How to Apply Elvira Makeup


The perfect combination of sexy and scary, it’s the “Mistress of the Dark”. A true Halloween icon, Elvira is known for her for her pale skin, overly made up eyes and blood red lips. Now, with this guide you can look just like the Mistress herself. So if this Halloween you are looking for something that is a combination of frightening and provocative, then this look is just for you.

How To:

1. Apply Elvira base make-up evenly to entire face and chest with a sponge. Apply white powder to set.

2. Apply fuchsia (powder) blush to cheeks, dark maroon (powder) blush beneath cheekbones. Blend in.

3. With a small brush, or eye shadow applicator, apply bright blue powder eye shadow from center of top eyelid to hairline.

4. With a clean brush, apply bright fuchsia powder eye shadow beneath and around entire eye, to hairline.

5. Using a dark purple pencil, apply a thick line just above the eyelid’s natural crease.

6. Darken eyebrows and exaggerate arch with dark brown eyebrow pencil.

7. Apply black mascara to upper lashes.

8. With a fine brush, add a small amount of water to black cake eyeliner and apply above and below eyes as shown. Black eyeliner will cover almost the entire top lid.

9. Fill in space at inner corner of eye with white pencil.

10. With black eyeliner, add a black beauty mark beneath right eye as shown.

11. Using dark-tone eyelash glue, apply heavy false demi-lashes from center of upper eyelash line, slanting outward and upward toward outer end of eyebrow.

12. Line inside of eyelids, from center of eye outward with midnight blue eye pencil.

13. Apply dark red lip-liner, fill in with blood red lipstick. Blot. Add clear lip gloss in center of bottom lip only.


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Thank you for posting a how to on this look. It’s great to know how to do Elvira’s look and this look is sentimental to me because I used to watch Elvira’s “Movie Macabe (I don’t know if I got the second word spell correctly)” on TV as a kid in the 1980’s.

I would LOVE to see you do this look on you, its one thing to see it done on paper, or a picture of it, but it would be a better learning tool to watch someone actually apply it. Personally I can do the look fairly well, but it takes time & a lot of stuff i don’t have (that I need to go ahead & get anyway..) & I have to improvise & use alternative product.

BTW I absolutely ADORE you & your talent, maybe someday I’ll get a web cam, & start doing tutorials as well. I always have fun coming up with new looks & doing them on others as well TC Morganika