How To Get A Sleek Ponytail

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Even if you aren’t a supermodel, you can still look like one by getting runway inspired hair by following these few steps to achieving the perfect sleek ponytail.

  1. Create a defined, clean part. Can be center or side part, depending with what you’re comfortable with.
  2. Take a texturizing wax, rub a small amount in the palms of your hair, and smooth all your hair down.
  3. Take a boar bristle brush, or tooth brush, to smooth any fly aways.
  4. Create a low, side ponytail.
  5. Take an outside section of the hair in the ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail holder, securing it with one bobby pin underneath.
  6. Wrap the remaining hair, section by section, around a 1 inch curling iron.

There you go ladies, runway inspired hair in no time at all!

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Never knew how to cover up my ponytail holder. What a great trick! The tooth brush idea is awesome too! Love you Paige I have never been much good with my hair until you came along! Now I am trying new things and loving it.

Finding this site was the greatest thing since sliced bread. The hair tutorials only make me love it more! Keep it up!!!!

I love products and use of tools that you used for the style, and you have a lovely demeanor. BUT… this was not the kind of professional demo that Im used

(sorry, toddler interferance, wanting to type with mommy)- I was saying that this demo just seemed so sub- par for a ponytail. I’m no pro, but I wear a ponytail at least twice a week for work for years now, Im always looking for ways to make it look fresh and stylish. I will try the products, techniques, and to wear an adorable smile like you did, but the finished result was dissapointing. I’ll keep waiting and watching!

LOVE the makeup!
A look on this please? :)
And I love the new dark hair Paige, looks fab with your eyes.

I really do love the look, and would like to try it. However, I have a slight problem – I have curly hair (type 3a, if that means anything to you). Whenever I straighten my hair, I end up with shorter strands that stick straight up. I’ve tried everything to get them to lay flat, but they just won’t.
Would the toothbrush and hairspray trick work for curly hair that’s been straightened? Perhaps there is another trick you might recommend?

Love the look. Thank you!

I have searched n searched on tips of how to cover my baby hair never got a proper answer. Thanx so much for sharing! I hate all my baby hair coming out it ruins every hairstyle of mine.

i love watching paige’s tutorials because she is so much fun!!
her tutorials are easy, i would totally do my hair like her and i looooove her makeup!
thumbs up!!

Who is this person, why is she talking to everyone like they’re a bunch of morons and where is Marlena?

Paige has been contributing hairstyle tutorials to the site for about a month or so. Marlena is still doing her make up tutorials. I don’t believe she is talking to everyone like they are a bunch of morons. Her tutorials are easy to follow as she explains things simply and I think she has a fun personality that shines through on camera.

i totally agree! she’s either talking to us like we’re stupid, or she just sounds dumb. maybe she’s just really young and hasn’t dropped the valley girl thing yet. i’m suprised it took a good 4+ minutes to explain a simple side ponytail. ha!

using a toothbrush is a new one to me, but could work for flyaways. and i DEF would never use wax on the top of my head. maybe that works for people with big or curly hair, but mine would look flat and wet.

Gotta love the hair guru :)
& Definitely will try this look out…….. As soon as my hair grows past my shoulder haha :P

I just feel like putting that wax like that on your head will make it look so greasy.
I would say to take the wax and piece out the curls in the pony tail.

thanks Paige!
would love to see a tutorial or 2 on how Marlena styles her hair for the makeup tutorial vids. It always looks so gorgeous! Yours is too, Paige, but my hair length is around Marlena’s, so I’m interested in how she gets those soft curls/waves.

Would be cool to hear what you ladies (Paige + Marlena) recommend for dry, unmanageable hair (shampoo/conditioners) and also how to ask a hair stylist for a layering cut that gives a style similar to Marlena’s.

thanks so much :)

(can you tell, I’m a “Hair Dummy”? LOL)

i play volleyball, and i love to make sure i look good during my games. i would like to use this hair style for one of my games. but i move around alot! how do i keep the ponytail from slipping out while im playing a game?

I do similar often perfect for brutal South Florida Summers. Never tried the toothbrush tip though, awesome! thanks! and YES love the eye look please share :)

OMG!!! You are awesome!!! That trick with the toothbrush… totally loving it!!
Mahalo Nui for all your advice!!

Nice tutorial! I like how well you explain what you’re doing. That makes things a lot less complicated, especially since I don’t know much about hair. :) Thanks, Paige!

P.S. I love your hair color!

I love it!!!
Please if you dont like the way that Paige are doing stuff -then just dont look!!
This is a free site, you are not paying anything ,you do not have the right to demand anything!
Its quite simple, bring your hate somewhere else!! all the girls are doing there best, and I think they are doing a great job!!!

Paige I find that your look in this video is amazing!!
The hair,the makeup and the clothes!!
Looking forward seeing more videos from you!!

I used to try this look when I was living in California…. then I moved to Michigan and the humidity does it for me, along with my argan oil!