Hawaiian Inspired Makeup- Fun and Bright!


  • Makeup Forever Concealer      (Sephora) (eBay)
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
  • MAC Invisible Set Powder     (MakeupGeek Store)
  • NYX Dusty Rose Blush     (MakeupGeek Store)
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Shimpagne      (eBay)






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Beautiful look…too bad I won’t be able to pull this off. I’m more into the neutrals. Will you please do more tuts with neutral colors? Also, do you know of any place where I might be able to purchase the Blonde, Brunette and Redhead MSF in Brunette? Thanks.

Thanks Archelle! Do you think they will be true authentic MAC and do have a seller you would recommend?

This is cute and fun. You are very pretty. Thanks for sharing your tips. I am still trying to learn how to apply pigment. And, trying to learn how to put pigment and eye shadow together, like mix and match. I always have trouble to mix the color well together.

Every makeup you do on you…look so perfect….

I still waiting for Megan Fox makeup…please!!
i will also like to see you putting makeup on someone else…people with different eyes, lips..skin colors..etc

Yes! would love to see make-overs on others too just to get an idea of what colours would be better for other skin colours.

I Love This Look So Much It’s Just Beautiful!
I Recently Bought All The Ben Nye Pigment Samples From The MUG Store,
So I Cannot Wait To Try This Look Out! Thanks Again Marlena For This Wonderful Turtorial!

I saw the nyx selection avaliable thru the MUG store and saw they were all nicely depoted and stored in a case. Do you also sell the case? Can you tell me where I can buy??

Thank you.
Loyal viewer

I don’t know about mac or nyx dupes, but there are some la colour dupes. the gold is called sunshine and maybe grape jelly for the purple.

This look just made me happy. You are right Marlena, with this gorgeous vibrant colors you can only smile all day. It really looks great on you.

This look is great but I’m more into the neutral colors or not so brilliant and shocking!
I love it but probably I would only use that just for an hawaiian party or something like that. But I truly love the vibrant colors

hi… I´m from Brazil. Always watch your videos and like a lot! (just curious) Why you never try another color on your nails…. Please, don´t be mad whith me!!! Also like your nails!

OMG! marlena this is probably my favorite look u have ever done!!
it’s a great look for a night on the town for the ending of our beautifuly hot summer!
the look is so fun and absolutly gorg!!!!!
thank u thank u thank u!! we love u!

xoxo-lots of smiles
ps- the frosted ocean shadow looks so amazing on you! ur eyes just POP!! :)

Great video…. I was wondering what purple color Marlena actually used in her video. In the list of colors that she used it’s noted that she used Royal Purple, but in the video she says she used Amethyst. Marlena, can you let me know what color was used? I’d love to purchase it, I love purple.
I love this video.

I’m so happy to see you using Ben Nye. I’m a theatre major and we use Ben Nye products for everything as far as theatre but never for just a pretty look to wear during the day so that is very refreshing. I love your tutorials.

Greetings of Marlena, I from Russia, I very much like your video-lessons. With impatience I wait for new video.

=) if you dap a good amount of baby powder under your eye when using pigments its amazing how easy it is to wipe off without any acess color left on your face !

great look btw!

Hey Marlena

Firstly, THANKS for your vids! They are all just great!

HELP!! Everytime when I apply eye makeup, I feel great the whole day. But when I should clean my eyes ih the evening, the makeup does go away very hard and there is all the time mascara and eyeliner staying. After removing, my eyes hurt so much that I don’t want to put on eye makeup for a while! Even the day after my eyes are irritated and hurt. So, which eye makeup remover do you use or which one do you recommend? What do you think, is there any brand which I could buy in Switzerland? Estee Lauder, L’oreal, Manhattan, Maybelline, Clarins, Nivea or so? I cannot buy MAC, neither NYX and other Amerikan brands.

Thank you so much for any help, greetings from Switzerland and sorry for the faults, but I’m not so used to the English language.

Have a nice day

I would first make sure to wash your face as normal- the warm water will loosen up the makeup some. Then, use a cotton ball with some makeup remover or even some olive oil to take off any remaining eye makeup. Estee Lauder does have a good cream based makeup remover- can’t remember the exact name, but it’s in a mint green bottle.

If your eyes are hurting, then you’re being too rough or using harsh products- try using something that has a bit of oil in it for your eyes as it is more gentle :)

I think Marlena is thinking about Take It Away- it’s a makeup remover, not a cleanser, so you’ll still want to use your normal cleanser afterward or it leaves a bit of a sticky feeling.

Oh, thank you so much for answering my question so quickly! I feel honoured to profit from your great knowledge. I’ll have a look on this remover today because unfortunately by night I have to remove my first great look based on your beginner vids!!! It has turned out so beautiful! Thank you!!!

Greetings from Switzerland, be blessed

This is so pretty! It actually reminds me a lot of the Taco Bell inspired look I posted on the forum- of course it’s much more wearable, since mine was editorial style! I love the purple shade though, I may have to hunt that down!

Great look Marlena!! The tut is so clear and easy, thanks for the blending tips! I will try it this weekend!!!

im not sure what you did with your camera in this one but its great!
alot more defined and easy to see what you are doing =]
this loooks beautiful…. although i think my eyes would be too small to pull it off haha
but its a lovely look!

hey marlena is this look for all skin tones because im not darka and im not light skinned eaither im like in the middle so i was wonderin if i can still try this look?? by the way im lovin this look its one of your best ones (:

i tried going to the MUG store to purchase these pigments (plus peacock and bronze) but you’re out of stock for all of these. any idea when you’ll re-stock? I’ve been checking since this GORGEOUS tutorial and am dying to get these!

Hi Marlena: We really miss you when you were on vacations… this is a wonderfull and fun look… I have a question, everytime I use eye liner on my waterline ends all below my eyelashes, and I look like I’ve been crying for a long time I don´t know exactly the word for it (sorry, I´m from Mexico… jiji) anyway, i would like to know how to evoid that effect…
Thank you so much!!

My name is Nohely and I love your website. I want to become a make up artist but I really don’t know how to break into the scene. Either this Fall or Winter I am going to go to
Make Up First, LLC in Chicago. Lately I have been doing my family and Friends make up for parties and wedding. So could you give more scene of direction in this field. I have been thinking about Working for MAC or Sephora. You could give me some good advice I would be grateful. Thank You and Can you please Show us how to make or pack or make up Case

I can’t find anything to help droopy eyes or sad eyes the only way I can find to cover it up is by wearing a lot of makeup and drawing on eye liner like a crayon upwards.(YUCK!) please help me.

hey you didnt show what you did on your face on this vid what did you use that made the highlighting shimmer bit on your cheekbones was it the mac skinfinish? thanks x

Hey Marlena!

Just had a quick question, I’m a bit confused as to which color you used for the purple pigment in your tutorial. In the video you said it was “Amethyst” but on the link to the MUG store, it’s labeled as “Royal Purple”. Hopefully, you can get back to me as to which one you used in the video. Thanks!

This is such a cute look, i enjoy your inspiritaion in your make up style.
makes me feel inspired to try new things with my make up!
your a great role model for others.

I absolutely love this look. I have to wear hawaiian/Tropical shirts to work so this will go great with all of them. Alright so i have a quick question also. In the video you call the purple a different name than what you listed. What is the exact name of the purple. I have very green eyes and purple really brings out the green. Can you also do a look with the ben nye peacock pigment and a purple? Your great keep up the good work.

I just want to say that I love this look. I love vibrant colors and this one is so cute! I hope to see more tutorials with vibrant colors….

hey i dont know if you notice on this video u said to use the color amerthyst and on ur list down below is saids to use royal purple. Im just a little confuse on which color to use..Thought I let you know..Sabrina

i really love the eyeshadow i tried something a little similar to that last month to wear to my school reunion wow that is on and popping

hi marlena, i wore this for school today. i’m an esthetician about to graduate from beauty school. i was amazed. that i could pull it off. Everyone at school wants me to do their makeup. Please keep your video’s coming, i’m telling everyperson i know about you. I’m a woman of color (aka dark skin black women). I have of the lighter color pigments. I just don’t know how to combine them. what do you suggest? thanks

I just received these colors in the mail and CANNOT wait to try them on!
I was wondering though, In the video you said the purple color was Amythest, but the product listings on the bottoms says Royal Purple. Which one did you use?
Thanks ~