Halloween Look – Cleopatra

The Queen of the Nile, better known as Cleopatra is renowned for her stunning beauty and determination. The infamous queen’s beauty and distinctive makeup has been celebrated for centuries and has been one of the most sought after Halloween looks. Her dramatic eye makeup is famous for its thick, bold lines and signature blue and gold shades. Now you can achieve this same striking look with this easy tutorial. You are certain to feel as exquisite and graceful as the queen herself.




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amazing! I tried the double wing. awesome effect! instead of putting the white eyeshadow in between, i used gold rhinestone stickers. just one or two. and the eye makeup pops even more! =D

You outdone yourself, Marlena! I adore this look! It’s so stylish and glamourous! It makes me wanna dye my hair black again ;)

all this pomp and circumstance surrounding your new videos.. they seem rather amateurish to be honest. the zoom-ins at the end of the videos are corny. the editing lately has been really bad. short and sweet works best for you, and we like seeing YOU put make-up on YOURSELF! the simpler the better (and more intimate). your videos are losing their appeal to me because the make-up seems sloppy and there’s so much going on with the editing.. blah! forgive me if i sound harsh, i’m really just trying to be helpful and honest. i will always be a fan because you’ve taught me so much and i respect you tons.

hey – you are being harsh. There is such a thing as constructive criticism, and you are lacking in that skill.
If you want to be helpful, you might try harder in future to not be mean.

I don’t think rebes sounds harsh, but honest.

She is telling her what she doesn’t like about the videos and how it would be better. That IS constructive criticism.

genuinely, i am not trying to be mean or come across as mean. i understand they are MY opinions and maybe nobody agrees with them. trying to be more helpful than cruel :)

@rebes, fair enough – sentiments can get lost in type! I actually agree with your opinions… maybe I am just too sensitive to the delivery?! sorry!

GODDESS MARLENA .. This turorial is getting a bit heated isnt it!

If i was to be honest Goddess is it nice to see you when the make up is applied although i have enjoyed the model tutorials especially when your working of some tasty piece of kit .. ie: the sleeping beauty mmmmmM she was top beaver! :-) .. i can understand you must be very busy and keeping us servant geeks satisfied is a full time job coming up with ideas and insperation etc .. but i was happy with say just the one tutorail every week or even 2 weeks as these were very detailed and objective and i personaly think your working too hard Goddess

Must admit i feel a little bit sorry for the poor model … she must be thinking ” Crickey … next time il do an invisable man look!” bless her .

I think she looks well nice and she can come round my house Halloween anytime … :-) .. Juice it up Cleo .. your looking Rometastic!

well…maybe because it was one of the shortest videos and you guys like it better when its more personal and its her smiling face talking to us?? i personally didnt care for this one but still” love love love” her and her ideas!!

i couldn’t agree with you more dude. i’ve stopped watching these and going on the site unless something pops up in my feed and i really have nothing better to do. bums me out.

I understand what you’re saying- I think the Halloween videos are such a change from my normal format, that it’s an adjustment. I’m not really sure what to do about the sloppy makeup- you’re not the only one who’s said that, but I apply it the exact same as I do on myself- I know it’s not brilliantly creative or artistic, but I guess my main objective was to have something easy and inexpensive for the “every day person” to achieve :)

I’ll be back on camera soon as my skin is healing nicely (FINALLY getting my adult acne cleared up- yay for hormones… ) BUT, I will do looks on models occasionally in the future. I may do a different format though and be on camera speaking like I normally do, but just do the look on a model :) I just need a camera crew! haha

i’m glad you’re taking our criticisms in stride and responding very patiently and kindly. i apologize for seeming harsh, i just miss the simplicity in your older videos. they focused more on make-up than models, music, production, etc. i also understand it’s the halloween season and there is a lot of demand for halloween tutorials! <3 marlena! you are amazing and such an inspiration. ultimately that's what i want you to know :)

we dont mind the adult acne!! thats what makes you real…we all have breakouts and your BEAUTIFUL!! so help us see how you cover up youe little imperfections…dont hide that MUG….we wanna see :)

Having been a person whom her makeup was applied on, I can honestly say her skill is nothing short of phenomenal. I fail to see any of it as sloppy. Of course everyone enjoys Marlena’s beautiful face, but this helps makeup artists and people who do not resemble Marlena see how the looks would be applied and how they would look. Change is never bad guys [:

I dont agree what you say! First of all Marlena is not a professional of filming videos. No she do this for pleasure because she love makeup and she want to share her tips and tricks with us. She’s not paid to do this for us so how could you critic what she’s doing for us. If you dont like what you see you just have to go see something else on the net. No one force you to look her videos. How would you react if someone say’s something like this to you? What would you say if you were doing some videos from your own home for free and also for fun. To share your skills and talent for something you love and someone critic what you’ve done? I know that you would be upset. We dont need to read such stupidity from someone who dont half of the talent that Marlena have. Yeah! I am really upset because she have done so much for us so far. Next time keep your stupid comment or opinion for you. But if you have nice comment or awsome suggestion it will be a pleasure to read what you have to say.

Hi love the look but is there any chance on you doing a model that has hooded eyes that would really help me as in 23 and my eyes are hooded…………. Thanks and tc xxxxxxx

I’m working on getting some models with all sorts of eye shapes, skin colors, ages, etc… for looks for MUG :) It will be great for showing how to apply colors/looks to different people- hang in there, it’s a work in progress! :)

ive always loved your tutorials however there was something about this one that just didn’t have the same energy. perhaps it was your model…not sure. but the white of her eyeball looked grey – maybe it was the video quality.
i must also agree with ‘rebes’, i prefer your videos without all this extra editing. the focus really should be on the makeup & the closeups are the best…Ive found the new editing to focus more on the ‘far shoot’ which doesnt really help when you explaining technique….well, not for me anyway.
hope that was constructive criticism :-)

I’ll see if I can just do closeups of the eyes so it’s easier to see :) I don’t mind constructive criticism at all- it does make us all better, and you weren’t rude at all in your remarks :)

hi i was wondering how to get off eyelashes and if you can do Reviewing self tanning because it would be nice :D or if someone else could give me tips for the face! /a girl from Sweden!

Make sure you wash your face with warm water to loosen up the glue then gently peel off. To reuse, peel off the glue and wash with eye makeup remover then rinse with water. Lay flat to dry

hi i was wondering how to get off eyelashes and if you can do Reviewing self tanning because it would be nice :D or if someone else could give me tips to the face! :D /a girl from Sweden

I LOVE this look! It makes me wish I was going to be Cleopatra for Halloween. :) Although, I might buy the kit anyway.. just to have the colors. :) <3

Hey Marlena, I was wondering~ I love the look and the turquoise but I don’t like gold–I do know Egyptians used a lot of gold–if I was to use silver what would you recommend me to use instead of the “old gold” pigment?

thanks <3

Hi Marlena,

I always look forward to your tutorials and I watched even the oldest video on your site. I would loooooove it if you’re going to teach us how to wipe-off a heavy make-up especially the eyeliner in the waterline and mascara. To be honest, I rarely use mascara because it’s very difficult for me to remove it. Pleeeeeease!
Thank you….you’re such an inspiration.

I’m actually planning that vid already- I’m hoping it will be up in December :) I know that sounds far off, but I’m already backed up on vids for November- oye…

I would have to agree with “rebes”. I personally loved all of the energy and, how to say it…”genuine-ness” (?) of your previous videos. I love how extensive and detailed they are and how you can tell exactly what kind of strokes you’re using, etc. with the closeups. All of these looks (maybe just because they’re for Halloween) have been 4 or 5 steps, basically just two eyeshadows/pigments, some liner, falsies, and mascara. What happened to all of the talent and neat looks? Your peacock inspired look was amazing and looked so much more smoother and finished than these (including the Homecoming look). I understand that you probably don’t have time to edit videos and do photography and stuff, but it seems so rehearsed and commercial. Hope this was constructive and not mean/harsh/etc. but it’s honestly how I feel. I just can’t focus on your videos or get as much from them anymore. I LOVED when you demonstrated on yourself. Please don’t feel self conscious or anything; we love you and think you’re beautiful!!!

This is exactly the kind of tutorial I was looking for :) I love Egypt and basically everything about it, and I’m probably going to use this Tutorial for Halloween :) Thanks so much for taking the time out of your life to shows us your extreme talent. I really enjoy watching your videos and hope to see more lovely ones :)

Uhh…..I think the eyeshadow should be darker. Maybe not even the gold….. In real-life Cleopatra used crushed lapis for her eyeshadow…..which is much darker and more pigmented than this color! BUT, It does look awesome! Thanks for all the tutorials you do Marlena!


I am being a “Strawberry Farm Girl” for Halloween. I was wondering if you could see if you could come up with a look for this? The outfit is a red dirndl, with a white apron, the dirndl has a strawberry shape to it. I am also wearing green and white striped tights with it. Sound inspiring? HAHA! Thank you again for the AH-mazing tutorials!


I know this is a lot….I’ll leave you alone after this….but I have a question. Are you familiar with L.A. Colors makeup? If not, you can get them at like Deals and Dollar General. Anyway, I was wondering if you do get around to it, then I would like to see a tutorial with their 6 Color Metallic Eyeshadow Pallete in “Precious”….


This Look is awesome Great Job Marlena =).I do have to Agree that Using Models is ok,But I miss Your Make-up Tutorials,Done on you,You always brought Joy and atmosphere to them and made me smile when you would get some fall out on your face then you would laugh =) .On a different Note Your still awesome and always will love you amazing work,Hope to see a Tutorial of you soon take care girl <3

well, thank you :) I just need to figure out what to do when I get the sagging face and wrinkles- not sure if all the MUGs want an up close and personal view of my face in HD ;) Until then, I’ll keep taping away ;)

GODDESS MARLENA .. Forever at you heels for worship!

Goddess! im still thinking of ways to make you very very rich and hes one thats so easy! .. A PHOTO! … yes Goddess a photo but not no ordinary photo .. but a photo of you your Majesty of the lash in all you beauty and demure! and then you sign the perfect picce and put it on Ebay for the highest price for Geekies to bid for ……………….

And what a bidding war it will be, as us your slave geekes will sell our homes our cars and even the mother.in.law to get our hands on the masterpiece of Goddess Marlena beauty at all costs! .. Ebay will go into Marlena mode with your sevant geeks from around the globe fighting each other for the signed perfection of Goddess Worship to hang pride of place in the home .. (id they havent sold it to buy it .. :-) ) … and Goddess all the money made will go into your bank account and youll be the rich .. Queen of the Mac 2/17 once and for all .. mmmMMM your thinking about this arent you Goddess ? .. eeeeeeaaaaaasssy Money ££££££ .. :-)


hahahaha!! You truly made my night sweetie with that- I needed it, so thank you :) Shoot, that IS an idea! It’ll fund my trip to Paris next year for school :) hehe

I really like this look, very simple, yet exotic and exciting. I love seeing the models’ beautiful faces, but I would much rather see yours! I love you my makeup guru!!!(: (: (:

YAY! Thanks Marlena! This is the tut I requested. You did a great job +++++ BONUS I was looking at that VERY SAME Cleopatra Costume & was wondering how it looked on! YAY! for me. Thanks again Marlena.

I agree with the general mood. Marlena is a wonderful makeup artist, but this look is just bland, without energy, kind of amateur. Maybe is something to do with the model, I personally don’t think that it flatters her at all. Makes me wish never get dressed up as Cleopatra. I hope Marlena goes back to the non Halloween looks, because this one and the cat girl are just not her thing. I would like to see some more creative Halloween looks, like Eduard Scissor hands or something like that, not just looks for girls that want to look hot on Halloween. I like Marlena and I have follow her tutorials for a long time, but I know that taking criticism is part of becoming better at what you do. Love your videos Marlena, except the past two. :)

Well while the halloween season is here we will continue to post helpful halloween looks for the everday woman. This isn’t all about being hot its about looking good and having fun with it. Marlena is branching out and doing other things. Unfortunately she can not please everyone and everyone wants something different. We appreciate your constructive criticism but we will continue to do things they way we are doing them. Everyone has to evolve.

Well, of course Marlena can’t please everyone, and I do recognise that she wants to branch out and evolve… but sometimes some things do not need to be changed. I feel what attracted people to Marlena’s tutorial in the first place is lost in this new way of doing things. There are a lot of makeup tutorials out there. What made Marlena’s different was the intimacy, how she would explain everything in detail, the simplicity of the editing (looked professional but not overdone) and most of all her cheerful an smily face. It seems a lot of people are not particularly liking this new direction the tutorials are taking, not just one or two people. So I think this feedback should not be ignored totally and maybe she and her team can try and find a way for her to evolve while keeping what makes her special and what makes her stand out from the other tutorials out there.

I say why want to change so much a recipe that works so well?

We all love Marlena and I think people give this feedback because they care!

Geez, with that type of attitude I don’t think I will come back to this site, who are you to speak to Marlenas viewers like that?!?!
I have been coming to this site for over two years and have bought several items from the MUG store, and I would always look forward for the next video…
But lately I have found myself also disappointed in the looks as well…
They have been too simple and not very challenging too me, I want to learn on an advance level not something I already know…
AND EVERYBODY WANTS TO LOOK HOT AND HAVE FUN FOR HALLOWEEN!!! And I would also rather see Marlena on camera, so what you have imperfections that’s what makes it real to us, so you have a blemish? Cover them up and show us how to do it! And if Marlena wants to branch out that’s great! But things don’t need to be changed much especially when it’s going good, we really don’t need models and so much editing and a TEAM!! So back off Taryn! People like you will make the MUG viewers look somewhere for makeup tricks and ideas!! AND IM STILL WAITING ON THAT VAMPIRE TUTORIAL!! You would think we would have one by now especially with all the vampire hype and popularity lately! Anyways sorry for ranting on but Taryn pissed me off!!

hey yo, lady man, noone needs your opinion , did not you ever hear that client is always right?? soooo..HER viewers are her clients and HER TEAM, they are the one WHO MADE HER NOT YOU!!
SO . think again , a viewer loves Marlena for what she originally was,and want to see that!!
Now… what the hek..why do you want to change something that displeases others??? Is that right ? Is that your will ? Go home and tell your mommy to change the face , or is she the model too?? wooho2u
to MARLENA- think for yourself always!

Yes she is becoming too commercialized to me as well, keeps using the same products from her mug store to get us to buy them to fund her trip to Paris!!!
And acting all nice and sweet to us and having MISS TARYN do her dirty work with us by being rude and having an Attitude with the viewers!!!!

These are all good points, and I TRULY do appreciate the honesty! It’s good to know as things are growing very rapidly at MUG and I do not want to loose that intimacy and the spark the videos had from the start.

I always have and always will LOVE taping videos as it’s my chance to connect with viewers- I’m just trying to figure out a way to incorporate models as it’s good to see different looks on different people. Plus, I’m not thinking I’ll want a closeup of my face plastered across HD screens once the wonderful aging process begins- it’s not here yet but will be before I know it. Which is ok- I’m ok with getting older, as I’m still healthier and happier now than I was at 18! :)

I hope that makes sense with the how’s and why’s of the new format- it’s not staying that way permanently :) Was just a “trial run” as well as a chance for my skin to get a breather

Thank you so much Marlena for taking the time to read all our comments and to take this feedback seriously and with great maturity! It’s ok to try new things, if you don’t try, you’ll never know what works and what doesn’t! I think it’s ok to have a model once in a while, especially if you want to demonstrate a technique that applies to a facial feature that you don’t have (for example: different complexion, eye shape, etc).

You’re the best!

Oh! and yes, I agree with the other MUGs, we like to see YOU doing your make up. It is probably because every look flatters you and not the other girls :)

i looove all your looks! i rather see you put on the makeup cuz you make it look so fun! =] but regardless the looks that you create are outstanding!! ive learned soo much from you! thank you!! models or not you the professional here so you kno what your doing! love this look! i think ill try it out! anyway we love you marlena! <3

HEY HEY HEY!!!!!!!! This is Mirabelle, I am a beauty fan, do you like Marinello Beauty College? I’m not sure if I could be trusted there.

Be sure to go to my site mirabellepageantgirl.webs.com and click on Pageant Girl. Kathleen is basically a girl who wants to be the best at beauty. I love your vids on MakeupGeek!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Marlena :)
This was a nice look, and it was very pretty….BUT I’m sorry as I do have to agree with others that this is not up to the great Marlena- ness (:P) that your old videos were. I feel that they are becoming to impersonal and commercialized. We love you on camera doing your thing and being yourself. That is what made your videos unique.
BUT the look is nice, so I think I will try this :)

I love the look, really pretty. Gives me a terrific idea for a look to wear at my next meeting at work. Since I talk about your videos at work a lot, I think they might blame you for the dramatic makeup I wear on the everyday, lol. That’s why I love your vids, all of your looks fit perfectly with my personal style.

haha- that’s great! Shoot, I’ll wear hot pink shadow on a Tuesday if I feel like it :) If anyone else doesn’t like it, oh well, as I’ll rock it anyways! hahaha :)

I dunno why so many people are complaining… I thought the video was great and I enjoy how Marlena’s changing it up by showing her working on models for these halloween vidoes. It’s neat!

I also think this is a super-awesome Cleopatra costume look. The double eyeliner looks just like something off a pyramid wall or ancient papyrus! Would never have thought of that. It is surprising how easy such a striking, theatrical look is to achieve. Or maybe Marlena’s such a great MUA that she just makes it look easy ;)

Also that NYX blush in Nutmeg is *really* nice, I might have to get that one!

I agree with the earlier comments, in the latest halloween videos the makeup looks sloppy and is hard to see exactly what Marlena is doing. It could be the quality of the video or the angle that Marlena has to work on in order to shoot the videos but I’m not a fan. I do like the ideas though! I’m also not a fan of Ben Nye pigments, i bought a sample from the makeup geek store and I’m glad I only paid $2 or so because even though the colors are so pretty and pigmented, they are hard to work with (something to do with the consistency of them, not sure exactly why). MAC pigments are far better in my opinion.

Ahh… I see now- the angle is different and harder to see- ok, that makes sense! Is that where you guys think it’s looking sloppy or is it the technique? I really want to get that down…

Also, what color pigment did you get? I’m just curious if certain colors are harder to work with? But I love my Ben Nye pigments for the intense looks as they’re crazy pigmented! They are a little harder to use though than the MAC ones as they’re more intense :)

Well, I kind of like the models for certain tutorials, and I do think it should be something you continue to do, but I do have to agree, the intimacy of the one on one with you in the videos is what drew me in, and I think perhaps it should be 2/3 Marlena and 1/3 models. Whichever you decide you’ll still be my favorite and the person who taught me almost everything I know about makeup (and thank you for that.) I really do like the new thing with models, just suggesting you stay in the spotlight too, lol, I’ll miss you terribly if it goes ALL models.

So glad that you did this tut cause it’s what i’m dressing up for halloween :) by the way, where did you get the costume??

I agree with SandraD, rebes and many others.
I like that you use models because that way you can see different eye shapes and so everyone can learn, but honestly, this is an aspect that was wasted in all your model tutorials.
The idea of the tutorial is to go in depth with tecniques, brush strokes, etc. The old stuff is so cool because it’s useful, you give great tips, we actually learn.
This new ones are extra short, and just very superficial. It seems the focus is more in the editing of the film than on the makeup itself.
I feel like, in the hopes of updating twice a week, you do less complex or less useful tutorials.
We love you, Marlena, we do. We know you’re a great artist. And it’s amazing what you do, but I think it’s important for you to stay focused in the reason we come here, which is to learn. The new vids are stuff you can find anywhere, since you just describe the steps. The idea, i think, is to expain them like you used to. Take more time. I could go without all the amateurish editing and have more focus on the makeup.

Hope this helps

I agree with some of the comments. I really think that when you use models it makes less personal. I LOVE your site, but at the same time I am finding myself loosing interest due to you not being in the videos, and not taking your time…

Marlena is an artist, so what she creates can be controversial, that is what an artist do. I personally didn’t like the past Halloween tutorials, but I support her spirit of being innovative. An artist has to reinvent itself every now and then, and not always everyone is going to love what they do. She is very talented so I know she’ll continue putting out those wonderful looks that we all love and there will be always someone that dislike them, but what matters is that she keeps trying to do new things. I am a big fan of her work, she literally thought me how to put make up on and what products to use. I thank you for that Marlena and I’ll always be watching all your videos!! I think that what makes you different from the other people out there is your charisma, and the kind and elegant way you always talk. It is just nice to hear you talking and explaining things. Keep it up girl!! and thanks again!!

Sarah, I’m no longer responding to your comments as it seems you are here to cause strife. I am a very kind and honest person- I hardly ever say anything rude to anyone on here even after I do feel hurt by their comments. I am for once going to tut my own horn and say that it takes someone with integrity and character to do that.

I deleted that one comment, as you in big bold letters were telling people to go elsewhere for makeup tutorials- you and I both know the tone of that was not respectful. This is still my site, and yes, I do have the right to delete comments that I don’t feel benefit anyone.

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! Marlena taught me how to put on makeup too! =] i loove her! not just her work but her personality! honestly ive loved each and everyone of her looks! but harsh criticism is just another reason for her to keep doing what she’s doing and keep her head up! we love you marlena!! AWESOME JOB ON THIS LOOK!

– Hi , I was wondering if you can be able to make a halloween makeup tutorial for a barbie style makeup?!

Hi Marlene,

I know this question doesn’t really go with this tutorial but i didn’t Know where else to put it =/

Im from the UK and really want some make up forever HD foundation but I have to buy it over the internet so im not sure what colour i will be.. Im N20-N25 in mac foundation would you recommend me a colour please???

Great JOB– as ALWAYS! I just do not know why some people do not like it. They can just use different colors if they do not like what you used. It is the idea of how to do the look -that matters ! Do you have any ideas on a school girl look for Halloween ? I have tried to look for ideas. But most makeup sites say to use very little makeup — WHICH IS NOT FOR ME ON HALLOWEEN –!! So can you suggest some colors or ideas for me ? I am sure – I will love it- —– I love all your ideas!!

I love this look, it is a beautiful rendistion of the queen of the niel. And if u don’t like it then i would like to see u do something better.

wow, i don’t understand why almost everyone is being so negative, there is nothing wrong with this look, not my favourite by far, but it does not look sloppy to me at all, I don’t like the models eye shape for this look, maybe that was not the best choice, but the make up is done just fine! As for the editing part, I am not a big fan, but I’ve seen so many of these tut’s sometimes it’s refreshing to speed things up, I don’t know….you can’t please everyone Marlena, but bottom line is, I think WE ALL prefer your old tuts!!! :)))))))) WE LOVE YOU, YOU’RE THE BEST, KEEP IT UP, AND WE’LL KEEP WATCHING YOUR GREAT WORK!!! XOX

OK! So this has turned into “THE VIEW”. Everyone has an opinion, so I’ll state facts. In the video, Marlena says “easy cleopatra look” for the pourpose of HALLOWEEN. Not “sophisticated everyday cleopatra look”. Next, I get the feel that few of us MUGS are actual professional makeup artists, so when did we become professional makeup critics? Marlena,doll… this girl had a rockin costume look. But I think I’m gonna get a zit from the pre-Halloween rigamaro!! love you lots, I have my fingers crossed for an American Indian look.

You have so out done yurself today…that was a brilliant tutorial. Love when you do makeup on ppl,,please more of these kind of tutorials..
Can you do a tutorial on someone who has light skin For bridal look.But have someone. Thanks
Love when its you too, just go for me to see

Thanks so much for this fantastic look. This vid was shorter than most but I still loved it. I’ll definitely try this look at home, although I don’t know if I can pull it off in public due to my terrible makeup skills…. haha but I’m getting better thanks to you!

We all really appreciate the wonderful wonderful work that you are doing for all our MUGs. Don’t worry. I’m sure that you want to try out new ways and I really like it how considerate you are and try to do things for our benefit. WE LOVE YOU MARLENA. Never ever ever doubt that!


Marlena, I have somewhat enjoyed the Halloween videos. I love, love your work! It would be great to see some tutorials on fall looks. I miss seeing you and your fantastic ideas on your NYX products and all the new palettes that are out there now. Look forward to seeing your next video!

Can’t believe some of the comments here! Marlena has taken time from her busy schedule to give us easy and fun HALLOWEEN looks….. not everyday or glamour looks. I think it is great she is showing her versatility as a make up artist. If it’s not to your style no worries, she has plenty of other videos. I have learnt so much from her tutorials and grateful she does these, for FREE!! Not every single video is going to cater to us individually so if you don’t think much of one look, there are plenty of others to choose from. I think Marlena and team do a brilliant job of trying to cater for everyone! Keep up the fantastic work! We love you in Australia!! x x

I like that you are trying different kinds of techniques, and settings, as well as models. I personally love seeing you on camera, but i dont mind when you use models. It gives a different look to your amazing skills. I’ve liked all the tutorials for the halloween looks, and the pictures are very cool too with the settings and the costumes, but i think some close ups to appreciate the make up more would be good. In any case, theres nothing you can do that will make me stop keeping up with the videos/website! I love love love your personality and talent! ive been watching for over 2 years, so in a way, as followers we build a friendship with you so we miss seeing you!

Hey, this look is totally awesome, I love the dramatic use of eyeliner!!! <3 Do you have any ideas for a dark angel, vampire or demon???? I'm trying to get a better idea of what to do for my cousins halloween makeup. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

I appreciate all your vids, but I have to say the Halloween ones are not my favorite. Only because they dont go into detail enough like you do in your personal tutorials. We dont care if your skin is aging or not perfectly clear – so in mine!!!! It is real life and we all have to deal with different issues. I learn soooooo much more when I can see you apply the makeup on yourself… We want to see you and your beautiful face and your detailed videos! Thanks for all your hard work – I can’t wait for some beautiful holiday make-up :)

Hi Marlena, I must say I also miss seeing you in the videos. You just make them a lot more fun to watch. :-) Like I’ve said before I’ve only just recently found your website after stumbling into one of your tutorials on youtube and I got hooked!!! I’ve seen a lot of your tutorials, and most of the older ones and I have to say you are amazing at what you do!! I love watching them and you are just so gorgeous and have such an awesome personality that transcends in all your videos which is what I believe everyone misses. Either way keep doing what you do because we will still be here supporting and loving your work!! Thanks for all you do!!! :-D
P.S. I got my sister hooked on it too hahaha

hello marlena,
i wish if you please tell me from where did you get the soundtrack of this toturial.

will you please stop using models? i feel like you are not having as much personality. and its not as fun to watch the videos):

You have such an attitude with Marlenas viewers, and it’s soooo not funny or called for!!! Marlena needs to drop you like a bad habit!!
You need to take pointers from Marlena and learn to be more professional and understanding of what all the Muggies want!!
If they wanna see more of Marlena on camera, WHATS IT TO YOU!!!!!!!

hey yo, me again haha.. what the matter hunny??? upset ?
Let Marlena to take charge what she WILL USE or will NOT use on HER website. Marlena , dont loose what you have-your originality , love and simply YOURSELF! coz behind of using those models , loving you and loved by you viewer will loose seeing you . I dont think it would be right for all the hard work from the start that you have done and gave to your site , Marlena!!
love and light to you always!

lol I like the ones of you better too Marlena, but I also like when you use models because I need practice for working on people too. So I would agree with guy muggy and say some sort of split would be awesome. Love your work!!!! Love you! hugs

Hey Marlena! First off, great look! I love the eyeshades and the double lined eyes! I miss seeing you on your videos but I think it’s great you are using models so different people can follow your looks better! I also recomment using models with different skin colors as some of the eyeshadows or products you recommend or you use barely show up on my skin since I’m asian! I didn’t like the editing as much in this video, i mean, the music and the different frames/pictures at the beginning and end were perfect but the blackouts between steps I didn’t like. One thing I would definitely ask you to keep is the caption at the beginning of every step telling us which product will be used next and color of the product. It is an excellent idea and really helps me to jot down the names instead of pausing the video and playing back to hear what you have said again! Please keep the captions for all your videos!! So great work, different skin colors, keeps captions! :)

I’m planning on doing this look for Halloween. Any good alternatives to the Ben Nye shadow? Im having trouble finding it. Thanks!

@Sarah — I beg to differ. I have watched Pixiwoo and a few other professionals on YouTube and I much prefer Marlena over ALL of them. IMHO, none of the other gals give enough detail as to the technique they are using whereas Marlena goes into great lengths to explain just how she’s using her brush/tool/implement and what NOT to do. Remember hon, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to watch it and neither do you have to tell other people not to watch tutorials here. I’ve learned a LOT from Marlena in the past few months and have received many complements on my makeup.

Wow, I just love you Marlena, the tutorials using the models are are still full of good tips and ideas, but are boring, compared to YOU in your classic tutorials, your face, charm, personality, sweetness, along with great tips, YOU make a person want to stay tuned, just for you alone. I had a hard time staying tuned into the ones with the models, was ready to exit out pretty quick, just wanted to see if it got any better towards the end, (it didn’t) or I would have exited out sooner. Sorry, just want to be honest. Looks like a lot of us mugs miss YOU! And besides looking for great tips and ideas, its always been YOU, keeping us coming back for more. You are so friendly and sweet it’s like visiting with a best girlfriend! Miss ya! PLEASE, come back!

I agree with you wholeheartedly Cabo Wabo. It’s too bad others just wanna tear Marlena down. Her personality, realness and direct explanatory style make it all worthwhile. I also love that she is NOT a makeup snob and is willing to explore drugstore brands and suggests inexpensive duplicates for the looks she is demonstrating.

Marlena — YOU DA BEST!

Love this! :) So pretty!! Marlena, could you do a couple looks that are toned down a bit for us younger MUGs… Im not quite sure I could get away with this much makeup on and get past my mom!

I’m sorry I didn’t catch these comments earlier- I do check all new posts, but is too hard to check all previous ones also. But I will still respond now to these later comments…

I understand where you all are coming from with wanting the “old format” back with the videos, but PLEASE be patient as I simply try a few new things to see how they go. Obviously, this one didn’t work, but it was still a good experience!

Taryn wasn’t trying to be mean or rude- it may have come across that way as it’s hard to read tone in writing. For these latest videos, there has been a team of people putting them together- it’s actually MUCH harder to pull off than it seems. There’s hair, makeup, costumes, video editing, lighting, photography, and the list goes on… Taryn, Nicola, myself, and models all came together to do these looks and it’s not fair to them to make such cruel comments.

Again, I do understand your frustration in wanting the old video style back- they will be back, k? Just be patient :)

Yes, Sam and Nic are amazing makeup artists- I keep in touch with them and they both are great at what they do and are such sweet women! BUT, my audience is not the same as theirs- they do advanced looks for other makeup artists; I do more everyday looks for the “average” person looking to learn new ideas. There isn’t really a comparison, and it’s unfair of you to say what I do is for “high schoolers”.

I will be straight up: I am a PROFESSIONAL makeup artist- I’m in no way saying I’m a fantastic artist, but I specialize in what I do: TEACHING makeup. I choose not to do runway, editorial, fashion makeup because I enjoy teaching makeup instead.

Here’s my education, as apparently I need to prove that I’m more than just a high school makeup person: I have my BS in Music Education, with my minor in Speech and Drama. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA, and busted butt taking 19 credits each semester as my major was VERY tough. I took Stage Makeup in college as part of my Drama minor.

I’ve taught at Cosmix makeup school in Ft Lauderdale, done makeup for a private VIP event at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and been asked by almost EVERY makeup company to do work for them. I do not advertise this as I’m not about trying to “toot my own horn”- I do these videos because I enjoy them, and because I know they help many in their makeup techniques.

Being a makeup artist and running this site is my full time job and what I do- it isn’t just a hobby or something I do for fun (although I very much enjoy it :) )

PLEASE be respectful of how you come across, as I have not done or said anything hurtful to anyone on here. I’ve only given my time and efforts to try to help others look and feel more beautiful- I honestly mean that- no lies or BS about it.

Thanks for your comments Marlena, but I feel you’ve read a bit into some of the comments you’ve replied to. Especially mine it seams. I personally never questioned your education(if in fact that comment was written for me). And I reckon the word ‘PROFESSIONAL’ is subjective here. I was only giving suggestion to those who (quite obviously by their comments) were no longer satisfied with your tuts, another forum in which to learn makeup on a different level. A level that to me is more PROFESSIONAL (again here we are with the subjectiveness of the word pro.) I agree there is ‘NO COMPARISON’ with your tuts and Nic and Sam’s. That is exactly what I was trying to say. And again I was speaking to those who have recently become unsatisfied with your site. I feel that they may have, like I have recently, become more interested in the field and would like to watch tuts from someone who might have a much broader knowledge and experience. If my comment about you doing make up for high schoolers offended you I sincerely apologise. I shouldn’t have been so vague with my generalisation. As far as your request for others to ‘be respectful of how you come across’…I extend that same request to your staff.

Thank you so much for addressing this Marlena — though you should not have to justify yourself or list your resume. I, as well as many others, thoroughly appreciate the time and effort you put into your tutorials and this site. Quite honestly, I did not mind the change in format, though I did miss having more of your personality and charm infused in the tutorial. Keep up the good, no, GREAT, work!

I am surprised to see such a negative reaction to this tutorial… I don’t see anything wrong with it.. The point of tutorials I think, is to get ideas for a particular look, and this is a great tutorial for people looking to dress up as Cleopatra for this Halloween. Not everybody has creative ideas and that’s why we’re here right?… Looking at this tutorial and having done a similar look I understand that the eye shadow doesn’t seem very well blended, but I know that is due to the light, the same thing happened to me when I did the similar look. I thought it was great, but after seeing the pictures it just didn’t look that pretty =(…. But I too appreciate Marlena’s tutorials and not to mention the time and effort. Keep up the great work Marlena =)… xoxo, Talymania

I need a Royal Queen makeup, for this halloween party, I am having a great h alloween party for this saturday 30,2010 and i have not idea how to do my makeup….


Hi, I’ve never posted on this site before although I regularly watch your tutorials and the only reason I’m posting now is that I wanted to say I’ve learned so much from you about make-up and have stopped making some pretty hideous mistakes thanks to your videos! I also appreciate your suggestions for cheap alternatives and all the reviews you spend time doing. You are a wonderful teacher and explain makeup techniques in alot of detail which have really helped me (a non-professional make-up addict, haha) to get better at applying my own makeup and to be more creative with it. So, thank you Marlena, and thank you team for all the hard work you’ve put in!!! You’ve no need to justify yourself, Marlena: your tutorials speak for themselves; you are an extremely professional, gifted and dedicated person, thank you again!

I wish I would have seen this earlier in the week! I googled Cleopatra makeup and this video never came up! I did a friends makeup on Friday morning. Oh how I wish I would have gone with this method!!! Great work as always, Marlena!