Halloween Look – Sleeping Beauty

One of the most enchanting princesses, Aurora’s beauty and charm is flawless. She exudes grace and has mesmerized countless numbers of girls everywhere. Often described as shy, beautiful, kind and sophisticated as well as a hopeless romantic she by far one of the most desirable princesses for the Halloween season. This tutorial is ideal for anyone who desires to channel their inner princess. This elegant look is sure to attract the attention of princes everywhere. Just beware spinning wheels and evil queens.




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very cute! I lovet hat you are using nyx stuff so that people don’t feel like they need to use expensive products for just a costume. Way to go Marlena, you are awesome!

HI Marlena,

First of all WOW what a beautiful makeup look and wonderful editing, it looks PROFESSIONAL, no joke, welldone!
I have a couple of questions for you, so sorry but i will try and make them brief. First of all in Australia we don’t have a Sephora or any beauty stores like you guys, i so wish we did BUT we do have a store called Priceline, this store may be a little similar to Sephora so on. I was wondering if possible would you be able to have a quick look on their Website and see what products are good and ones you would recommend for me to buy, i don’t mind what you say i would love anything. I know this is a big ask so i am not going to ask anymore questions…lol.
Ok then Marlena you truly are a Role Model for me and i watch every single video, i really want to make my self a makeup space just like you so when we move into my new house i am thinking of making myself one, you know a desk, a mirror, organised makeup, just maybe not as big… i wish!!!!
I know this is a long post so i will say goodbye and good luck with all your FANTASTIC vidoes on their way in the future!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much, you truly are my role model!!!!!!

Aww- that’s such a cute post!! :) From what I can tell on the site, it’s similar to our drugstores here. Loreal HIP is a good line as they’re very pigmented and Revlon has the best foundations :)

Oh thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! You have made my DAY!!!!! I will check it out and i do have the Revlon Colorstay… IT is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
Thank you Marlena xoxoxoxoxox

Beautiful look as always! I’ve loved Sleeping beauty since I was a kid.

Two questions though: What do you do with your lipsticks for clients? Do you take the product and put it in a lipstick palette? If not how do you use the lipsticks on different clients? Also what are the foundations you use on clients? I know you love Revlon for yourself, but what are the foundations you bought many colors of to use on different skin colored clients?

Thanks so much! You have no idea how much you have helped me…build my confidence…you have built great karma for yourself through this site!!!!

For my lipsticks, I use a brush with the lipstick. I’ll either scrape some off on a palette or back of my hand. I also dip the lipstick in rubbing alcohol to kill germs and disinfect. A better way would be to have a lipstick palette, but I haven’t gotten the courage to melt down my lipsticks yet :(*

You gotta teach a seminar or something~!!!! PLEASE ^_^ Love, love all your videos. Wish I could meet you in person……probably ask you like a zillion questions. Thanks for always updating us with new videos…xoxo.

do you think this look would go with someone with dark skin tone???? It looks beautiful on the model but I have dark Asian skin…….

I think it would look pretty except the eyes may need to be a little darker purple. But, I’m not exactly sure as I’d have to try the look out on darker skin :) Everything else I know would look good! :)

MARLENA girl .!!!!! i love love love love U and absolutely LOOOOOOOVE ur make up.!!
i started waching u on you tube last monthe and OMG ur killing me with ur amazing looks.!!

BTW am from Saudi Arabia and we all love u her .!
sorry if my gramer wasn’t right cuZ am not that gd in English.!!

thank you so much marlena.!
C ya <3

I was thrilled to see this video, Sleeping Beauty was my favorite princess and the look is gorgeous! I watch and love all your videos Marlena! I was just wondering if in your opinion makeup forever star powder is as good as or similar to Mac pigments. And off the top of your head do you think Iridescent Beige 926 or Iridescent Pale Peach 947 is more similar to Mac’s pigment in Naked? Thanks Marlena, you’re the best!

Yes, I think the 2 are similar- MAC’s naked may not be as sheer though?

I LOVE MUFE’s star powders- so smooth and sparkly but not overly glittery! They are a bit more sheer and shiny than MAC pigments- I like both for different purposes :)

It’s a Sonia Kashuk Crease Shadow brush. Marlena has talked about her brushes in earlier videos. They’re about $7.00 at Target. :)

I still think it is so funny you are doing these disney looks, and I am so glad you did it before me cause I was trying to find good images but now I get to do yours, and you are the masta! I was going to do snow white first since that is who everyone say’s I look like, black hair white as a ghost, and always wearing blood red lips. I haven’t had a chance to watch this tut yet, cause as soon as I got the email, I think everyone else did too. So thiswill be my first tut that I have done in 4 weeks, first thing in the morn. Have a good night.

Questions and compliments! OK Marlena, its time for you to do a tour, maybe get in a beauty expo? because we are all on pins and needles! @ 1st glance in te photos I thought no way, this is pretty, but not my favorite Disney Princess!! But in live action, you couldnt have done a better job! Princess Aurora was brougt to life, so thank you. So my question is since you have ties to Michigan, will you ever do any seminars? you have such a balanced mix of proffesionalism, sweetness, and so well versed at making the average person understand a professional tutorial. This is a compliment- you are doing for makeup what Rachel Ray did for food! She made people want to turn on the stove with confidence, you make us wanna hit up a SEPHORA!!

GODDESS MARLENA .. Forever at your worship!

Tell Sleeping beauty she can sleep next to me anytime! as shes probaly got more than 7 dwarfs worshipping her at the moment … more like 7000! :-)

mmmMMMM lets have Vicky the Vixen next Goddess! as then she can really put thoses lashes to good use …….. Across my back! …… she sure is one hot peice of kit and what would i of given to have been a fly on the wall at this top totty beaver tutorail ……. :-)

All thats need now Goddess is for you to give Sleeping Beauty her sexy kiss to wake her up … Cor blimey that would be the icing! … :-)


Love the look!
Sweet Marlena, need your help… I need a sexy zombie halloween look! any ideas?

i love the look its sooo pretty <3

i would love if yu could do one for tinkerbell , ur awesome

btw ur the reason i learned how to put makeup on =]

Hi Marlena! I think this sleeping beauty look is beautiful and I love the lipstain. I have plenty of glosses and stains but I’m not sure where to get nice but affordable lipsticks. Do you have any suggestions?

hey marlena i was wondering about something.. i purchased a smashbox cream liner about 3 months ago and im not sure how to use it because i tried using a liner brush and it just didnt grab enough color to see on the lids im not sure if i need to put something on them so the brush can grab more color.. please help!!

I’m getting frusterated, I can’t find where to buy this kit. It says it’s in the make up geek store, but I can’t find it anywhere!!! Where is it?? :(

I was finaily able to get the angle liner brush from target, since my birthday is on Friday he couldn’t say no. OMG that brush makes the biggiest differience compared to my straight one.

Marlena, I love this look! Very nice use of purple(: Okay, so I saw this lipgloss in sephora and had to have it! It called sugar goddess and is made by Fresh. It is this gorgeous kinda red-orange color and I was wondering if you had it! Much Love!(: <3

i loove this look for halloween its perfect !
i just wish you used the coastal scents palette or something with not so high prices hahaha
anyway i loove al your videos ! =)

Marlena – did you see the new High Shine Color Eyeshadows from Bare Escentuals? Beautiful colors, and they give the foiling effect! They are new on their website.

Check them out!

I got the Glisten one and it is beautiful for a natural, work look!

Beautiful, Marlena! :) Is there any chance that you will be doing any futuristic look?
I am interested in knowing how you may interpret that! :D

Hi Marlena and fellow makeup geeks!
Thankyou for another amazing video- and two sets of lashes look fantastic (I have trouble just getting one to stick on right!)
Any comments on how the Palladio lip stain wears? The model’s lips look quite moist and full coloured. I love the idea of a stain but the ones I’ve tried have a tendency to dry out my lips a lot. I also like that it comes in a pen form- even I could give that a go!

I love your makeup tutorials. They are so easy to follow and they always turn out so pretty! I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to do a pretty camo eyemakeup look. I am being an army girl for halloween and cant figure out a good makeup look. Thanks! I love you!