself. So many people are on these crazy diets & it makes me sad how miserable they are.

How did you motivate yourself? I have heavy since I was 10 years old. I have gotten thin twice in my life. I am almost at my heavest wieght now again. Stress of work, not enough money to pay bills. I have a very volatile relationship with my X. I have to fight just to see my little boy everyweek. It hard. I feel so tired all the time. I am a smoker too. I have a very hard job. I feel like I am burning the wick all the way around. So, how did you do it?

Great vid sweetie! You are so right about setting realistic goals and being in the right frame of mind. This is what made a difference for me when I finally managed to lose 40 pounds 6 years ago – and I haven’t taken any back! Crash diets and miracle solutions are NEVER going to work, lifestyle changes and eating real food is the way to go!

Congrats Marlena you look great! I just got a lapband last month and I had to make most of the changes you did, it was hard but I feel better now :D. It’s amazing the stuff I don’t miss! You are right you can’t treat it as a diet but your lifestyle ;)

You look fab,
I come from the uk and we have slimming world and that worked for me it should me how to eat the right sort of food and how to cook it without all the fat. I can say that if you set your mined to something then you can do it so keep up the good work and hope every thing is good in your life :) xxxxx

You really look amazing! Such an inspiration you are :D!
I wanna lose 20 pounds and I really hope I can do it!

WOW Marlena! You’re looking great!!! Well done!!!!!!! Wish i could do that!!!! You must feel so good and happy with yourself!! Congratulations and keep the hard work up, it all pays off! xx

excellent work :D
Keep it up you look excellent and healthy.

I work out 4 times a week (60mins per workout).
I try to eat healthy but since I love chips and similar salty snacks, I work out more to keep fit.

Hey Marlena!

Congrats on keeping those 90lbs off! You are such an inspiration for me. I’m your biggest fan frm Singapore and thanks to you, i’ve also started to make healthy lifestyle changes and I have managed to lose about 14lbs after 6mths. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing all those great tips with everyone. Stay happy and healthy always Marlena!

Xoxo frm Singapore,

I was wondering if you could give adivice on good snacks and work outs for a busy full time college student? I really don’t have any breaks this semester except for a 30 minute one and then a few hours in the morning before school starts. Also I am a big snacker and was wondering if you knew any good ones to carry around that won’t go bad in a few hours and that can be easy to take around?

Thank you so much for posting this and you are a really great inspiration. You look beautiful by the way ^.^

I make a little trail mix with almonds (1 serving size only, usually about a 1/4 cup) and dried cranberrys (make sure there is no sugar added). It may be about 200 calories but if you eat everything individually you will be shocked at how long it keeps you full. Also its incredibly low prep and very portable plus it totally satisfies your sweet/salty cravings.

ooh… I love trail mix too! I’m in the same boat when I travel- I can be gone during the day for 14 hours with almost no break, so I take almonds, protein bars (gotta be really careful of the sugar in some of those though), and carrots :)

Hi I’m really inspired by your weight loss.
Do you maybe have more healthy recipes.
Because of you I’ve really been meaning to really lose weight
Thanks a lot

You’re definitely an inspiration for all of us. And I want to share my story.
I’m not very overweight, just maybe 10-15 pounds, maybe less, but I had a big problem with my diet. I also decided to change my lifestyle and begin to eat healthy food. And when you think of “healthy” first thing that comes to mind is fruit and vegetables. So, I started to eat them more and a weird thing happened… I started to gain weight. Then I went to my doctor and he said that as I was born in Ukraine and all of my ancestors are Slav, my stomach doesn’t know how to deal with all those fruit like oranges, banana, pomegranate, kiwi… anyway, anything that naturally can’t grow in my country. Plus all those fruit and vegetables have lots of nitrates so they keep water in my body and that’s why I gain weight.
And in addition to that, I started having problems with my stomach… And once you’re starting to have problems with your stomach, you gain weight REALLY fast.
So, the main point of my story is that you really need to find your own diet. Never follow different “celebrity diets” and other crap like this, you’re only going to make things worse. If you really need to lose weight, go to your doctor, run through some tests and really do it for your health and not just for a “cool skinny look”. If you don’t have good heath and you feel sore everyday, you won’t have a life… You won’t have strength to achieve any goals, you won’t enjoy life, you would only just sit and prey for the pain to go away…

Thanks so much Marlena! I have been waiting to see this- I am just starting on the long journey of healthy weight loss. Could you do regular updates as motivation for all of us on the same persuit, please? (“,) You have done so well and look amazing. I also think its so nice you are sharing, some ladies don’t like to share their weight loss tips. You are truly beautiful inside and out! God bless! xoxo

Hello sweetnes!

You look so gorgeous. I have a question that I hope you can help me with. First I start by saying that you have helped me incredibly much to be better at makeup. Thank you so much, even my boyfriend says i’m good now * S * THANKS
The pictures with the French woman, thin legs you have hanging behind you in your video where did you buy them? I have touched on which you have mentioned in some of your other videos. I can not find them anywhere. Does the pictures have a special name…? I really hope you will help, since I am being well annoyed about not being able to find them anywhere.

Keep up the good work
Plenty of hugs

LOL!!! My boyfriend & my friends have said the same thing about my makeup; awesome isn’t it? I too noticed the pictures ( & the office ) hanging in the background & was wondering the same thing.

I got the pictures a couple years ago from Target, but I’ve also seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond as well as Marshalls and TJMaxx. You could also try and just get frames for those prints :)

Marlena! You look amazing! You have motivated me to eat healthier and stay positive! I love your video…

I was waiting for so long for this videos!
I want to loose 40 pounds to feel better but it’s a hard process! But Im motivated, and your videos on weightloss really inspired me!
I would love you to do more videos on weight loss(maybe do another chanel on weight loss?) for giving us some motivation, somerecipes idea, some work out you do with your trainer and just share your and (us) evolution. what do you thing of that?

congratulation on your resolution of being healthy, you’re really beautiful inside and out,
ps: sorry for my English, Im French =)


I’m going to take your advice and take the challenge to be healthier. Thank you. WOW U LOOK GREAT. SEXXY!!!!!

You look beautiful Marlena, I think that part of your beauty radiates from your bubbly and happy personality. I too have lost 70 lbs (10 months) and I have another 20-30 before I am ready to reevaluate. I know how hard it is in the beginning. I tell others that soon it becomes everyday life and we don’t really mind watching what we eat!
I congratulate you and thank you for all that you do for us Muggies! We all love you.

Amanda, the phrase you used ” we dont mind watching what we eat” is sooo true and important because so many foods are enhanced, altered, and chemically engineered that you HAVE to “watch them”. Not like the good ole days when food just food. I eat what I want on my journey but reading the ingredients on packages is very very sobering.

I just want to leave a comment as someone on the other side of the spectrum. I am in recovery from anorexia and bulimia and when I saw this post I thought it would be triggering but quite the opposite it also inspired me to continue to get healthy. I love that you talked about the importance of carbs and fat. Every diet tells you to cut these things but the truth is your body needs them just the right kind and in the right amounts. My nutritionist is working with me now to maintain the weight I am and she mentioned some of the same foods you did. Another thing I’ve learned is that you should not eat less than 1200 calories a day you will lose weight unheathily and it sets you up to binge on refined sugar because your body lacks energy. Please everyone do it for the right reasons don’t try to be skinny just healthy. You will be so much happier and feel so much more satisfied with life. Its wonderful to wake up and not be in pain or depressed. To eat and feel satisfied not deprived and not guilty. I still have a long ways to go but thank you for really touching my heart with this video. You are so beautiful and so talented and makeup has really been a vital part of my recovery. You have a part to play in that. When you start taking pride in how you look and seeing yourself as beautiful through things like makeuyp you feel better. You deserve to feel beautiful now, not 20 pounds from now.

I’m french woman who ? make up !!!!! your tutorials and your make up are absolutely wonderful !!! congratulations it’s amazing and for me you are always gorgeous and sexy !!!!! In France we say” Tu es une vrai Bombe cheri !!!!” Lot of French see your blog , you inspirate lot of woman !!!!!!!!!! and sorry for my english !! Kissss from Lyon

I lost 30 pounds last year and as you I still have like 40-50 pounds to go but the difference is that I begun to exercise a couple months ago which I wasn’t really doing. I got myself into bellydance and I really can see the difference plus that was something I always wanted to do :)

I don’t do well with carbs as well, a shame because it’s like I’m addicted to them… really, all what I ate was carbs. But you know more than the food change what I have noticed that really works for me is the 5 meals a day, of course 2 of them are just snacks (around 100 calories) but those two little things really make a difference.

I really thank you for this video, because apart of encouraging each other I think what you said it’s really truthful, doing it for the right reasons, not just stopping eating some kind of foods and specially having friends who support you (and I know about that, mexican food can be really fat >.>)

As you said, we can do it! .:hugs:.

First off CONGRATULATIONS! You look amazing!!!
I just wanted to thank you for sharing your weight loss journey with us. It’s a hard road and to see living proof is truly inspiring and gives girlies like me hope. I need to lose about 60-70 pounds, (and I have for like 15 years…) I have also been overweight for almost my whole life, adn I have had it, enough is enough.
So agian thank you so much for everything, I have learned alot from you and it’s truly appricated.
Maybe I’ll send you b4 and after pics when I’m completed on FB. Happy New year, may it bring you everything you deserve.
much love:::Shauna

It is even harder when you’ve been overweight your whole life as it’s all you know… You can definitely do it!! Just know that it is hard, a lot of work, and isn’t fun BUT you are worth it and deserve to be healthy and happy :)


You look absolutely amazing! You always did look amazing though, and you are just as gorgeous in your before picture.

Congratulations! You must feel wonderful!

Amazing video!!! one question: Do you like Benefit porefessional primer?what is your opinion? THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Marlena you look ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! You’ve always been, but you manage to keep prettier and prettier. Congratulations for all your good work, I love your makeup tutorials and you’re really sweet to post this video because most people see the process of losing weight very painful, deprivation, etc, while you’re spreading the right message: A new, healthier and happier lifestyle. Thanks for spreading the correct message. I wish you tons of success =D

Dear Marlena congratulations!! You look beautiful and is not only because your weight lost (because even before you were beautiful), it is because you are always happy and you have that sweet and kind attitude which makes you look beautiful all the time. Congrats for your 90 lbs off and for keeping it and being patience with yourself.

First I want to say you are sooo beautiful and I absolutely love the site. Congrats on the weight loss and keeping it off. I am starting my own journey of a more healthy lifestyle – thanks for the tips!

You look awesome, Marlena. Keep eating healthy and drink loads of water. The best way to eat is to eat every 2 hours – small portions.

I am beginning my weight loss journey. i have a lot to lose, but just like you said, have struggled with weight all my life and have always told myself, ill start Monday or i want to be skinny by summer. but now having a daughter put my perspective to the health aspect of it all. :) you are an inspiration to me with my makeup and now also i see another reason, to see how far you have come and to know that it IS possible :) you look great and thank you for the advice on how to do it healthy and how to make it permanent :) <3

I know!! That’s how it ALWAYS was with me- “ok, I’ll start my diet Monday” or “I’m going to lose 50 pounds by summer” or “I’m going to eat nothing but salads from now on!”

Sheesh… a week later I gave up, put the weight back on and then some, then was even more depressed than when I started. It has to be gradual so you don’t feel so dang deprived and want to give up

:( I have to lose about 50 pounds but i find it very hard, Need some motivation. Wish I could be able to do all this you have done, but in order to go to a doctor and get a trainer we need money. Im a single mom and have been struggling to find a job. :( Sometimes, theres people that have it harder and its all the stress causing depressions which leads to obesity. I see the first lady trying to rid of this problem. Truth is we have to target the problem where it starts.

Marlena, I love your videos, this one is so inspiring. I am working hard at weight loss too I have about 80 or 90 lbs to lose and this video really inspired me to see your success. You are such a sweet, beautiful person and I wish you lots of luck in your future weightloss goals as well. Have a wonderful day!

Hi everyone,

Marlena you look gorgeous and I think it’s really great that you share your weight-loss tips with us all, your positive attitude is extremely contagious!

I too am in the process of shedding a few kilos (sorry, European measurements) and have become more aware of healthy food along the way: please, please, please people, watch out for processed food and snacks and ready-made dishes. They are bursting with salt, sugar, and bad, cheap kinds of fat, all of which are bad for you in too large quantities and keep you fat… Go back to eating real food, cooking doesn’t have to take much time, it’s sooooo much healthier and more yummy too!

Greetings from Switzerland

that’s so true! It’s SO hard for us as now days we are much busier and aren’t as home as much- trying to take snacks with you that aren’t processed or eating fast food is really hard :(

Just wanted to add something positive: once you start losing weight, your body will quickly say thank you! You just feel so much fitter and capable of doing things! Before, my knees were hurting from the excess kilos they had to carry around so I was avoiding stairs and steep hills (anyone ever been to Lausanne, Switzerland?), and that’s disappeared now (10 kilos less = about 20 pounds).
You will notice the difference, not just in clothing-size! Power to all you who are trying, it’s really worth it, and you can really do it!

Hi Marlena! I just wanted to respond this time to thank you on so many levels! First off, I have never been one to spend much time or even put great thought into putting on my makeup and since finding your website last month, I have been having the time of my life experimenting with new looks, trying new products and most importantly just taking some time out of each day for me ( I am a teacher and mom of 2 busy boys -12 and 5). An added bonus is that my husband noticed the difference in my looks and has used the word “WOW” often! So thanks a million for inspiring me! I think you are incredibly naturally beautiful (so does my hubby) and agree with others who have mentioned that you seem like a postitive person who would be great fun to “hang out with”. Congrats to you for taking the initiative to do what you need to do to look the way YOU want and be healthy! And bless you for wanting to share it!
My 2nd thank you relates to this video and the other ones you have posted about your weight lost. I formerly lost 51 pounds in about 10 months FIVE YEARS after giving birth to my first child and was keeping it off, when TA-DA- Baby #2 comes along. I am currently battling to lose an extra 40 or 50 pounds that I have carried for the last 5 years. Your video has inspired me to start on that road. Giving up Coca-Cola will be a major hurdle, but I know I can do it! Thank you for being a beautiful and generous person and for inspiring the rest of us to get healthy and let our inner beauty be radiated! Warm wishes for happiness, health and a wealth of blessings in 2011!!!

Gina, our stories are sooooo similar! I’m reading all these stories and when I got to yours I was like “Hey! She’s telling my story!” Bravo to you! Good luck on your journey to health and a long life!

Thanks, Mariposa! Glad to know others have gone through and reached a goal only to start over again! Hope you are enjoying life and reaching whatever goals you have set for yourself! Best wishes for happiness and health!

Wow Marlena you look truly amazing. Such an inspirational video. I recently got married and I lost 40lbs for it but after the honeymoon was over I have slowly but surely feel the weight come back on. Its so cold out here and well that has been my excuse for not getting to the gm and what not. I personally have to physically workout to see any results and I found that doing Zumba 4x a week and some weights helped significantly. I am addicted to Zumba but also has to do with my Instructor because she is truly amazing and not to mention the high I feel after class I wasn’t to run a marathon after because I am so pumped w energy. I find it hard to stay motivated because I have no one to workout with. But I want this more than anything and cant keep making excuses ! You are very inspirational to watch and wish you all the best of success !

Hey Marlena,

You look amazing!!! i know how hard it is to loose weight-i’ve struggled with it my whole life. I joined weight watchers so hopefully this will be my year to shine! keep up the GREAT work!!

Hi Marlena. Your transformation is incredible. I started out as a bigger kid, but didn’t get overweight until I hit puberty. Till now, the pounds are sticking on me very well and refused to budge! Seeing your video made me feel more motivated to shed all these pounds and I am doin it for myself, despite whatever other people say! Stay great and wish me luck too!

Happy New Year~! I love your videos and am so glad you uploaded a weight loss one. First off congratulations~! You look awesome and am so happy that you are healthy now. I need to get on that bandwagon and begin to change my lifestyle. Hopefully one day I could send you a before and after picture. Thanks for being a fabulous inspiration. <3

First off I want to say you look amazing!!!!! Secondly I have been struggiling with weight my whole life. A few years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and one of the symptoms of this is weight gain and I have gained soooo much weight. You are right what you say you need people that are honest. I’ve heard you look great you not fat blah blah blah but I look in the mirror and I know. Your video game me motivation to start my changes and I have started some changes instead of the sugary snacks (my hubby has to have them in the pantry…he’s a stick figure!!!) I reach for a yogurt or a fruit. I am hoping that I can lose atleast 40 pounds to get back to my normal weight of 140. Thanks for the motivation and I hope to post more of my progress.!!!!!


I’m a french make up geek, and i want you to know you’re look absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!

keep on going=)

You look awesome Marlena!
Im so glad you did a video like this because there are so many other people going through the same struggle, including myself, and it’s so nice to see another’s journey. Two years ago I started my journey and lost 40 lbs in about a year. Unfortunately my life took a turn and I got off track and gained maybe 15 lbs back. But now I am back on track and ready to get back into shape! Looking at this video just inspires me to keep going. Congratulations on your weightloss and keep us posted! We are all rooting for you and here to support you!!

Hey mija! Muchas gracias! You are my inspiration in many ways in my life. You… We can do it!!! I need to lose 30 pounds. I have a model to follow.

What kind of chocolate protein powder do you use for your oatmeal? That looks do-able!! I just want to be sure I get one that tastes good (that you use), rather than something that tastes like chalk. :-(

I want to know too, please, which protein powder you use?

It’s so great to see that you can achieve it.
It keeps me motivated and makes me feel so happy for you.


I really liked your advice on gradual steps. I’m definitely guilty of trying to do everything at once and then getting frustrated and quitting early. If I can just make one goal for myself every week to either cut one thing out, or exercise 5 minutes longer I think I might have a shot at really getting healthy. I think it’s also important not to really focus on the actual pounds you lose; eating right and exercising should be about getting healthy and not solely measured by weight loss. Thanks for the tips and the support.

Good job girl! Glad your showing us this! keep up the good work cuz your doing great! keep us updated.

You are soo inspiring Marlena! You’re like the sister I’ve always wanted! You are certainly beautiful on the inside and out! Keep up the tutorials and website girl, because it rocks! I will continue to check back here everyday until you stop making videos! :) All the best Marlena!

I’m so proud of you, you look amazing. keep on going !! Much love and support from France. I wish you a happy new year, with succes and loove. you deserve so much. Thank you for sharing

Marlens, thank u so much for sharing this, have u ever tried bellydancing. i have been danceing for 10yrs now and it has taken 30lb off me and i love it. So if u r interested, just find a GOOD teacher. I’m just like u i hate to run so that is why i dance so i’d say try it. And even though we don’t really know eachother i’m really prowed of your weight loss and wish u the best on lossing the rest.

First, let me say that I AM SO, SO, SO PROUD OF YOU!!! And that I commend you for helping others. You look great and keep up the great work.
I am also trying to lose some weight . My plan is to be in a 2 piece bathing suit for vacation ( at the end of summer).
Thank you for the ideas, and please, keep them coming, there are so many of us out there in the same boat. I BELIEVE that together we can succeed!

Marlena, congrats to you on all of your hard work! Your story is so inspiring and thank you so much for being so open and willing to share with us your journey to a new, healthy life!

I lost over 100 pounds ten years ago and it’s still a daily effort to keep it off. Having a great foundation like you do will help you SO much to maintain!

I absolutely agree with what you say about exercise… it’s all about finding what YOU like to do! I’m not a fan of the treadmill either… I’m not a big fan of running… I had to try lots of things before I found what I love and stick with to this day!

Good luck to you!! You’re amazing!

Hi, I just want to say I think you’re fantastic, you’ve lost weight sensibly with a diet that is actually HEALTHY- it’s unbelieveable how may advertised weight-loss diets I see that look so unhealthy! And you’ve kept your motivation- you are a true inspiration to anyone wanting not just to lose weight, but to be healthy. I am fairly slim, I don’t gain weight easily, but this video has shown me just how unhealthy I am compared to you, so I feel inspired to take some of your tips on board! Thankyou and good luck with the rest of your weight loss xxx

You’re definitely an inspiration for all of us. I’m truly and deeply grateful that you have shared your story and what works for you.
Thank you for being so honest and open… it is so refreshing!! seriously!
I am also in my journey of losing weight so …Let’s keep losing weight and being healthy and happy

Hey marlena I was wondering if u could tell me what shade of foundation I am in different brands of foundation I am currently using Mac select SPF 15 in nc42 I wanted to try the hd foundation as well since I live 3 hours away from a mall it be easier for me to order online.. Thanks for your help!

You are such an inspiration! I’ve looked everywhere for some good weight loss tips, and it all consisted of bland foods and extreme restrictions. I’ve been overweight since I hit puberty (at 8). I’ve battled with anorexia and binging and I’m finally starting to make little changes to become a healthier me. I’m so excited to use your tips. You’re amazing! And thank you so much for everything you do!

Marlena, you are a true inspiration. I’m in highschool so its kind of hard to stay motivated in losing weight. But knowing that you don’t have to be hard on yourself is such a help! you are such an amazing person and it shows, you glow completely! Thank you for your help

You look fantastic! I’ve lost about 13 pounds so far on my way to losing my goal of 40. A lot of the things you said in your video also work for me. I finally had to make the decision to do it for my health rather than just “looking good.” I figure that will come with being healthy! There were two things that really jump started my decision to get healthier. The first was seeing myself in family photos and being embarrassed by how much weight I’d put on. The other was being enrolled in Gross Anatomy as a part of my graduate school education. I was able to see up close and personal what a lifetime of being unhealthy does to the human body. (Gross, but effective!)

The biggest thing I have to stay away from or really limit is frozen dinners. For some reason if I have more than one frozen dinner a week (even the low-fat kind) I put on a huge amount of weight. I’ve been cooking for myself, keeping control of my portion size, increased my water intake, and have started walking again. It feels great!

Again, congratulations on being healthy! You look amazing and are an inspiration to us all!

Marlena,you look incredible.
Your post last year inspired me to lose 30 pounds,and now I’m down to 120.
You are so inspiring and beautiful.
Don’t get obsessed with being thin,which is what happened to me,but you are looking beautiful.
Good luck!

I’ve watched you for about a year now and I’m always so impressed with the way you carry yourself. You are an awesome instructor hellbent on making the world a more beautiful place. I love it!!!

Wow…I know it’s been said by everyone already but thank you for this. It is so frustrating to here so many beautiful women who want to lose weight using unhealthy crash diets, doing it for all the wrong reasons and doing horrible things to their bodies in the process. So it’s great to see such a positive and influential role model preaching what really matters : Health, patience and positivity. Sure, there are ways to lose pounds quickly, but you are doing damage to your body, and you will ALWAYS gain them back. The true key to being healthy is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and wait. And getting healthier the right way has so many other benefits besides just losing inches in the waist line. I went through a process like this years back (and yes, I’ve stayed healthy and kept it off), and I also noticed that apart from losing inches I also had much more energy throughout the day, problems I’d had with my skin cleared drastically, and I even noticed my hair which had been slowly thinning for a while was beginning to get fuller! So I guess in conclusion I just want to thank Marlena again for sharing this, and encourage anyone who has the desire to follow these steps to success…with patience and good health you can get there too!

Hi, Marlena!
I have to say that this was probably the best video you’ve made. I know your specialty is make up (which you do very very very well, by the way), but this video showed that not only you are an amazing professional, but also, you are an wonderful person! you have such a great soul! I must say that I’ve always wanted to comment your videos, ’cause they’re all great, but this one in particular made me do it. Marlena, you are gorgeous, on the outside and inside. I think I’ve seen all of your videos (I’m not kidding!), and it’s visible that you are glowing now! Also, you were very realistic on this video. I know many, many, many people that are exactly the way you told not to be. And your tips were really helpful! It’s great to see that it has worked so well for you and you are genuinely trying to help all of us. I’m sure you will succeed on that too! Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you for being this beautiful person and say that you are totally my favorite make up artist! I wish you lived here in Brazil so that we could get in touch and you could do my make up for, I don’t know, my wedding or something! Haha! But it’s all true, I’m a fan! Congratulations for being such an inspirational human being! Lots of love, from Brazil! Kisses!

That’s amazing. I didn’t even know you used to be heavier.. Congratulations! I started weight watchers two weeks ago and I’m in it for the long haul. First week I lost seven pounds.. This last week only 1 1/2. I will do better this week, though. This is a lifestyle change and I’m going to keep going until I have no more to lose. So glad to hear about your progress/success. Amazing job, I can’t wait until I can share my success story, haha.

Hey i am a new fan, i subscribed to your page on and i am learning a lot, for that i thank you. Also, i am inspired by your awesome achievement and hope to have the power to do the same! : ) As a college student on my own and working full time, i find myself having a hard time spending money on makeup, mostly because i can’t. So i have a combo of store bought makeup, CG, Neutrogena, Maybeline, are a few example. I have recently stumbled upon e.l.f. eyes lips face since target is carrying some of their line, like brushes, shadows, lipstick and gloss, etc… WHAT IS YOUR TAKE ON THOSE PRODUCTS?

First of way to go girl. I love what you said at the beginning about finding someone who will love and support you, but also be hard and honest with you. I’ve tried to lose weight for a really long time now and has been terribly hard for me. I asked my husband for help and he was always very supportive but when he would ask how I was doing or if I’d worked out I would get so offended because I took it rather personally. It was really hard for me to learn how to accept his help, and know that he did not mean it to be rude but he was trying to be supportive. I’m still trying very hard to lose the weight, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that you are truly an inspiration. I know that I can do this to live “happy and healthy”

I lost about 20lbs last year before I stopped doing what I should have and put it all back on. really helped me. It is totally free, and is great for tracking your progress, finding delicious healthy recipes (@ ) , and making friends for motivation. I urge anyone trying to get healthy to check it out.

Way to go Marlena !

I have lost just over 70 pounds in the past year myself. I still have a good 50 pounds more to go. I too am working with a trainer and have completely changed my diet. Its the best feeling :)

You look stunning, keep it up !

Hi Marlena!! I have been a MUG for over 2 years now and I tell everyone I know about your site. I am your best promoter in Louisiana, lol. I love your makeup videos, but this especially meant so much to me. I have struggled with my weight all of my life, and in June 2010 I reached my highest weight ever and couldn’t deny the problem anymore. I have lost 20 lbs, and I have about 50 lbs to go, but I have basically stopped losing since October. I went on vacation and then when I got back I never got back into my routine again. Luckily I didn’t gain any of the 20 lbs back, but I need to get losing again! I’ve been struggling to find motivation lately and this video really helped to motivate me again!!! Losing the 20 lbs seemed easy while I was doing it, but that’s because I was just focusing on being healthier, not on all the weight I had to lose. Lately I keep thinking of how I still have 50 lbs to lose and I get depressed, but if I just focus on being healthy I know I will not feel so overwhelmed. We can do it! Thanks for the inspiration! Luv ya.

Hi and thank you Marlena! I’m so happy for you loosing that amount of weight and keeping it off!

Also, thanks for sharing tips on how you do it ! Thanks for caring about all us mugs who struggle with healthy eating/exercise and weight loss ! Keep up the good work, you inspire us!

Good for you Marlena!! I was in a similar situation a couple years ago, but lost the weight following a similar exercise/diet plan. It’s absolutely true about being patient and committed – hang in there, you can do it to lose the rest! Congrats!

You are looking great!! Thank you so much for the tips. I have started taking steps myself and just maybe I will get to where you are now:)

Marlena first let me say that you were ALWAYS beautiful with a sweet & genuine heart. But now…GIRRRRRRLL you look hot and glowing and im so proud of you. It must’ve been hard and I know u said u still have some weight to lose so I wish you all the best in achieving your goal! YOU LOOK GORG!!

I am SO happy that you are adopting great healthy habits and thank you for sharing your sensible tips, Marlena, You Are Beautiful!

You are such an inspiration! I have been overweight most my life as well and the only thing that has actually worked for me is the right frame of mind and the help of a free website called They also have a free app to keep you on track. I’ve lost 17 pounds so far but I haven’t been doing my routine since the holiday… Your video just gave me the motivation to get my butt back in gear! You’re right, it’s a process and I’m going to try what you said by not setting crazy goals! Good luck to you! I think you are amazing not only as an artist, but how you genuinely try to help people! ?

Congrats Marlena!!! I’ve recently changed to a healthier lifestyle too and have lost about 30lbs so far… still 60lbs or so to go though! You’re a real inspiration and thank you so much for sharing your journey. It’s so difficult and I know for myself that it makes it a bit easier knowing other people are making the same changes and having similar struggles. Thank you so much!

vegetable egg white omellets, stuff them withall the veggies u want, even frozen veggies, garlic, a little cheese even. no time to cook? buy dried cranberries and blueberries for quick oatmeal.No time for that? McDonalds has THE BEST oatmeal available all day.

Ive had this dillema, and my solution was to shop only clearance, only styles that would allow for a little weight change, like cute yoga pants or baggy cargo pants. also, I would go to resale stores because I knew that my size would continue to decrease and I could easily get something new. Also with my old larger clothes, I gave them away gradually to other ladies that were that size and also to charity.

I shop at my local 2nd hand shop…I’m in Ontario, Canada and I love Value Village…can usually find something for $5 so, I will buy a couple of things to fit now and a couple to shrink into. I also donate my clothing…but first I let my family and friends rummage through it. :)

There’s no way you need to lose another 40-50 pounds, you look fantastic the way you are! Well done on the amazing weight loss :)

Too Awesome! I’ve been struggling with my weight since I was like 10 and it’s hard when you don’t have anyone to help keep you on track! What kind of protein powder do you use? I tried one but I had a reaction to it and I can’t eat a lot of anything with soy.

Hi Marlena you are such an inspiration and I am so proud of you. You are trully a beautiful person inside and out. I wanted to share with you a blog that helped me to lose weight and completely change my lifestyle it’s a very cool blog that will give you daily inspirations to eat healthy and exercise the writer blogs and posts videos everyday of what she eats and her workout I love the fact that no need to get a recipe picture says it all she always has something fun quick and healthy no need to cook a lot I think you would really find it interesting it’s

This is so incredible!
I actually just watched your first video about your weight loss about a week ago and that’s what inspired me to start working to lose weight!
i made my healthy shopping list and picked up a lot of the tastey snacks you recommended. I also started doing the Jillian Micheals 30 dayy shred- intense!
Congrats on your progress!!!!!!!!!!!

Soo happy for you! Congratulations! You make it look so easy though.
I need to lose my last 10 lbs for my wedding…It’s in July but still want to be well prepared for it.
You’re definately inspiring me.
Thank you, and good luck =D

Hi !
I was wondering if you have any tips on how to prevent loose skin. Anything in addition to sport.

WOW! Thank u so much for this video. Honestly I’ve been looking forward to this update! You really motivate me to be healthy. Knowing that I’m not alone in this journey makes me feel so much better lol. I thought I was the only one struggling to keep the weight off because that’s the hardest part! So Thank you for this video and know that you’re awesome! ;)

BTW, u look great!

I find this video absolutely awesome. I used to be a ballet dancer but had to stop to go to university and I put on about 20 pounds while I was there. I struggled with various diets for a while I even tried to lose weight the fast way and not only did I put it back on straight away but my nails started peeling, I developed sever acne (which I never had before) and started losing my hair.The interesting thing though is that I eventually lost it by cutting out all unhealthy fats (I still ate fish and meat) and mainly ate carbs. It is just interesting to see how different peoples bodies work. Good on your by the way for losing weight the healthy way and not going to extremes. Telling people to be patient and losing weight slowly is a great message :-)

Marlena- You look amazing! Been waiting for your video and thank you for sharing your story and tips. I’m doing Weightwatchers and it’s very similar lots of fruits and veggies. You are so true that it is going to take time and we need to have our mind set. I admire you and your are truly insprirational thank you.

Hi Marlena,
I just want to say thank you sooo much for sharing this with us! Y ou really have no idea how much of an inspiration you are to me and i’m sure so many other MUG’s! It really is great to see someone else who has been challened with weight most of their life really see success in that area. You truly are a wonderful person and I believe good things come to those people! I’m so happy to see you successful in these areas of your life….your career, and your health!
I can’t thank you enough for posting and sharing such a personal part of your life to for us!
God bless you and may all your dreams come true!
Albita (fulanacubana)


Congratulations on your wonderful lifestyle change! You look beautiful from the inside out. I just wanted to share my story. After discovering the beauty of eating whole foods, my entire life has changed. I have not cut anything out completely, allowing myself indulgences when it is really worth it. However, I have pretty much cut out all processed or prepackaged food, because of how I amazing I feel when I don’t eat that stuff. I even stopped eating “sugar-free” and instead sweeten my foods (like oatmeal) with either whole fruit or a touch of honey or maple syrup. My sugar cravings have pretty much disappeared, my skin looks wonderful, I have lost the extra 25 pounds of weight I carried, I have a ton of energy, and I have a clearer, more positive state of mind. You are also so right about finding exercise that you enjoy.

I have learned that without dieting and deprivation, your life can be what it is meant to be – a fun, exciting journey filled with good food, a moving, healthy body, and wonderful relationships. Thanks again for sharing your story!

THIS MAKES ME SOO HAPPY! Until this site I had no where to really connect about weight loss with real women doing it the real way. I had been a chubby child till about 9. I realized over my 37 years that my body type is definitely a larger frame but that doesnt always mean “FAT”. About 5 years ago I got close to 260 lbs. you are right about having good support. My partner is very active and athletic but had no clue about my struggle. No one I know was having the health issues I was having. My workout partner was my son who, at that time was 1 and has since been my enthusiastic dance partner. He’s now almost 6 and my daughter who is almost 2 has jumped on the dancing train with us. My partner helped me develope a workout routine at home because gyms turn me off. I picked up a cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld (yes, Jerry’s wife} and it shows you how to make everyday food while sneaking in tons of veggies and some fruits in foods you would never guess, since was the only obese person in our home. It took time but the payoff was incredible. I feel better today than I can ever remember. If I wanted a soda I would set a challenge for myself. So i would take a sip of Coke, and the bargain was that for every sip I’d have to finish a glass of water. Eventually I just reached for water. Instead of scouting for the closest parking spot to the door, I’d find the farthest so I could walk. I NEVER deprived myself of ANY food item, but once I started looking into whats really in food for example a bag of DORITOS, I thought “what is this stuff?’ so I’d make instead homemade nachos with delicious ingredients like avocado good lettuce, seasoned turkey. Everything counts and when you put love into all of your efforts it IS rewarded. I could go on about this for 2 more days but instead I will just say BRAVO, MARLENA…. and THANK YOU.

Hi Marlena,

I have been following you weight loss since the beginning and you inspired me. When I first found your site I was drawn to the makeup because I felt that makeup would make me feel beautiful and help to hide how I really felt inside. Being over 200 pounds was very difficult for me physically and mentally. Because of you I have made a change in my eating and workout habits. I was very focused and I dropped over 30 pounds. Since then, life has been very hard on me and I’m struggling to get back to where I was. This video couldn’t have come at a more perfect time because I am ready to continue in my journey to get myself where I really want to me. Thank you for the motivation and for all of your tips to make me look beautiful on the outside and from within. Keep up the great work!!

Congrats on your weight loss! You look great but most especially healthy! You’re an inspiration to me as I too ha’ve been on a weight loss journey since last June. This is the first time in a very long time doing strength training (weights) and it makes all the difference in the world!! I feel your pain as I too can’t have carbs. All I have to do is look at a potato and I swear there’s another inch on my hips…ugh!!! Keep up the great work! See ya…off to the gym :o)

Hi, Marlena!

This was a great video, so inspiring! I’m really happy to see what you’ve achieved and specially how you did it! Since the beggining of the year I’ve been trying to change my lifestyle as well. I’m already doing exercise 3 times a week and also I’m not drinking sodas or Coke anymore. So far it’s been great, I feel really well with my mind and body, and I’m sure I’ll get happier as time goes by. Thank you so much for your tips and support, you’re such a beautiful person!

Love all the way from Brazil,

Hey Marlena, I have been watching your channel for about a year now and am so impressed with your enthusiasm and your dedication. I love your makeup tutorials and Kandee Johnson. You two are the best inspired makeup artists out there. You encourage us to go after it and pursue our dreams. I currently am over weight and didnt always used to be but, 3 kids and my lifestyle is very busy so its easy to make excuses eating at fast food drive through. I am praying and asking God for stregnth and DICIPLINE!! YOU ENCOURAGE ME, and love to see your progress! I love your choice of foods, too! I am going to make it “my change of lifestyle to eat healthy. ” because its so easy to get diabetes these days and and heart problems, ect. Please email me if you can to stay in touch!
Thankyou, Erin

You look so amazing although you were always beautiful. Your bone structure is so much more striking if that were possible. Thanks for sharing what works for you. I wish you all the best in your journey as I am on the same road.

Thank you for sharing your intimate self. I am one of those women that never had weight issues, however due to age and life stresses, I have to begin changing how I eat the level of water intake and exercise that I do. I want to be around for awhile and your suggestions are great regardless of weight. Even skinny people can be unhealthy and have issues due to diet. So thank you for reminding me to keep working on my health. Best wishes,I am looking forward to sharing the New Year with you in makeup world.


Thank you so much, for sharing your personal experience, & what works for you; so many times we see the tabloids, entertainment news, & music videos & they all show the same thing, what the ideal woman is “supposed” to look like. In all honesty, it gets really depressing after a while, especially when I’ve had 3 kids, & have the stretch marks, & the mommy tummy. I know my body will never look like that again; I am doing my best to accept myself the way I am & still struggle with those lifestyle changes. I still struggle with my weight & most of it, is in my head. Trying to look at myself in the mirror everyday & just tell myself I am not fat, can sometimes be a hard thing to convince yourself of.
I recently lost 23 lbs, & the only thing I have really been able to stick to, is the switch I made from regular soda, to diet, & drinking more water. I’m not a fan of water, so I drink the carbonated water. I had to laugh when you mentioned having snacks in the house, I KNOW I just bought 2 bags of chips yesterday…I think what I did wrong, was went shopping when I was hungry…I noticed that when I shop for groceries after I’ve eaten, I tend to stick to what’s on my list, & stay away from the snack foods. Congratulations on your success, & for your words of encouragement.

Hello Marlena,

You are so pretty, and so determined, that makes you even prettier !!
I also wanted to thank you, in my case I should gain weight, as I’m a bit too thin, but nearly all your advice could also be applied in my situation !
Sorry, if I’ve been mistaking in english, I’m not fluent !

xoxo from France,

I recently jus joined a gym a little over a week ago n I work out about 45 mins u have really been my inspiration seriously I was skinny all my life untill after high school and I gained about a 60 pounds n skinny like a size 7 not 2 but 7 is u kno a good size to b at 5’7 anyways now I’m a 13 and I got really hard and down on myself exspecially when I’d c old friends and they’d ask if I had. Kids or something as. To y I gained weight and well I hade realised I wasn’t happy with my weight but things like that made it worse so I tried dieting and I failed over and. Over untill I saw ur videos and I took ur advise and did one thing at a time I’ve stopped drinking pop I do allow myself some of the fine things in life like sweets but only small amounts and only one day a week for now untill I can say no to chocolate lol but its has helped and I started eating fruit and eating better and of course working out and I never thought I’d. Enjoy workong out but it really is a stress releaver and I feel so good after like I kno I will accomplish my goals I did like u said n didn’t set my goaal high I’m taking it 20 pounds at a time. I have a over all goal of. 40 pounds because when I loolk. At high school picks I actually looked too skinny I want. Curves lol so I want to weigh about 150 I can’t wait to post my journey and show u how much of a inspiration u r to me and now I will b healthy and xomfortable in my own skin again!

Savannah, Ive been back and forth reading new posts and I cant help but to reply to some of them. Your height and weight sound similar to mine and I definitely identify with some of the things you said, especially the chocolate ! If you can, try dark chocolate, it dissolves slowly and is very rich, it will help diminish the need to eat a whole bar or something worse, and its good for you. And I would make a deal with myself like if I wanted to eat something like chocolate in any form, I would fill up first on salad, green veggies, and soda water with lemon. When I was a size 7 in high school it never seemed thin enough for anyone, Ive always been a dancing machine and I hate gyms, so I dance my butt off at home and its exilarating to be at home, as opposed to my old pre-kids clubbing days lol, and incirporate some squats, some crazy arm movements. we’ll never look as we did in highschool but instead lets move on and be grown and sexy divas that are healthy and have curves that only REAL WOMEN have. love yourself. One of my best highschool friends is still the same size, still the same body even after kids, but trust me, that doesnt mean healthy and happy. Good luck to you girl!

I’ve made chocolate oatmeal before, but never thought to include peanut butter (which I love)! I just made myself some peanut butter cup oatmeal and it’s delicious! Thanks Marlena! You are gorgeous as always and good luck on the rest of your weight loss journey. <3

I’ve also started a weight loss program! I didn’t like what I was seeing in the mirror and had to do something about it. I couldn’t just keep being upset about it, when I could change it.

I bought a workout program I can do at home. I would do it when my son was sleeping, or when homework was done. I was eating the same things, just smaller portions so that I can get used to it. Its been about 6 months now and I’ve lost about 12lbs so far. It’s not drastic, but it’s definitely steady!

I now joined a gym to jump start my routine, and cutting back the “bad” snacks from my diet.

Checking out what you have done, and the progress you have made is a great motivation! I feel better and I’ve gone down 1 size! It’s great to see others going through the same situation as I am

you’ve gone down a size? that’s great! :)
haha, i bet it’s the best feeling in the world! good luck doll.


Girl I just realized I have the black and white shirt in your before pic. Its like Im looking at myself. I too am now underway to transform myself for health. Your article is great with very informative info. Thank you for sharing your awesome journey with us Mugs! You are beautiful inside and out reguardless of the scale number.

I love how everyone is so supportive of one another.
this really inspired me to try and lose weight, i’ve always been chubby but it’s never bothered me.
until a boy said that i was pretty and all, but he wouldn’t date a fat girl. nice stuff, huh?
anyways, i’m going to try this. maybe even go on youtube for some support and stuff. xxx

OOO thats the worst, Ive had that happen to me plenty of times before my weightloss. then Id see those same guys and they would try to be sweet to me Id say ” NOPE! still with the same great guy who loved me 60lbs ago, but thanks!”

Congratulations Marlena thats quite the accomplishment!!!!
I know that for myself eating five meals a day has helped me keep not only weight off but balance in my life because I have to sit down to eat and disconnect from the stress in my life.
Happy New year to you as well.
Hugs from Mexico.

You look great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations, loose weight is a hard work and you´re so pretty.
In Spain we say: GUAPA!!!

you´re an inspiration


That’s great marlena I have been doing jazzercise for about a year now! I love it. Thanks for your tips on food and snacks I needed that.

That is so incredible, you look amazing. Hearing these tip definatly gives me hope to continue in trying to become healthier. Thank you so much for sharing :)

Losing weight is easy … its keeping it off that is the hard work! It took me a yr to lose 60 lbs. And Im happy to say that I have kept it off!! I have another 25 lbs to go and I will get there!

This time its different for me. Before I wanted to lose weight bec I was asked by my hubby or that I thought in order for me to “fit in” I had to be a certain size. This time, I did it FOR ME! For me to be healthy. For me to be happy. I went from a sz 18/20 and Im currently wearing a size 10. I hope once I lose my weight to be a 6/8. For me its not about the size clothes i wear, or how much I weigh…but to be happy finally with the outside appearence…because it matches my inside :)

YOU can do it!!

Greetings from the Mountain State!
Hey, I’m wondering (as I’m sure many others are) what is your recipe for baked chicken? there are so many but all of your dishes sound YUMMOOO so I figured you have a special way to do it :)

I have followed your work ever since your very first videos, Marlena and I can truly say you are an inspiration for those of us who aspire to lose weight in such a healthy, positive way. Stick through with whatever you do because your fans truly support you all the way through! Thank you for being always a happy, smiling, beautiful woman!

Wow! Simply… WOW! Amazing job. I hope you are as proud of yourself as we are of you!!! I need to loose around the same amount that you have lost, and this is totally inspirational. It’s hard to imagine loosing the weight of a large child (or tiny adult lol). At times the numbers alone are incredibly disheartening. But this really helps a person realize that it IS possible. It CAN be done! Bravo!

I remember your first weight loss video! I had lost like 30 pounds at that time! Now I have lost 82 pounds! You are such an inspiration and just wanted to thank you for helping me push myself to become healthy! It feels amazing as i’m sure you understand :)
Thank you so much girly!

P.S. I had Insulin Resistance when I started my life style change and was 20 years old with cholesterol around 200! Now i do not have insulin resistance and my cholesterol is about 150! :) Go me!

I’m gonna lose 50 pounds with you Marlena! You are absolutely the best. Love your vids and your happy smile!

Hi Marlena,
You look awesome. Congrats on the weight loss. In your previous video about weight loss you mentioned you had a candida overgrowth. How did you know you had that? I see the doctor tomorrow and I want to mention it to her. I’m really overweight and am excited to try your tips and get healthy!

hey marlena!,
you are truely an insperation! and for you to come forward and talk about ur weight issues and all that omg i look up to you soo much!!! you look beautiful!!! congradulations! we support you 100%! love ya!

your firend!,

Thank You sooo much for posting that video I’m 18 years old and I’m 229 pounds. I have gained SO much weight that I’m embarrassed to even have fun with friends. It’s my Senior year of high school and I’m so sick of being the fatest one in my class!! I did a VERY HORRIBLE thing to my body when I was in 7th grade and became anorexic. I ended up messing up my body in such a way that later on down the road I will have thyroid problems. I loved seeing that I’m not alone in my daily struggle with weight. It’s hard because food is something you have to face at least 3 times a day and it’s something you need to survive! Thank You soooo very much for posting this video and I hope you post more like it!!!!! =]

Congrats!!! You look great. It is verry hard to loose weight and it is something you only can do with hard work and being realistic. Great job!!!

Congratulations, Marlena! You were beautiful before the weight loss and you’re beautiful now. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. I’ve lost about 15 pounds since October…20 more to go! You’re a lovely person inside and out!

You are awesome and such an inspiration. You are beautiful inside and out and I hope to take some of your tips and get myself going as well! Thank you for sharing :)

I’m a curvy woman also. I love your outfits in both photos that you posted. D’you think you could do some fashion videos too to help us curvy women to look stylish? Just a thought here. Julieg713 from youtube does them. <3

WOW! 90 lbs! Congratulations! You are absolutely incredible… and such an inspiration!!

I have been overweight much of my life and after my mum had a silent heart attack (what a scare and a wake-up call for us all), my sister, my mum and I joined Weight Watchers. Doing this together has been one of the best things we could have ever done…we cheer each other on and my sister and I send texts to each other when we need a little extra motivation to stay on track.

For me Weight Watchers has been what has worked…it has provided for me with structure of good foods to eat, portion sizes (mine before were absolutely out of control) and the support of group meetings where I meet other people who are going through the same thing and listen to their tips for making it through. It also makes me more accountable since I write down everything I eat which in turn can help me figure out where I can make more and more improvements to make my eating healthier. I have found that I cannot have junk food (chips, chocolate, frozen yogurt) in the house at all as I still don’t have the will power to stay away from it. I have switched from chips to air-popped popcorn and use Kernels seasonings to make it taste a bit more like chips…and to appease that sweet craving I have turned to watermelon which I can buy already cut up at my grocery store (thank heaven for modern conveniences).

I have lost 42 lbs so far with my goals being in 5 lb increments and am just about to cross under the 200 lb mark. For me this is a HUGE accomplishment…I have not been under 200 lbs in a VERY long time.

So, all in all folks… keep the faith, use your support system whatever it is for you and….
remember if you fall off track it is okay you are only human…just pick yourself back up and you can get right back on track.

All my love to you in this courageous battle!!! xoxo

I used to eat healthy but i have no self control when it comes to sugar. After every meal, i literally feel a need for sugar. If any of you smoke (i don’t though) i should think it’s the same craving. I have tried to resist it, but often i cave in. Now what Marlena said is so true: if you don’t carry chips or sweets in your home, you wont be able to cave in! It’s much easier not to buy them at the groceries, when you don’t have the craving. This worked out really well for me until……

My boyfriend moved in with me. And he’s addicted to chips and often cookies. I tried to convert him to healthier options but no luck :( Now, whenever he opens a bag and munches while watching the TV, i can’t help myself to take some. Sometimes it’s not even a conscious move, i just reach in and munch. So what to do? I feel a little defeated, but i will try to win my battles where i can:
i’ll stock some healthy snack options at the office so at least 5 days a week, i am in control.

Oh and as i wrote this, I heard him open a bag. Ahh the men we love………

I just started to loose wight the same way you have and I have been doing it for a week and I have lost 5lb I need to loose 100 lb all together and I think this time it just might work. Please keep us all posted we are all in this with you.

Congrats Marlena! You were always beautiful, but this is a huge achievement. Thanks for sharing with us.

wow…you look wonderful! you are such an inspiration…thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us!

Wow Marlena and everyone who has posted. I am so inspired by your stories and Marlena, I have been watching your transformation over the past months, and you are truly an inspiration to so many people. Keep doing what you are doing, I love to see you doing video’s every week. You have inspired me to put my own beauty as a priority and to feel good about myself again. Thank you. So much love.

Thank you so much for posting this information on your weightloss.Congratulations! You look amazing! I also need to loose 100+ pounds and I get so discouraged because I do have so much to loose that I have a hard time sticking on a diet/lifestyle change. I’m tired of being tired and having a body hurt from the extra weight I’m carrying. After reading your website I’m wanting to try again. You are a beautiful woman and I enjoy your videos and blogs. Thanks for the inspiration!!! P.S i watched your video on conturing and I tried your tips today and loved the look! Going shopping tomorrow with my list of the products you mentioned! lol

Mama, you are looking gorgeous:)) wow!! Thank you for sharing with your MUGS part of your Life:)) God bless you always Marlene:))

Congratulations girl!!!! You are an inspiration to all curvy women out there to strive for being healthy and not just to “look skinny.” Thanks Marlena for not only helping us look good but also feel good too! :)

I love the fact that you share your weight loss experience! Keep up the good work and please
keep sharing your story. In your videos you are always wearing such cute tops. Where do you shop?
Thanks again

You are looking so wonderful, Im soooo happy for you!!! As for myself Im 27 years old and I just started my journey to a healther life last Tuesday. I have been over- weight forever. I have been teased since childhood and it had made me hate myself for along time, but I now understand that I have to love myself unconditionally. I have close to 200Lbs that I need to lose, I know its going to be hard,I know there is going to be alot of tears shed and I know Im going to want to just say “I cant do it” but its not happening this time. Im going to stick with it for me and only me. Enough with doing this for other ppl, ITS ALL ME THIS TIME!!!! Thank you so much Marlena for telling your story, and thank you for being an inspiration!!!!

Hi and thanks for sharing what’s been working for you. Can you share what type of protein powder you’ve been using? Thanks for all your tutorials – I’ve definitely benefited from all your tips and ideas.

You look fantastic and have a really healthy glow – congratulations on seeing the results of all your work!

Thank you so much for your inspiration. I myself need to lose 45 pounds and I have tried before but like everyone else feel like it is impossible. I love the idea of keeping flavor when you try to lose the weight. Thank you for being brave and giving us motivation to go out and do it!

I think it’s important too that you don’t care about what people think of you, ofcourse you have to be healthy, but you need to feel good about yourself!
Remember: those who talk behind your back are in the right place to kiss your *ss :-)

I’ve actually lost40 pound (20kilos) although I did not cut down on sweets, cos I’m sweet tooth…and I allowed myself once a week to eat sth if I like, that technic keep me “alive” and enthusiasticXD ….I used to go 6 even 7 day a week on gym and worked there for1,5h…now I visit gym ( at least I try ) every day, so I have 5 workout a week…. I don’t have any special diet. I don’t eat much, I’ve never eat much…
I put on weight becos I was pregnant, but still for every girl/women it is possible to loose weight!

You look marvellous marlena! You really beautiful woman!!!

marlena, now it dawned on me that all that glow on your cheeks? they arent from the highlighters, they are from the endorphins thanks to the workouts!!! KEEP. IT. UP. There is nothing more delightful than knowing the makeup guru you love is also a walking inspiration. CHEEERSSSS!!!

OMG Marlena, YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. You are so inspiring….I think what makes me fail is that I want to see results now….but I will definitely try your way. I have a thyroid issue and on top not very disciplined food-wise and exercise. Thanks for making my day :o)

Hi Marlena,

I just wanted to congratulate you in your wonderful weight-loss journey. It is quite true that anybody can loose weight the healthy way. I used to be 290lbs 5 years ago now I am 125lbs. It took me a long time to lose but if you stick to your goals anybody can do it!!! Keep on the good work!

I have to loose 50 Kg… I lost 20 Kg in two years(started in 2007) but now I recovered all them… I’m desperate, in a new city, alone, working 12 hours a day, studying and I don’t know where to go… or what to do… or where to get advise…

You are very inspirational Marlena… I hope I can be as successful as you…

Firstly I have to find a doctor… and a proper gym… and money and time :s so hard…

Marlena, You look amazing and nothing makes me happier than seeing a woman with self confidence and a healthy image for all the young viewers on YouTube. I make fitness YouTube videos (DietHealth and SarahFit) and I can’t believe how many people are so rude with comments. It has truly created a such a delusional image at what a healthy body looks like and as a result many girls try to lose weight in unhealthy ways. Thank you for sharing your story! I would be flattered if you checked out my videos or shared them with your viewers! Keep up the amazing job you have already done.

Eres una gran influencia para mí, soy de México y te he seguido durante mucho tiempo. Todo empezo con el maquillaje pero ahora eres un ejemplo muy importante en la lucha contra la obesidad. Te ves maravillosa y ojala tenga la oportunidad algun dia de conocerte personalmente o de tomar clases contigo.
Gracias por la gran motivacion que nos das!.

Thanks for the tips! You look really great!
Last year I saw the kind of health problems I can expect to deal with if I don’t change my ways (family diabetes, heart problems, high bp and the like) I know I need to take care of myself now so that I don’t have to deal with those hereditary things later in life.
I love Zumba – what a great way to work out just by shakin it :) I tried a few classes in November, but I just signed up for a month (and will keep signing up!)
I also want to run a 5k this year. I’ve never seen myself as a runner, but I really want to do it. Starting couch to 5k today!

Marlena, you look amazing, and healthy. I ‘m so desperate to lose the weight i ‘m a house mom i take care of my kids 24&7. I hope i can be as successful as you. i am a make up geek and i love the fact that you put yourself like that i know you care about your viewers. Thank you for sharing your story. How can i get to my journey?. and felling good about myself .

Hey Marlena! I am Brazilian and I accidentaly “ran into” this video o yours, and it has motivated me as nothing else. You look so beautiful! I’ve always tried to lose weight but I’m sure this time is gonna be different. Thanks for the motivation!

Congrats! I was wondering, do you think it would still be as healthy to have fat free milk with the oatmeal?

I really loved your video,it’s very motivating!! I am going throught the same but my problem is that I never really stick to it!! I always loose about 6 pounds and then I stop it.. I guess the problem is that I am being hard and pushing myself hard.. I think i should start gradually as you said!
PS: you look good, keep up the good job ;)

Can I just say something? You look AMAZING. Like wow. I’m curvy myself and I LOVE curvy girls as well. You look so beautiful now :’) In my opinion I would love to look as great as you! You do good makeup and you have an amazing body! TRUE INSPIRATION. :D


Wow you look fantastic and really were beautiful before you lost the weight, and well it is great to be health conscience and so positive. I look foward to trying the food tips and starting the exercise plan.Hope to see more clips of you and your story.. thanks…

You’re such an inspiration! It’s nice to hear a realistic approach to weight loss/healthy living instead of the usual, “I lost 90lbs in a month and everyone else is just lazy.” You’re a beautiful person both inside and out and I really enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work!

My dear Marlena,

It’s been a while now since my last comment, and I want to say that you are looking fab. You did look fab two years ago when I found your website, I do not care about people’s size – but I have to tell you look happier now. I guess it’s all about feeling great because you are achieving your body wishes. I hope you achive the weight you want, but don’t forget we all love you, we don’t really care about your weight.
Keep up doing it like this, you are one of the best sites i’ve ever read.
Best wishes from Spain xxx

Hi Marlena,

I want to ask you something…about your social life.. i mean if someone with you is not on diet, or u’re going to someone place, how do u handle with that?( or you say “Sorry…i only eat tomatoes.:)

thanks! u’re really inspiring! i’m slimmer than you were, i went to buy your recommended foods to start it up, my problem is not eating disorder…i like chocolate, ice cream, pasta and all these stuffs but it stays weeks on my kitchen, i eat very few the things i like, the problem is that i don’t do exercise! i’m very lazy, but this year i will go to the gym!
i was slimmer about 4 years ago, i was just like you’re now, but my bf likes very much to go out to taste different restaurants so i’m 50 pounds more heavy now. i want to change and get the clothes i loved back! its so sad for me sometimes but i tried so many diets and medicines, i stopped with that.

Thank you.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!
You are an inspiration. I feel beautiful when I do my makeup…and I learned from you.
You’ve also further motivated me to get in shape. I’ need to lose 80 lbs (that’s longterm). I am doing my smart goals now.
Seeing this made me really realize that it is possible!
Thank You!

Congratulations on loosing 90 pounds!! I have a major sweet tooth as well, and I need to cut back on some of the foods that I eat. I tend to use them as comfort foods, I’ve done that my whole life. Last year, I did loose 40 pounds from finally, cutting back on what I eat (not dieting), and going out every Saturday night to dance. I dont do that any more. It sucks because for the months that I was working fulltime at my job, dancing, having less time to think about eating so much junk food or feeling guilty for eating it, it really has helped me to loose the weight. And now that things have changed again, Im slowly falling back to my habits :( Im going to do what you did though, eat more vegetables!! The snap peas sound like a great idea. I dont want to gain my weight back. I have been eating more salads and tuna, but that can be a bit boring… and yogurt and fruit for breakfast. As as far exercising goes… I need to figure out what I will do then. Anyway, I just wanted to share my story with you, since you’ve shared your’s and its given me some more ideas to help me on my journey. I dont have a a big goal, I just want to keep the 40 pounds off and loose either 20 pounds or more. Im 190 right now… I use to be 230….never thought I would ever be over 200 pounds!! Anyway thanks again!!

You look amazing!! Congratulations!!!! Keep up the good work, you are such an inspiration!! Before i Had my baby girl I was a size 4, now I’m a size 14 and is so hard for me to look at the mirror and be disgusted by my reflection, but I really appreciate ur encourage and your tips!

Congratulations, you look great! I am truly inspired. I’m making healthy changes in my lifestyle too. I just want to say thank you for sharing these great tips. Continue to inspire me. Thanks again.

I have been losing weight. and its been an uphill battle! I just want you to know you are GORGEOUS! You should be sooo proud of yourself and you are an inspiration!


Thank you for sharing your personal story. I have high cholesterol and I am only 28. :-( After viewing this video, you inspired me. I bought sugar snap peas today and they are awesome!!!!

I have a quick question though… what brand of protein mix are you using? I am one that likes to follow the recipe exactly and if you like this breakfast oatmeal I would like to get exactly what you are using.

Thank you again for all of your inspiration and amazing videos. Stay happy and healthy.

Oh marlenababe you look so beautiful. even though i thought you were beautiful before, you look so much happier and healthy. i’m so, so glad the weight loss is going well, don’t lose too much, though!!! love ya girl,

your faithful teen viewer, sophia

Wow! A job well done! Did you ever gain weight or experience a plateau? If so, how did you deal with it?

Marlena i think u r beautiful even when u were a little thicker. You were the first make up website i found and since then i do my make up everyday. I am an extremely busy 37 year old mom, but i now find time to always take care of my face and hair. I am not really overweight (size 7-8)but after pregnancies, well things are not the same. I truly believe that the key to weight loss success is eating right. You stick to that and even 3 times a week of exercise and u r good to go, and yes small and realistic goals are much easier to reach, i know that because i reached a size 13 at one point. Keep up the good work, and u r still amazing..

an answer to Rosie, plateau, u need to trick your body to not plateau which means u need to change your routine so ur brains does not know what u r doing. Read about P90x and is the same concept. Chalene Extreme is a good exercise program, sorry for the promotion here…. but that will give u and idea of what i am talking about….

Marlena! you’re such an inspiration for me!

I am brazilian and I always visit the makeup geek to get some inspiration :D
this post is amazing anf very helpful, keep doing this great work!

xoxo :*

i just want to say that i really admire you losing so much weight.congratulations!!! and in what concerns the makeup tutorials…they really inspire me. you are great! so keep doing it :*:*

HI Marlena, you have done an awesome job on your weight loss journey. You are truly an inspiration to everyone. Like you, I have also struggled with my weight all my life starting at childhood. My weight has gone up and down all my life. I am now 24 weeks pregnant with my fourth child (truly a blessing and gift from God) and I can’t wait to have him (Josiah) so I can start my new journey of weight loss, you inspire me. Great job, and keep up the great work, you should be so proud of yourself. God bless, and take care. Love your makeup tutorials too :)

You are such an insperation Marlena…:)…You Where beautiful before and even more BEAUTIFUL now!!!
Much love <3, isela

You look WONDERFUL Marlena….I had NO idea that you had been heavy at one time….I have been watching your videos on Sephora regarding makeup tutorials…..and then VOILA! It led me to your weight loss advice….just wanted you to know that you are beautiful inside and out, and such an inspiration to SO many women out there:) KUDOS to you and I look forward to watching ALL of your videos now…Keep them coming and update us on how you are doing!! You are a Joy to watch;)
Love Ya!!

As for exercise.. I found crossfit style gyms the best. They have a different workout everyday and they scale the workout to fit your level. (Bonus, you dont feel like you are in a snobby gym full of Barbies) I currently work out with a man in his 60’s, a kid who’s 14, a fireman (oh yeah!) and 3 house wifes (who gave up walking for crossfit).

The crossfit ideal is to become fit across all platforms from weight training to aerobic so the workout always range from weights to aerobics in all forms kettlebell, jumping rope to tradition weight lifting.

The only bad part — After your first class, you will be REALLY sore but it does go away.

Hi Marlena,
I send you all my congratulations on loosing so much weight. I know how hard this is – i lost 60 pounds 2 years ago and i am still keeping my weight! It is an enourmus change in life – but for your health it is the best you can do!
Wishing you all the best for your future! Thanks for your great videos – i am watching them here in Vienna, Austria.

Thanks so much for the inspiration! Today I am starting a diet book called ‘Making The Cut’ to try to lose from 10-20 pounds! I posted about it on my blog, as well as, posted a bit about your story:

I hope that is okay! Thanks so much!

Hi! When I watched your other video the lose weight Marlena’s way one, I was inspired. It really can be easy to lose weight and to become healthy if you want to. These videos are completely inspirational. You are so beautiful. You have lost so much weight! I always used to say to myself, you have to lose 10 pounds by New Years and by summer you must lose 50 pounds.. and that just isn’t realistic. So many women make unrealistic goals that like you said, they never end up sticking with. Even if you do lose a lot of weight, if you don’t stick to the new ways, you will be right back at square 1. and then you get frustrated. I say this from experience. 2 years ago I lost 30 pounds… 2 years later i gained 40. and it was just because I made ridiculous goals and did ridiculous things to try to lose that weight, which overall was just stupid! Since November 2010, I have lost about 20 pounds, and now, it is just normal for me to not drink coke and pick up a water instead. And I don’t crave those cookies at the dinner party… Its just life changes that have helped me. WELL, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! CONGRATs!

marlena hi. i really have a personal question for u because my thyroid is low and that makes it hard for me to loose weight and keep it off its like i eat a piece of bread n i gained 2 pounds :( im going to get me a trainer and start that way, but just wondering if its possible to loose great amount even with an under active thyroid.. i am on medication for it but still just not sure of the whole weight loss process with it now.. thank you so much. would love to hear your input.. :)

Thank you so much, I watched your last video two months ago and I started one step at a time like you said and I have lost 15 pounds! I also have a problem with carbs :( but I love them. But I am making this change so I can have more energy and be healthy for my kids :) Thank you!!

Hey Marlena :) Congrats you look amazing and you always have. I love your tutorials they helped me through very hard times. you are my rolemodel really :)

sry for my english I’m from Iceland :)

Omg! I started watching your vids 2 years ago. &WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Even if you still need to lose some weight, the difference is stunning! What amazed me first is how much slimmer your face looks! I always found you beautiful, and your character so sweet; But you’re great now! I’m so glad that you found the inner strength to go through this long journey of yours. And I truly wish you the best to come! :) Keep up your great vids and your charming attitude!

Much love from QC,

I’ve been struggling with my weight for years, and I stopped feeling good about myself. Especially when my fiance and I broke up because of my weight. So I made up for my insecurities with makeup, and have been using your tips religiously. I even ended up doing the make up at my best friend’s wedding (thanks!). You’re a beautiful woman, but I’ve noticed you’ve carried yourself differently. You look great and happy! Congrats! Thank you for the tips and sharing your story.

Hey Marlena I am really inspired about your weightloss journey anyways I am trying to loose a much amount of weight for my prom nite which is in June so I have a few months away (:

I am so inspired after watching your weightloss videos on youtube and on I am 17 years old and about to start college this fall. I weight 193 lbs. Which is a big deal to me. I tried everything ever since I think I was eleven. That is when I noticed I started gaining weight. I am in a fitness class this semster. And from day one back in August till now, I have gained 9 lbs. And you think, well your in a fitness class, you should be loosing the weight. I participated in the class everyday and gave maybe 95%. Though, when I get home, I ruine it with all the junk food and snacks. I am good about drinking only water. That I can do. Prom is coming up soon in a few months, and I just want to feel good in a dress. Right now my wardrobe is t-shirts and jeans. Why? I feel so uncomfortable about my weight and my body shape. Next semester is beginning soon, and I will not be in a fitness class. I do not drive so I cannot go to a gym and I cannot play any sports at my school, because of the timing practices and games are compared to how much my mom works. I have a Wii, but of course, you can sit down and still be an expert. I want to get into a routine like some of my friends do. They run. And for fun! I can run for like two minutes and get winded. I would like some advice on things such as, how do you exercise without going to the gym or playing a sport? How often do you weigh yourself? And what are some steps I should be taking to a healthier life-style. I am also not trying to lose weight to get skinny, but to just be healthy. I watch “The Biggest Loser” while eating junk food. And I do not want to end up having to rely on other people to help me lose the weight. I do need supprt from family and peers. But I do not want my weight to control my life before it is too late. I am so sorry I am writing you a novel. But thank you so much for reading and I hope I get a comment back!

To everyone who says they have a sweet tooth, I don’t know that anyone had a bigger one than me. I have found that if you add lemon to your water and drink it throughout the day it keeps that sugar monkey off your back. You can buy TruLemon packets that is just crystalized lemon to keep in your purse while your out. Plus for people like me who don’t like drinking water, it helps to do a jedi mind trick on yourself like you are drinking something other than water.

Hello Marlena,
This is Juliet from California….
I recently moved to Mexico oh well i know…
When i came here i was overweight bt no that much..
now it’s been a year and I gained 50 lbs..
I’m really motivated by you Marlena.
I’ve been checking out your site since 2008.
well anyways yes girl if you need a friend that is willing to get rid
of that extra weight I’m here!!!!

take care bye bye!!!

Marlena, dear thx you so much for the video, i’m having similars issues and i was giving up, but this was such an inspirattion!

i almost run in to tears ’cause i really felt like you where? talking to me

kisses and keep it up!
Greetings from Chile

I actually put together a plan litterally just a couple of days before you posted this video and you really got me motivated to keep going! I am making gradual changes with my calories right now. I am notorious for binging and I want to get out of that horrible habit and get on a healthier lifestyle plan. I am starting at 1800 calories a day (with other nutritional goals as well) and every two weeks I am going to shave off 100 calories until I get to 1500 calories a day. Then I plan to kick it into high gear and start swapping out bad food for good.

I’m so happy for your success! Keep up the AMAZING work! :)

Hi Marlena,
I lost 30 pounds in 6weeks just from watching what i eat and working out 1 hour a day! You inspired me to do this. and change my life!

Thank you for your words of encouragement! i have been struggling with making some of the hard choices… you just have to start like you said a little at a time. Thanks for reminding me it is for your health not to look good in a swim suite or get noticed. Stressing yourself out with unrealistic time lines is not going to make it come off any faster. It didn’t get there over night its not going away over night!!! I think your a Beautiful woman inside and out I have learned so much from you, not just with the make up tips ( witch i love ) but in the kind of attitude i want to have towards myself and life.

Thanks again,


Marlena, I just have to say … YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! And, such an inspiration!! I have only been tuned in to MUG website for a week (and LOVE it!), so I hadn’t seen the article about your weight loss. I myself have struggled with weight issues my whole life, so I recognize how treacherous the journey can be. I applaud you and wish you continued success!

You look amazing…( but then again you always did even before the weight loss).. very inspiring. I am trying to lose the last 25 lbs here… Thanks for the inspiration and keep up your great work! Im a huge fan :)

Hi Marlena. You are and always will be my heroine. You have gone through so much in the past year or so, yet you still stay strong and encourage and motivate others in need. I truly admire you. I have lost approximately 35 lbs and hoping to lose about 40 more myself. I have recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and am currently taking Synthroid to help boost my metabolism. Any suggestions on healthy alternatives to help jump start my metabolism? By the way, what was your weight when you first started changing to healthy eating? I hope I am not being rude, it’s just because I can relate to you.

Congratulations!!! I too have struggled with my weight. 2 years ago I lost 50 pounds, going from a size 12 to now a size 4. It is an amazing feeling accomplishing such a huge goal, and absolutely worth all the sacrifice!
I have managed to keep it off, by eating healthy and keeping the portion size down-plus one “cheat” day a week. You can eat whatever you want, you just need to keep the portions down.
You are a great inspiration!!!

I think you’re absolutely beautiful! Something about your personality, I just really love you. I’m very proud of you and just want you to know how inspiring you really are :)

You look amazing. Congrats on the huge loss! I have one question i hope you will answer. I’m actually at the beginning of my second weight loss journey. I lost 60 lbs 3 yrs ago and couldn’t maintain it. But now i’m ready for a permanet change. I am searching for a good protein powder but i am not sure what to even look for in a good powder, because i am not a body builder and my primary goal is weight loss (and the muscle building that i need to help the weight loss process) but so many of the powders seem to be aimed at pro body builders. Would you please share the brand powder you use?

U look fab! I have alotta weight to loose.. it’s inspiring to see where u once were and where u are now. Thanks :)

omg marlena those are some really good tips! im trying to loose weight but i was a little bit confused on how to start … you really helped me! now im ready to start loosing weight! i used to go to an aerobic class it seemed to work but i lost the motivation… your positive thinking really helped me thanx!!! =] by the way you look great! keep it up! and thanx you really helped me! =]

hi marlena,

Well this video truely has touched my heart… i decided that for 2011 i was going to change everything about myself and make ME a better person. I was procastinating with going to the docters and getting my blood pressure checked and when i pulled my back at work in the beginning of dec i wanted to get something for the pain and i decided you know what since im here i might as well check my blood pressure. LETS JUST SAY the docter was not impressed with the number, all he said to me was i cant believe your a 24 year old patient that has her blood pressure at 190/110… he asked me how am i standing up and if i had horrible headaches.. which i did everyday!! .. but since this is getting quite long lol… but the point here is that i walked out of the docters office with high blood pressure pills instead of some pain meds and i left with a goal that when 2011 started i was going to change what i was doing to myself for me only. I weighted myself on jan1 2011 and this is such an embarassing number but i was 371lbs. Since jan 1 2011 to present i have been on a low sugar and no carb high protein and lots of vegs (as per my doc program) and have lost so far 20 lbs. Its as you said it… VERY VERY hard… i have already tried to give up and almost cheated but its these kind of videos that help keep you on the right track.. and seeing that someone also can do it and has done it and still doing it .. feels really good .. soooo lol this is really long .. but i just want to say thank you!!

At any weight you are beautiful an inspirational. I watch your videos and had no idea you were overweight. Personally I just work out to lose weight because I love chocolate too much to give it up. I got a kinect which kicks my butt more than the gym ever did and it’s way more fun and wayyyyy less germs.

Marlena!! Let me just say, i admire yur work!! My boyfriend makes fun of me all the time, instead of watching dvd’s with him, i’ll just pull out my BB and watch one of yur make-up tutorials instead lol, anyway, this weight lose video is soo helpful! thanx for all the great tips and taking the time out to share with us. I’ve been struggling to lose weight for the last six months, I’m only 20 years old and almost 200 pounds, but with the advice i just saw from yu, im sure i can lose it! thanx Marlena, yu are number one!!

Hi Marlena! Your wight loss is inspiring. I’m losing weight myself and i’ve lost close to 40lbs
I’ve been a heavy-set girl since very young age and no diet worked on me. I just started to enjoy having walks. Since i’ve watched what i eat and enjoyed those walks i’ve lost all that weight in 6 months. During the holidays i gained a little but now i’m back on my healty lifestyle and it’s still working
I’m so happy for you! Keep going, girl!

Congratulations for your weight loss, determination and wonderful video. Please post more!! Keep updating us!! Thanks for the snack ideas, that was great!! I’m trying to get healthy too and always have issues with snacks/keeping myself full. I’m excited to try sugar snap peas now ad I thnk they’ll do the trick ;)

Marlena, Thank you for sharing your story of your own personal weight loss! I am going through a weightloss as well, have done 60lbs of the 90 that I need to get through. The last 30lbs have been the hardest and I have recently felt like giving up after not reaching my full goal, but your story is very inspiring!

That is so awesome! It’s always good to hear about people taking good care of themselves.
The food you listed sounds really yummy too. I’ve been loosing weight myself. I wasn’t very large to start out with but because of how short I am and I have asthma I start to worry when I put on the pounds. A year ago I was 165ish and brought myself down to around 130lbs.
It is truly a difficult journey but we gotta keep at it and keep our taste buds happy :)
The way I’m doing it is I targeted my number one weakness: Chocolate (surprise,surprise)
I have one piece of dark chocolate to curve the craving when it’s bad and I have one glass of chocolate soy milk or chocolate almond milk and that really helps.
I also count calories now. I don’t have to worry too much about it. I walk almost everywhere.
Usually half an hour but sometimes up to 2 hrs every day so I don’t have to worry to much about working out. So far it’s working for me.
You have totally inspired me even further to keep going with it.

I love how practical you are! I’ve lost 50 pounds and it was very similar to what you did. I joined a gym, take the classes, and I already don’t really like much sugary foods so I counted my calories. I’m definitely happy where I am now and you’re an amazing inspiration. Congratulations Marlena!

Hey Marlena I just wanted to thank you for having such a great site. I love your tutorials. I figure if I can feel a little better about myself. By having funky and pretty makeup it will be that much easier to feel better aboutthe rest of myself. I am embarking on a life lifestyle changing journey and I thank you for giving me the little boosts I need everyday. Keep it up and I’ll keep being a MUG ?

Keep up the good work! 5 yrs ago, I lost 160lbs ( I was a BIG girl) and have managed to keep that off. Still need to lose some more, but am much happier/healthier for having lost the initial weight. No surgery, just good ol’ workin; out and eating real (not processed ) food. Thanks to a really good friend, I’ve been able to re-discover my love for all things make-up, as he directed me to your site! Thank you for sharing what you know/have learned/are learning. It is greatly appreciated!! : )

All The Best,


You rock, girl. So proud of you & you are BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for this inspiring message. Love the positivity!

You look GORGEOUS!!! I too have been overweight most of my life. I got teased a lot as a kid. I really need to lose about 80 lbs right now, and it is so hard. I too, like some other commenters here, used to say “Oh, I’l start Monday”, or “I’m too tired to workout today”. That starts the downfall. Some friends of mine that lead very healthy lifestyles, in that they eat well, exercise, and are thin, tell me I should not deprive myself. They say if you are at a birthday party, eat 1 small piece of cake, and just watch your calories the next day. Or have 1 piece of pizza, with a salad. I have learned through the years, I cannot do this! That is another downfall for me! If I have 1 piece of cake, I add ice cream and go for seconds. If I try to have a slice of pizza, I end up eating half the pizza. And the whole time my head is yelling at me “STOP! You had 1 piece, enough!” But I stil cannot stop. I have a high history of heart attack and stroke in my family, and know I need to stop this for my health, but I just love unhealthy food so much!

Another “diet” downfall for me is I am a busy mom with 4 kids. I just feel like I don’t have time to make 2 seperate meals everyday for the hubby and kids, and then my diet food. My hubby will not eat that way (he is a skinny guy as it is) and my kids eat well, but not “diet”. So on a busy day, when I whip up the kids some mac n cheese, and I don’t have time to make myself a grilled chicken salad, I end up eating the mac n cheese. I find it hard to plan ahead.

SO, I have been on a “diet” for about a week now, and lost 2 pounds. I already “cheated” and ate some Shperd’s Pie, but somehow I managed to stop myself before eating half the pan. I always watch your videos on makeup, which I LOVE, but seeing this post and watching your video, well, it brought tears to my eyes. Because you understand the lifelong struggle. Because I know I CAN do it. You did it!!! You are proof and motivation that diligence pays off!!! Thank you so much for the video. You remind me of the importance of working out, no excuses! Time for me to make the committment to getting HEALTHY!!! You are a warm, down to earth person, and you are beautiful in both your before and after pictures. Thank you so much for this new motivation, Marlena, and good luck to you on the rest of your journey.

so when i was a kid i was one of those idy bidy teny tiny rails and then i went threw puberty and got a getto booty and boobs haha. see alot of people would say oh thats not a bad thing thats great! thats great for you! your not fat you have curves. yeah except im 5 foot 2 with curves just makes me look round. i have a small waist but the curves kinda cancel it out. and im pretty sure i shouldnt be 5’2″ and weight 140. my parents cook really greasy food alough and yell at me when i dont eat as much as them. at school you would not beleive how unhealthy it is. they give us EXTREAMLY unhealthy food and its horrible. and adicting. like you have one fry and you cant stop. and ill be darned if i dont have to go do dishes agian tonight which i HATEEEEE bc im the only one in this flippin house that does then!!!!! ughhh anyways. p.e. is every other 2 weeks and the coaches favor the teny tiny athletes that are born with skinny bodys and can run ten miles backwards in 8 minutes but girls with hips they either treat like crap or dont do anything to help us. my parents are too busy to take me to the gym and i cant go by myself and i have ashma so i have trouble running. i only drink water. i try my best to eat health but it never seems good enough! my brother eats everything and hes 6’7″ and super skinny! it isnt fair -.-

Hello Marlena,

I enjoy checking out your website every week. weight loss is a big challenge for everyone. as for me, I workout 5 days a week doing cardio including the classes you had mentioned in your video. Zumba and kickboxing are my favorite and I had switched from drinking soda to water which help me a great deal cause soda has a lot of sugar which it will turn into fat later. I allow myself to have dinner before 7pm and rotisserie chicken with salad taste wonderful. snacking on fruit is also good if you are still hungry. I was 175 wearing size 14-16 and now weight 125 wearing size 6-8. I feel great about myself and the way I look. Keep up the good work and stick to it. you have to be motivated and determined in order to reach your goal. Thank you for sharing your story

Hi, i just find ur webside, I LOVE IT, im a makeupcrazy girl from sweden that need some inspiration and I did just find it. And u look som amazing, what facial products do u use? u have so nice skin! :)

love karin

So proud of you, weightloss seems like a never ending struggle for me especially gaining 80 pounds from fertility treatments and being pregnant with twins. You are so beautiful such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing!!

Marlena, congratulations on this huge weight loss, you look as beautiful as befora but healthier and that’s a huge goal :)

I want to ask you something about makeup…what do you think about Elf products? They’re cheaper and low quality I guess, but what do you think about them?

First of all congratulations! I just have a really quick question, what kind of chocolate powder do you use?

Wow, congratulations, you look gooooorgeous!
You make me think that I can, too… Thank you so much for sharing all this with us. I feel so encouraged! Thanks!!!!!

WOW!! This video reallyyyyy motivated me, because I can felt that you did it with the heart. Weight problems is such a trauma and the way that you expressed your method of losing weight is inspirering! Thank you so much for all your great videos, you along with other gurus have teached me soooo many things, and this is the first time I see a HOW-TO-BELIEVE- YOU CAN DO IT!! You look so gorgeous girl, keep it up!!

i really wish you get your own show because i know i will always run home to watch it. you have a great personality!!!!! I cant wait to see what you have store for us in the comming years huge fan of yours….oh FYI i am soooo starting a new healthy lifestyle not only for me but for my family i think its important that my 2 years old son starts to see the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

You look amazing, Marlena! Congratulations on your success and thank you so much for your tips! Off topic, but that lip gloss organizer behind you is super cute! Where did you find it?

Congratulations, you look beautiful, to loose weight makes me feel more safe and my seelf-esteem rises….

Other important tip: ” Do not forgett to drink water”

If you do not do this you do not loose weight

Hi marlena!
i tried your peanut butter cup oatmeal (what a divineee idea haha) but mine did not taste so yummy :( I used 1/2 cup oats and 1 scoop choco protein powder… 1 teaspoon brown sugar and 1/2 tablespoon of PB. i think maybe i need more pb & sugar? help! i dont want to waste it all and i am obsessed with PB cups so this would be a fab breakfast for me lol. xoxo

I applaud you so much for your accomplishment. You look great! Keep up the great work! And thank you for sharing this :) xx

I thikn what you did was awesome!!!! You are an insperation for me, seeing what you did makes me waant to get out there and try what you did.

You are amazing. I love your makeup tips. You seem like such a sweet person. Now that I’ve seen the weight problem you have, it is very inspiring how successful you are in your .com and weight loss. Thanks for sharing. It really shows your truly a beautiful person, with normal struggles. I hope to use your weight loss tips and makeup tips also to make myself be and feel beautiful.

Hey hun i just wanted to say thank you for sharing ur story it really makes me want to get back to my old self. I was really skinny when i was younger but at the age 17 i started to have alot of family problems and alot of drama with friends too. And so because i was stressed all the time my body started to change and so did my life. I now am 23 and 220 lb with also a baby girl and Im having a hard time wanting to get back to me old ways of being happy and heathly. Please if u have any tips it would help your story really does help alot for me and would love to know me. i might start a blog on my dieting and everyday life trying to loss weight. thanks so much, Britt<3

Wow! Congratulations, you look amazing! I worked really hard for a little over a year and lost nearly 80 pounds, but unfortunately I fell into a rut and have gained almost all of it back :( Reading your post and watching your video was such an inspiration and I can’t wait to get back in the saddle to begin my healthy lifestyle all over again! Thank you!

I apologize that this is going to be a very long comment, but Marlena, you made an incredibly important note about pressure. It just causes stress, but I think while you addressed that this can lead people to revert to old habits and regain what they lost, it’s also crucial to note that while people are trying to lose weight, they can be harmed by the pressure/stress with the opposite effect as well. What I mean is that while trying to lose weight, it’s important to have an activity while not working out that is calming or strictly for enjoyment, or else the weight loss can be dangerous. I lost twenty pounds in under two weeks (and continued to) this past July due to an overwhelming life change, and I used working out via biking and swimming to alleviate the stress, but I ended up completely losing control of how much weight I was losing, and how frequently because I didn’t balance the time I spent working out with time to myself to relax. I couldn’t eat without getting sick, I wasn’t sleeping well, my chronic migraines worsened, and certain functions of my body changed permanently, with psychological effects as well. While I’ve gotten my life back on track, am the happiest I have ever been, and getting ready to graduate, it is still very difficult to finish eating a ‘Nutritionist’s’ portioned meal without feeling or becoming sick. I become tired more easily, and migraines are still more frequent.

So, to really sum things up, I know from experience that workouts are a fantastic way to relieve stress, to sweat it out, but it can be very dangerous, especially if overdone and without equal intervals of relaxation.

Sorry again for the long comment, Marlena :)
I just thought this may be important as well.

I love your tutorials! And you look great btw! :) I was wondering though – where did you get that black shirt you’re wearing at the beginning of your video? The one with the lace sleeves? Its lovely :)

I just want to congratulate you on not only your success, but your emphasis on doing things the healthy way, and sharing that information with others! I think it is a very important message that is not often found on many women’s websites.

Myself, I have always been considered slender, but over the last year or so I got caught up in fad diets, starvation, unrealistic expectations, and I ended up feeling moody, depressed, and felt weak and lacking in energy. I would starve myself and then binge (mostly on empty carbs). I felt terrible about it. Mentally, I was constantly beating myself for failing, telling myself that I was worthless, and that I would never accomplish anything because I was fundamentally damaged and unworthy. This went on for so long and became so regular for me that I didn’t even realize what I was doing to myself. Only recently was I able to step back and recognize what a (self) abusive cycle I was putting myself through–I have a feeling that many people who struggle with their weight engage in similar self-defeating thoughts and behavioural patterns, though I admit mine was probably a bit on the extreme end of things.

Lately, I have been following a very similar routine as you, and I have to say I have never felt better, physically and emotionally. I consider the mental training to be the most important part of being healthy. I tell myself that I am worthy of feeling good, and that I deserve to take care of myself and feel good about who I am. That may sound kind of cheesy, but I have always struggled with my self-esteem and this was far from how I typically thought about myself. This change in my thinking has made everything else comparatively easy to do.

Now, I eat 5 small meals a day with an emphasis on getting enough protein and limiting myself to complex carbs. I avoid processed (white) carbs and refined sugar entirely. I do 30 minutes of cardio almost every day and lift weights 3 times a week. I have so much energy I barely know what to do with it; I am sleeping better and I am happier and more social and outgoing. I feel ready to take on the world and accomplish things, when before I isolated myself and was depressed and unmotivated. I feel in control of myself and who I am and I feel very good about that.

For me, my unhealthy lifestyle was a direct result of my self-esteem and depression issues. I have always struggled with feelings of low self-worth and my behaviour was just a way of reinforcing my negative beliefs about myself. I am 23 years old and decided that enough was enough and that it was time to start living my life and let go of my past (which lead to a lot of these problems). I am anxious about how long-lasting these changes will be so I am trying to be very aware of my thoughts and to catch the negativity quickly before it develops into something unmanageable. I am hoping somehow that by sharing my story that I will remain committed to what I am doing, as it helps me recognize how truly beneficial it is for my health and well-being.

I think it’s amazing to see someone completely change their lives like you have, and it gives me hope that I can continue to do the same for myself. Good job.


I have been a fan of yours for about a year and love all of your videos. I too have recommended them to friends who are also into makeup. I must say that this video hit a chord with me as I have struggled to lose the same pounds over and over. I love your approach and it totally makes sense. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with all of us. You truly are not only an inspiration, but a beautiful person inside and out as is evident by your down-to-earth style.

Thanks again for being a great inspiration.

I have struggled with weight for many years. I went from an amzing size 9 to size 16. It was awful, but now I am back and working on getting myself into the healthy fit body I was. It feels great being my old self again, but with a new attitude on life. I’m down to a size 12 now and I’m going to keep going until I back in those pants I wore in High School. Which wasn’t to long ago…lol
Your video was amazing. Congrats! I’m so glad that it is going well for you. Keep it going!

Marlena… it is emotional and don’t feel stupid for it, ’cause it’s totally normal. I agree with you 100% and am so proud ’cause this is a big decision and can change your life in many ways. You should always feel good about yourself and the way you look and no one should judge you for it! You get to live 1 life and you should get the absolute most and best out of it! Every step is important and it will be hard, but don’t ever think you’ll disappoint someone, ’cause it’s your body! but it’s still you! ALWAYS LEAVE TIME FOR YOUR THOUGHTS and best of luck to you! :D
from my heart,
DivaGirlyGirl ;)

Hi! :)
So yesterday I was told that I HAD to start watching you on Youtube because you’re amazing. (My best friend’s words, she was right!) I love beauty and all, but I love knowing that there are REAL people on Youtube. The first video I saw of you was your “My Surgery” video and after that, I was hooked! I went to see if you had any videos about how you lost it and what you eat as snacks and such and I came across this one. After I watched this I IMMEDIATELY begged my mom to get sugar snap peas on her way home so I could have something new and tasty in my life. I’m starting my journey this week. You inspired me to do it the fun and intelligent way (I’m sure I’ll recieve a ton of life lessons from this) So I just wanted to thank you because I want to lose 30-40 pounds but I’m always like, “Well, have it off by Prom.” or “Have it off by the start of Senior year.” But now my goal is, “Make me proud of me with time!”. So thank you so much Marlena. And I wish you good luck during surgery and a healthy and strong recovery!:)
With much gratitude,

Thank you so much for sharing your weight loss story. I am a lifetime member of weightwatchers who, due to a medical condition, gained all my weight back plus some. I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease and can no longer follow the weight watchers regimen. I appreciate you showing simply ways to incorporate other food options, as that is what I am working on doing now. As always, Thank you so much for the encouragement! You look great!

Hello, dear Marlena!
I would like to say thank you very much for your really interesting and so good videos!
You make me better).

Hey I was wondering if there was a different type of things you can eat because Im in my teens and I really wanna lose weight

I’m currently losing weight myself (or as I like to call it a lifestyle change). I’m losing about 15-20lbs. a month. I’m not starving myself and I’m not in the gym 5 hours a day. But I’m eating pretty strictly and I’m working pretty hard when I do go to the gym. SO its not impossible to lose that kind of weight and keep it off. However, Marlena is right. Don’t expect my results every month. I started at 240lbs, I’m now at 190 (and a nice size 12) and I did it in 3 months. I work 12 hour night shifts, and I juggle a lot of stuff inbetween. I try to tell people who are in my similar situation that they can do it to, they just really have to want to. Working out and NOT CHEATING ON EATING is soooo key. Its like an addict hitting rock bottom. I did when I realized I was going to kill myself if I didnt stop. I feel great and I’m training for a half marathon in the summer. So MUGS, if your inspired by Marlena or anyone else you see on these TV shows losing weight and looking great… just know YOU CAN DO THIS!!! You just really have to want to, you really have to try. No you probably wont start running 45 minutes a day right away, it takes time… but you will get there. SO GO NOW AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Get rid of the junk in the fridge, look at gym memberships, get a healthy eating cookbook, and go from there!

Hi! This is my first time visiting your site. I originally landed here looking at some of your great work and eventually ended up at this video. I am a 25 year old professional MUA from Oklahoma and recently made the decision to start on my weight loss journey. When I was younger I was always thin. I’ve always had a gift with makeup, so people would say “no matter how much you weigh you will always have a beautiful face.” I guess I really took that and ran with it because I gained 100+ lbs in a matter of a couple of years. I’ve been doing great! Lost almost 20 lbs and feeling much better (which is the honest reason I set out to make healthy changes in the first place. Chest pains at 25= NO BUENO!) Despite my progress, today was going to be the day that I gave up. I ate really poorly all day so the decision had already been made that I was just going to quit, but your advice (and success) inspired me. Tomorrow is a new day and that pushing forward is the most loving decision I can make for myself. I know it sounds corny, but I just wanted to say thank you. I guess I can see a lot of myself in you and if you can do it there is no reason that I can’t. Not only is your incredible art work inspiring, you are inspirational as a human being. So keep up the good work!

Hi Marlena! Let me just start off by saying what an inspiration you are to me! I too am on a weight loss journey. I would really like to know where you get your clothes from, I love all of your tops (since that’s mostly only what us viewers can see of you ; ). It would even be great if you did a quick video on that.
Thanks so much for all your inspiring tips & information!
?~Stephanie~ ?

I really like you, the way you talk, so sweet, caring and trustful, you look like the perfect friend.
I wish you all the best and congrats for the achievements you already make…
kisses from a Madrid girl, get well from surgery ;)

OMG the ending was hilarious! *crunch crunch*

I just have to say congrats on losing so much weight. It’s great that you’ve found something that works for you. I know a lot of people struggle to at least find that part out. You gave great advice and I love the fact that you don’t deprive yourself because that is such a big deal.

You are looking so good, girl! Honestly,
I honestly have not seen that you have lost weight. Just now I watched a video of you a few years ago, and wow, you really HAVE changed a lot. Positive! You are a great inspiration, Marlena. Hope I get to the same thing, just think I need some more motivation:)
Sorry my bad English, I am not verry good at this, haha. Norwegian :)

Please start doing video’s on Outfit of the day You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl Hope your doing well. How is your recovery going?

Marlena, you look amazing! You were beautiful before all the weight loss, but you’re absolutely gorgeous now. I’m glad your surgery went well. I hope you have a speedy recovery. I cried when I watched your post op video :( Feel better soon! I wanted to thank you for sharing your weight loss story with us. I love the How I Lost 90 lbs video as well. You truly inspire me. I am 5’3″ and have been obese almost my entire life. I truly feel overwhelmed and isolated in my struggle with my weight. I am currently at my all time heaviest. I feel like I’m drowning. I do try repeatedly to work on different weight loss methods. I seem to be a slave to food, honestly. You are right, a good support system is key, and I don’t have that. However your videos inspire me and I will never stop trying. Ugh! I’m SO emotional about all this. Anyway, thank you so much. Your story really touched me. Take care of yourself.

You are a gorgeous girl and I’m so proud of you and your example. Thanks for all the amazing make-up tips….I’m a total geek when it comes to makeup.

Hi Marlena,
I’m new to watching your videos, but I am a subscriber to your YT. Watching this video, I am incredibly inspired. I just started 2 weeks ago eating salads for lunch, but I am hoping to go vegetarian pretty soon. Dairy upsets my stomach and carbs just fluff me up, and I don’t like eggs that much. So, I might even go vegan. I really want to do this, and have been wanting to for a while but was not as motivated. For being only 15 (about to turn 16), I have been overweight since I was 7 or 8 (my parents divorced). Slowly, I have recovered from that painful time in my life that I gorged on junk food, and I am going to take the plunge at eat really healthy, but with taste :) I also plan to lose a good amount of weight by summer so I can (finally) get in a bikini and fit into my clothes. I know it, I WILL BE SKINNY AND HEALTHY. If that makes sense? You are a strong inspiration for me, I mean 90 LBS! WOW!!! Keep on keeping on! You will reach your dream. :)

I was wondering if you had any tips for someone that needs to lose 70-80 pounds? The problems that I have is that I live with 3 other people that have no problem losing weight and can eat WHATEVER they feel like. I am wondering what I could do to help keep from eatting the unhealthy foods when everyone around me is? I was also wondering if you have any other workout ideas for someone who lives in an apartment on the 3rd floor? I tried a few workouts but they have me jumping and everyone that lives below me really dont like 225 pounds bouncing on thier roof. Could you help me please. I have almost hit rock bottom. Please and thank you.

Was hoping you could make some recommendations for a natural make up pallet (cheeks, eyes and lip) for an African American woman, with a medium skin tone.

I’m starting my get healthy new me tomorrow, 2/20/11…I’m 38 and have always had a low self-esteem but just watching your video and seeing your sincere passion and desire to help others and show you’re human was amazing…thank you for sharing!!

I have been struggling to lose weight my whole life! Today, before watching your video, I was about to just give up. But after watching your video, I have been inspired and want to say thank you! I realized that I shouldn’t set up any goals and stress myself out. That’s exactly what I have been doing and at the end I end up going back to my bad eating habits.

Thanks once again! :)

Hey Marlena! I’m really glad I just read this post! I’m on a journey to lose a total of 37 pounds and have already lost 10 and kept it off! You post was great for me bc I injured myself in January and have not been able to work out in 6 weeks! That has put me in a funk and I fell into old patterns! I’m going to try your oatmeal recipe and am now more inspired to keep going! 135 here I come! Thanks for your sweet and encouraging spirit!

I’m giggling a tiny bit, because you said multiple times you don’t do well with carbs, but you then followed that up with a variety of complex carbs that you love eating. A lot of people don’t really realise the difference of simple vs. complex carbs and so they cut all carbs out of their diet, which ultimately harms their goals more (lack of energy, anyone?).

You should try lifting more often, as well! It revs your metabolism for several hours and helps you look leaner because your base of muscle is defined. :) I love lifting weights.

Anyway, congratulations on all your success. It’s definitely inspiring to see how much you’ve accomplished in what really has been a short time. I’m still going strong on my journey but things like this help me keep going. :)

I know this sounds stupid but your video defintily motivated me more . Its so true that if you put pressure on yourself and try to lose alot of weight in a certain amount of time it sets yourself to failure . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! CONGRADULATIONS!

Marlena, you are such an inspiration to everyone who is following you! I too have been in the process of losing weight since August of 2010. I started at needing to lose 100 pounds and began the Weight Watchers program. It is now March and I have lost a total of 56.9 pounds and have been proud. You are so right that it is a lifestyle change. I still allow myself 1 order of french fries each week but the program has been great because I can plan for those fries. I am not miserable with the food intake and I am making healthy choices. I began following your journey about a month ago, so I am a new make-up geeker. However, you have provided me with some amazing tips and it is refreshing that we are going on this journey together. For other Geekers, it is attainable. You are so right when you talk about the fact that you have to be in the right frame of mind. You have to say, “I have to do this because it is the right thing to do and I am willing to make the changes to get there.” Thanks Marlena! Keep us in updates and I will keep you in mine too! :)

Thank you so much for this inspirational post. There are so many women, myself included, that are stuggling with how to lose weight. It’s so hard to try and get healthy when you barely have enough time to sleep. I tried your oatmeal/peanut butter breakfast and it was great. Although I love all of your makeup tutorials, I believe this post will in the long run truly help a lot of people. Thank you again and best of luck to you!

i came across your site when i googled diet tips and i must say this is very inspirational to me. people who have never been overweight are always telling me what i should do but i have that what do you know attitude. to see the progress you have made just motivated me. more than you know. i am excited to try that pb oatmeal:) i have a good sixty pounds to lose to reach what my license says and about twenty after that till i reach my goal. i did diet last year but my motivation disappeared after my aunt criticized me for what i was eating and that if i wanted to diet i had to be stricked about it. i am nineteen and have been overweight my whole life. stress from college doesnt help me at all. thank you so much for posting this for all of us other people struggling with weight:) i wish you all the best

You are such an inspiration. I have recently started to make gradual changes to become a bit healthier. Do you have any good tasting recipes for healthy meals that you can share? Or any other tips? I would really appreciate it!!!!!


Thx 4 all the encouragement and makeup tips! I’m starting myself and I’ve lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks so I know what u mean when u say it’s best 2 do it gradually and My gym Inshape Sport is so welcoming and not so harsh like other gyms where they aren’t friendly with unfamiliar faces which also definitely makes working out easier. For me that was so use to drinkin soda I’ve been drinking mineral water with lemon and it’s refreshing. Thank u 4 the motivation. Please let us know on YT if u make a different site for just weight loss.

I think that it is so awesome that you are posting things like this! You inspire me soo much, I am getting married this summer and I just want to look and feel healthy. I totally agree with you that this will be a life change and I plan fully to stick with my routine as well to make a change, so thank you for showing that it is possible to work for it and succeed!