Holiday Party Look

Here is a stunning smokey look that is ideal for holiday season. A perfect match for a glamorous witch, a dark angel or for Thanksgiving and Christmas or even New Years. The addition of gold glitter under the eye makes this a look that transitions from one holiday to the next. And when the holidays are over, leave off the glitter for a great look that you can wear year round. No matter when or how you choose to wear this amazing look one thing is certain, you are going to look gorgeous!



Inexpensive Alternatives:

Pictures taken by: Taryn of Tough Love and Makeup Geek
Model: Alexandra of Makeup Geek

Profile photo of Marlena

CEO of Makeup Geek and Makeup Educator


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I love this! I may substitute a little here…going for cheap, haha, but will try my hand at this!

Taryn is a great photographer, I love the last image!

Try NYX products for a cheaper look! I have a lot of the pearl shadows and they are so highly pigmented. websites like are great and they frequently have 20-30% nyx coupon codes too. Good luck! :)

Marlena, you’re so fantastic! I’ve watched tons of different tutorials on youtube, but you’re simply the best! You always look beautiful and you help me to look (and feel) beautiful too. Thank you =)

Iryna …. I agree with you. I have also seen so many videos on youtube but they aren’t in anyways closer to Marlena’s videos…. :)
Marlena you are just superb and unmatchable….
I love your tutorials and all other stuff that you post on makeupgeek website… Thank you so much Marlena for all the tutorials…. :)
Take care Marlena and stay healthy.


you’re the best Marlena! I’m just disappointed I didn’t able to get my card approval…. because I’m new here in Japan maybe that’s the reason why… I hope you’ll accept COD system… thank you and God Bless

I spent most of the video trying to get a closer look at the drawers behind you. Pretty please do a collection/storage video? The OCD in me loves anything to do with organisation and the MUG in me loves the makeup porn lol. Really pretty look!

Haha!! Me too! I’m totally obsessed with storage, boxes, labels,.. Helps me keep my head organized: messy house = messy head! Would soooo very much like a storage video as well as the other ‘How to become a MUA’ (are they coming?)

Lots of love!

You both are too cute :) I used small 3 drawer containers from Target to hold all the pigments and lipglosses in. Also, you can check out my makeup organization video I did a few months ago :)

Hi, Marlena…
Your work is just great. Your eyes in this video looks amazing, could you maybe do a toturial on that. And since you also are a big fan of Bollywood looks/Arabic looks, I’m hoping you’re doing a toturial on that in the future. I was wondring if ship their products to Norway. I can’t find my answer anywhere. I know that you have done a lot of smokey eye torturial. But could you try and do a toturial on kloe kardashian smokey look. I have a link for you. You look so beautiful in every look you do, but it’s not always it suits me. So if you can, please do;) Thank you

Here is the link:,r:11,s:17&tx=71&ty=57&biw=1366&bih=482

Hello …great make up but I also really like you rmake on this video.Could you please do a tutotorial for this make up too ?

Thanks a lot.

Hi, Marlena. How are you?Two questions for you:

1. What do you think about the new Mac pro longwear concealer?

2. What is your favorite concealer?


GODDESS MARLENA .. Forever at your Worship!

Wheres the party Goddess? as the party girl sure looks good .. Rock on! :-)

The Romans spent all day giving it the .. Hail Ceasar .. then they killed the fella! .. well us slave Geeks to your … Marlena Mansions Empire … can only give it the .. Hail Marlena .. and long live the Queen xxxx! ………. No knifes in your back Goddess as once again your devoted subjects are giving yet another BIG FAT smile with 4min 49secs of Marlena Heaven! … :-)


Dear Marlena, I love the style of this video!!! for the first time I enjoyed watching putting the make up on the model as much as I enjoy watching you putting the makeup on yourself. Awesome video!!!

Oh! and I agree with the other comments, you are the best!!! I have seen some others gurus on youtube, but I never finish watching their videos because they kind of bore me. You on the other hand, have a very nice style which makes me want to watch more and more videos. Thanks Marlena for teaching us how to wear makeup appropriately.

In your previous face routine video you mention that we should use as little powder as possible. Usually by the middle/end of the day my face has caked up some…I am wondering if that is because I use too much powder. I have some acne and acne scars that need a lot of makeup to cover and I want to be sure it doesn’t come off during the day so I put a good amount of powder on top to set it. If I use less powder will the makeup still stay on? Do you have any other suggestions? My face really takes a toll on my confidence so I hope you can help! Thanks so much! You are looking beautiful! You are also the sweetest person!!!!

I totally understand about the acne- my face has been horrible for 3 months now :( It’s frustrating!

It sounds like you’re using too much powder- more powder won’t help it last longer or cover up anymore. Try the method I used in my latest face routine video as I showed how I covered up my acne in that one :)

love this! i may substitute a little, cuz I’m alot darker than her… but i like this! Question… is it, idk, wrong to do bold eyes with bold lips? cuz I want to, but i don’t wanna look like a clown…

HI Marlena

This look is nice for thanksgiving i am so happy you did this look. You are looking pretty as always . i wanted to ask you about the website i dont know if you heared about it they sale all type of comestics brands like MAC, Urban Decay ect for a little bit cheaper they also have some of MAC discontinued items like the heatherette lipgloss from MAC. you should check it out lol.
Take and like i said you are really pretty
thank you so much for your tutorials it really helps us alot.

Hey Marlena, I have to ask you, could you please do a tutorial of the make up you are wearing in this video or atleast show me a closeup picture of it? :) I lovelovelove green eyeshadows i wear it alot, but would love to get more tips & tricks on how to use the greens in different ways/looks.

Hi Marlena,

cool party look, that I will definitely try this saturday :)

I also liked your green eye makeup and would love to know how you did it!!! Could you please make a tutorial for that?

xoxo Weronika

Hi, Marlena! Thanks for this lesson!
I want to ask you about W7 cosmetics. I see their products on a lot of sites, but I don’t know if these products are good, they are too cheap! Have u ever used them and what do u think about them?

hi i was wanderig which moisterizer you recommend? my skin has been having some dry patches lately… btw this look is really great!

RIght now I’m using Dermalogica moisturizer, but I also think Oil of Olay has good moisturizers. Get a more intense moisturizer, and just put on the spots that are more dry than the rest of your face. Use your normal moisturizer all over

I really like this look, it reminds me of one I’ve been doing with the Leopard Luxe quad from MAC.

My question for Marlena is: what are you wearing on your lids? It’s gorgeous!

This is nice work :)
I think it is a good idea to show us both you and the model in the video. I wasn’t such a big fan of you using models because you sound less natural when you dub the video ( I think at least :) ), but this way it is fun and we get to see and hear you sparkle and shine too. You are the magic in the Makeupgeek videoes you know :)

Kudos to your very good model too :) Hardly ANY blinking when you do her eyes :)

And, yes, very nice look aswell!

Love from Norway

I agree with you!! Thank you Marlena for taking our feedback into consideration et trying to do something different while keeping what we already liked of your previous vids!

I like that this time we get to see you also and to hear you live sounds a lot more natural and warm then you dubbing the video. Also I like that most of the video is spent on the makeup and not cheezy editing all around it.

My only tiny negative comment is that the lighting wasn’t so good, we can’t see the colors very well…

But other than that, great work! love the look!

Hey Marlena! Another fantastic look to try. I couldn’t help noticing your nails today. They look really really cute. Are they fake? Or do you do them yourself? Pr so you go to get them done. They make me jealous! I want your nails!!!! ;)

Hey Marlena! Another fantastic look to try. I couldn’t help noticing your nails today. They look really really cute. Are they fake? Or do you do them yourself? Or do you go to get them done? They make me jealous! I want your nails!!!! ;)

Love love love this look!!!! I have the mini mac pigment in dark soul I got in a set last Christmas & have been wondering of a way to really wear it & this is perfect. I am going to order some NYX glitter liners 1 def. in gold…..what other 2 colors would you recommend to buy that I could possibly wear a lot???

love the look marlena! :)

i was wondering what foundation she’s wearing in the photos?
her skin looks wonderful in the pictures and not ghastly pale or anything =P
I’m looking for a foundation that photographs well, as my winter formal
dance is in a few weeks!
please reply and keep up the amazing videos! =)

Negative criticism is great and encouraging to do better the next time. Being completely mean is totally different. Please, these comment boxes are for questions and encouragement.

Thanks for answering, Marlena! I think Alexandra is too cute for words and she has very nice facial features :)

I love this look. I went to Ulta last week they were having a sale on NYX products and I picked up a lip pencil that I seriously thought was a red color. To my surprise when I got home the pencil read “orange” it was still gorgeous howver I was afraid to wear it. Now that I see it on the model I can not wait to try it. That is a gorgeous color. Thanks Marlena your the best!

Hi Marlena!!!!!!!!!!!
First of all where are you???? From memory you said your mum’s house????? Why are you not home??????
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this video!!!!!!!
I am really excited!!!! Guess what!!!! I am only turning 14 this year and my cousin is getting married!!!!!! Because they know I have a talent in makeup and LOVE LOVE LOVE it they have asked me to do her Wedding Makeup!!!!!!!!! I have practiced on myself a few times but I need to practice on other people!! Marlena do you have any tips at all on applying makeup on other people????? Do you have any Wedding makeup tips?????? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reply I so so so appreciate your help!!!!
P.S. Did you notice how I repeated words three times, just like you… blend blend blend and smudge smudge smudge … so on!!!!
Love your Work!!
Love your biggest fan on the earth!!!

That’s SO exciting!!! Good for you sweetie!!

I did a couple wedding makeup looks- watch those, then see if you have specific questions :) Main thing is to not use too much glittery products as it will look unnatural in pictures

Hi Marlena
I love this look.
But your makeup in this video i love to, could you please make a tutorial on your look in this video.

Thank you for another great tutorial! Yours are the best out there! I also love the make up you have on today. is it a dark green lid? anyway, you look fabulous!

This look is horrible. I cannot believe you put so much make-up on that young girl.

You made her look like a street walker. I am so disappointed.

What ever happened to that old rule that we ALL had in elementary school, you know the one that went “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it all”. Alexandra DOES NOT look like a street walker. that’s rude to Alex and Marlena. like vicki said, it’s suppose to be heavy(:

Hi Marlena-
Love your tutorials!! I was watching the Shania Twain video,”Man I Feel Like A Woman”, her makeup is awesome in that video!! Can you do a tutorial with that look!!! It’s dramatic, but awesome!!!!!

This look is great! perfect for fall, especially the lips… where did you get that ring marlena? love it!

Hi ,cool look :) gonna try it out !

I was wondering… when does the “how to become a makeup artist” part 2 comes?

I love the green your wearing. I hope you can make time to do a video on it. I’m sure it would please many of your fans :)

Hi Marlena, I’m new to your site and I’m already addicted! In the few weeks that I’ve known about your site I’ve placed 4 orders. I bought this entire look, but I wondered if you had a nyx substitue for the NARS blush? I’ve bought so much makeup lately, that I have a hard time spending that kind of money for one blush for one look. I know you must be busy, but I’d love any feedback! Thank you and thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Hey Marlena

Sorry to say I just found you a month ago and immediately put you on my home page ! I’ve worked with young girls in shelters and orphanages in the states and abroad and enjoyed showing them how to apply makeup. Wish I had access to your tutorials then! Wow!

My request, ( and I know you must have more , let’s just say, closet “makeup geeks” that are old enough to be your models grandparent, than just me ) is that you show some of us, with the not so smooth canvas, some tricks.

I find your tutorials to be the most fun and informative than any I have ever come across, and I’ve watched many. You are adorable not to mention talented….hope you stay around a good long time.
For girls just starting out and people wanting a new punch to their old routine, you’re a God send! Thanks and God bless.

i do not like this look on this young girl as i agree with jackie and apple noir ,its called an opinion and i will say whatever i want on this sight. i am speaking my opinion to Marlena not you. its called constructive critisizm so why dont you all mind your own business! if we all followed the rule ” if u dont have anything nice to say then dont say it at all” we’d all be walking around looking jacked up with lipstick on our teeth or looking like a clown.

Hey I’m Mirabelle and I LOVE Beauty! I love making stories also so if you know about my awesome beauty site, then you know how awesome it is. If you don’t…GO ONTO MY SITE!! I made up a story about a girl, Kathleen (I know, pretty name like moi!) who is a makeup addikt (addict). Check out my website by clicking onto my name (that is in pink).

Marlena, I hope you go onto the site! I have videos there about you (of course, I give ALL the credit to you)! Marelna, I love this dramatic look! I noticed you were wearing green eyeshadow in the video, will ya do a tutorial on that look please? It looks great! YOU ROCK EYESHADOWS! You are amazing!

Reply if you agree or disagree (it is one or the other, you cannot be in between)

HI Marlena
Hope You can see this *Cross the fingers*
Can you please do a makeup kit for this amazing and great look?!. Thank You!. I really loves to come here and buy the kits XD

I have a question to ask u. I have an event to go to tomorrow and I have to ware a red dress and my hair is black. The thing is that I am a light complexion Latina. I dont want to look pale what I would like is to look like if I am waring makeup but not exaggerating.

OMG beautiful
I love it thanks Marlena
but what is the green look that u were wearing, it looks so nice

hi marlena,
you are soooo good!!ive learnt a lot from you..u r my guru:P pls tell me when are ur videos for how to become a makeup artist coming?ive also started doing makeup for people..this time im doin makeup for girls that are going to appear in an advertisment/music video.Please can u giv me tips on what kind of look should i do for them that would appear well in a video(i was thinking of doing dramatic eyes n rich colored lips)please tell me asap my guru:P
thanxx :D <3

I’m such a fan. You are so talented and beautiful. It’s great to see you do make up on somebody else. Something different. You should do more videos applying make up on different models so people can see different eye shapes and how make up varies on different skin tones because that would be very helpful!

I love this festive look and its SOO appropriate for a girl Alexandra’s age. Its a lovely holiday night look, very fashionable, and super clean looking. I encouraged my daughter who is now 21 to begin practicing makeup at 14 at home so she could get a good technique. Sometimes it did look silly but by the time she was allowed to wear makeup in public daily she knew what looks were appropriate for whenever. Alexandra is lovely both with and without makeup and is SUPER lucky to be at the hands of Marlena and her team, honey some of us would leap at the luxury!

Hi Marlena, I was wondering if you had any suggestions for covering up raised scars. I am a survivor of domestic violence and I have a scar on my eye beginning from my tear duct up to the inner brow line. I hate it because it is raised. and I am fair skinned. I try to mask the scar by using dramatic eye shadow. But if I ever take pictures in a lighted area I can see it. I hate pictures of my self because of it. I would love to be able to go natural just for once. Please any suggestions would be helpful.

Hi Marlena,

the video is not available in my country – is there a chance you will upload it to a different video platform that Youtube?


hi marlena,
ive been getting tons of make-up ideas from your website.
amazing make-up and you always look beautiful. i was just wondering if yu can make a make-up tutorial for someone with medium skin, meduim browm hair and really dark brown eyes. i tried purple because i heard it really makes brown ees pop. but i really didnt like it much. is there anything else that i could use to really bring out my eyes?

thanks :)

Hi Marlena :)
I love this look, you did a great job! i just wanted to let you know that i found an AMAZING alternative eye liner for URBAN DECAY 24/7!! Its about $8 cheaper too!!! its called -“loreal extra intense liquid eyeliner” but its really not a liguid its the same thing as urban decays! i love it! i put urban decay on one eye and the loreal on the other…and both stayed on all day! :D

Hey that was great!
I’m learning so much….
Thanks for doing the videos…
May I request that you do a leporad print eye? Or even zebra? :)

Hi Marlena!
I hope you can use an Asian model next time so that some of us asians can copy her looks.
Thank you!

*You and Alex look gorgeous in here! ?

Love the design! It may be a bit too dark for my style but I love being able to watch you work on someone else. I’m a college student majoring in theatre and I recently took a makeup class. I loved it and all the experiences that I had, I even made myself look like a boy! I thoroughly love your site and tutorials. Who knows I may become a makeup artist myself. :)

Wore this look for Christmas yesterday! I love it. Substituted colors with Urban Decay and Too Faced. The only thing I needed was the glitter liner.