Halloween Look – Maleficent

The self-proclaimed “Mistress of All Evil”, Maleficent is often viewed as the most powerful and sinister of all the Disney Villains. Angry because she was shunned by the King and Queen, Maleficent curses Aurora that on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel…and die! Stunning in her own right, this evil Queen’s wrath knows no bounds. This is what makes her an ideal choice for anyone who wants to to look amazing and still play the part of the bad girl for Halloween. With this easy to follow tutorial looking and feeling like the most evil of queens is easy. But beware, his bewitching look is sure to catch the attention of everyone around you.


  • Ben Nye Cream Foundation- Frankenstein    (or any olive green face paint- this one from Amazon looks good):    (Amazon)
  • Make Up For Ever HD Powder (or any translucent set powder)
  • NYX Single Eyeshadow- Hunter Green  (Makeup Geek Store)




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Hi, Marlena;)
You are the best artist ever, I simply love your tutorials. Wish you all the best in life. I was wondring if you could do some more soda tutorials soon or a tutorial where you use MAC or NYX cosmetics. I love your bollywood inspired look. Do you think you can do another one? I know I’m requesting a lot, but I need an inspiration. And right now you are my only hope. By the way, you are looking stunning. You said that you are doing a lot of work out these days, could you tell me something about your diet and your workout plan. I want to loose a few pounds.
Do amazon ship their items to Norway?
Thank you, Marlena;)

AMAZING Marlena!!!!!!! It’s wonderful how your working with models so the viewers can see you working on different eye shapes.
Keep up the outstanding work Marlena!!!!!!!!!!!! I love every single video you post!!!!!!!

OMG, you read my mind! Someone recenly posted a beautiful wearable look that reminded me of Malificent, and that movie was a staple in our movie collection. Her look is DIVALICIOUS, out of all of the Disney Villianettes. She was like the Disney equivalent to the modern day “The Devil Wears Prada”. Im moved by this look as a costume. BRAVO, GIRLS!!

I love you are using models! Great job — it looks just like her look ! I think you also need to do the softer looks like the Disney Princess . Cinderella ( My fave ) ,Belle, and Snow white —etc. You do fabulous work –keep it up !

this is EPIC!!!! and when i first saw it i thought you were going to use the stuff from the Disney Villan M.A.C collection XP sorry hehehe. But i loved the those to colors. Green and Burgendy are soooo sexy together ;) hehehe and the lips are great to :)

Maybe can you do a Evil Queen makeup tutorial pretty please with cherries on top with spinkles of evil ;D

Wow!! This is a great tutorial Marlena! Your website is too good to be true! Was that her real hair? If not, where did you find the great wig? Also, do you have any tips on how to get all of that makeup off at the end of the night without irritating the skin? Any special products? Thanks and keep the tuts coming!!!! :D

Hey Jessica, I like that question about the makeup removal, I’d also like to know. I was thinking maybe safflower oil would be good, gentle, and effective in breaking down that makeup. I just tried it recently (saw the benefits on the DR.OZ show) I hope we can get a response!

hi marlena, im writing from méxico.. my sister and I love everything you do !!! =D
she wants to dress up like bride of cucky but she has no idea how to do her make up.. so could you help us and do a tutorial about it ?
Thank you!

hey marlena i really love all ur makeup tutorials never quit doing this you are the best =D
PLEASE PLEASE do some tutorials of the new mac venomous villains collection i loved the maleficent eyeshadows! thanks ….! =)

GODDESS MARLENA! …… This is just Torture!

Yep … Torture, as 2 tutorials now and us servant geeks have not been able to see you but only hear our majestic Goddess! .. im soon going to need counselling if this carries on :-(

Still what would of giving to have the Queen of the lash do my make up like that lucky devoted geekie .. i promise Goddess i wouldnt wash for a whole week! plus to top it those words again …..”now its time for the lashes”…… my tongue is still dripping as 138 lashes ! Mwiah …X… Oh my god even more sexy bloody Torture …. please Goddess can i have them in one go? :-) …. as your the ultra sexy wicked witch for my Halloween party …. so come and give my door knocker a knock on the 31st and you can practise your evil spell and make this your devoted slave to the cause worship and beg before you! xxxx

Hope you have a lovely Halloween Goddess as i might try ths look as kids nowadays expect 6 cans of the extra strong lager to a poxy lollipop so i need to scare the little rascals away!


Hi Merlena, this look is so gorgeous! Please, make more Disney inspired looks!!! How sad, in my country Halloween is not that popular, otherwise I would love to try the look! How about doing series about Disney’s most popular female characters like Cinderella, Little Mermaid, and so on? I would love to see that! Keep doing such great work, I have been learning a lot from you!

I agree, I think doing a Disney-themed series of videos would be wonderful and fun! Here’s to hoping that maybe it’ll happen someday :)

This is Great work Marlena..
I hope u could do a tutorial on everyday office (corporate) look.
Thanks :))
Love from Australia

I would love a tutorial on some really fun Vampire make up for Halloween – lots of eyeliner & false lashes. Maybe with red eye shadow – hmm what color lips? Help Marlena!!!

Long time fan and this look is fantastic. You did an amazing job. Where do you buy Ben Nye products? I have visited the web site and looked through the catalog but I’ve never known who carries their products. Thank you!

Verry Nice work Marlena looks Fantabulous and spooky =) .Im going to be a Roman Empress for Haloween..Do you have any makeup Ideas on how i should do my make-up..i looked up some but it doesn’t really show me??My dress is white with a burgandy??I was going to do the tutorial you have on Greek godess but i dont know if that would go with..I would really appreciate it Thanks Hope your Having a wonderful day =)

hi marlina,
it was a fantastic tutorial,plz tell me abt the pressed powder what is da color i should use wid golden beig foudation as my complextion is not very fair nor very tang mean have a medium complextion

Awesome! Could you do a make up for Cleopatra. I know a guest posted one, but I would like to see one of the whole face.

Keep up the Awesome Work!!

I love it!!!. I hope you have an evil plan of doing all the villain looks!!! I’m interested in evil queen. And like your other fan said. Please, please , please with cherries on top and sprinkles of evil :P
As always, I love what you do and you inspire us all with every tutorial, review, swatch, etc.
One question, and I hope you can answer me….how can get my eye liners really sharp?????. I keep using the sharpner but the tip comes out round and it’s hard to work with plus it breaks off easily if I keep sharpenning. I have urban decays 24/7 liners

O… M…G !

Great idea to do Maleficent! Fantastic job Marlena, I’m absolutely stunned! This look shows a lot of your PROness hahaha (like the others don’t xD). Keep on the high level tutorials :)

Thank you for your hard work and very pleasant 5 minutes!

hi marlena,
i know everyone is talking about looks, n some1 mentioned a disney theme, that would b great if u could do a jessica rabbit look, i would greatly apreciate it