Hair Tutorial: Retro Waves

If you are looking for a simple way to add more glamour to your look than this is it! A throw back to the roaring 40’s, this stunning creation will add allure and sophistication to your look. This timeless do will also add a vintage touch to anything you wear. Fans of old style glam will relish the chance to nail down the perfect way to achieve this epoch hair-style. Below we are going to show you exactly how to achieve this remarkable look in just a few easy steps.

Products used:

  • Its a 10 Miracle Spray – Retails for $20.00 USD – $30.00 USD in Ulta depending on the size you purchase. Also at eBay and Amazon, prices vary. (Amazon | eBay)
  • Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control – $34.65 USD at Ulta. This is also available Amazon and eBay. You can use a 1-2 inch barrel depending on the size curls you want. We used a 1 ¼ inch barrel on our model.  (Amazon | eBay)
  • Kenra Volume Spray 25  – Available at 1.5 oz – $7.00 USD, 10 oz – $17.00 USD, 16 oz – $24.00 USD. This can be found cheaper on Amazon and eBay. (Amazon | eBay)
  • Kenra Thermal Styling Spray #19 – Available at 2 oz – $7.00 USD, 10 oz $16.00 USD, Liter – $32.00 USD. This can be found cheaper on Amazon. (Amazon)
  • Scunci No Damage Elastics  (Amazon | eBay)

Retro Waves

  • Start with clean, dry hair. Our model Mariel already had her hair washed and dried before we stared.
  • Before I do any hairstyle that I blow-dry or use any thermal tool on, I use a heat protectant. For Mariel’s hair I used the Its A 10 Miracle Spray and sprayed it through all of her hair. But any good heat protectant will work nicely.
  • Next I parted her hair into six sections. This makes it easier to work through hair, and Mariel’s hair is pretty thick so this made it a lot easier and quicker.













  • Next I took a section from the bottom of Mariel’s hair out and sprayed it with the Kenra Styling Thermal Spray.  You can use a styling spray as well, but I used this mainly to have more hold in her thick curls. If you have thin hair your may want to stick with using a styling spray.








  • Next I grabbed a about a fourth of the section of hair that I had pulled out (vertically). I wrapped the hair (starting at Mariel’s roots) around the outside of the curling iron, starting from the handle or clamp downward.

















  • To keep a hold on her waves I sprayed her hair lightly with hairspray.








  • I continued curling pieces through the bottom sections of her hair.
  • Move to the middle and top section, curling 1/4 pieces of each section. Hold the hair as tight as you can to the curling iron with out burning yourself. I usually hold it for about 20 seconds.
  • Continue this process until you have completed your whole head.
  • For more hold on your waves you can lightly spray over your hair one more time. If you want them to be looser you can run your fingers through your waves or use a wide toothed comb to separate them.

And there you have it, a perfect and timeless look that’s easy to recreate. It’s the easiest way to add this breathtaking and enduring look to your wardrobe. It’s perfect to wear out, going to a party or pairing up with your favorite pair of jeans. Try this look on for yourself and see what you think. We are sure you will love it just as much as we do!


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Posted in Hair Tutorials on (last modified: May 24, 2012)